Free Small Business Plan Template


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If you are looking for a business plan you've probably found that most of the business plans out there are aimed at big businesses, with sales projections five years in advance.

So with this in mind the Explainafide team have come up with a free Plan specifically
designed for creatives and other micro-businesses on a minimal budget.

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Free Small Business Plan Template

  1. 1. The Business Plan for CreativesIf you are looking for a business plan youve probably found that most of thebusiness plans out their are aimed at big businesses, with sales projections fiveyears in advance. So with this in mind the Explainafide team have come up with afree Plan specifically designed for creatives and other micro-businesses on aminimal budget.A plan of attack is essential when youre in a hyper competitive industry like Art,Photography, Writing or Music. Jotting your thoughts, dreams and ideas down willassist you in being realistic about what youre good at, what youre not, and howachievable your goals are.By doing this not only will you hopefully gain some clarity about your situation,but also if you go for a government grant, bank loan, or even a loan from yourfamily, you look like youre more professional and prepared.Some of the information and tips provided here wont be relevant to your situationso feel free to edit/ remove as you see fit but it is all worth reading and at leastthinking about. Doing what you love takes more than just talent. There is also a lot of planning, marketing, and finance control.Simple Business Plan Created by Explainafide
  2. 2. The Business- Information you will need to provide: Business name: Business Registration Number: For tax purposes Business location: This could be your house, a studio or an office. If its the neighbours cubby house, remember to say Level 1 so you look more professional. Date established: Business owner(s): Website Address: Relevant owner experience: eg: I have over 15 years experience working in the paper mache industry... Lease: This may not be necessary, but if you are taking out a loan it will be important as it affects your cash flow. Products/services: What products do you aim to specialise in and what products will be more of a side project? Is selling hand made fabric owls your main area of expertise or is it more an aside?The Market/ Marketing:Target market: Who are you marketing your product/service to?Simple Business Plan Created by Explainafide
  3. 3. Marketing strategy: How are you currently selling your goods? What avenues work andwhat dont? How do you think you can improve marketability?Market position: Of all your competitors out there where do you see yourself fit in? Highend, mid-range, budget. Unique selling position: What makes you stand out from everyone else? Anticipated demand: How busy do you envisage yourself being?Pricing strategy: How are you going to compete on price? Are you going to be thecheapest of the cheap or slightly above average but give better service to justify the extraprice?Market researchHow do you plan to research your market? Will this be done through extended familyand friends or something larger?Customer demographicsFrom your research what are your key customer demographics? As an example1.Holiday makers visiting from the city2.Fellow artists.3.Corporations that love Art Customer management How are you going to manage customer complaints. This is important as unfortunatelyyou will occasionally come across difficult and hard to please customers.The Future Vision or Goal statement: Eg: I would like be a world famous fabric designer, creating one of a kind fabrics for fashion houses. Goals/objectives: Do you have a plan to get to your dream? What are the foreseeable stepping stones?Simple Business Plan Created by Explainafide
  4. 4. The Finances Dont be scared! 1.)Write a simple budget of regular income you can rely on and the bare minimum you need to earn to live on. Below is a simple table of potential business expenses. 2.)How much do you think your business requires to get off the ground & then add 20%! 3.)Do you need to get an outside party to help with the funding?Upfront Expenses: Expense Company Estimate Cost Logo Design Web Design Photographs Registrations Marketing New Laptop Tools of the Trade Business Cards Stationary Desk, ChairSimple Business Plan Created by Explainafide
  5. 5. LegalsOngoing Expenses: Expense Company Estimate Cost Software Subscriptions Accounting $50.00 p/month Software Subscriptions Design Software $1,000.00 one-off Marketing Expenses Directories $200.00 p/year Web Hosting/ SEO Explainafide $200.00 p/month Telephone Bill Telco $50.00 p/month Membership Fees Studio Rent Accounting Fees Registrations Maintenance of ToolsServices/ Products Sold: Insurance: (dont yawn)Public liability insurance: Is this necessary? If you run a market stall or have peoplecoming to your home then it might be.Professional indemnity: This may not be necessary but worth considering.Business assets: What do you use to create your artwork? Laptop, Sewing Machine,Car, Tools, Paints, and of course the finished product. Legal considerations:Do you have or do you need any contracts with suppliers, freelancers or customers.•Engaging Contractors•Reselling•Website Contracts•Contracts for clients engaging my services Memberships and affiliations:Simple Business Plan Created by Explainafide
  6. 6. What organisations do you belong to:SWOT Analysis: (these are just examples)Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & ThreatsStrengths:•Low overheads•Good support from Family & Friends•Ability to change direction if necessary•Little Initial OutlayWeaknesses•I have $1.25 in the bank•Not much business experience•Business revolves around me, a problem if I get sick or want a holiday!•Live in a regional communityOpportunities•Will developing a website allow you to reach a broader audience?•Is there a gap in the market that you can fill?•Are your competitors missing a niche you can fill or performing badly in an area youexcel at?ThreatsSimple Business Plan Created by Explainafide
  7. 7. •Are there any new competitors on the horizon?•Are there any personal issues or commitments that may interfere with you building up abusiness?Advertising & sales: Advertising and promotional strategy:•How are you going to Advertise? •Through your Website •Through a third party website- Etsy, eBay •Market Stall •Existing Contacts •Friends & Family •Local Community •Entering Design Competitions •Cold calling Galleries •Writing Articles on blogs to expand your name •Volunteer Work •Swapping and trading skillsThe Finances: Key objectives and financial review Financial objectives (an example)1. My short term goal (within 6 months) is to be able to reduce my hours to 2 days a weekat my regular job and have enough money coming in to not live on 2 minute noodles.Therefore I need to earn a minimum $20,000 per year from my art.2. My medium term goal (1 year) is to be able to live full time solely off my creativeendeavour. Therefore I need to earn at least $45,000 per year from my artSimple Business Plan Created by Explainafide
  8. 8. Summary:This is a just a brief overview of things to consider for your future business in a creativeindustry, and enough to get you thinking and planning.This is where you cap off why your business will be successful.Simple Business Plan Created by Explainafide