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The Mobile Lifecycle: Tactics for incorporating mobile into your marketing mix


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At least 41 million Americans now use cell phones for shopping-related …

At least 41 million Americans now use cell phones for shopping-related
activities. What should you be doing to optimize your mobile
communications in order to make their experience seamless? This session
will cover various aspects of mobile web, acquisition, engagement,
commerce and transactional messaging. We will also showcase our
favorite programs from companies doing it right. You will walk away with
new ideas and actionable strategies to get your mobile strategy moving

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Mobile UnpluggedConvenience & Value in the Customer Experience Presenters: Mike Puffer, Experian CheetahMail Justin Orgel, Experian CheetahMail Zach Barkus, Rite Aid
  • 2. CheetahMobile Clients
  • 3. Then: Life Without Mobile
  • 4. Now: Life With Mobile• Uber app, “Everyone’s Private Driver”, recognizes my location and sends a car to pick me at my apartment.• Fare is automatically paid by CC on file• Email receipt sent with trip details for record
  • 5. Now: Life With Mobile
  • 6. Then: Life Without Mobile
  • 7. Now: Life With MobileFlight search/discovery Flight booking & boarding pass Hotel reservation
  • 8. Serving the Mobile Customer• Understand what your consumers want to do with your business in mobile• Examples of brands that have thought deeply about what their consumers want from mobile, and delivered!
  • 9. State of the Industry: 2012
  • 10. Mobile Penetration227 MILLION AMERICANS OWN A MOBILE PHONE 9-in-10 7-in-10 1-in-5 Adults Teens Kids Source: Experian Simmons, 2011 Mobile Consumer Report
  • 11. Smartphone Owners• Over 50% of US mobile users own smartphones 120,000,000 100,000,000 80,000,000 60,000,000 40,000,000 20,000,000 0 JUL 07 SEP 08 NOV 09 JAN 11 MAR 12Source: Nielsen May 2012, comScore MobiLens, 3 mon. avg. ending Jul-2001 to May-2012
  • 12. Tablet Commerce (T-Commerce)
  • 13. Mobile Internet Traffic• Nearly 20% of Internet Traffic Comes from Mobile Devices (14% smartphones, 5% tablets) Tablets Smartphones DesktopsSource: Chitika, Online Advertising Network May 2012
  • 14. Clients Sending SMS or MMSCampaignsYes | No | No, but we plan to within a year
  • 15. Clients Who Have a Mobile SiteYes | No | No, but we plan to within a year
  • 16. Mobile Shopping and Influence 38% 38% Majority of people comparing 32% prices while shopping in store 24% 22% 22% 18% 15% 12% 12% 9% Compare Browsing Reading Searching Purchasing Scanning Using Placing a bid Purchasing Purchasing Paying for prices online products online for or using products barcode for location- through an tickets to an music or goods or while through reviews of online price or info based online event video services at shopping in websites or products coupons services to auction content point of sale store apps find a retail location Mobile has a 5.1% average influence on retail purchasesSource: Nielsen, April 2012 across varying store categories
  • 17. Price Transparency Challenge• 53% of men and 38% of women use smartphones to check prices at other stores*• 39% of walk-outs, when shoppers leave without making a purchase, were influenced by smartphone usage**• 12% checked other online retailers**• 8% checked availability at other stores*** “Study Analyzes Mobile Search Buying Behavior in Retail”Source: From
  • 18. Mobile Ecosystem
  • 19. SMS/MMS Messaging 50%• B2C SMS has grown 27% YOY 18%• Key Take Away: SMS should be the Feature Phone foundation of any mobile program. Smartphone
  • 20. SMS: Acquire, Connect, Grow
  • 21. Mobile Web• Mobile Web usage has grown 30% YOY 85%• 87% of mobile web users are viewing online RETAIL content• Key Take Away: Mobile web should be priority number 1. 40% of users have turned to a competitors site after having a 19% bad mobile experience Feature Phone Smartphone
  • 22. Mobile Web
  • 23. Adult Mobile Barcode UsersYear Over Year Change160140120100 80 60 40 20 0 2011 2012 2013 2014
  • 24. QR/2d Barcodes
  • 25. QR/2d Barcodes
  • 26. QR Codes That Work
  • 27. Promoting Mobile in Email• We like the unconventional borders of this Bobbi Brown email• It effectively draws attention to their mobile site and its features• Bonus: every mobile order comes with free shipping and lip gloss – a great way to encourage first time mobile purchasers
  • 28. Sync Your Way to Savings
  • 29. Shopkick: Shopping Rewards • More than 4,000 individual stores across multiple retailers and 250 malls have deployed Shopkick’s technology • Five million users walked in to Shopkick partner stores in December 2011, twice the amount of walk-ins from four months prior • 64 percent of all Shopkick users are women, more than half have children • Over 150 million interactions with retailers since it added Old Navy as a new partner in November.
  • 30. Shopkick: Shopping Rewards
  • 31. Apps• Mobile app usage has grown 38% YOY 88%• Apps must be designed by operating system• Push messaging creates additional engagement opportunities• Key Take Away: Ensure your app brings tangible value to your customers. Provide reasons to return 19% Feature Phone Smartphone
  • 32. Apps
  • 33. Apps
  • 34. Mobilizing Your Loyalty Program
  • 35. Q&A With Zach Barkus of Rite Aid• Which brands do you think have most effectively utilized mobile and why?• What advice do you have for those who have not yet gotten started in mobile and what are the first things they should be thinking about?• What technologies and programs do you feel will shape the mobile industry in this year?• How does the use of mobile and the application of it differ from that of email?• Is there a fit for mobile for every brand?
  • 36. Q&A With Zach Barkus of Rite Aid• Can you tell us anything about your plans to incorporate mobile, and how you prioritize your mobile initiatives?• How has the adoption of mobile by you customers impacted Rite Aid?
  • 37. Thank