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Elvis Presley Collectors Bmg6

  1. 1. BMG Rumored To Fully Support DVD-Audio BMG agreed to support DVD-Audio for their upcoming high resolution music releases. Multiple phone calls were made to BMG's New York and LA offices but we were not able to confirm the news possibly due to the upcoming holiday weekend. The battle between DVD- Audio and SACD has been a nasty one with the big losers being music enthusiasts who are spending less of their disposable cash on prerecorded music over the past 18 months. With BMG joining AOL TimeWarner and EMI that leaves Sony and Universal supporting SACD. Some of BMG's best artists include: Dave Matthews Band, Alicia Keys, Carlos Santana, The Elvis Prestley Catalog, Whitney Houston, Alan Jackson, Jay-Z, Clint Black, Dido, Foo Fighters, Vince Gill, ZZ Top, Yes, Sarah McLauchlan, Pink, P. Diddy and many more. With three of the big five media conglomerates on board for DVD-Audio, students of the high res audio battle are left wondering how long it will be until Universal announces their support for DVD-Audio. UMG came out with a statement saying that Sony's SACD was a "preferred" format but they refused to rule out DVD-Audio for future releases. Now more than 6 months after the announcement, none of the 25 SACD titles have been released. Sony is currently releasing both stereo and surround sound titles as are a number of smaller, boutique record labels. source: Elvis World Japan Special 25th Anniversary releases China has released two special 25th anniversary CD's "Love songs collections" & Love songs. This is of course a mega rare collectors items for the Elvis fans. Source: HT Long New Elvis Single CD "Burning Love" On September 16, 2002 BMG will release Burning Love (BMG 74321 968242) as new single. The track will be the new re-mixed and mastered version from ELV1S but not a re-mix like "A Little Less Conversation" Track List: 1. Burning Love (Mixed and mastered version from ELV1S 30 #1 HITS), 2. Burning Love (Original version), 3. Burning Love (Rare, alternate take 2 from original recording session 3/28/72)
  2. 2. German Number 1 hits promo Here we have the scan of the 30 Number one hits promo CD from Germany that contains 4 tracks. Source: E-mail Elv1s Number ones promo On World Wide Elvis we found info on new promo from Austria that comes with a magazine. This promo from Austria is a really special limited edition BMG CD single that comes with a 188 page magazine! Basically this is along the same format as the super rare NEW SOUNDS SAMPLER (see below listing!) as it plays first the original version sound of both songs and then the incredible new sound (from the 31 # 1 HITS CD!) which must be heard to believe! If played on your CD player: 1) NEWS proudly presents narration -0:48 2) Suspicious minds (1969 / 2002 version)-1:53 3) Suspicious minds (2002 version)-4:45 4) Burning Love (1972 /2002 version)-1:37 5) Burning Love (2002 version)-3:34 6) Suspicious minds (instrumental)-4:21 7) Burning Love (instrumental)-2:47 If played on your computer, you can see Elvis' life story in german); gold & platinum awards with pictures);60 pictures PLUS:you can send a greeting card to a friend. There is also a Qquiz with 30 questions and also a screensaver. There is info about the Elvis events in Austria and a fun contest (Karaoke in connection with track 6 and 7). In other words, this has a LOT on it!!! Source: World Wide Elvis
  3. 3. Chilean update Here we have the artwork of CD of Lilo and Stich CD. All the lyrics is in the Spanish language. The Chilean fan club will have some copies for trade or sell, you can contact them at elvischile@elvis.com. Source: Mario Silva Then & Now Here we have the artwork for the 2 track CD "Elvis - Then and Now", that comes with the magazine with the same title. The CD features the songs "Heartbreak hotel" & a different version of "In the ghetto". Thanks to ingemar for the scans. Hit singles collection Vol. 2 A new box-set with 23 reproduced Elvis' U.S. 45 RPM original RCA sleeves will be releases on August 16th. It also includes a "Jimmy C" original cover for "Blue suede shoes" which of course was never issued in 1956 with a pic cover!! He also was responsible for mastering each song!! This incredible set comes in a wooden box just like VOL. 1 and is on RED collectible vinyl! Also included is a full color poster. Included are the following records: - Blue Suede Shoes / Tutti Frutti - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck / Doncha' Think It's Time - One Night / I Got Stung - (Now And Then There's) /A Fool Such As I / I Need Your Love Tonight - I Feel So Bad / Wild In The Country - (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame /
  4. 4. Little Sister - Can't Help Falling In Love / Rock-A-Hula Baby - She's Not You / Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello - Return To Sender / Where Do You Come From - One Broken Heart For Sale / They Remind Me Too Much Of You - (You're The) Devil In Disguise / Please Don't Drag That String Around - Bossa Nova Baby / Witchcraft - What'd I Say / Viva Las Vegas - Ask Me / Ain't That Loving You Baby - Crying In The Chapel / I Believe In The Man In The Sky - I'm Yours / (It's A) Long Lonely Highway - If I Can Dream / Edge Of Reality - In The Ghetto/ Anyday Now - Don't Cry Daddy / Rubberneckin' - Kentucky Rain / My Little Friend - The Wonder Of You / Mama Liked The Roses - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / Patch It Up - Burning Love / It's A Matter Of Time For the fans who are interested in this box-set can go to Paul Dowling's website World Wide Elvis Source: Paul Dowling Extended review on TTAF We have added an extended review on-line of the "Today, Tomorrow & Forever " box-set by Johnny Savage. You can click here to read the review. Artwork 30 #1 Hits On Amazon we found the artwork of the upcoming CD 30 # 1 hits. You can pre-order this CD here on-line.
  5. 5. Malaysian 2nd ALLC ALLC hit the No.1 spot in the Malaysian Radio Charts. All 1st editions of ALLC CD single are sold out! BMG Malaysia just released the 2nd edition/ 2nd batch of ALLC with a new cover sleeve, as you can see this one is with an Elvis Picture on the front cover sleeve. It is still a huge seller there.. Source: HT Long Artwork Malaysian Fan Club BMG Promo Sampler On the website World Wide Elvis we found the artwork for the upcoming promo CD we did mentioned some time ago. Only 300 copies will be made, and we are expecting to get only a few of this extremely rare promo. It will have a colour picture disc with a picture from Elvis in Aloha from Hawaii. Songs are Little Sister/ Burning Love/ Such A Night/ The Elvis Medley/ ALLC plus Bonus 2 AVCD Elvis Video Clips Version 1 & 2 Nashville Marathon I received the latest FTD yesterday, and I thought that I will make a review today, but due lack on time we will have to do the review later this week. But I can say that this release is one of the best FTD or even BMG releases so far. The Nashville 70 sessions is together with the "Elvis is back" sessions one of Elvis very best. Even on the outtakes you hear Elvis gave it all on songs
  6. 6. such as "The sound of your cry". I played this CD already 4 times in 2 days (almost a record for me), and there is no highlight, they all are highlights. The sound quality is just great, and this is a must have for every fan. This CD is also available through our FTD shop. New promo Chile Here we have a new promo CD "244" from Chile that features tracks from different BMG artists and 1 track of Elvis' "A little less conversation". Source: Guillermo 30 #1 Hits According to Elvis World Japan this is the new artwork for the upcoming release 30 #1 Hits and the following supposed tracklisting: Heartbreak Hotel/ Don't Be Cruel/ Hound Dog/ Love Me Tender/ Too Much/ All Shook Up/ Teddy Bear/ Jailhouse Rock/ Don't/ Hard Headed Woman/ One Night/ I Need Your Love Tonight/ A Fool Such As I/ A Big Hunk O' Love/ Stuck On You/ It's Now Or Never/ Are You Lonesome Tonight/ Wooden Heart/ Surrender/ His Latest Flame (Little Sister)/ Can't Help Falling In Love/ Good Luck Charm/ She's Not You/ Return To Sender/ Devil In Disguise/ Crying In The Chapel/ In The Ghetto/ Suspicious Minds/ The Wonder Of You/ Burning Love/ Way Down/ A Little Less Conversation The release Date is September 24, 2002, and you can pre-order this release on-line Source: Elvis World Japan
  7. 7. Elvis Latino! - 3rd. pressing Here we have the artwork of ELVIS LATINO! 3rd. pressing, it's not a picture disc this time. Source: Carlos Ares New single Burning Love? BMG has advised EIN that the next Elvis single will be a re-mixed version of Burning Love. It is scheduled for release in early September and will be used to help promote the Elvis 30 #1's album that will be released later that month (23 September). BMG is yet to announce which progressive music producer is working on the track. As an added bonus, the new single will be an enhanced CD, featuring the new video for the current single, Elvis vs JXL. At this time it is not known if the enhanced CD will be released in all countries. Burning Love was Elvis's last US #1 hit, reaching the top spot on the now defunct Cashbox chart in 1972. Source: EIN Replaced misprint TTAF Today we received the replacement for the 4th Disc of the European TTAF, and we can say now that "Hurt" is playing without any problems. New Elvis BMG Malaysia Promo Sampler A new promo CD release from Malaysia is BMG nu2 with various artists, and one Elvis song namely the JXL "A little less conversation". Source: HT Long Rumour FTD #19
  8. 8. A rumour has it that the next collectors label, after Nashville Marathon is going to be a soundboard from December 13th, 1975, Dinner Show. This has been confirmed to us. It’s actually not a soundboard but the concert is recorded on reels and the sound is close to perfect. Elvis’ voice is very powerful and the version of Wooden Hart is complete, it sounds like, in the beginning that he can't remember the words, but let me tell you this, he can! Elvis even sings the German part. You may think that now he’ll stop, but he sings the whole song. This Concert will blow your mind. Source: Elvis Unlimited If this soundboard recording turns out to be this show and if complete then the tracklisting would be the following. Las Vegas ,NV. December 13th 1975 Dinner show. See See rider, I Got A Woman / Amen , Elvis talks , Love Me , Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Thompson , Help me make it through the night, Trying to get to you - And I love you so, All shook up , Teddy bear / Don't be Cruel, Wooden Heart, Introducing Lisa Marie , You gave me a mountain , Polk salad Annie , Introductions , Burton solo , Tutt solo , Scheff solo , Hardin solo , School Days (2x) , How great thou art ,Softly as I leave you , America (the beautiful) , Mystery train / Tiger man , My heavenly father (Kathy Westmoreland) , Christmas message , Blue Christmas, Can't help falling in love. Sun Records 50th Anniversary As we have announced this release a few days ago, here we have the complete tracklisting of the 2 CD-set. You can pre-order the Sun Records 50th Anniversary CD set here on-line. Disc One of Sun Records 50th Anniversary includes: "Drivin' Slow" by Johnny London, "We All Gotta Go Sometime" by Joe Hill Louis, "Easy" by Jimmy & Walter, "Just Walkin' In The Rain" by the Prisonaires, "Feelin' Good" by Little Junior's Blue Flames, "Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle)" by Rufus Thomas, "Mystery Train" by Little Junior's Blue Flames, "Lookin' For My Baby" by Little Milton, "The Boogie Disease" by Doctor Ross, "Cotton Crop Blues" by James Cotton, "I'm Gonna Murder My Baby" by Pat Hare, "Rockin' Chair Daddy" by Harmonica Frank, "That's All Right" by Elvis Presley, Scotty & Bill, "I Feel So Worried" by Sammy Lewis with Willie Johnson, "Red Hot" by Billy "The Kid" Emerson, "Peepin' Eyes" by Charlie Feathers, "Mystery Train" Elvis Presley, Scotty & Bill, "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two, "Blue Suede Shoes" by Carl Perkins, "Rock & Roll Ruby" by Warren Smith, "Slow Down" by Jack Earls, and "I Walk The Line" Johnny Cash & the Tennessee Two. Disc Two of Sun Records 50th Anniversary includes: "Ooby Dooby" by Roy Orbison & Teen Kings, "Red Headed Woman" by Sonny Burgess, "Shoobie Oobie" by Rosco Gordon, "Come On Little Mama" by Gene Simmons, "Feelin' Low" by Ernie Chaffin, "Flying Saucers R'n'R" by Billy Riley & his Little Green Men, "Matchbox" by Carl Perkins, "Love My Baby" by Hayden Thompson, "Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On" by Jerry Lee Lewis, "Rock Boppin' Baby" by Ed Bruce, "Raunchy" by Bill Justis & his Orchestra, "A Cat Called Domino" by Roy Orbison, "Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache" by Warren Smith, "High School Confidential" by Jerry Lee Lewis, "Shake Around" by Tommy Blake, "One More Time" by Billy Riley, "Mona Lisa" by Carl Mann, "Lonely Weekends" by Charlie Rich, "Big Dream" by Rayburn Anthony, "Who Will The Next Fool Be" by Charlie Rich, and "Cadillac Man" by the Jesters Source: Launch Music
