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'The Well-Oiled Data Machine' from Experian Data Quality
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'The Well-Oiled Data Machine' from Experian Data Quality


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Our new infographic ‘The Well-Oiled Data Machine’ illustrates some of our key findings from the Experian Data Quality 2014 global research.

Our new infographic ‘The Well-Oiled Data Machine’ illustrates some of our key findings from the Experian Data Quality 2014 global research.

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. The inner workings of a business are dependent on good, clean, quality data; it’s the oil that keeps the business cogs turning! Our most recent research reveals common data quality issues in organisations. of companies have a data strategy, but common issues and errors are damaging data quality. Research shows businesses are experiencing data breakdowns. 44% 41% 86% say incomplete, missing data is the most common problem. see outdated contact information as the biggest issue. suspect their data might be inaccurate in some way. A business machine can’t be efficient when… 75% of companies waste an average of UK businesses are wasting of revenue due to % bad data quality. 14 £197.788m each year*. Multi-channel strategies are increasing the room for error. 49% 52% say it’s their website. recognise the call centre as the most problematic channel. But what is the root cause of data errors? 59% 31% 24% 22% 20% Human error Poor internal communications An inadequate data strategy Lack of resource Insufficient budgets The impact translates to... 81% having problems when generating meaningful business intelligence. not having enough information about customers. 24% 38% use point-of-capture solutions to verify entered information. 34% use dedicated back-office software to clean new data. 23% of companies depend on manual methods to check their consumer data. Interestingly... What are the main outputs businesses want from their data machine? 62% 54% 44% 43% Increase efficiency Better customer satisfaction Cost savings Increased opportunities through customer profiling Find out more: All data used in this infographic is drawn from ‘Global Data Quality Research 2014,’ an independent market research report commissioned by Experian Data Quality and produced by Dynamic Markets * Average turnover of UK businesses with 250+ employees: £212 million. Source: The Government's Department for Business Innovation & Skills (