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This Training is intended for Beginers of SAP DMS in very simple language not wasting too much of time in giving definitions or summary directly jumping into very important DMS transactions and Configurations and anyone following this training material for continous 2 hours ( 3 hours max ) can become an expert in understanding Basic SAP DMS configurations of Document Type, Status Network, Object Linking, Number Ranges etc.

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  1. 1. BASIC SAP DMS CONFIGURATIONS IN 2 HOUR!! Table of Contents Quick Introduction to SAP DMS Document Key Quick Definitions. Numbering Range- Configuration Document Info Record Document Type –Configurations. Status Management Configurations Status Management Testing Object Linking Configurations Object Linking Testing
  2. 2. Hello SAP DMS aspirants. Unlike other materials which initially present youall theory, definitions, pictures and then finally at the end of the training givesyou examples and very late giving you the configurations required, I hadprepared this material directly jumping into the SAP transactions, Makingyou blank after you see the screens and then explain what is what and how toconfigure it, why to configure it etc.The intentions of bringing all the transactions and configurations at thebeginning only is that you understand logically start thinking as a DMSconsultant from the day you start the page one instead of reading like astudent… I dono you guys like this, But I like to teach you in way which I feelwill penetrate deeper than the conventional methods.As per configurations are considered, I had given STEP BY STEPinstructions with picture to guide you all along and am sure you will like it.After completing this Training, you will be expertise in configuring numberinglogic, Document Type, Status Networks, Object Linking and also testing theStatus Management and Object Linking. I feel if this material can be workedand completed within 2-3 hours at maximum so that you don’t need to spendtoo much of your quality time also reading definitions etc .Do give your feedback on this once you have gone through and help mewith your feedbacks which I will take care in my second training materialwhich I am intending to cover large topics of DMS.Thanks,Aidtya
  3. 3. Getting into DMS….The first step before deep dive into SAP DMS, Remember the three building blocks ofDMS.Okie lets dive into SAP. What you see with Tcode: CV01n is shown below.WHAT NEXT??
  4. 4. You can see four things in the above picture, Document, Document Type, DocumentPart and Document Version. These together are called DOCUMENT KEY. The belowpictures gives it overall idea of the Document Key.Don’t break your head too much into Document part and document version right now.We will initially concentrate on Document and Document Type to build the first bricksof the DMS foundation.Document (DIR)Document, also called Document Info Record or simply DIR number can be assigned inmainly 3 ways:Internal numbering: System automatically assigns the number; you don’t need toassign any number in this case.External Numbering: You can enter your number and this will be taken as the numberof the documentMixed Numbering: You can enter partially your number and system automaticallytakes care of the rest number.Now, when you say internal number, as I said earlier, system automatically assigns thenumber but how the number will be assigned? What controls this? Can you define therange for an internal number? If yes how can I make the system select only thatrange?
  5. 5. Yes, now you are entering next 2 bricks of the DMS foundation which are NUMBER RANGE and its Configuration & Document Type and Its Configuration.Number Range and its configuration: How to find what is the number range available in your system? Click as per below path in SPRO screen And click Button You can see the below screen The above screen can also be directly got if you type Transaction Code: OD00 This may reduce headache of traversing in the SPRO screen searching for number range and I always like to use these kinds of shortcuts 
  6. 6. Clicking on gives you the list of all the available numberingrange in your system. For example, in my SAP system, I have these numbers.….
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