  9. 9. Elvis Presley The best Universal Music (By Michel pathuis) This strange 24bit Audio 2 CD-set from Hong Kong comes with a 12 page booklet, inside of the booklet are several well known pictures from Elvis and some drawings from Elvis, plus you will find a story and the tracklisting in the Chinese language. Each CD has a title, the first CD has the name "Love me tender" that is filled with love songs and ballads, and the second CD is titled "Always on my mind" with strong songs from the sixties and seventies. The CD'S have both a print, the first one a kind of peaceful landscape while CD 2 has a forrest as a print. Backcover of the jewelcase feature a picture from G.I. Blues and the tracklisting. This CD set is housed in a slipcase with a beautiful picture, which can be seen above. The slipcase has also a picture from G.I. Blues and the tracklisting on the back. Tracklisting CD 1: Love me tender, Its now or never, Are you lonesome tonight, don't, Loving you, Can't help falling in love, Love letters, I want you I need you I love you, That's when your heartaches begin, True love, Young and beautiful, Doin' the best I can, Something blue, Angel, That's someone you never forget, Just pretend, For the good times, Woman without love, He'll have to go, Its impossible. Tracklisting CD 2: Always on my mind, Love me, And I love you so, Indescribably blue, Its only love, Going home, The girl of my best friend, Singing tree, Tomorrow is a long time, Fever, You don't have to say you love me, You dont know me, I'll remember you, Fools fall in love, Stay away, Surrender, Suspicious minds, Suspicion, Mine, Down in the alley, I just can't help believin, Heartbreak hotel (live), Hound dog (live), Blue moon of Kentucky. Sun Records Compilation Recordings from Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Roy Orbison will be among those featured on a 44-song, two-disc set chronicling the history of Sun Records. Due Aug. 6 from BMG Heritage, "Sun Records 50th Anniversary," which will retail for $21.98, will contain such legendary tracks as Presley's "Mystery Train," Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes," and Sonny Burgess' "Red Headed Woman." The Memphis label, launched by producer Sam Phillips after he recorded such artists as B.B. King, Howlin' Wolf, and Jakie Brenston for blues label Chess Records, melded R&B and country to pave the way for rock'n'roll's mainstream acceptance. While a full tracklist was not available at deadline, the set begins with Sun' first release, "Driving Slow" from sax player Johnny London, and highlights some early '50s recordings such as Junior Parker's "Feelin' Good," the Prisionaires' "Just Walking in the Rain," and Jimmy & Walter's "Easy." A lesser-
  10. 10. known take on "Mystery Train" from Parker, who wrote the song, is also featured. "Anniversary" will come with a booklet that contains track-by-track commentary and a label history penned by Colin Escott. Additional artists featured on the album include James Cotton, Jack Earl, Ray Harris and Tommy Blake. Warren Smith's "Red Cadillac and a Black Mustache" and an alternate take of Little Milton's "Looking for My Baby" are also represented. Source: Billboard Elvis Chante Jerry Lieber & Mike Stoller The French magazine " Elvis My Happiness " mentioned in their current issue (#40) that the double CD set " Elvis Chante Jerry Lieber & Mike Stoller " would be delayed a little. BMG wants to concentrate the efforts on their 2002 campaign and asked them to put the double CD set project on "ice" for a few weeks. Elvis #1 in Sweden The single "A little less conversation" has reached number one in Sweden. As today, the single is #1 in the following countries: UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Holland, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Mexico, Norway, Slovenia and now also in Sweden. Reprint of the European TTAF Box set? According to Elvisclub Berlin BMG did not noticed that there was an error on CD-4 with the song "Hurt" on the Today Tomorrow and Forever box-set after they already delivered 3500 copies. The distribution was stopped and the new pressing will be delivered next week. source: ElvisClub Berlin Elvis vs JXL Chile
  11. 11. The hit single "A little less conversation" is also been released in Chile, but the Chilean release contain a coupon (same size of cover) to save $1.000 Chilean pesos to buy the album "30 #1 hits" and the instructions to win a trip to Graceland. Lilo and Stich too was released in Chile, the cover is the same as the US pressing but all the words is in the Spanish language. If somebody is interesting in one of these CD's you can contact Mario Silva through e-mail. Source: Mario Silva European promo Today Tomorrow & Forever A new Promo CD from BMG Europe is "Today Tomorrow & Forever" (RCA/BMG HERITAGE 74321 95033 2) which contains the following 8th Songs Harbor Lights/ Treat me nice/ Are you lonesome tonight/ King of the whole wide world/ Gonna get back home somehow/ Big boss man/ My babe/ Pieces of my life Great cover same as the Box. There is also an US pressing of the 8 track, which we did mentioned a few weeks ago. Source: Åke Ljungberg Elvis number one in the USA >After just one week on sale in stores and online, Elvis Presley's "A Little Less Conversation," remixed by Amsterdam DJ JXL is the nation's top-selling single. >The song is featured in Nike's global soccer-themed ad campaign as well as on the Ocean's Eleven soundtrack. Penned by Presley, Mac Davis and Billy Strange, it first surfaced in the 1968 Elvis movie Live a Little, Love a Little and peaked at No. 69. The refurbished "Conversation" topped the U.K. charts, pushing Elvis ahead of The Beatles in total No. 1 singles in the UK. He has 18 to their 17. Source: EPE Artwork Nashville Marathon >Here we have the artwork for the upcoming FTD release Nashville Marathon. Also mentioned on the letter from FTD is that the following: In order to make life easier for the many fan clubs travelling to Memphis this year, we plan on shipping NASHVILLE MARATHON late July, so that everybody can ready the shipping of the CD's in good time before the release date. The Nashville Marathon (Follow That Dream/BMG) We have just received the tracklisting of the next FTD scheduled for release on August 16th. It
  12. 12. sounds like it'll be a winner. The October release will be a soundboard recording but no details are available at this time. Track Listing: 1. Mystery Train/Tiger Man (Jam. Instrumental), 2. Twenty Days And Twenty Nights (take 3), 3. I’ve Lost You ( take 1), 4. The Sound Of Your Cry (take 3), 5. Bridge Over Troubled Water (take 1), 6. How The Web Was Wowen (take 1), 7. The Next Step Is Love (take 10), 8. I’ll Never Know (take 1), 9. Life (take 10), 10. Love Letters (take 1), 11. Heart Of Rome (take 1), 12. Mary in The Morning (take 4), 13. Sylvia (take 9),14. It’s Your Baby, You Rock It (take 3), 15. It Ain’t No Big Thing (take 6),16. A Hundred Years From Now (takes 1&2), 17. Tomorrow Never Comes ( take 2), 18. Snowbird (take 1), 19. Rags To Riches (take 2), 20. Where Did They Go Lord (take 3). As usual this FTD will be available through this website. ALLC still at #1 It's amazing, but Elvis is still number one for it's third week in the UK with the single "A little less conversation". "A Little Less Conversation" On Sale Now! Elvis Presley's #1 record in the UK for two weeks in a row is now on sale in the US. "A Little Less Conversation,"remixed by Amsterdam-based DJ JXL, has exploded on charts all over the world. source: EP ALLC # 1 in Holland The single "A little less conversation" is also number one in Holland on the official top 100. This is again incredible news!!! ALLC 2nd week #1 in the UK Elvis remains at #1 in the UK with "A little less conversation" for it's second week. Also it is number 1 in Ireland for the second week. It's a great day indeed!!
  13. 13. Spain Promo ALLC A new promotional CD that is hard to find is the Spanish promo "A little less conversation". It has the logo BMG Spain, around the disc you can read "Registrados los derechos del productor fonográfico y del propietario de la obra, salvo autorización, queda prohibida la publicación, alquiler, préstamo, ejecución pública o radiofónica de este fonograma. Marcas Registradas - BMG Spain" which means "The rights of the phonographic producer and owner are registered. Publication, renting, lending and public performance is forbidden without authorization. Registered trade mark" also you can read the SGAE registry number (SGAE=Spanish RIAA) and Depósito Legal number, which is something similar to the ISBN that any Spanish book or cd must have. In the publisher info you can read it all in English except for the legend "Disco promocional. Prohibida su venta", which means promo disc not for sale. You can click on the picture to see it in a large format. Source: Alberto Alvarez Perea Argentinean promo ALLC The latest news from the South American world is that the Argentinean pressing of ELVIS VS JXL coming out this week! Spanish writing on cover, different catalogue number to UK and USA. Also, an ULTRA-LIMITED promotional only pressing was made for radio stations only. VERY HARD TO GET ALREADY! Disc has "VENTA PROHIBIDA" (Not For Sale) on disc. Source: Carlos Ares
  14. 14. ALLC update A little less conversation is now at #3 in Spain, #13 in Holland, and expectations are that it will be #1 in Australia this week too. More updates soon! ALLC at #1 A little less conversation is at #3 in Spain, #13 in Holland, and expectations are that it will be #1 in Australia this week too. A little less conversation is also #1 in Norway & Ireland. Number 1 Our man did it, Elvis is officially number one in the UK, he has now a record for the most #1 hits in the UK. Before that Elvis and the Beatles had 17 number 1 hits each, he wrote history today with 18 number one hits. Today and Tomorrow update We received the Track Listing with comments by Ernst Jørgensen from the Dutch Elvis magazine " It's Elvis time". You can read the full article here, and you can it on-line.
