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2014 Job Market Insights & Recruitment Advice
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2014 Job Market Insights & Recruitment Advice


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In this #CreditChat, BankRate's Mark Hamrick shared insights on the job market in the United States. This chat also featured job tips and recruitment advice from bloggers.

In this #CreditChat, BankRate's Mark Hamrick shared insights on the job market in the United States. This chat also featured job tips and recruitment advice from bloggers.

Published in: Career, Business
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  • 1. #CreditChat THE 2014 JOB MARKET Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET
  • 2. Check out all the tweets here: Join our Experian #CreditChat every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET. This week, we tweeted with Mark Hamrick @BankRate about the job market.“ #CreditChat
  • 3. #CreditChat Mark Hamrick is the Washington Bureau Chief for, operating out of the National Press Building in the shadow of The White House and U.S. Treasury. He is a national award-winning business and financial news journalist, who came to Bankrate after leading business news for Broadcast at the Associated Press in Washington for nearly 20 years. Follow him @hamrickisms FEATURING
  • 4. #CreditChat An average of 209,000 jobs per month should be added to the economy over the next year. via #CreditChat
  • 5. via #CreditChat Economists anticipate that the unemployment rate will be down to 6% a year from now.6%
  • 6. #CreditChat via #CreditChat Majority of economists believe the economy will achieve “full employment” in 2014.
  • 7. What advice do you have for grads looking for their first job?
  • 8. #CreditChat Tweet by @hamrickisms It should not only be done when one is searching. Networking is key to finding a job. CAREER TIP
  • 9. Tweet by Ashley @Wisebread Don’t settle for a job you hate. Otherwise you’ll just bounce around from job to job. CAREER TIP #CreditChat
  • 10. Network and ask for help with your resume, Tweet by @MomCorps cover letters and interview answers! CAREER TIP #CreditChat
  • 11. Tweet by Brian @FinEdChat The Occupational Handbook from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics can help. Make an informed choice. CAREER TIP #CreditChat
  • 12. Hat tip to @BrokeMillennial Q3: Any favorite apps or sites to help you research a home? #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET #CreditChat Tweet by @AmOneMoney Create more than one resume. You may have a career path that leads to the same CAREER TIP job function in different fields.
  • 13. Tweet by @hamrickisms Work and build your network (and repeat). There’s no silver bullet to finding a job. CAREER TIP
  • 14. #CreditChat Don’t limit yourself to local ads and job boards. Tweet by @supermoney Consider freelancing online, get out of your comfort zone. CAREER TIP
  • 15. Look for paid internships that help you Tweet by @KelseyStagner get your feet wet in your field and gain connections. CAREER TIP #CreditChat
  • 16. There was data recently indicating 1 of every 5 recent grads Tweet by @hamrickisms hired had interned for their employer previously. CAREER TIP #CreditChat
  • 17. What is the forecast for job growth?
  • 18. Manpower found that leisure and hospitality, mining and Tweet by @hamrickisms wholesale/retail trades have best Q3 outlook. JOB GROWTH #CreditChat
  • 19. What advice do you have for the underemployed?
  • 20. Underemployment is having a job that doesn’t utilize Tweet by Ben @BWFeldman your full range of abilities or credentials. #CreditChat
  • 21. Tweet by @hamrickisms 7 million people working part time, but want full-time work. MAY JOBS REPORT #CreditChat
  • 22. Don’t lose heart if you don’t get the job you want. Stay positive and keep networking. #CreditChat Tweet by @mikedelgado
  • 23. #CreditChat Tweet by @hamrickisms Volunteering can help one feel better through helping others. #CreditChat
  • 24. Any final tips for people looking for a job?
  • 25. If you can’t find the right door to open your career ... be an entrepreneur and build your own. Tweet by Brian @FinEdChat #CreditChat
  • 26. Tweet by @AdvantageCCS LinkedIn, Monster, iPQ Career Planner, Pocket Resume, LunchMeet, MeetUp, Hidden Jobs, BeKnown, JobMo, LinkUp ... #CreditChat CAREER WEBSITES
  • 27. Hat tip to @BrokeMillennial #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET Job websites can teach you a lot about what skills companies want. Study postings and bulk up your skillset. Tweet by @mikedelgado #CreditChat
  • 28. Focus on education, even as an adult. Tweet by @hamrickisms Work to improve skills any way you can. Keep them updated. #CreditChat
  • 29. Be consistent, be professional, be sincere. Tweet by @MomCorps Everything else will follow. #CreditChat
  • 30. Find a career that gives you a purpose greater than yourself. Tweet by Brian @FinEdChat #CreditChat
  • 31. Join us every Wednesday at 3 p.m. on Twitter!