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H1 N1 Flu 2009 Newsletter

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H1 N1 Flu 2009 Newsletter

  1. 1. H1N1 Flu 2009 A SPECIAL REPORT from Tetrahedron.org Volume 1 September, 2009 1-888-508-4787 FLUscam.com by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz PLEASE READ THIS more to do with profit, witnessed first hand BEFORE YOU TAKE THE politics, and population how criminal industrial- SWINE FLU VACCINE! control than meets the ists suppress low cost, eye. no risk, highly effective I am a Harvard-trained natural cures. expert in the fields dis- I am a leading author cussed herein. You need books detailing cor- The difference between to know that: 1) You ruption in government Big Pharma and my are being lied to by our and the drug industry. endorsements, is the government and media; Besides my doctorate in former is criminally 2) The H1N1 vaccines medical dentistry, I am operating and killing are not safe and not also a doctor of naturo- people, whereas I con- Graphics by David Dees. Deesillustration.com proven effective; 3) pathic medicine--a field tinue helping people There are GROSS con- suppressed by those ex- heal naturally. flicting financial inter- posed herein. As the co- politics, and global economics ests among those telling developer of OxySilver The Rockefeller family’s is obvious when you study his- you to get vaccinated; that eliminates the need monopolistic influence tory. A simple Google search and 4) This entire vac- for risky vaccines and over American medi- provides ample evidence in cination campaign has toxic antibiotics, I have cine, public health, geo- this regard. A Matter of National Security and Public Urgency If you review the records of the 2009 efeller called “Partnership for New York City” A similar November 1977 sudden reemer- H1N1 “outbreak” and vaccination cam- involving the U.S. Federal Government. gence of this Influenza A H1N1 strain in the paign, you will conclude the facts prove former Soviet Union is best explained by fraud, official malfeasance, organized This subject is a matter of extreme urgency, the National Cancer Institute’s 1978 pub- crime, and genocide operating under threatening national security, thus demand- lication titled Special Virus Cancer Program the guise of “public health” within a trust ing the immediate scrutiny of lawmakers, (Library call number: E20.3152;V81/977 organization established by David Rock- justice department officials, and you. and 78-21195). This report revealed the June 15, 1976 contract (N01-CP-6-1047) It is a well-established fact that “outbreaks” with the American Type Culture Collection have been “laboratory sourced.” The 1977 to supply “virus materials . . . to investiga- outbreak of “swine flu”—extinct for twenty tors throughout the world” via a “US-USSR years—suddenly re-emerged following the Agreement” (a dangerous breach of Cold suspicious unexplained 1976 outbreak at War national security). (See: EXHIBITS Fort Dix, New Jersey of this strain. The subse- 2-3.) Virus materials cited in this document quent deadly swine flu vaccination program included numerous infectious agents in- that followed this “military experiment,” was cluding influenza, parainfluenza, and even fueled by media-driven fear. The “outbreak” laboratory recombinations of influenza came from a refrigerator according to ex- with acute lymphocytic leukemia viruses perts published in the New England Journal of Medicine (July 16, 2009;Vol.361:279-285) and that might spread quick acting lymphatic elsewhere. (See EXHIBIT 1 in “The Affidavit” cancers by sneezing. (See: EXHIBIT 4.) WHO is Controlled by the Rockefellers’ “Trust” at FLUscam.com). COVERT OPERATIONS DANGEROUS INGREDIENTS The April, 2009, “outbreak” of the H1N1 “swine flu” is, like the The WHO is controlled by Rockefeller money. WHO officials now 1976 Fort Dix and 1977 general “outbreaks,” highly suspicious direct US government officials who falsely claim these vaccines according to genetic analysts and leading virologists. The rapid are “safe and effective.” This is a lie because side effects that oc- mutation rates of the novel agent circulating and feared as the cur more than 6 weeks after injections are excluded, including 2009 “swine flu” strongly suggests a laboratory source, clearly the vast majority of vaccine illnesses and deaths. The ingredi- intentionally released. ents in all flu vaccines are poisonous and potentially deadly. Making it more difficult to understand what is ongoing in flu What’s in a flu shot? Egg proteins and viruses linked to labs, according to EXHIBIT 5, World Health Organization (WHO) autoimmune diseases and cancers; Gelatin and Poly- officials developed new terminology to describe viruses used in sorbate 80 (Tween80): known to cause allergic reactions vaccinations, gene therapies, and advancing biotechnologies. and anaphylaxis; Formaldehyde: known carcinogen, used The new terms “reference materials,” “biosimilars,” “data pack- to preserve corpses; Triton X100: a strong detergent; Resins: ages,” and “mock-up files,” each designate viruses and/or viral known to cause allergic reactions; Gentamycin: an antibiotic; materials including gene sequences that cause disease and Thimerosal: Mercury linked to autism, Alzheimers’, MS, and immune system reactions. Parkinson’s Disease—far deadlier when injected into your 1 blood than when you eat tuna fish; Aluminum neurotoxin.
  2. 2. THE MEN BEHIND THE H1N1 CIRCULATING FLU WHO officials in charge of developing that “if a pandemic is imminent, . . . A Wood “consider that pandemic vaccine de- influenza vaccines, Dr. James Robertson stockpile of live vaccine, . . . could be used velopment in the EU has been slow due to and Dr. John Wood, of the National Insti- to prime the population in advance . . .” limited public funding. This is in contrast tute for Biological Standards and Control This is what the Mexican swine flu ou- to the situation in the USA. Dr. Wood told (NIBSC) in the UK, testified (April, 2006) break of 2009 did—it primed the public the group that the NIBSC collaborate with with a now circulating virus. the vaccine industry . . . The EMEA have helped to persuade industry to invest in These doctors responsibilities include the pandemic vaccines with the introduction control and standardization of influenza of the mock up files (i.e., new “live” geneti- vaccines worldwide. They oversee the cally engineered viruses) and by waiving serological testing of blood from vaccine the regulatory fees . . .” trials; the preparation and distribution of influenza viruses to vaccine manufactur- The European Medicines Agency (EMEA) ers; and the coordination of virus strain is a decentralized body of the European selections (used by governments world- Union with headquarters in London. Its wide for their “vaccine pipelines”). main responsibility is, according to its website, “the protection and promotion Dr. Robertson also testified that “there is of public and animal health, through the a lack of vaccine research in the UK com- evaluation and supervision of medicines Rockefellers have always controlled the AMA pared with the U.S.,” and that he and Dr. for human and veterinary use.” NATURAL OR MAN-MADE? THE MEDIA LIES stream media, and the practice of medi- When the Mexican Swine Flu 2009 “out- U.S. federal officials overseeing “bio- cine, in an organized criminal conspiracy break” occurred in mid April, 2009, first in preparedness” against this mutant to profit by generating and promoting this the United States in two unrelated children H1N1 flu, including vaccinations and pandemic. This is classically called a “false living approximately 100 miles apart in quarantines, say this outbreak occurred flag” pandemic. southern California, then soon after in “naturally,” but neglect history and Mexico among people who had not been epidemiology. These so-called “experts” A “false flag” operation is a covert operation exposed to these two children, foul play regurgitate the same lame explanation conducted by governments, corporations, was a most reasonable explanation, espe- of “somehow” and “somewhere” bird, or other organizations, designed to appear cially since this unique virus held genes pig, and 1918 Spanish flu viruses mated, as if they are being carried out by other from avian, swine, Spanish, and regular curiously synchronously with the press entities, in this case NATURE! flu strains -- unprecedented in the history releases heralding the new biotechnol- of “natural selection” and evolution of the ogy to produce vaccines alleged to Only days before the media’s first reported species. be safe and effective against this new swine flu cases in April, 2009, Novavax H1N1 recombinant. Corporation, partnered with the General Occam’s Razor analysis holds that, “Of sev- Electric (GE) company that co-owns NewCo eral acceptable explanations for a mysteri- Alternatively, the following substantial with media mogul Rupert Murdoch, issued ous phenomenon, the simplest is prefer- evidence indicts David Rockefeller, press releases generating widespread fear able, provided that it does not contradict celebrated federal agents, agencies, and that H5N1, the deadliest avian flu, was part the observed facts.” vaccine makers that control the main- of this H1N1 virus when it was not. WHO IS MAKING THE MONEY? America’s most powerful news media No group in the world other than this Merck & Co., in April 2007, negotiated a consortium publicized Novavax’s (No- Anglo-American vaccine “pipeline,” with buy-out of CSL Co.