  15. 15. Spring Tours 77 (Follow That Dream/BMG) I was looking forward this CD for many reasons. Firstly, this a trip down memory lane as I attended all the concerts from the April 1977 tour, and 15 of the 23 tracks are from the aforementioned tour. Secondly, I knew that overall Elvis' performances on the latest FTD outing would certainly make him look better than the usual "…this is live recordings from 1977 so it has to be bad. ". The overall packaging is nice with a picture from the June 1st, 1977 Macon, GA. show on the front, and with one shot on the back and inside from the May 28th, 1977 Philadelphia, PA. performance. I think Elvis looked better during both previous tours and pictures from the actual tours would had been much better. I guess FTD only used what they had access to. There's also an article from the Ann Arbor News under the CD tray and this is a nice touch here. I thought those recordings from the Spring 1977 tours would sound much better than the ones from February of the same year, but it isn't really the case. I don't mean here it doesn't sound good, but moreover than the ones from February were certainly recorded into the exact same manner. Elvis mentioned in Charlotte, NC. at the February 20th 1977 show prior to Unchained Melody "….we are recording this live…" and to my ears most of the stuff from the first tour of 1977 sounds as good as this. I guess the " import world " didn't have access to first generation tapes, and therefore suspect BMG's recordings from February must be excellent. The CD is starting with 6 tracks recorded during the March 1977 tour. The first three are from Norman,OK. And the CD kicks off with That's All Right which is a pretty good version followed with Are You Lonesome Tonight ? and Blue Christmas from the same show. Then we are in Abilene,TX. with Trying To Get To You and Lawdy Miss Clawdy, both are very good and the latter track being one of the highlights for me. I don't want to compare with the versions from 1972 or 1974 as there are all different. This version stands on its own and done at a slower pace, for not saying a "bluesier feel " with some nice guitar licks from James Burton and funky piano by Tony Brown. Elvis never really performed this song often after 1974 and does an excellent version, even though it was clearly unrehearsed. The next track is Fever from Alexandria which is rather similar to all the versions we've got. Next stop is Heartbreak Hotel from the April 25th 1977 show. Elvis didn't sing this one that often after 1974 and we are treated with a very good version here, always loved this one " live " and that's another highlight for me. Now we're moving to Kalamazoo, MI. for the next two songs, at first we are getting If You Love Me Let Me Know which sounded to me as the " undubbed master " and perhaps always wrongly identified as being from Ann Arbor, MI. (Ernst Jorgensen mentioned they didn't have the first part from the Ann Arbor, MI. version, so it's not impossible a splice was done by Felton with the one from Kalamazoo back then !!!??? ) . It's Now Or Never is also pretty good and Elvis definitely enjoyed doing this one live in 1977. He was getting a great response from the audience with this song, which isn't really surprising as it's one of his biggest single.
  16. 16. At this point we have next three songs from the Ann Arbor, MI. show ; Little Sister, Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel and Help Me. There's a few lines of " Blue Hawaii " before Little Sister but clearly no ones knew it too much and it fell apart rather fast and Elvis went directly into Little Sister quickly followed with Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel. Help Me is another favorite of mine and a highlight as well. I do like the Ann Arbor, MI. tracks as they have some kind of natural echo, and that makes a nice added feel to this gospel track. We are back to Norman,OK. for Blue Suede Shoes before Hound Dog recorded in St-Paul,MN. and followed with Jailhouse Rock (Austin,TX.) and Polk Salad Annie from Milwaukee,WI. I think no recordings will ever captured the electricity felt into the arenas when hearing the first notes of this song. I never got tired to hear this Tony Joe White song no matter from what year, and there's no exceptions here. A little fact unknown to many fans reading this, at the end of the Milwaukee concert Elvis fell flat on his back when coming down the stairs while leaving the stage that night. He got back on his feet quickly with the help of Joe Esposito but afterwards some of the shows suffered from this, especially the following night in Green Bay,WI. where you could see he hurt his back as he tried not to move too much. My next two highlights were recorded in Duluth,MN. I really enjoyed this show overall and we are treated here with an excellent version of Bridge Over Troubled Water and Big Boss Man. The sound quality is excellent but wished Elvis' voice would be a bit more upfront on these two tracks, especially on Bridge. Fairytale is from the second Chicago,IL. performance and overall a very good version although not the best version from this year. Mystery Train /Tiger Man from the closing show is the very last time Elvis performed this song, strangely enough I find the mix here not the best and miles away from what it really sounded that night in Saginaw,MI. We have the undubbed masters of Unchained Melody and Little Darlin' which were first released on the "Moody Blue" LP and finally My Way from the first Saginaw,MI. show previously released on "Platinum". In conclusion I did enjoy this CD a lot and almost certain most fans will love it too. This is generally better than " Elvis In Concert " (always hated the mix on the second LP) and more representative of what was Elvis' last months on stage. I think Joe Public would deserve to hear this CD, and some fans might change their views as well re. 1977 live recordings has to be bad. I'm certain FTD will sell a lot of these and that's good because it deserves to be heard. This CD is also available through our FTD shop. The Crazy Canuck Elvis Chante Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller The French Fan Club " Elvis My Happiness " and BMG France will release in late June the double CD set " Elvis Chante Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller ". The first of this series was related
  17. 17. to songwriters Pomus and Shuman while the second one concentrated on songs written by the Tepper / Bennett duo. The series won't stop here as Ben Weisman, Florence Kaye and other songwriters are knocking at the doors for doing the same with their songs. Both CDs will be pictured disc and also included a 36 pages booklet. The first two releases were top notch and we don't expect lesser from the French fan club. The first CD concentrate on the master takes while the second CD will contain alternate takes and some extra bonus tracks not known at this moment. CD 1 : Baby, I Don't Care - Bossa Nova Baby - Dirty Dirty Feeling - Don't - Fools Fall In Love - Girls! Girls! Girls! - Hot Dog - Hound Dog - I Want To Be Free - If You Don't Come Back - Jailhouse Rock - Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello - King Creole - Little Egypt - Love Me - Loving You - Santa Claus Is Back In Town - Saved - She's Not You - Steadfast, Loyal And True - Three Corn Patches - Treat Me Nice - Trouble - You're The Boss CD 2 : Baby, I Don't Care - Bossa Nova Baby - Don't - Girls! Girls! Girls! - I Want To Be Free - If You Don't Come Back - Jailhouse Rock - Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello - King Creole - Little Egypt - Loving You - Saved - Steadfast, Loyal And True - Three Corn Patches - Treat Me Nice - You're The Boss - Hound Dog (live) - Love Me (live) - Santa Claus Is Back In Town (rehearsal) - plus bonus This double digipack set will be a limited pressing. It'll be available as well through this website. Promo - A little less conversation Here we have the artwork for the 12 inch vinyl promo of "A little less conversation" that is distributed for free to Sydney DJ's (both in radio station & night clubs). The vinyl one sided 12 inch vinly comes in a plain black jacket. You can click on the picture to enlarge Source: Evan Muller Promo Today, tomorrow and forever >Here we have the new 8 track promo for the upcoming 4 CD box "Today, tomorrow and
  18. 18. forever". You can click on the small picture to see it in a larger size! Here you have the 8 songs: Harbor light (alt. take), treat me nice (take 6), Are you lonesome tonight (take 1,2), King of the whole wide world (take 3) , Gonna get back home somehow (take 2), Big boss man (take 9) , My babe (08/22/69 Midnight Show), Pieces of my life (take 1). >Happy hunting folks!! 1954 - The Elvis Broadcast On Air - 1956 By M.Pathuis 2002 Stardust Records Made in USA Great looking, three times fold-out digipack, from Elvis at the Louisiana Hayride, this special Collectors Edition is Digitally Remastered with special 24-bit process on a gold disc. There is a 8 page booklet inside off it with great photos from that period and Dave Thompson has written something down in it, he has spoken with some people who where actually at the Hayride when Elvis was on stage and singing the roof off. On the backcover of the digipack is a shot from our hero, on stage with a guitar around his neck, at the right, and at the left you will find the tracklisting. Tracklisting: 10/16/54 - Intro, KWKH on air - Thats all right mama - Blue moon of Kentucky - 1/15/55 - Hearts of stone - Thats all right mama - 1/22/55 - Tweedle dee - Money honey - Blue moon of Kentucky - I dont care if the sun dont shine - Thats all right mama - 4/19/55 - Good rockin tonight - I got a woman - 4/30/55 - Tweedle dee - 7/15/55 - I'm left youre right shes gone - 8/20/55 - Baby lets play house - Maybellene - Thats all right mama - 12/15/56 - I was the one - Love me tender - Hound dog - Outro, Elvis has left the building. >
  19. 19. A little less conversation Elvis VS JXL "A little less conversation" will be released on June 10th. There will be 4 different versions of this single, a 2 track (radio edit & original), multi track (radio edit, extended version & original), 12" vinyl 3 track, and a limited edition digipack (radio edit, extended version & original) CD. This versions has a Dutch influence, for the remix version is from an Amsterdam producer Junkie XL. And it seems that this release will be a success, even my non-elvis friends are going to buy this CD. Do you want this new single in the charts again, then don't buy this from Amazon. It's now at the number one sales on Amazon, but unfortunately the sales won't count for the official hit charts. Not binaural There were rumors that the 50's songs on the upcoming box set "Today, tomorrow and forever" supposed to be in binaural, but we received the latest info from Ernst Jorgensen that the songs are in MONO and not binaural. Also the rumors that the box-set will be released in the USA only is not true, it will be released all over the world. Fame and Fortune Out now is the FTD release "Fame and Fortune. Johnny Savage wrote an outstanding review of this beauty here. I believe that this release is together with Long lonely highway, Memphis sessions the best of the FTD release so far (my opinion of course). It's a thrill to hear outtakes from the Elvis is back sessions such as "Make me know it", "Such a night", and a slow version of "The girl of my best friend". Elvis and the band had some fun with "Girl next door", with Elvis mentioning that the guys are jumping Scotty a little bit. I also loved the "I'm gonna walk dem golden stairs", overall the choices of the tracks are well balanced, yep, it's a must have. Track Listing: 1) Make Me Know It-Take 11 – 2:15 (O. Blackwell) 3-20-60 2) Soldier Boy-Take 7 – 3:39 (D. Jones/T. Williams, Jr.) 3-20-60 3) Stuck On You-Take 1 – 2:29 (A. Schroeder/S- McFarland) 3- 20-60 4) Fame And Fortune-Take 5 – 2:45 (F. Wise/B. Weisman) 3-20-60 5) Like A Baby –
  20. 20. Take 4 – 3:08 (J. Stone) 4-3-60 6) It’s Now Or Never-Takes 2,3 – 3:43 (A. Schroeder/Gold) 4-3- 60 7) The Girl Of My Best Friend – Take 3 – 2:34 (B. Ross/S. Bobrick) 4-3-60 8) Dirty, Dirty Feeling Take 1 – 1:50 (J. Leiber/M. Stoller) 9) The Thrill Of Your Love-Take 1 – 3:30 (S. Kesler) 4-3-60 10) Such A Night – Take 1 – 3:06 (L- Chase) 4-3-60 11) The Girl Next Door (Went A Walking)-Takes 1,2,3 – 3:28 (B. Rise/T. Wayne) 4-3-60 12) Milky White Way-Takes 4,5 – 3:11 (Trad. Arr. E. Presley) 10-30-60 13) His Hand In Mine –Splice of takes 4,5 – 3:31 (M. Lister) 10-30-60 14) He Knows What I Need-Take 6,7 – 2:33 (M- Lister) 10-30-60 15) Surrender –Take 2 – 1:52 (D. Pomus/M. Shuman) 10-30-60 16) In My Fathers House – Take 7 – 2:13 (A. Hanks) 10-30-60 17) Joshua Fit The Battle-Take 2 – 2:46 (Trad. Arr. E. Presley) 10- 30-60 18) I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs-Take 5 – 2:03 (C. Holt) 10-30-60 19) Working On The Building –Take 1 – 1:54 (W. Hoyle/L. Bowles) 10-30-60 20) I’m Comin’ Home-Take 4 – 2:24 (C. Rich) 3-12-61 21) Gently –Takes 1,2 – 2:37 (M. Wissell E. Lisbona) 3-12-61 22) In Your Arms –Take 1 – 2:04 (A. Schroeder/W. Gold) 3-12-61 23) It’s A Sin-Take 2 – 2:52 (F. Rose/Z. Turner) 3-12-61 24) Starting Today –Take 2 –2:08 (D. Robertson) 3-12-61 25) Sentimental Me-Take 2 –2:36 (J. Cassin/J. Morehead) 3-12-61 26) Judy-Take 1 – 2:51 (T. Redell) 3-12-61 27) Put The Blame On Me-Takes 1,2–2:43 (Twomey/Wise/Blagman) 3-12-61 This CD is also available through our elvis shop. Today, Tomorrow & Forever Finally BMG did reveal the tracklisting for the upcoming Special 25th Anniversary Box Set "Today, tomorrow and forever which you can buy here. To commemorate the important 25th Anniversary milestone, RCA Records and BMG Heritage are proud to announce the July 9th release of Elvis: Today, Tomorrow & Forever - a unique 4 CD/CS anthology that consists of 100 unreleased tracks by the King of Rock & Roll. The collection follows Elvis' career chronologically with rarities from nearly all his studio recording sessions and some historic live highlights. Track Listing for Today, Tomorrow & Forever follows these information points: - 25th anniversary commemorative issue. - First comprehensive chronological collection (1954-1976) featuring ALL PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED tracks. - A stunning new deluxe 4 CD/4 Cassette box set track commentary by worldwide Elvis experts. - 100 unique tracks ALL digitally remastered for superior sound. - Highlights include: Live recordings from Little Rock, Arkansas 1956 and Las Vegas 1969/1970. - Outtakes from Legendary movies including Jailhouse Rock, Loving You, GI Blues and Blue Hawaii. - Newly discovered Today,Tomorrow & Forever duet with Ann-Margret. - Outtakes from many historic Elvis recording sessions.
