New Online Offering for Experian QAS Customers - New Support Site
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New Online Offering for Experian QAS Customers - New Support Site



Devin Shane and Luke Westlake are invited to talk abou the new support site launched by QAS

Devin Shane and Luke Westlake are invited to talk abou the new support site launched by QAS



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  • Welcome everyone. I want to thank you for taking the time to listen to us for the next 30 minutes or so. My name is Liz MacKenzie, program specialist for Customer marketing here at Experian QAS. Our topic for today’s discussion revolves around the new support site regarding the new features and how it has been improved to enhance the customer user experience. We thought this would be a good topic for our customer webinar this month as it highlights just another resource you have at your disposal. So with that lets move onto the agenda.
  • So like I just mention a we will be focusing today on our new support site. We though we would cover off some common questions customers may have about the site and actually show you how to use the new functionality by doing a bit of a tourtorial. In addition to myself, I am fortunate to have Devin Shane, Support Manager and Luke Westlake Product and Data Solutions Manager at Experian QAS. They are a great source of knowledge anything technical regarding our products and had a huge role in updating the support site. Lastly we will take questions from the audience. Feel free to type your questions in the question box located in the lower right hand portion of your screen at any point during the presentation. We will try to answer them all at the end.

New Online Offering for Experian QAS Customers - New Support Site New Online Offering for Experian QAS Customers - New Support Site Presentation Transcript

  • New Online Offering for Experian QAS Customers Wednesday June 23 rd , 2010
  • Welcome! Introductions and Overview of Today’s Session
    • Experian QAS reviews the new Support Site
    • Today’s speakers:
      • Devin Shane
        • Support Manager, Experian QAS
      • Luke Westlake
        • Product and Data Solutions Manager, Experian QAS
    • Q&A and tutorial of Experian QAS Support Site
    • Questions from the audience
  • 1. Will you introduce yourselves and explain your role at Experian QAS?
    • Responsibilities
      • Devin Shane
        • As the Support Manager, Devin is responsible for the day to day operation of the Experian QAS customer support team. He actively manages the Experian QAS support process.
      • Luke Westlake
        • As a Product and Data Solutions Manager, Luke is responsible for the UK support team and oversees the Experian QAS product helpdesk.
    • Improve flow of information
    • Highlight new support materials
    • Create a user friendly resource
    • One stop solution for anything involving Experian QAS products
    2. Why did Experian QAS create a new Support Site?
  • 3. Can you describe the new functionality that can be found on the Support Site?
    • Select your particular product
      • You can now choose what Experian QAS product you would like further information on
    • Receive quick support by selecting the Electronic Update, License Key and Training Update category tabs
    • Keyword searching
  • 4. What can be found in “Most Helpful” and “Frequently Viewed” documents?
    • “Most Helpful” documents
      • Compilation of product documents focusing on a wide range of topics including:
        • Data Updates
        • Searching Errors
        • Common Mistakes
    • “Frequently Viewed” documents
      • See what other customers are viewing; perhaps you are having the same questions as others
      • Constantly updating to reflect the most viewed
  • 5. How can you search on the Support Site?
    • Three different ways:
      • Quick Support Shortcuts
        • Broken down into three areas including Electronic Updates, License Key, and Training
      • Selecting Your Product
        • Use pick list to select product to receive information
      • Keyword Search
        • Enter keywords or phrases you want more information on
  • 6. Why is it important for customers to rate the site after they use it?
    • The feedback provided allows us to:
      • Have a better understanding of our customers thoughts
      • Highlight and feature items that customers want to see
      • Make modifications to the site to adhere to customers wants
  • Questions Questions after the event? Visit: Email: Call: 888-727-3985 ? Submit your questions now!