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Exosite enables the Internet of Things with API & cloud data platform to monitor your web sensors from your cloud devices. It allows to view the real-time data from from anywhere with internet ...

Exosite enables the Internet of Things with API & cloud data platform to monitor your web sensors from your cloud devices. It allows to view the real-time data from from anywhere with internet access. Exosite provides portal for cloud device developer, canary for monitoring industry equipments remotely & InTime for enabling wireless monitoring capabilities of existing system.



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Internet of things Internet of things Presentation Transcript

  • INTERNET OF THINGSapplications for a smarter world
  • NEW ERA “INTERNET OF THINGS”Advancement in smart technology has made it possible for machines and devicesto connect and communicate critical information into business systems. “Internetof Things” technology is everywhere and emerging applications are aimed ateveryday life. In the coming years, machine-to-machine services will be installedin billions of devices, enhancing the way we live and do business.
  • CONVERGING CONDITIONSTechnology miniaturization, which has givenbusinesses the ability to embed a sensor orcommunication module in nearly any product ina convenient and cost-effective way.Local and wireless networks can transmitinformation off these devices to aserver, regardless of its location.The availability of open IP standards grantaccess for these technologies to interact andcommunicate with one another.Cloud-based software applications has made itpossible for device communication to take placeon the Internet rather than being limited to localnetworks.The rapid growth of machine-to-machine technology can be accredited to convergingconditions that are expanding the opportunities for businesses to build connect products.These conditions include:
  • BUSINESS PERSPECTIVEThe collection and sending of mass amountsof data, where it can be analyzed and assistin the decision making process.Creating new revenue streams, controllingcost and improving business performanceand efficiency.Increasing business intelligence byextracting information out of monitoredmachines and using historical information topredict future behaviors. EMPLOYEESCUSTOMERS BUSINESSAPPLICATIONSMOBILITYSOLUTIONSBusinesses are realizing the capabilities of machine-to-machine technology, which in turn, hascaused a widespread adoption and availability of low-cost communication modules. With theability to deploy a solution more efficiently than ever before, companies are utilizing thistechnology to aid in:
  • WORLD APPLICATIONS“Internet of Things” technology has already found its way into our lives,significantly changing consumer interaction with everyday products and the waycompanies conduct business. The following industries have already seen a majorimpact from machine-to-machine technology:• Utility• Industrial• Health Care• Transportation and Logistics
  • ENERGY CONSUMPTIONSmart LightingStreet and household lights are embeddedwith intelligent technology which enablesthem to become adaptive to theirenvironment.Smart MetersBusiness and households can monitor andcontrol their energy consumptions fromsmart devices.Smart AppliancesApplications now allow users to controland monitor their appliances from a localor wireless network.The electric utility sector is one of the first markets to adopt machine-to-machinetechnology. With smart-grid initiatives now underway, this sector is rapidly changing withdevelopments in the following areas:
  • SMART CITIESSmart RoadsHighways send off messages and re-routetraffic according to road conditions andunexpected events like care accidents.Infrastructure HealthSensors that detect vibrations and structuralconditions in buildings, bridges and historicalmonuments.Air QualityControl the emissions from large factoriesand minimize pollution output fromautomobiles.Sensor and communication technology is being installed in homes, public facilities, andbuildings all over the world. Cities are utilizing machine-to-machine technologies to monitorreal-time data, improve waste and energy consumption and ensure the safety of the public.Some examples include:
  • INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATIONConnected MachinesReal-time asset monitoring andcommunication abilities betweenmachinery.Environment ControlCompanies can now control thetemperature inside chambers andsensitive environments.Preventative MaintenanceAssets embedded with sensortechnology to send out warnings anderrors prior to failure.
  • HEALTH CAREPatient MonitoringWhether a patient is physically in a healthcare facility or at home, “Internet of Things”technology will give doctors the ability tomonitor patients conditions remotely.Connected DevicesPatients will have the ability to monitor theirown health conditions at home, and can sendoff their data to a physician for a diagnosis.Drug TrackingHospitals and clinics can track the status anddelivery of prescription drugs and monitordosageOne of the most exciting sectors that is taking advantage of machine-to-machine technologyis in health care. This technology can help control cost and improve the efficiency of service.“Internet of Things” applications is being used for:REPORTSALERTSDATAPROCESSINGSTORAGEPATIENTS
  • LOGISTICSRetail and travel companies are developing solutions to improve shipment tracking andprocesses towards machine-to-machine technology. There has already been tremendousamounts of progress in this sector and technologies have been developed for:Asset TrackingBy tagging packages with RFID chips, companiescan now track their products at every stage of thedelivery process.Route ControlBased on weather conditions and automatedscheduling, routes are being optimized to maximizepickups and deliveriesData ProcessData is being collected at every point in the delivery process and in the store, socompanies can predict when to order to merchandise
  • FUTURE OUTLOOKAs the “Internet of Things” continues to grow, businesses will uncover new waysto use machine-to-machine technology to increase business intelligence, revenuestreams, cost savings and business proficiency. There is an unlimited amount ofapplications that can be developed, considering that any device or machine hasthe ability to be connected. The increase in development will lead to innovationsfor new product lines and services that will impact the way we live our everydaylife.
  • Thank YouExosite227 Colfax Avenue NorthSuite 150Minneapolis, MN 55405+1 612-353-2161 |marketing01@exosite.com