  21. 21. DISC 1 1. Harbor Lights. alt. take 3 07/6-7/54 2. I Got A Woman, alt. take 01/10/56 3. Shake, Rattle And Roll, alt. take 2 02/03/56 4. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You, alt. take 13 04/14/56 5. Heartbreak Hotel 05/16/56 6. Long Tall Sally 05/16/56 7. I Was The One 05/16/56 8. Money Honey 05/16/56 9. I Got A Woman 05/16/56 10. Blue Suede Shoes 05/16/56 11. Hound Dog 05/16/56 12. Rip It Up, alt. take 14 09/03/56 13. Don't Forbid Me/You Belong To My Heart 12/04/56 14. I Beg Of You, alt. take 5 01/13/57 15. (There'll Be)Peace In The Valley(For Me), alt. take 1 01/13/57 16. Is It So Strange, alt.take 10 01/19/57 17. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do, movie master take 17 01/15-18/57 18. Loving You, alt. take 6 (movie farm scene version) 02/14/57 19. Treat Me Nice, alt. take 6 05/03/57 20. Young And Beautiful, alt. take 4&5 04/30/57 21. I Want To Be Free, alt take 3&4 05/03/57 22. Steadfast, Loyal And True, undubbed master 02/11/58 23. Doncha' Think It's Time, alt. take 48 02/01/58 24. I Need Your Love Tonight, alt. take 4 06/10/58 25. I Got Stung, alt. take 16 06/11/58 26. The Fool, alt take 1. 11/14/59 DISC 2 1. Make Me Know It, alt takes 17 & 18 03/20/60 2. Are You Lonesome Tonight?, alt takes 1&2 04/03/60 3. G.I. Blues, alt. take 5 04/27/60 4. Pocketful Of Rainbows, alt. take 3 05/06/60 5. Flaming Star, alt takes 4&1 ,("Main" and "End" title versions from movie)10/7/60 6. Swing Down Sweet Chariot, alt. takes 2&3 10/31/60 7. Lonely Man, alt. take 1 11/07/60 8. There's Always Me, alt take 2 03/12/61 9. Can't Help Falling In Love, alt. take 26 03/22/61 10. I'm Yours, alt. take 5 06/25/61 11. Follow That Dream, alt. take 3 07/02/61 12. Anything That's Part Of You, alt. take 8 10/15/61 13. King Of The Whole Wide World, alt. take 3 10/26/61 14. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow, alt. take 2 03/18/62 15. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You, alt. take 403/27/62 16. They Remind Me Too Much Of You, alt. take 4 09/22/62 17. Mexico, alt take 2 01/22/63 18. Witchcraft, alt take 3 05/26/63 19. Today, Tomorrow And Forever, alt. take 2 (duet with Ann-Margret) 07/11/63 20. Ask Me, alt. take 2 01/12/64 21. Roustabout, alt. take 8 04/29 & 05/14, 1964 22. Puppet On A String, alt. take 10 06/10/64 23. My Desert Serenade, alt. take 7 02/25/65 24. Please Don't Stop Loving Me, alt. take 10 05/13/65 25. This Is My Heaven, alt. take 7 08/02/65 26. Never Say Yes, alt. take 1&2 02/17/66 27. Hide Thou Me ?/?/66 DISC 3 1.Love Letters, alt. take 2 05/26/66 2. If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side, alt. take 4 05/27/66 3. Come What May, alt. take 3&4 05/28/66 4. Indescribably Blue, alt. take 1 06/10/66 & 06/12/66 5. Long Legged Girl, alt. master 06/28/66 6. The Love Machine, alt. take 3 09/29/66 7. You Don't Know Me, movie version take 3 02/21/67 8. Big Boss Man, alt. take 9 09/10/67 9. We Call On Him, alt. take 8 09/11/67 10. Stay Away, alt. take 14 01/16/68 11. U.S. Male, alt. take 7 01/16/68 12. Wonderful World, alt. take 15 03/07/68 13. Guitar Man, alt. take 1 (Opening version - '68 TV Special) 06/22/68 14. Where Could I Go But To The Lord, alt take 4 06/21/68 15. Memories (stereo master) 06/23-24/68 16. Almost, alt. take 6 10/23/68 17. In The Ghetto, alt take 20 01/20/69 18. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road, alt. take 2 02/17/1969 19. Let Us Pray, alternate master 03/05 & 06/69 20. Baby What You Want Me To Do 08/22/69 Midnight Show 21. Funny How Time Slips Away 08/22/69 Midnight Show 22. Runaway 08/22/69 Midnight Show 23. My Babe 08/22/69 Midnight Show 24. What'd I Say 08/22/69 Midnight Show DISC 4 1. See See Rider 02/19/70 Dinner Show 2. Polk Salad Annie 02/17/70 Midnight Show 3. Walk A Mile In My Shoes 02/17/70 Midnight Show 4. The Next Step Is Love, alt. take 6 06/07/70 5. Life, alt. take 2 06/06/70 6. Snowbird, alt. take 2 09/22/70 7. (That's What you Get) For Lovin' Me, alt take 9&10 03/15/71 8. Until It's Time For You To Go, alt. take 5 05/17/71 9. Fools Rush In, alt. take 9 05/18/71 10. A Thing Called Love - rehearsal 05/19/71 11. I'll Be Home On Christmas Day, alt take 9 05/16/71 12. Where Do I Go From Here, alt. take 5 03/27/72 13. No More, alt. take 1 01/14/73 14. Take Good Care Of Her, alt. take 3 07/21/73 15. I Miss You, alt. take 1 09/23/73 16. I Got A Feeling In My Body, alt. take 4 12/10/73 17. If You Talk In Your
  22. 22. Sleep, alt. take 5 12/11/73 18. Promised Land, alt. take 2 12/15/73 19. Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming, alt take 10 12/15/73 20. Pieces of My Life, alt. take 1 3/12/75 21. For The Heart, alt. take 4 02/05/76 22. She Thinks I Still Care, alt. take 10 02/02-03/76 23. Hurt, alt. take 5 02/05/76 Compilation produced by Roger Semon & Ernst Mikael Jorgensen The Very Best of Love -EP2 5294/DRC13243 by M.Pathuis Madacy special products/BMG special products Elvis may be the "King of rock 'n' roll" but no one can sing a love song and make the story come alive like him. His one-of-a-kind voice and passionate delivery make a love songs more than just a song, a trip down memory lane comes with every note. This collection contains some of the biggest hits of Elvis' career and personifies the words "love songs". Six of the songs went to the #1 position on the hit charts while others have become signature tunes from his many concerts, television and movie appearances. This collection truly deserves the title "The very best of Love" and represents songs that have combined to stay over 175 weeks on the charts and almost 120 weeks at #1. The CD has a red print with white text. The Madacy and BMG logo is at the left of the CD, while the 2 catalog numbers are at the right. The booklet contains several color pictures and capture a short story about the 12 songs on this CD. The backside only has the tracklisting. Tracklisting: 1.Teddy bear 2.Are you lonesome tonight 3.Love me tender 4.It's now or never 5.Don't 6.Suspicious minds 7.Can't help falling in love 8.Burning love 9.You don't have to say you love me 10.I'm yours 11.It hurts me 12.Young and beautiful. The Patriot BOX Limited Edition
  23. 23. by M.P. This box with 2 CD'S was released a recently, it contains one CD with 3 great Elvis tracks and one promo-cd with the same tracks but this one has "for promotional use only - not for sale" on the disc and "sample - promotional use only" on the frontcover. The 3 tracks on both the CDS are the same as the ones that where issued on the CDS from the EU and USA. The promo has also a punch-hole through the barcode. The back of the box is white. The two CDS have the same front and backcover, also the cd-print is the same with both the same picture as on the frontcover. The backcovers have both a picture from Elvis in his army-outfit, there is also the praise "Elvis Aron Presley 1935 - 1977, 2002 - 25th Anniversary Special Edition" on the back of both the CD-covers. Here you see the front-cover and the CD from the promo-cd. The front cover from the other CD has "limited collectors edition" at the bottom instead of the tracklisting like this one has. Tracklisting: 1.America the beautiful (recorded live December 13, 1975 at the Las Vegas Hilton) 2.An American trilogy (recorded live April 9, 1972 at the Hampton Roads Coliseum, 8:30 pm show, Hampton Roads Virginia) 3.If I can dream (recorded June 23, 1968 at Western Recorders, Los Angeles, California). It's Midnight Today we received the latest FTD release "It's midnight", that is already number 15. This release gives us the August 24, 1974 show, but unfortunately the tape runs out after the "If you talk in your sleep" so they added the ending of the August 29 dinner show. As we all know he did some major changes in this new tour from August 19th 'till September 2nd. On the opening night he started with a whole new repertoire, and started with the songs "Big boss man", "Proud mary" and "Down in the alley". The material from the opening show was available on the two bootleg releases "If you talk in your sleep" & From Sunset Blv to Paradise Rd. The Closing show (September 2nd) that is in my opinion one of Elvis' weirdest show ever and can be found on the bootleg release "Desert Storm". I had great expecations of this release, but to be honest I was a little dissapointed when I heard this show. He was not inspired at all, and
  24. 24. haven't heard one song that was a little better than average. Fever did bring a smile on my face, softly as I leave you was nice. Also rare is Early Morning rain, but incomplete. I think the highlight of the show is the introduction where he spoke about the big fat painted angels. Also the dialogue before "Can't help" was fun, were he was bragging about his diamond rings. But to conclude this CD, you will have a rare show, with some unusual songs. I'm certain a lot of fans will like this show, but this will not be my favorite FTD release, that belongs to the "Memphis sessions". All the FTD releases are also available through the Elvis Shop. But still, keep them coming FTD. 1) See See Rider - 2:55 (Trad. Arr. E. Presley) 2) I Got A Woman/Amen - 6:50 (Ray Charles)(J. Hairston) 3) Love Me - 1:28 (J. Leiber/M. Stoller) 4) If You Love Me (Let Me Know) - 2:51 (John Rostill) 5) It's Midnight - 3:08 (B.E. Wheeler/J. Chesnut) 6) Big Boss Man - 2:36 (J. Reed) 7) Fever 3:13 (J. Davenport/E. Cooley) 8) Love Me Tender 1:43 (E. Presley/V. Matson) 9) All Shook Up - 1:08 (O. Blackwell/E. Presley) 10) The Wonder Of You - 2:14 (B. Knight) 11) I'm Leavin' - 3:10 (M. Jarrett) 12) Softly As I Leave You 2:50 (A. de Vita/H. Shaper) 13) Spanish Eyes - 3:25 (B. Kaempfert/C. Singleton/E. Snyder) 14) Hound Dog - 2:30 (J. Leiber/M. Stoller) 15) You Gave A Mountain - 3:06 (M. Robbins) 16) Polk Salad Annie - 4:21 (T.J. White) 17) Introductions. - 7:46 18) If You Talk In Your Sleep - 3:12 (R. West/J. Christopher) 19) Why Me Lord? - 2:58 (Kris Kristofferson) 20) Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel - 1:53 (Mann/lowe)(Presley/Blackwell) 21) How Great Thou Art - 2:57 (Stuart K. Hine) 22) Let Me Be There - 3:21 (John Rostill) 23) Early Morning Rain (incomplete) - 3:05 (G. Lightfoot) 24) Hawaiian Wedding Song - 5:01 (Hoffman/King/Manning) 25) Can't Help Falling In Love - 1:43 (Peretti/Creatore/Weiss) Elvis, The Ultimate Collection 4-CDBOX BMG/UK & Ireland - 2001 - 74321 876632 by M.Pathuis A few days ago BMG released this 4 CD-BOX called "The Ultimate Collection", just as all the other so-called ultimate collections, you will find nothing strange or weird, on this set. The first CD begins in the year 1954 with "That's all right mama" and CD 4 ends as usual with the hit from 1977 "Moody Blue". . The 4 CD'S are all blue with white text and have the RCA/BMG- logo at the bottom. What I like on this box is the 24 page booklet that is full of good looking Black/White and color pictures from our hero, there is a life story in the booklet, that has been told a dozen times before, and written by Colin Escott. Tracklisting CD 1:1.Thats all right 2.Good rockin tonight 3.Baby let's play house 4.Mystery train 5.I want you I need you I love you 6.Heartbreak hotel 7.Blue suede shoes 8.Lawdy miss clawdy 9.My baby left me 10.Don't be cruel 11.Hound dog 12.Love me tender 13.Love me 14.Paralyzed 15.Too much 16.All shook up 17.Got a lot o'livin to do 18.Teddy bear 19.Tutti frutti 20.Party 21.Loving you 22.Blue christmas Tracklisting CD 2:1.One night 2.Jailhouse rock 3.Treat me nice 4.Don't 5.I need you love tonight 6.Hard headed woman 7.Trouble 8.Wear my ring around your neck 9.King creole 10.A big hunk O'love 11.A fool such as I 12.A mess af blues 13.Stuck on you 14.Are you lonesome tonight 15.Wooden heart 16.The girl of me
  25. 25. best friend 17.Such a night 18.It's now or never 19.Surrender 20.I feel so bad 21.No more 22.Rock - A - Hula - Baby Tracklisting CD 3:1.Can't help falling in love 2.His latest flame 3.Little sister 4.Wild in the country 5.Good luck charm 6.King of the whole wide world 7.Kiss me quick 8.Suspicion 9.She's not you 10.Return to sender 11.One broken heart for sale 12.Devil in disquise 13.Bossa nova baby 14.Mexico 15.Kissin' cousins 16.Viva Las Vegas 17.Crying in the chapel 18.How great thou art 19.Love letters 20.Guitar man 21.Tiger man 22.If I can dream Tracklisting CD 4:1.Don't cry daddy 2.In the ghetto 3.Suspicion minds 4.The wonder of you 5.Polk salad annie 6.Kentucky rain 7.I've lost you 8.You don't have to say you love me 9.I just can't help believin' 10.Rags to riches 11.There goes my everything 12.It's only love 13.Amazing grace 14.Until it's time for you to go 15.An American trilogy 16.Burning love 17.Always on my mind 18.My way 19.My boy 20.Promised land 21.Way down 22.Moody blue. Sentimental me (5 songs selected by the Swedish Elvis fan club) by M.Pathuis BMG/Sweden - 74321 90770 2 This recently released great looking promo-cd is limited to 500 copies and each one is numbered. The official Elvis Presley fan club "Tidskriften Elvis" gave this cd to the visitors of the 20th Elvis Festival in Sweden on November 3, 2001. The booklet has 4 pages, at the front is a very nice looking photo of a young Elvis, the inner has a view words from the President of the Swedish fan club, mister Ake Flodin. The back of the booklet shows the 2 latest releases of the fan-magazine "Tidskriften Elvis". They also mentioned that they like to thank BMG/Sweden for all their help to get this promo -cd out. Behind the cd is a picture from the original 45' Sentimental Me. The backcover has the same picture as the front, at the upperleft is the number "376" out of 500 copies, the tracklisting and the praise "for promotion use only - Not for sale" are also there, the last one can also be found on the cd. Tracklisting: 1.Just call me lonesome (10-9-1967) 2.Good luck charm (15-10-1961) 3.Anyway you want me (2-7-1956) 4.Sentimental me (12-3-1961) 5.Doin' the best I can (27-4-1960). You can reach the fan club by e-mail: info@tidskriften-elvis.pp.se or at www.elvispresley.nu
  26. 26. Silver Screen Stereo The last release "Silver Screen Stereo" is a kind of sequel of the "Out in Hollywood". The first three songs are in binaural stereo, and very welcomed by me as a 50's fan ;-). Most of the songs after the binaural songs is well known by the die hard Elvis collectors i.e. bootleg collectors. The interesting part starts with the 2 new outtakes from Fun in Acapulco. I always liked "The Bullfighter was a lady", and here we have an alternate master, and the alternate master of "I think I'm gonna like it here" is another slick one. The best part of this release is of course the Viva las Vegas outtakes, and damn, the sound is superb. Take 1 of Viva is in a slower tempo then take 2, and very different than the master. The lady loves me & You're the boss were also included, so we don't have to buy the Ann Margret CD for these 2 outtakes. The highlight for me is Viva Las Vegas, and C'mon everybody. I think I played the last song 5 times in a row, the tempo is the same as the original, but the sound quality is that good. 01) Loving You (fast version) - take 14 - 1:35 (Leiber/Stoller) 2-14-57 02) Jailhouse Rock - take 5 - 2:30 (Leiber/Stoller) 4-30-57 03) Don't Leave Me Now - takes 16-17-18 - 2:41 (Schroeder/Weisman) 5-3-57 04) Tonight Is So Right For Love - takes 1-2 - 3:10 (Wayne/Silver) 4-27-60 05) Frankfort Special - take 13 - 2:32 (Wayne/Edwards) 4-27-60 06) Doin' The Best I Can - take 3 - 3:19 (Pomus/Shuman) 4-27-60 07) Shoppin' Around - take 1 - 2:29 (Tepper/Bennett/Schroeder) 4-27-60 08) Summer Kisses Winter Tears - takes 8-9 - 2:43 (Wise/Weisman/Lloyd) 8-8-60 09) In My Way-take 1 - 1:26 (Wise/Weisman) 11-7-60 10) Hawaiian Wedding Song - take 1 - 2:49 (King/Hoffman/Manning) 3-22-61 11) Island Of Love - takes 7-8 - 4:01 ((Tepper/Bennett) 3-22-61 12) Angel -take 2 - 3:04 (Tepper/Bennett) 7-2-61 13) I Got Lucky- alternate master - 1:35 (Fuller/Weisman/Wise) 10-27-61 14) Home Is Where The Heart - takes 13-14 - 3:39 (Edwards/David) 10-26-61 15) Riding The Rainbow-take 1 - 1:56 (Weisman/Wise) 10-26-61 16) The Bullfighter Was A Lady-alternate master - 1:59 (Tepper/Bennett) 1-23-63 17) I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here-alternate master -2:28 (Robertson/Blair) 1-23-63 18) Viva Las Vegas - takes 1-2 - 4:12 (Pomus/Shuman) 7-9/10-63 19) The Lady Loves Me - take 9 - 3:47 (Tepper/Bennett) - 7-11-63 20) You're The Boss - take 3 - 2:46 (Leiber Stoller) - 7-11-63 21) Today, Tomorrow, And Forever - takes 3-4 - 3:37 (Giant/Baum/Kaye) 7-11-63 22) C'mon Everybody - takes 1-2-3 - 4:11 (Byers) 7-9-63 23) Kissin' Cousins-hillbilly overdub - 1:26 (Wise/Starr) 10-10-63 24) There's So Much World To See-alternate master - 2:21 (Wayne/Weisman) 6-28-66 25) Clambake- take 11 (including reprise) - 3:41 (Weisman/Wayne) 3-22/23-67 26) Almost-take 11 - 1:45 (Kaye/Weisman) -10-23- 68
  27. 27. Memphis Sessions This FTD release doesn't need any review, this is the ultimate FTD release from one of Elvis' best recording sessions ever. It's the best FTD release so far, and I don't think FTD can do better than this. 01) After Loving You take 3 02) Stranger In My Own Home Town -undubbed master** 03) In The Ghetto -take 11 04) A Little Bit Of Green - take 1 05) Suspicious Minds - rehearsal plus take 6* 06) Any Day Now - take 2 07) Only The Strong Survive take 22 08) Wearin' That Loved-On Look 3 & 10 09) Do You Know Who I Am - take 1 10) And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind - undubbed master-alternate vocal** 11) You'll Think Of Me- take 14 12) Power Of My Love - take 6 13) True Love Travels On A Gravel Road takes 6 and 7 14) Long Black Limousine-takes 1 & 6 15) Kentucky Rain -take 9 16) Without Love takes 3-4 17) Hey Jude - splice from take 5 and take 1 18) If I'm A Fool take 3 19) From A Jack To A King - takes 1-2-3 20) I'm Movin On take 1-2-undubbed master** * Part if this performance is previously released ** These performances have been previously released in a different form. Gospel Classics (By M.P.) This strange CD came out several weeks ago and everybody was wondering what it was. Nobody has heard anything about the anouncement or promotion around this CD. Normally I buy these kind of CD'S and put them with the rest of the collection before listen to it. But this one looks very nice to me, and I decide to listen to it. There is one track that got my attention and that is "Oh happy day". It's great that they used this track for this production instead of the standard tracks (why not fill a complete CD with this kind of songs). The rest of the tracks are standard for a gospel cd ......enough about that..... the booklet has two sides and only a picture at the front, the other side has the tracklisting and the standard listings from BMG Entertainment. The CD is yellow itself with black text, the praise "BMG/Special Products" is at the top of the CD (how nice). The backcover has the tracklisting. Tracklisting: 1. Swing down sweet chariot 2. Put your hand in the hand 3. His hand in mine 4. Oh happy day 5. If we never meet again 6. You'll never walk alone 7. Known only to him 8. It is no secret what God can do 9. In my fathers house 10. Where could I go but to the Lord 11. I believe in the man in the sky 12. I believe. August '74 Midnight Show We received the following info from FTD about the January 2002 release. As Elvis' shows in August '74 were very long, tapes are generally incomplete (Only 60 minutes on the casettes). We have selected this show because of Elvis' outstanding performance. The
  28. 28. tape runs out after IF YOU TALK IN YOUR SLEEP and we have chosen to fill up the CD with the ending of the August 29 Dinner show, mainly to feature the ultra rare EARLY MORNING RAIN and create a sense of a complete show. For your information: There is definitely enough material from this Las Vegas engagement to create a "best of the rest CD" for future release. Tracklisting: See See Rider / I Got A Woman/Amen / Love Me / If You Love Me / It's Midnight / Big Boss Man / Fever / Love Me Tender / All Shook Up / The Wonder Of You / I'm Leavin' / Softly As I Leave You / Spanish Eyes / Hound Dog / You Gave A Mountain / Polk Salad Annie / Introductions - Including speech on painting angels / If You Talk In Your Sleep / Added Material from August 29, Dinner show / Early Morning Rain / Hawaiian Wedding Song / Can't Help Falling In Love. Also we received the final tracklisting of the upcoming release "Silver Screen Stereo" 01) Loving You (fast version) - take 14 - 1:35 (Leiber/Stoller) 2-14-57 02) Jailhouse Rock - take 5 - 2:30 (Leiber/Stoller) 4-30-57 03) Don't Leave Me Now - takes 16-17-18 - 2:41 (Schroeder/Weisman) 5-3-57 04) Tonight Is So Right For Love - takes 1-2 - 3:10 (Wayne/Silver) 4-27-60 05) Frankfort Special - take 13 - 2:32 (Wayne/Edwards) 4-27-60 06) Doin' The Best I Can - take 3 - 3:19 (Pomus/Shuman) 4-27-60 07) Shoppin' Around - take 1 - 2:29 (Tepper/Bennett/Schroeder) 4-27-60 08) Summer Kisses Winter Tears - takes 8-9 - 2:43 (Wise/Weisman/Lloyd) 8-8-60 09) In My Way-take 1 - 1:26 (Wise/Weisman) 11-7-60 10) Hawaiian Wedding Song - take 1 - 2:49 (King/Hoffman/Manning) 3-22-61 11) Island Of Love - takes 7-8 - 4:01 ((Tepper/Bennett) 3-22-61 12) Angel -take 2 - 3:04 (Tepper/Bennett) 7-2-61 13) I Got Lucky- alternate master - 1:35 (Fuller/Weisman/Wise) 10-27-61 14) Home Is Where The Heart - takes 13-14 - 3:39 (Edwards/David) 10-26-61 15) Riding The Rainbow-take 1 - 1:56 (Weisman/Wise) 10-26-61 16) The Bullfighter Was A Lady-alternate master - 1:59 (Tepper/Bennett) 1-23-63 17) I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here-alternate master -2:28 (Robertson/Blair) 1-23-63 18) Viva Las Vegas - takes 1-2 - 4:12 (Pomus/Shuman) 7-9/10-63 19) The Lady Loves Me - take 9 - 3:47 (Tepper/Bennett) - 7-11-63 20) You're The Boss - take 3 - 2:46 (Leiber Stoller) - 7-11-63 21) Today, Tomorrow, And Forever - takes 3-4 - 3:37 (Giant/Baum/Kaye) 7-11-63 22) C'mon Everybody - takes 1-2-3 - 4:11 (Byers) 7-9-63 23) Kissin' Cousins-hillbilly overdub - 1:26 (Wise/Starr) 10-10-63 24) There's So Much World To See-alternate master - 2:21 (Wayne/Weisman) 6-28-66 25) Clambake- take 11 (including reprise) - 3:41 (Weisman/Wayne) 3-22/23-67 26) Almost-take 11 - 1:45 (Kaye/Weisman) -10-23- 68 Due to the varying track layouts on the original sessions tapes, it is not possible to create consistent stereo images throughout the CD. America the beautiful RCA Records is set to release "America The Beautiful" a new enhanced CD-single by Elvis Presley featuring three stirring live performances. This marks the first new Elvis Presley single from RCA Records in over twenty years. Included on the CD-single are: "If I Can Dream," recorded live at Elvis's legendary "Comeback" TV special of June 1968; "America the
