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The H&R Block Social Business Team shows how to socialize a tax season from the inside out and keep the momentum going after April 15th.

The H&R Block Social Business Team shows how to socialize a tax season from the inside out and keep the momentum going after April 15th.

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  • 1. 1 H&R BLOCK SOCIAL CONTENT STRATEGY Building All-Year Relevance
  • 2. 2 Seasonality • A seasonal business that doesn’t want to be • About 75 days a year where the majority of business happens • In 2011, tax season saw 961 brand mentions/day vs 217 off season. Conversation was 343% greater in season. • In 2011, we owned 2% of tax conversation • Strategies to provide more all-year products and services are in infancy April to May 2011 Drop-off
  • 3. 3 Setting the Stage After TS11, the social team set out to take back the off- season • Develop a best in class blog with a unique brand • Determine our calling: how can we be valuable and credible to our clients with content? • Identifying our audience demographics and content to provide them • Developing a distinct, personal voice for the blog
  • 4. 4 Content as Year-round Value How can social content extend tax relevance to the rest of the year? • Tax filing happens during tax season, but life always happens • Everyday life is filled with tax-relevant events • Act as trusted partner within the universe of tax and finance: “one degree from tax”
  • 5. 5 Content Strategy Build long-term engagement, loyalty, sharing – and assist purchase Entertain Educate Engage Educate:  Tips from the experts that the reader can immediately put to use.  Experts’ unique perspectives on topics dominating the online conversation.  Break down complicated tax & personal finance matters into graspable, digestible pieces (colloquial language, conversational tone, simple structures) Entertain:  Make money and taxes highly interactive  Infographics, data visualization, interactive graphics, clickable  Online widgets (bloggers), charts and images  Quality writing with conversational tone; useful material Engage:  Leverage network of third-party bloggers  Facebook chats/Google+ Hangouts/Twitter parties; status updates  Customizable content (fill in your data)  Q&A Posts…engage with clients based on their questions Social Content Funnel
  • 6. 6 BlockTalk is born!
  • 7. 7 Casting a Wide Net Provide a wide variety of media, bite-sized, interactive, and beyond
  • 8. 8 Empower Our Field With Content Empower our army of 100,000 associates in the field to be our voice • Policy and Guardrails • Easily reused content
  • 9. 9 Winning Earned Media Exposure Culture Jacking and Syndication • Achieve broad content exposure by providing sharable content on popular trending topics • “Culturejack” and find unique tax and finance angles • Feature guest bloggers to reach new audiences and provide new perspectives • Strategically elevate content through syndication partners
  • 10. 10 Extending Reach with Paid Social • Paid social helps us grow our database, engagement and relevance with customers and prospects • Social ads reference trusted sources of information (friends, family) • Become trusted referrals and seen as more credible • Allows us to be there “in the moment” with contextual advertising.
  • 11. 11 Extending Richer Discussion Provide a home for personal discussion driven by content
  • 12. 12 Blog and SOV Growth • 1.1M unique visitors to BlockTalk January-July 2013, topping all of 2012 • Strong performance of posts in traditionally quiet months. 90,834 in July 2013 • From 2% of tax conversation in 2011 to equal share of voice TT 44% JH 13% HRB 44% HRB 31% JH 28% TT 41% 2012 2013
  • 13. 13 Conversation Growth More chatter, less seasonal • 1635 average social mentions/day during season vs 541 off-season • 202% difference between season and off-season, vs 343% difference in 2011. • Sustained strong channel growth: H&R Block is the most social tax brand BLOCK TALK FACEBOOK TWITTER 1,110,601 VIEWS • 91% growth YOY 348,957 FANS • 191% TS13 growth • 240% fan growth YOY • Jumped from #3 to #1 in number of fans 232,924 ENGAGEMENTS • 667% growth YOY 58MM TS13 REACH • 4,899% Growth 15,825 FOLLOWERS • 16% TS13 growth • Retained #1 spot 78,900 ENGAGEMENTS • 1,209% growth YOY