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  • EAN affiliates who were previously confined to using the Chameleon solution can now take a sigh of relief as integrating Expedia EAN API is no longer an uphill task. Using the travel affiliate framework, you can now convert a shopper to a on your own website.
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Brochure: EAN Overview

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  2. 2. The opportunity:Growing your online 2travel businessYour customers are looking for hotels.In fact, your customers know preciselywhat kinds of hotel they want, and where.If you’ve got the right properties in the right It’s about you (really)places at the right prices, you’ll earn the sales EAN is a private label service. It’s all(and delight your customers). But if you get about your brand, your customers andit wrong, you’ll frustrate users, disappoint your business. Customers never see ourtravelers and hurt your brand. brand, so they always come back to you.You need a great partner with the inventory, As a separate business in the Expediathe expertise and the technology platform group, everything we do is designed toto help you maximize hotel revenues and help you make money – with more traffic,deliver great service to your customers. better conversion rates, more competitive commissions and higher order values.That’s what we do. We call it Total Partner Return and it’s changing the way our partners retailWe’re Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN for hotels online.short), the private label business that’s partof Expedia Inc., the world’s leading online Who we do it fortravel company. EAN partners with some of the world’s most successful online travel businesses, including: Airlines focused on growing their ancillary sales by offering hotels in the flight purchase path, as a standalone product or in a package. Online travel agencies looking for the broadest and deepest supply of hotels in a rich, flexible API. Search marketers who want to turn traffic into revenue. Ahead of the game The technology powering Our technology not only And the good news? travel is changing at an powers websites but also We’ve already worked with more than 10,000 incredible rate. More and mobile, smartphone and companies across all these segments. more, travelers want tablet applications. access to your content on any device, at any time If you’ve got the and anywhere. But don’t customers, the traffic worry. With EAN, you’re and the brand, we’ll choosing a partner at the help you grow your center of the online revenues even further. travel revolution.
  3. 3. Five reasons topartner with EAN 4The value we addSuccessful online travel businesses chooseEAN – and stay with us – for five major reasons(and because we’re nice people): Best Expedia’s supply team delivers the world’s best inventory Millions of room deals in 144,000 hotels worldwide of quality hotels in great locations worldwide. And we’re with rich content, reviews & ratings Inventory negotiating daily to deliver the best prices, unique offers Great, central locations with the highest quality ratings and special deals for our partners. Boutique luxury hotel The best price up to 88% of the time in some destinations, in Rome? Beachfront resort with infinity pool in South coupled with daily deals and packages Beach? We’ve got them at unbeaten prices, and more of our hotels are available all the way up to the day of travel. Optimized We’ve spent over a decade perfecting a technology platform Full private label platform that makes it incredibly easy for your customers to find and Easy to use template solution Technology book the perfect hotel for each journey. And we’re making Open, rich API (traffic reporting, 35 languages and 20 currencies) it even better every day. Our plug & play template, Chameleon, Resilient platform (99.75% uptime) makes it easy to merchandise around specific locations Processing power (20 million price and inventory changes or events. And our API is one of the industry’s most flexible made daily) and robust hotel pipes. Self service tools and easy access Superior EAN writes the biggest checks in the travel business for our Quality inventory means higher booking value partners. Instead of focusing on intermediate metrics, we Pre-pay = fewer cancellations Economics maximize Total Partner Return: getting more of your site’s Offline sales in addition to online sales support visitors to book higher-margin hotels for longer stays, while Flexible commission schemes & billing keeping support costs and cancellations to a minimum. We also $137 million paid in commission checks in 2010 alone take bookings by phone, earning revenue from the people who don’t want to book online (as many as 20% in some markets). We process 70 million room nights a year, and our supply 15 years of online travel retail experience Retailing team shops the market daily. No one knows more about Merchandising, SEO, Site Conversion and UX Advice Insight online hotel retailing. And we make all of this data, experience eCommerce best practice and insight available to you, wrapped up in eCommerce best Insights into hotel trends practice. Helping you to achieve a great return that keeps getting better. EAN works closely with you to make sure your hotel business Traveler support by Expedia’s 3,600 agents for all partners Partner is a success. That also extends to one of the industry’s largest Integration assistance and dedicated account managers Support networks of call centers to support your travelers. From initial for key accounts booking to itinerary support you get access to over 3,600 agents around the world. We also offer dedicated technical integration and account management for our biggest partners, further ensuring business success.
  4. 4. Let’s get startedPut our expertise 6to workEAN is the partner of choice for thousands A few of our partners:of the world’s most successful travelbusinesses – from major airlines to onlinetravel agencies and travel-focused searchmarketing specialists.They choose us because we make them About EANmore money and make it easy to maximize Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN) is parthotel revenues while delighting customers of Expedia Inc., the world’s leading onlineand building customer loyalty. travel company. EAN creates the tools and technology that help millions of travelersGetting started with EAN is incredibly easy find the perfect hotels for their next trips.Choose from a plug & play template or our As the world’s fastest-growing private labeltotally open, rich API. Customize your website travel affiliate network, EAN works with overin a few steps or design an entirely new 10,000 partners in 33 countries to turn theironline travel experience yourself with the web traffic into hotel bookings and happysupport of our technical integration team. customers. For more information on EANThere’s no capital outlay or up-front visit www.ean.cominvestment – just open your doors andstart earning commission.Talk to one of our account managers abouthow we’ll maximize your Total Partner Return.
  5. 5. For more information, please visit ourwebsite at or contactus at the addresses below:EAN Headquarters /EAN Europe & Middle East EAN Americas EAN Asia Pacific407 St. John Street 10440 N. Central 5/F Dina HouseLondon Expressway 11 Duddell StreetUnited Kingdom Suite 400 Central Hong KongEC1V 4EX Dallas, TX 75231 USA Business development:Business development: 333 108th Avenue NE Bellevue, WA 98004 USA © Expedia, Inc. All rights reserved. Expedia is either a registered trademark or trademark of Expedia, Inc. in the U.S. and/or Business development: other countries. Other logos or product and company names mentioned herein may be the property of their respective owners.