  29. 29. Beautiful," recorded in December 1975 at the Las Vegas Hilton; and "Amazing Grace," recorded March 15, 1971. Also an enhanced video version of If I Can Dream is included. "America The Beautiful" is due to arrive in stores October 16, with 100% of net proceeds donated to the American Red Cross Liberty Disaster Relief Fund. America the Beautiful This single will be available on October 16, 2001. You can the single CD for $4.49 here. Tribute single I talked to Ernst Jørgensen today, and he told me that the Elvis "tribute" CD single for the victims of the terrorist attack on September 11th is now a reality. It will consist of the following songs: "If I Can Dream" "America The Beautiful" "Amazing Grace" The proceeds from this single will go to the Red Cross. The front cover will be the same as the AMAZING GRACE release: a photo from "Love Me Tender", because BMG wanted to have an unglamorous cover. The Red Cross logo will also be on the frontcover. The CD single should be out within a week, or two weeks at the latest. Let's all support this wonderful initiative, and order this single now! Source: Arjan Deelen The Country Side of Elvis A new CD release set for November 6th is "The Country Side of Elvis". It will be a 2-CD set with 51 country favorites, available all together for the first time. It is the only double Elvis country album from RCA. New liner notes. Remastered for superior sound. Tracklisting: Disc 1 1. It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You 2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 3. I Love You Because 4. Just Because 5. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 6. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 7. I'm Counting On You 8. How Do You Think I Feel 9. How's The World Treating You 10. Old Shep 11. Your Cheatin' Heart 12. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I 13. There's Always Me 14. It's A Sin 15. Guitar Man 16. Just Call Me Lonesome 17. You Don't Know Me 18. After Loving You 19. Long Black Limousine 20. I'm Movin' On 21. I'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You In My Arms) 22. From A Jack To A King 23. Kentucky Rain 24. It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin' 25. If I'm A Fool (For Loving You 26. Release Me 27. Funny How Time Slips Away Disc 2: 1. Little Cabin On The Hill 2. There Goes My Everything 3. I Really Don't Want To Know 4. Tomorrow Never Comes 5. Faded Love 6. Make The World Go Away 7. Help Me Make It Through The Night 8. For The Good Times 9. Always On My Mind 10. You Gave Me A Mountain 11. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 12. Welcome To My World 13. Take Good Care
  30. 30. Of Her 14. It's Midnight 15. You Asked Me To 16. Loving Arms 17. Talk About The Good Times 18. There's A Honky Tonk Angel 19. Fairytale 20. Green, Green Grass Of Home 21. Susan When She Tried 22. T-R-O-U-B-L-E 23. She Thinks I Still Care 24. He'll Have To Go That's the way it was Elvis was nervous, more nervous that I had seen on him. His fans only knew the loose, smiling, confident performer, the powerful stage presence in total command of every room he has ever worked. But backstage at the international Hotel on July 31, 1969, Elvis presley was pacing back and forth like a panther. In a few minutes, he would march out into what was then the largest showroom in Las Vegas, holding 2000 people. It had been eight years since Elvis has last done a live concert, eight years of recording sessions and movie making, eight years since he had felt the electricity of a packed house. Those of us around him had no doubt he'd be a bigger hit than ever. Deep down probably Elvis knew himself. But at the moment he was sweating through his mohair suit. He kept asking me, how much time do I have before I go on? As we started walking to the stage, Elvis became very quiet. You could see in his eyes that he was thinking about the show, going over the song list in mind. His Tensenesses contagious. Soon we were are all nervous. Comedian Sammy Shore finished his opening act and the house lights went down. The audience was hushed. The Bobby Morris Orchestra began to play and no further introduction was necessary. He performed brilliantly for 90 minutes. He fed off people. I hated to see the show end. My only consolation being that I would see it again over the next 28 days. As Elvis came off the stage, he had tears in his eyes and was soaked in sweat, but this was the sweat of a job well done. The Colonel came up and gave Elvis a big hug. Even the Colonel had tears in his eyes, the first time I had ever seen that. It's hard to me to believe that this was 32 years ago. The memories have all come flooding back with this new release of "Elvis - That's the way it is". This is only a part of the foreword by Joe Esposito in the new FTD Book/CD "That's the way it was" that tells us more than enough of one of the biggest highlights of Elvis' career. This 12th FTD CD/Book release is documenting the highlights of that era in a hardcover book with 96 pages in color and black and white. It does contain a concert review, all the facts of the TTWII documentary, illustrated by tape box legends. The photo collection is from Sherif Hanna, that included some nice pictures, and when I was looking through the book I saw a little error for they used the same picture twice in the book. But hey, I can live with that. The CD that comes with this book is really fun, some of the rehearsals songs were not in great quality, but it was noted in the book that some tracks are of poor sonic quality and included for historical significance. The first great track to me was "Ghost riders in the sky", that was released on an import CD some years ago, but this time we actually hear Elvis singing, just great to have. The live songs are of course in great sound quality, and the dialogues are terrific, especially after Hound dog where Elvis has to talk some more because they had some problems with the drums. Dialogues like "Is there anyone in the audience has a name on it I should mentioning? Someone told me before I've got on stage that the Vietnam army was on the balcony....... Well, to me this CD/Book is fun, and worth the money. You can read here the full
  31. 31. review of the CD. Track List for the CD insert: JULY 14-MGM REHEARSAL 1 Words* /The Next Step Is Love* JULY 15-MGM REHEARSAL 2 Ghost Riders In The Sky* /Love Me* JULY 24-RCA REHEARSAL That’s All Right'* /I Got A Woman* /I’ve Lost You* /I Can’t Stop Loving You*/ Just Pretend* JULY 29-MGM REHEARSAL 3 Words*/ I Just Can’t Help Believin’* AUGUST 4-LAS VEGAS REHEARSAL 1 Something*/ AUGUST 7-LAS VEGAS REHEARSAL 2 Polk Salad Annie*/ Mary In The Morning* AUGUST 10-STAGE REHEARSAL You've Lost That Loving Feeling/> SHOW 1 Sweet Caroline SHOW 2 Hound Dog* / Heartbreak Hotel*/ SHOW 3 Don’t Be Cruel SHOW 4 Blue Suede Shoes*/ You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me* SHOW 5 Mystery Train/Tiger Man SHOW 6 The Wonder Of You* / One Night*/ All Shook Up* *Indicates previously unreleased material. Elvis Presley The 50 Greatest Hits BMG/Taiwan 74321-81102-2 When I first heard about it, I though that they would make also the 2 CD's look different (picture disc maybe) but instead of that they have used the same look as the 2 CD-set from the UK, the 50 greatest hits, anyway... the front and back-cover look real nice to me, the packaged looks like a sort of box that folds open to one side. Inside of it you will find the 2 CD-set together with the 76 page booklet where everybody was talking about, the picture at the first and the last page are in colour the rest is in black/white. The tracklisting will be find in the booklet and the lyrics of each song (thats why it so thick). There is a little text that is written in Tawainese language.
  32. 32. Here you see the front of the 76 page booklet. Before I forget to tell you all.... the CD's are gold on the side the music is on (that's why the sound is excellent). I hope you will enjoy this product as much as I do when you buy it. Here is the tracklisting from the 2 CD's: Tracklisting CD 1: That's All Right;Mystery Train; Heartbreak Hotel; Blue Suede Shoes; Lawdy, Miss Clawdy; Hound Dog; Don't Be Cruel; Love Me Tender; Too Much; All Shook Up; Teddy Bear; Party; Loving You; Jailhouse Rock; Don't; Trouble; Wear My Ring Around Your Neck; King Creole; Hard Headed Woman; One Night; A Fool Such As I; A Big Hunk O'love; Stuck On You; The Girl Of My Best Friend; It's Now Or Never. Tracklisting CD 2: Are You Lonesome Tonight?; Wooden Heart; Surrender; (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame; Can't Help Falling In Love; Good Luck Charm; She's Not You; Return To Sender; (You're the) Devil In Disguise; Viva Las Vegas; Crying In The Chapel; Love Letters; Guitar Man; If I Can Dream; In The Ghetto; Suspicious Minds; Don't Cry Daddy; The Wonder Of You; I Just Can't Help Believin'; An American Trilogy; Burning Love; Always On My Mind; Suspicion; Moody Blue;Way Down By M.P. The Ultimate collection By M.P. Here the info on a new CD release from New Zealand titled "The Ultimate collection". The CD comes with a 4 page booklet, the front has 1 picture of Elvis and you will find it also inside of the booklet together with the tracklisting, backside has a small verse from the song the wonder of you". CD itself is black with silver text, the BMG logo is listed at the left side. It doesn't have a picture on the backcover. Here you have the tracklisting: 1. Spanish eyes 2. Devil in disquise 3. Ask me 4. It's now or never 5. The wonder of you 6. Viva las vegas 7. My wish came true 8. Blue Hawaii 9. Such a night 10. You'll never walk alone 11. Help me make it trough the night 12. Loving you 13. Wooden heart 14. Fever 15. Lonely man 16. You gave me a mountain.
