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How to Plan and Set Financial Goals
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How to Plan and Set Financial Goals


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Join our #CreditChat every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET. This week, we talked with Joe Saul-Sehy - the founder of Topic: How to Plan and Set Financial Goals. You can view the complete …

Join our #CreditChat every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET. This week, we talked with Joe Saul-Sehy - the founder of Topic: How to Plan and Set Financial Goals. You can view the complete chat and featured tips and resources here:

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  • 1. #CreditChat Wednesday | 3 p.m. ET How to Plan & Set Financial Goals
  • 2. Join our #CreditChat every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET. This week, “we talked with Joe Saul-Sehy @AverageJoeMoney! Check Out All the Tweets and Resources:
  • 3. Featuring: Joe Saul-Sehy @AverageJoeMoney
  • 4. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET Why is it important to set financial goals? What might hold us back?
  • 5. “A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.” Tweet by @FamZoo #CreditChat - Thomas Carlyle
  • 6. Without a financial goal, you lack direction. My money wants to know where it’s going. Tweet by @Krissylynn #CreditChat
  • 7. #CreditChat Savers with a plan are 2X more likely to have emergency savings, retirement savings, and can stick to budget. Tweet by @AmericaSaves
  • 8. #CreditChat If you start with the goal and work backward (what do I need to achieve it), you’ll quit chasing hot investments. Tweet by @AverageJoeMoney
  • 9. People think goal setting is “fluffy” but your goal drives all the hard investing and insurance decisions you’ll make. Tweet by @AverageJoeMoney #CreditChat
  • 10. WHY CREATE FINANCIAL GOALS? If you don’t have a map, you might end up lost and/or miss the right destination entirely. Tweet by @DLFreedman
  • 11. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET What types of financial goals should we create for ourselves?
  • 12. #CreditChat TYPES OF FINANCIAL GOALS Goals for an emergency fund, retirement, paying down debt, perhaps a home or another major purchase. Tweet by @magnify_money
  • 13. Set mini goals along the way to keep yourself on track! Tweet by @Qualtrust #CreditChat
  • 14. Goal: teach your kids about emergency funds and have each fund from a % of allowance/chore/job money. Tweet by @FamZoo #CreditChat
  • 15. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET What are some steps you should take when creating realistic goals?
  • 16. Consider both your current life situation and where it is you want to be while setting goals. Tweet by @LeslieHTayneEsq #CreditChat
  • 17. Assess where you are with your finances. #CreditChat Many people have no real idea how they’re doing. Tweet by @Quizzle
  • 18. Get as detailed as possible and get buy-in from anyone who’s planning with you. Tweet by @AverageJoeMoney #CreditChat
  • 19. Provide real numbers and not just estimates Tweet by @SenseOfCents #CreditChat or “dream” numbers for your goals.
  • 20. Make goals that are manageable and measurable. Tweet by @ErinMcHanaburgh #CreditChat
  • 21. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET How often should we track our progress? Any favorite tools to help do this?
  • 22. Check in on short-term goals monthly, medium goals quarterly, and long-term yearly. Tweet by @ReadyForZero #CreditChat
  • 23. Kick it old school and crunch your budget with pen and paper every week or two. Tweet by @magnify_money #CreditChat
  • 24. Be mindful of your goals every day will help you stick to them. Tweet by @MoneyMattersMan #CreditChat
  • 25. Everyday! Each morning helps to set the pace for the day. I like ZigZiglar’s goal planner. Tweet by @YoungFinances #CreditChat
  • 26. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET How should we handle setbacks in our finances? Should we reconfigure our goals?
  • 27. A setback is a sign of progress. Learn from it #CreditChat and modify goals as needed. Keep moving forward. Tweet by @MsMadamMoney
  • 28. You should always be re-evaluating your goals. #CreditChat Make sure they’re helping not hurting. And priorities change. Tweet by @MarioBonifacio
  • 29. #CreditChat You should embrace the setbacks. They’re going to happen. You’re fooling yourself if you think it will go perfectly. Tweet by @AverageJoeMoney
  • 30. Setbacks happen. They are good moments to assess your budget and your goal’s plan. Adjust as necessary. Tweet by @AmericaSaves #CreditChat
  • 31. Accomplishing goals is easy. If you define easy as staying disciplined and modifying behavior. Tweet by @csmithraleigh #CreditChat
  • 32. Welcome failure and learn from it. #CreditChat Set new goals - and eventually success will come. Tweet by @GraceKvantas
  • 33. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET Any final tips for those looking to make smart financial goals?
  • 34. Talk about your goals with your accountability partners. They will help you stay motivated and on track. #CreditChat Tweet by @YoungFinances
  • 35. Tips for making financial goals? Start today and start small if you need. Any savings is better than none. Tweet by @moneytalk1 #CreditChat
  • 36. #CreditChat Like with any goal, set a date for your financial goals. Tweet by @mybanktracker
  • 37. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET Check out all the resources and tips shared:
  • 38. #CreditChat Wednesdays | 3 p.m. ET Join Us Every Wednesday at 3 p.m. ET.
  • 39. Subscribe & Check Out: