Mobile Customer Path: From click to conversion

Mobile Customer Path: From click to conversion



With more and more consumers jumping on their mobile devices to ...

With more and more consumers jumping on their mobile devices to
conduct activities that have historically been taking place on the
computer, it is crucial to have an advanced strategy in place in order to
provide a seamless experience. This includes optimizing web and email
experiences, executing creative adjustments, using segmentation to reach
the mobile consumer, and using data to drive messaging. Hear tips and
examples of successful strategies and tactics on the mobile front.



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Mobile Customer Path: From click to conversion Mobile Customer Path: From click to conversion Presentation Transcript

  • Mobile Customer Path:
From Click to Conversion Mark Fauntleroy David Kepets Simmons Manager, Creative Director, Strategy & Innovation Strategic Services
  • Importance of Mobile and Email 91% of people are within 3 feet of their mobile phone 24 hours/day Morgan Stanley, Technology & Internet Trends
  • Importance of Mobile and Email About 2/3 (64%) of U.S. smart phone users say mobile phones are an important source of information Experian Simmons
  • Importance of Mobile and Email Nearly 2/3 (63%) of U.S. 63% smart phone users open personal Email on mobile phones at least once per day Merkle
  • Mobile opportunitySmart device penetration rate increasing rapidly 92%100% 209M90%80% Mobile Phone Penetration70% % U.S. Adults60% 48%50% 86M40%30%20% 16% Smart Phone Penetration 37M10% Digital Tablets % U.S. Mobile Phones 0% % U.S. Adults Source: Experian Simmons DataStreamSM
  • Mobile opportunityMobile consumers are high value consumers U.S. Smart Phone or Digital Tablet UsersMedian Age 37 14% 22% High SchoolEmployed 77% 22% Some College 33%Homeowners 69% College GradAverage HH Income $113k Grad School Mosaic Distribution 9% 9% 9% 8% 7% 7% 7% 5% 6% 4% 4% 5% 4% 3% 3% 3% 3% 2% 1% Source: Experian Simmons National Consumer Study, Winter 2012
  • 4% 6% 8% 2% 12% 14% 16% 18% 20% 22% 24% 26% 28% 10% 4/27/09 5/27/09 6/27/09 7/27/09 8/27/09 9/27/09 10/27/09 11/27/09 12/27/09 1/27/10 2/27/10 3/27/10 4/27/10 5/27/10 Mobile opportunity 6/27/10 7/27/10 8/27/10 9/27/10 10/27/10 Acceptance of mobile advertising 11/27/10 12/27/10 1/27/11 2/27/11 % Smart Phone Users % Smart Phone Users 3/27/11 4/27/11 5/27/11 6/27/11 7/27/11 8/27/11 Accept mobile ads provided there is value 9/27/11 10/27/11 Likely to purchase products advertised on mobile 11/27/11 12/27/11 1/27/12 2/27/12 3/27/12 4/27/12Source: Experian Simmons DataStreamSM
  • Mobile opportunityAcceptance of mobile advertising “Mobile Ads with Coupons are Useful” Smart Phone Consumers 39% 36% Moms with Smart Phones 35% 33% 28% 25% 16% 15% Spring 2009 Spring 2010 Spring 2011 Fall 2011 Source: Experian Simmons New Media Study, Fall 2011
  • Mobile & Email TargetingEmail delivers reach on mobile devices Activities Last 30 Days 71% 67% 65% 63% 62% 59% 57% 44% 46% 38%40% 27% 22%24% 17%17% Shopped Pictures Games Games Social Music Music Video Video Email Email SMS Web Web Pics IM Source: Experian Simmons National Consumer Study, Winter 2012; Experian Simmons New Media Study, Fall 2011
  • Mobile & Email TargetingEmail is a common simultaneous activityduring other media engagement Mobile 2%2% Penetration 3%Phone 4% % U.S. Adults24% 6% 7% 8% 16% Smart10% Phone Penetration % U.S. Mobile Phones Source: Experian Simmons New Media Study, Fall 2011
  • Mobile & Email TargetingTime-of-day planning insight
  • Email in MotionIn April, mobile opens surpassed that of desktop & webmail.0.6 Desktop Webmail Mobile0. 0 Source: Litmus
  • Time of weekDesktop scores high during the week while webmailand mobile take the lead on weekends. Webmail Mobile Desktop Source: Delivra
  • Why Optimize? Consumer Frustration with Mobile Email80% 63% 18%of consumers find of Americans of mobile emailreading marketing would either close users said theyemails on their or delete an email would unsubscribemobile less easy not optimized for from an email thatthan on a PC mobile looked bad on their mobile device Source: Delivra, ClickZ
  • Down the mobile path… 3 Step ApproachTest Strategize OptimizeTesting with Litmus Determine how to Test and optimize– define who your message to those emails via variousmobile users are, users methodsengagement levels,what devices theyare on
  • Responsive Design Mobile Friendly Movable Ink
  • Creating a fluid template Allowing the design to be flexible according to the width of the emailResponsive Design Simple structure Follow more of a stacked content approach but can work within a column based format Code once & test Create a template where content can easily be updated without having to recode
  • Desktop
  • Chrome Gmail / Media QueryAndroid With Media Query / Fluid Layouts
  • Adjusting the width Consider reducing the width to 560-580 pixels wideMobile Friendly Content size & coverage Increase the point size of your copy but look to trim back on extensive content Spacing Be sure to leave at least a 40 pixel radius around each call-to-action
  • Standard Mobile FriendlyProduct name is Increasedbarely readable point size
  • Real-time relevant content Utilize custom apps to provide real-time content in your email that can be based on device, location, and time of dayMovable Ink Device Targeter Serve up content only for mobile users Local Maps Show local maps based on where the user open their email
  • Device TargeterCustomize content to thedevice on which your emailIs read.
  • Local MapsShow local maps withpoints-of-interest basedon where a recipientopens your email.
  • Thank