  33. 33. FTD News Here the latest FTD info that we received from Roger Semon & Ernst Mikael Jørgensen With the August 16 release of THE WAY IT WAS just a few weeks away, we have decided to announce the next releases in order to keep the rumour mill from overheating. October 1 will see the release of MEMPHIS SESSIONS. 75 minutes of music from Elvis' critically acclaimed sessions in January and February of 1969. The focus is as always on previously unreleased outtakes, but to cover as many songs as possible there will be a few previously released outtakes and a few undubbed masters. The reason for this is obviously that on some songs we have released all complete outtakes(SUSPICIOUS MINDS) and on others there are no outtakes (STRANGER IN MY OWN HOME TOWN) since the master was take 1. A complete track listing will be made available by the end of August. On November 1 we will have an extra release, as we did last year with TOO MUCH MONKEY BUSINESS. As last year, we will be covering what many seems to think is a less significant part of Elvis' career. SILVER SCREEN STEREO is of course a selection of outtakes from Elvis' movie soundtracks - OUT IN HOLLYWOOD VOL. 2 if you will. Whereas OUT IN HOLLYWOOD sold just as well as the best selling titles on FOLLOW THAT DREAM, many reviews very quite unkind, and we have consequently decided to make this an extra release, rather than the hot quarterly releases you have now come to expect. Don't get us wrong - we still think OUT IN HOLLYWOOD was a charming CD, and we will try to make this even better. Live in Las Vegas promo (By M.P.) This new promo CD comes in a jewelcase with a 2 page card at the front, with the same picture as the 4 CDbox, at the bottom you can read "promo sampler", backside of the card is the tracklisting from the box and "not for sale" at the bottom left. Backcover has 1 picture from Elvis on stage singing "Are you lonesome tonight" with the guitar on his knee, also the tracklisting is listed and the praise "not for sale". The CD itself is silver with blue and white print. On the CD you can read "promo sampler - not for sale". Contents: Blue suede shoes (1969) Johnny B.good (1969) Baby what you want me to do (1969) Men with broken hearts (1970) Walk a mile in my shoes (1970) You've lost that loving feeling (1970) The wonder of you (1970) Polk salad annie (1970) In the ghetto (1970) You're the reason I'm living (1975) Softly as I leave you (1974)
  34. 34. Christmas with Elvis A new CD release from the Time Life Company is "Christmas with Elvis" and it's also available on 2 cassettes. You can order this CD/Cass from Time Life. Here you have the tracklisting: Blue Christmas - Here Comes Santa Claus - White Christmas - Winter Wonderland - I'll Be Home For Christmas - Santa Bring My Baby Back - Silver Bells - I'll Be Home On Christmas Day - On A Snowy Christmas Night - If Every Day Was Like Christmas - It Won't Seem Like Christmas - If I Get Home On Christmas Day - Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees - Merry Christmas Baby - The Wonderful World Of Christmas - O Come All Ye Faithful - The First Noel - O Little Town Of Bethlehem - Santa Claus Is Back In Town - Silent Night. Live In Las Vegas Here are my first impressions of the new BMG "Live In Las Vegas" 4 CD's box- set....TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Indeed BMG has produced a great set and although there are a few gaps like no tracks from 1971, 1973 and 1976 this is still a great buy. The packaging is the same as "Platinum" and contains a lot of rare pictures (not so rare for me excepted for a few) and most people will appreciate this. Several of these photographs were taken by fans back then and includes the work of Judy Palmer and Sue McCasland among others. There's a few mistakes on certain dates like photos from September '74 are being labelled as being from 1973 while a few from August 1972 are being mentioned as from 1973. The music itself is excellent too of course. The first CD starts with the complete show from August 24th 1969 D.S. (the "Here I Go Again" concert on DAE is the midnight show from the same date) and as all the ones we've heard so far...pure dynamite. The second CD contains the complete August 11th 1970 m.s. and is also kickin' a**......"That's All Right" is a good indication of what is coming and Elvis was definitely in control... so nice to finally get another alternative live version of "I Just Can't Help Believin" and an excellent version too. This is interesting to note that "When The Snow Is On The Roses" is from an audience recording tape and sounded to my ears the same as the famed LP "Hillbilly Cat Live", perhaps a bit cleaned up but nonetheless the same. Still a nice add to the set though.
  35. 35. A nice surprise was the third CD,indeed the sound was improved on many songs or should I say instead better remixed...several tracks benefit from this,especially "Long Tall Sally" and Little Sister/Get Back" among others. A lot of those tracks sounded flat on "Burning Love" CD and the "revamped On Stage" version, but not anymore with the excellent work of BMG sound engineers.I thought I wouldn't play that CD too often...well I was wrong as I'll play it as much as the others...BMG really did a nice job on those tracks. The last CD contains the May '56 tracks and of course the soundboard recordings. Overall the soundboard recordings are quite nice to hear but noticed some didn't really sound much better than some we've got into the "import world", for instance I thought the tracks from the opening show of August 1974 sound similar that the DAE release and better when compared to the Baxter outing "If You Talk In Your Sleep".The latter song from August 21st 1974 is very very good...perhaps one of the best I've heard and "I'm Leavin" from the same date is equally a strong version after the humerous introduction by Elvis. "Green Green Grass Of Home" and most of all the ones from March & December '75 are excellent and a nice proof that Elvis was still able to sing well and rock beyond 1973. Somehow I was afraid to be a bit disappointed with this set..well I'm not and in fact quite pleased so keep up the good work.Hey BMG...how about a similar set in a few years with materials recorded during Elvis' numerous tours? The Crazy Canuck Live in Las Vegas The UK 5 LP digitally remastered box set of Live In Las Vegas (Cat No: ELVIS108) will contain exclusive rare memorabilia and photographs. Release Date: 13th August 2001. Dixieland Rocks The latest BMG/FTD release "Dixieland Rocks" (74321 86138-2) is out, and this time we are treated with a good soundboard recording from Murfeesboro, May 6th 1975. The sound quality for this soundboard is pretty good, and for the show itself it is a darn good one. Some of the tracks has been issued on the CD "Live in Dallas", that was released a long time ago as a Fanclub edition and later on the "Golden celebration" box-set. Full review later. This CD is of
  36. 36. course also available on our FTD Shop for a fair price. Track listing: (2001: A Space Odyssey) - See See Rider - I Got A Woman / Amen- Love Me - If You Love Me - You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - All Shook Up - Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel - The Wonder Of You - Polk Salad Annie - (Band Intros) - Johnny B. Goode - (Hail Hail Rock'n Roll) - My Boy - T.R.O.U.B.L.E. - I'll Remember You - Why Me, Lord - Let Me Be There - An American Trilogy - Fairytale - Little Darlin' - Funny How Time Slips Away - Can't Help Falling In Love - (Closing Vamp) Bonus Tracks, Bridge Over Troubled Water Love Me Tender (May 7, 1975) Promo Live greatest hits A new promo release from Argentina that is out now is a 2 track CD single that is to promote the CD Elvis the live greatest hits. We will have copies soon in stock. UK Number One Singles Collection The now deleted #1 singles collection was sold out very quickly, but here's some good news for the vinyl collectors. The 17 singles box set will be re-released again in the UK on June 25th, but this time it will be very limited and the 7"s will be coloured!! More info later. You can order this box-set through the Elvis shop.
  37. 37. Elvis Chante Sid Tepper and Roy C Bennett The new French 2 CD set "Chante Sid Tepper & Roy C Bennett that is the follow-up of the Elvis sings Mort Shuman & Doc Pomus is expect to be out in June. It will come in the the same deluxe digi pack, including a 32 pages booklet . Here you have the tracklisting; CD 1 : Lonesome Cowboy - New Orleans - Shoppin' Around - G.I.Blues - A Cane And A High Starched Collar - Hawaiian Sunset - Slicin' Sand - Ito Eats - Island Of Love - Beach Boy Blues - Angel - For The Millionth And The Last Time - Just For Old Time Sake - The Walls Have Ears, Song Of The Shrimp - A Boy Like Me A Girl Like You - Earth Boy - Take Me To The Fair - Relax - Mexico - The Bullfighter Was A Lady - Vino Dinero Y Amor - Western Union - The Lady Loves Me - Once Is Enough - It's A Wonderful World - Wheels On My Heels - Puppet On A String. CD 2 : Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce - Kismet - Beginner's Luck - Petunia The Gardener's Daughter - Drums of Island - Smorgasbord - Am I Ready - All That I Am - I Love Only One Girl, A House That Has Everything - Confidence - Five Sleepy Heads - Mine - Stay Away - Shoppin' Around (alternate version) - G.I. Blues (alternate version) - Slicin' Sand (alternate version) - Beach Boy Blues (alternate version) - Am I Ready (alternate version). Bonus : Song Of The Shrimp (acetate) - Once Is Enough (Acetate) - Kismet (acetate) - Wife Number 99 (acetate). These acetates are sung by a friend of Sid Tepper and was sent to Elvis. Dutch single enter #35 Elvis latest single over here in Holland is "Suspicious minds (live)", has entered the #35 position on the Dutch Top 100. Easter Special Out now is the 10th issue of the FTD Collectors label, and this time it's the Easter special (74321 84215-2), that of course features the gospel material. Again it comes with a sober
  38. 38. artwork, it seems that this is a standard of the FTD release, but the picture of the back cover is really nice. The contents is pretty nice, it starts off with the March of dimes (Elvis talks about the Polio disease), and a binaural outtake of "It is no secret". Nice to have is an outtake of Joshua fit the battle (take 1), that is not so smooth and slick as the original. Also nice is the Gospel outtakes from '66, and this time in stereo. The '66 outtakes on Stand by me were in MONO, so this is very welcome. We call on him was sung with passion, and Saved (long version, take 1) is just delicious. The 70's outtakes contains a lot of band chatter, especially on "He is my everything" where he starts with lines of "Farther along, Oh happy day, and Mean woman blues. Too bad that "A thing called love" has been deleted, and they swap this with "There is no God, but God". I guess they will have their reasons. This is a nice compilation, and hopefully one day they will issue more Nashville outtakes from the June 1970 sessions. That will be a smashing FTD release. Tracklisting; March Of Dimes 57/ It Is No Secret (take 12)/ He Knows Just What I Need (take 1)/ Mansion Over The Hilltop (take 1)/ Joshua Fit The Battle (take 1)/ I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (take 2-3)/ Known Only To Him (take 1-2)/ Run On (take 2)/ Stand By Me (take 2)/ So High (take 2)/ Somebody Bigger Than You And I (take 12)/ We Call On Him (take 4-5)/ Saved (take 1)/ An Evening Prayer (take 2)/ Seeing Is Believin' (take 4)/ There is no God, but God (take 1- 2)/ He Is My Everything (take 1)/ Bosom Of Abraham (take 7)/ I Got A Feeling In My Body (take 6-7)/ If That Isn't Love (take 2-6-7) New CD release France It seems that France will do a follow-up of "Elvis chante Mort Shuman & Doc Pomus", and this time they will do this with Sid Tepper, that also will contain alternate takes, and acetates. This release is expect to be out in June. That's the way it is (4 track) I just received this CD today, I have no idea when this CD has been issued?. It's Sunday Telegraph / Elvis Today product, and featured 4 live songs "Hound dog, Burning Love, In the ghetto and You've lost that loving feeling. Also this CD features Elvis video screensavers, including footage and trailer from the film "Elvis: that's the way it is, and an Elvis photo gallery. New live FTD release The next FTD release according to the official Elvis.com website will feature a soundboard recording from an Elvis concert in Murfreesboro, Tennessee on May 6, 1975. Word from FTD is that it was a brilliant show and the technical quality of the recording is about the best you'll ever hear from an informal soundboard recording. As of the date this article that was posted Elvis.com, a title has not been finalized for this CD.
