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How localization and contextualization increases brand engagement in important markets..

Integrating social media into a global marketing strategy presents unique challenges. With multitudes of countries, thousands of employees and language/cultural barriers, how do today’s Top Global Brands deploy their social strategy effectively?

Brian Solis and Peter Heffring will share the strategies and implementations tactics the leading global companies use to manage their social presence across different countries and markets.

Brian’s research shows that localizing social content for specific markets and cultures dramatically multiplies the impact in terms of engagement, virality and actual sales.

Peter will detail how technology has finally caught up to support Global Brands and the multiple strategies they use to form country communities and retain a unified brand presence on a global scale.

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Going global starts with local brian solis and expion

  1. 1. Going Global Starts with Local Brian Solis Peter Heffring To join the conversation or ask questions use #globallocal
  2. 2. @briansolis TheBrianSolis BrianSolisTV
  3. 3. Social Media is the New NormalSocial Media is different than other media channelsbefore it. Here it’s about relationships, recognition,engagement, value, and help.
  4. 4. Global Social Media Marketing is not defined by promotional campaigns on editorial calendars
  5. 5. Welcome to theEGOSYSTEM @briansolis
  6. 6. @ is the universal sign for global engagement
  7. 7. Traditional Consumer Digital ConsumerCONNECTED CONSUMER
  8. 8. “People” = the 5th Element
  9. 9. You are now marketing to an audience with an audience of audiences
  10. 10. ConnectedConsumers see theworld differently.They’re “always on”and that can workfor and against you.The secret is to…THINK.LIKE.THE.CUSTOMER
  11. 11. Mobile engagementintroduces opportunitiesto connect withcustomers and guidedigital experiencesoptimized for mobiledevices
  12. 12. The “connected” consumer is not confined to digital natives
  13. 13. The evolution of Social Media should be viewed through a customer-focused lens – it’s not about technology
  14. 14. Question:How big was the Internet in 2004?Answer:The size of Facebook today
  16. 16. Global social media is not measured by visibility but instead by presence…presence is felt and is engaging
  17. 17. Content is created at the hub and pushed to countries through globalcontent syndication programs via SMMS
  18. 18. Does one size really fit all? Localization + contextualization increases engagement over syndication…every time
  19. 19. Think Beyond ContentCalendars
  20. 20. “Give me information aboutsales and events that are notbroadcast to the general public.It makes me feel special andendears me to the brand.”—Sue (Female, age 26)
  21. 21. Empower country managers to extend the global vision, mission and purpose for essential languages and cultures – your investment says everything!
  22. 22. Design a Syndicated Content, Commerce and Engagement program that activates The 5’s of community
  23. 23. Localizing the pillars of engagement dramatically increases interaction – and brand resonance Starbucks Taiwan and Argentina boast 15x interaction with Facebook Fans. Blackberry Indonesia and Mexico earn 10x interaction ratings.
  24. 24. Create a centralized Global Directory that points customers around the world to their specific country page
  25. 25. The Top 8 Reasons to Go Local with Your Global Social Media 1. Social Media is the new “normal,” and it is literally making the world a much smaller place 2. Employing a Global Strategy establishes a unified brand 3. Investing in a local presence builds a bridge between the brand and customers 4. Localizing and contextualizing content increases relevance, engagement, and resonance 5. Investing in the 5’s of community completes the last mile to improve customer experiences, increase commerce and promote advocacy 6. Global languages and cultures are extending your opportunity for commerce and community, but localization is the key to engagement 7. Prioritize each opportunity based on local markets that track toward business objectives and language opportunities 8. Finally, because your local customers and country managers want it that way
  26. 26. Peter will now talk aboutstrategies and requirements
  27. 27. Align Countries to the Brand Move to Hub and Spoke BrandLocalized country marketingimproves Brand performance 36
  28. 28. Global Brand Social Management COUNTRIES BRANDS
  29. 29. Global Brand Social Management USA GERMANY CHINA JAPAN
  30. 30. Global Social Media Strategies• Content Planning – Country Independent with Brand Oversight – Country Submit to Brand for Approval – Brand to country teams – Collaborative editorial planning• Moderation – Brand level or country level with locking – Profile info of local users• Competitive Intelligence – Analyze country level brand competitors to gain deeper insights for more relevant country marketing
  31. 31. Deployment Examples• Spain and Japan editorial planner with draft privileges• France junior moderator who only review local conversations• Germany Brand Manager with full control to publish local content, assign moderators, setup brand keyword tracking in local language, and analyze local market competition• Etc.……..
  32. 32. 7 Requirements for Successful Localized Global Social Media Management1. PROVIDE GOVERNANCE AND BRAND OVERSIGHTFull accountability as user access and permissions set by country, brand, job function2. INCREASE EMPLOYEE EFFICIENCY AND MINIMIZE TRAININGCustomize home screen by job function simplifies workflow for hundreds of users3. EMPOWER COUNTRY EMPLOYEES TO IMPROVE CONTENT RELEVANCEDraft, share, task and approve content globally or by country4. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS WHERE THEY ARE IN THEIR LANGUAGEPublish, manage and govern country pages using one platform5. MODERATE CONVERSATIONS BY EACH COUNTRYRespond to fans based on context of their previous engagement with you6. MEASURE AND OPTIMIZE YOUR GLOBAL SOCIAL MEDIAAnalyze your content and competitors to identify top posts, top fans, sentiment, etc…7. IMPROVE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AND COMPETITIVENESSReal time email alerts by country to identify sentiment, service issues, product trends
  33. 33. Successfully managing multiple brands over many of countries is not easy “It requires a well coordinated team with enabling technology that allows for brandalignment, local engagement with governance, and collaboration between brand to countrieswhile doing it as efficiently as possible through a streamline workflow” Peter Heffring
  34. 34. Brian Solis Peter Heffringbrian@altimetergroup.com pheffring@expion.combriansolis.com www.expion.comTwitter: @briansolis Twitter: @expion