  39. 39. This 1975 concert is an appropriate follow-up to the most recent FTD release 6363 Sunset, which focused on material from 1972 with a partial spotlight on 1975. Track List: Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey / See See Rider / I Got A Woman; Amen / Love Me / If You Love Me / You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me / All Shook Up / Teddy Bear; Don’t Be Cruel / The Wonder Of You / Polk Salad Annie / Band Introductions / Johnny B. Goode / Hail Hail Rock’n’Roll (Performed by Joe Guercio & orchestra.) / My Boy / T-R-O-U-B-L-E/ I’ll Remember You / Why Me, Lord / Let Me Be There / An American Trilogy / Fairytale / Little Darlin’ / Funny How Time Slips Away / Can’t Help Falling In Love / Closing Theme Gospels Two new releases from the Provident music Elvis Gospel Series are "He is my everything" and "Nearer my God to thee". Both released contains 14 tracks, it's only interested for the die-hard collectors. Greatest hits live Out last week is the new BMG release "Greatest hits live" (74321 847082) that comes with a non-commercial artwork. The track listing is nice, but offer nothing new to the Elvis fans. Maybe except for "The wonder of you" that is from the "Lost Performances" video. The good thing about this CD is that you get a free CD promo when you buy this CD in Holland. Here you have the track listing (thanks to our friends at Elvisnews for the dates ;-)); Blue Suede Shoes (8/25/69 Dinner Show) /Heartbreak Hotel (8/24/69 Dinner Show)/ Jailhouse Rock / Don’t Be Cruel (8/26 & 8/24 1969 Dinner Show / Are You Lonesome Tonight? (8/24/69 Midnight Show) /One Night (8/12/70 Midnight Show)/ I’ve Lost You (8/10/70) / I Just Can’t Help Believin’ (8/10/70)/ In the Ghetto (02/1970) Don’t Cry Daddy (2/17/70)/ Kentucky Rain (2/17/70)/ The Wonder of You (8/13/70 Dinner Show)/ Polk Salad Annie (8/10/70)/ Suspicious Minds (8/12/70)/ All Shook Up (6/10/72 Matinee)/ Hound Dog (6/10/72 Matinee)/ You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me (6/10/72 Matinee)/ Until It’s Time for You to Go (6/10/72 Matinee)/
  40. 40. Burning Love (1/14/73)/ An American Trilogy (1/14/73)/ A Big Hunk o’ Love (1/14/73)/ Can’t Help Falling in Love (1/14/73) Greatest hits A new upcoming CD release from Denmark will be one with the very original title "Greatest hits". This is a 2 CD set, and will be expected to be out on March 28th. Here you have the track listing; CD-1 King Of The Whole Wide World / Suspicious Minds / Jailhouse Rock / Don't Be Cruel / I Need Your Love Tonight / Kiss Me Quick / One Night / She's Not You / I Got Stung / Such A Night / Love Me Tender / Wear My Ring Around Your Neck / Good Rockin' Tonight / A Fool Such As I / I Just Can't Help Believin' / Little Sister / A Big Hunk O' Love / Are You Lonesome Tonight? / It's Now Or Never (O Sole Mio) / Good Luck Charm / Devil In Disguise / Suspicion / Ain't That Lovin' You Baby / Rock-A-Hula Baby / Hound Dog / Teddy Bear / Treat Me Nice / Tutti Frutti / A Mess Of Blues / Follow That Dream. CD-2 In The Ghetto / Burning Love / Blue Suede Shoes / Heartbreak Hotel / His Latest Flame / King Creole / Hard Headed Woman / Crying In The Chapel / Stuck On You / Surrender / Viva Las Vegas / Love Letters / Witchcraft / Flaming Star / Bossa Nova Baby / Joshua Fit The Battle / No More / Wooden Heart / Return To Sender / Easy Question / Don't / Always On My Mind / One Broken Heart For Sale / Loving You / The Wonder Of You / Don't Cry Daddy / Are You Lonesome Tonight (Laughing Version) / Moody Blue / An American Trilogy / Can't Help Falling In Love. Promo Lonesome Here we have the artwork of the new promotional one-track CD single from BMG Holland "Are you lonesome tonight (Laughing version)". This CD single will be given away free when you buy the CD "Elvis greatest hits live"
  41. 41. Elvis 6363 Sunset Here we have the 9th release of the collectors series "Elvis 6363 Sunset (74321 84214-2)". This time they treated us with studio & rehearsals material from the 1972/1975 period. The CD kicks of with take 3 of Always on my mind, that is close to the master take, and the master was done in just the very first take. Burning Love & For the good times were previously released before on the Platinum & Time Life CD's. Where do I go from here (take 6) is next, that is also close to the master, except for the brutal ending of the song. Fool is an easy task for Elvis, the master is take 2, and here we have take 1 that sound just real fine. It's a matter of time is also not offering something special, again similar to the master. The following seven tracks are from the March 31, 1972 rehearsals and starts with See see rider, and this time in great sound quality. Until it's time for you to go is okay, A big hunk o'love is a real treat, a beauty indeed with a lot of bass, followed by I'm all shook up, and Heartbreak hotel with Elvis' remark c'mon Inspirations. Next an average version of Teddy bear/Don't be cruel, and Can't help falling in love (with a funny intro and end). Green green grass of home (takes 2,3) is next from the March 1975 studio sessions, take 2 is a false start, with a complete take 3, that is again close to the original master. "Susan when she tried" has always been one of my favorites from this session, and on this CD release we get the first two takes. The 1st take of "And I love you so" is something special, for he sang this song especially for Sheila Ryan, who was there at the recording session. Bringing it back (takes 2,3) is okay too, but the real treat on this CD is the 1st take of T-R-O-U-B-L-E, it's sounds great, especially for a first take. This CD close with Shake a hand (take 2), and again close to the original master. This 9th release is an okay one, most of the outtakes are very similar to the original versions, but hey, what else can we expect. track listing; Always On My Mind (take 3)/ Burning Love (take 2)/ For The Good Times (take 3)/ Where Do I Go From Here (take 6)/ Fool (take 1)/ It's A Matter Of Time (alt take)/ See, See Rider (take 2)/ Until It's Time For You To Go/ A Big Hunk O'Love (take 2)/ All Shook Up/ Heartbreak Hotel/ Teddy Bear-Don't Be Cruel/ Can't Help Falling In Love/ Green, Green Grass Of Home (takes 2,3)/ Susan When She Tried (takes 1,2)/ And I Love You So (take 1)/ Bringing It Back (takes 2,3)/ T.R.O.U.B.L.E (take 1)/ Shake A Hand (take 2) This CD is also available through our Elvis Shop Center Suspicious minds delay I have just been informed that the UK single due to be released on March 26th has now been rescheduled (again) for April 2nd. The original date for Suspicious Minds, from the newly edited version of TTWII, was given by BMG as March 12th. We understand that on receipt of the video, BMG realized that strobe effects appear during Elvis' performance of the song and
  42. 42. this may cause a problem for sufferers of epilepsy. As a result, the accompanying video footage needs to undergo more changes. The bad news is that Robbie Williams has a single out just days after the new release date, which may jeopardized its success somewhat. The cover shows a 1968 Comeback special shot the same as the Memories CD. BMG think Elvis in a jumpsuit from 1970 is not a suitable image for today's public! Andrew Hearn / Essential Elvis Magazine Greatest hits Live A new release from Holland that is due to be released on March 9th is "Elvis greatest hits live" (84733274321). Here you have the track listing; 1. Blue Suede Shoes 2. Heartbreak Hotel 3. Jailhouse Rock 4. Are You Lonesome Tonight 5. One Night 6. I've Lost You 7. I just can't Help Believin' 8. In The Ghetto 9. Don't Cry Daddy 10. Kentucky Rain 11. The Wonder Of You 12. Polk Salad Annie 13. Suspicious Minds 14. All Shock Up 15. Hound Dog 16. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 17. Until It's Time For You To Go 18. Burning Love 19. An American Trilogy 20. A Big Hunk Of Love 21. Can't Help Falling In Love To promote this CD, BMG Holland will also release a 3 track single which will contain Suspicious minds (studio version & adapted TTWII version) and an unreleased version of The wonder of you. Also there will be a 1-track promo CD featuring Are you lonesome tonight (laughing version). Last but not least, for the first time this single will be promoted with a videoclip. More details later. LOVE COLLECTION (MARKS & SPENCER EXCLUSIVE CD) Another UK CD release and only available for Marks & Spencer and is not distributed to any other stores in the UK or the rest of the world. Track listing: 1. It's Now or Never 2. Love Me Tender 3. Love Letters 4. One Night 5. Don't 6. Fountain of Love 7. Can't Help Falling In Love 8. Love Me 9. Good Luck charm 10. I'm Falling in Love Tonight 11. Anything that's part of You 12. Always On My Mind 13. You Don't Have to Say You Love Me 14. It Hurts Me 15. No More 16. I Need somebody to Lean On 17. Loving You 18. They Remind Me Too Much of You 19. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 20. Surrender 21. She's Not You 22. The Wonder of You 23. I Just Can't Help Believin' 24. Are You Lonesome Tonight? The box at the bottom right hand corner states: "A unique compilation of original recordings produced exclusively for Marks & Spencer" This CD is also available through our Elvis Shop Center
  43. 43. UK Number One Singles Collection A new vinyl release from Castle Music UK is the UK Number One Singles Collection which contains 17 singles in their original RCA records sleeves. The music is digitally re-mastered and this special collector's edition also includes a 21" x 14" fold-out color booklet featuring rare memorabilia and track-by-track annotation. Disc 1) All shook up / That's when your heartache begin Disc 2) Jailhouse rock / Treat me nice Disc 3) One night / I got stung Disc 4) A fool such as I / I need your love tonight Disc 5) It's now or never / Make me know it Disc 6) Are you lonesome tonight / I gotta know Disc 7) Wooden heart / Tonight is so right for love Disc 8) Surrender / Lonely man Disc 9) His latest flame / Litt;e sister Disc 10) Rock a hula baby / Can't help falling in love Disc 11) Good luck charm / Anything that's part of you Disc 12) She's not you / Just tell her Jim said hello Disc 13) Return to sender / Where do you come from Disc 14) Devil in disguise / Please don't drag that string around Disc 15) Crying in the chapel / I believe in the man in the sky Disc 16) The wonder of you / Mama liked the roses Disc 17) Way down / Pledging my love This set is also available through our Elvis Shop Center The Gospel Songs