—the major Australian vartis’s) “Johnny-on-the-spot” H5N1 and its faucets at the NIBSC and CDC, could H1N1 flu vaccine maker that did the testing H1N1vaccine research in collaboration with supply anyone with the strains and on pregnant women, babies, and children. CDC officials. They alleged their vaccine genes associated with this “triple reas- Incredibly, the two clinics wherein these H1N1 cross-protected against this unprecedent- sortant” virus. The media moguls’ gross vaccine experiments were conducted were ed recombination of flu strains, even IF it conflicting interests benefiting their both controlled by the largest media mogul, contained H5N1. (See EXHIBIT 7.) companies’ vaccine sales is obvious. Rupert Murdoch, and his family. According to Dr. Robertson’s testimony, Now get this! Thomas H. Glocer is the Rupert Murdoch is Co-Chairman with David Novavax received its “biosimilars” through CEO and director of the Thomson Re- Rockefeller and Lloyd Blankfein (of Gold- CDC Influenza Branch director, Ruben O. uters Corporation (TRC) that partnered man-Sachs), directing this—the world’s most Donis, and Dr. Rick Bright. Dr. Bright previ- in David Rockefeller’s biotechnology powerful drug ring—a biotech trust that ously worked with Dr. Donis at the CDC. In trust called “Partnership for New York includes the New York State Government April, 2009, Dr. Bright was Novavax’s Vice City,” (PFNYC). Thomas H. Glocer is also and the U.S. Federal Government as “part- President of Global Influenza Programs. a Merck & Co. Director since 2007, ners.” Both governments purchase vaccines according the Merck company website. from other partners in this organization, the The “false flag” Mexican outbreak caused (See: EXHIBITS 8 and 9.) PFNYC. Novavax’s stock to soar. Novavax’s CEO, Ra- hul Singhvi, and his previous corporate af- VISIT: HealthyWorldStore.com filiate, Merck & Co. (CSL) that manufactures the pneumonia and H1N1 vaccines, both for Dr. Horowitz’s books, CDs, DVDs profited heavily from the fright generated and personal care products. by media coverage and declared advanc- 2 ing pandemic. 1-888-508-4787 www.DrLenHorowitz.com
  3. 3. CHARTERED BY THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND The PFNYC, according to their website, was founded in 1979 by David Rockefeller. Elizabeth II. Elisabeth Murdoch administers the “initially formed by merging two organiza- “Under Rockefeller’s vision, the Partner- Royal Woman’s Hospital in Victoria, Australia, tions: the New York Chamber of Commerce ship would allow business leaders to work the vaccine research center testing and pro- and Industry, and the New York City Part- more directly with government and other moting the swine flu vaccines and drugs for nership. The New York Chamber of Com- civic groups to address broader social and pregnant women and babies. merce was founded on April 5, 1768, by a economic problems in a ‘hands on’ way. group of merchants whose purpose was to In 2002, the New York City Partnership encourage business and industry, . . . the and Chamber of Commerce became the Chamber remained sufficiently loyal to the Partnership for New York City. . . .” (See the [British] Crown to receive its royal charter in 1770 from King George III, . . . After the PFNYC website: (http://www.pfnyc.org/ [Revolutionary] war, . . . the New York State history.html) Legislature . . . confirm[ed] their original charter [on April 13, 1784] . . . entitled ‘An Rupert Murdoch is Co-Chairman, with Act to . . . Confirm the Rights and Privileges Honorary Co-Chairman David Rockefeller, Thereof.’ . . .” in the PFNYC. Rupert Murdoch’s mother, Elisabeth Murdoch is Dame Commander Following in the tradition of three genera- of the Order of the British Empire, a People cannot believe this is actually tions of Rockefellers, the website states, Companion of the Order of Australia, happening because of the media’s the Chamber grew to become the PFNYC, which is an order established by Queen manipulation of the mass mind. . . . RUPERT MURDOCH’S TIES TO ROCKEFELLER & FLU VACCINES Another major “player” in PFNYC is Jerry Chairman of the Board of Directors of the sales of Pneumovax and CSL’s H1N1 vaccines, it Speyer, owner of the Rockefeller Center. Federal Reserve Bank of New York; chair- is also responsible for having spread the AIDS He is chair emeritus of the PFNYC. He man emeritus of Columbia University; and virus, HIV, through contaminated hepatitis B is Chairman of Tishman Speyer, former a member of the David Rockefeller-direct- vaccines according to research published in ed Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)— the peer reviewed scientific journal Medical Hy- 3600 of the wealthiest and most influential potheses (Volume 56, Issue 5, Pages 677-686) persons in the US—that directs govern- by this author. ment action including those that concern overpopulation and “bioterrorism”. Further evidencing an Anglo-American conspiracy to commit iatro-genocide using Nelson Rockefeller’s protégé, Dr. Henry vaccines, a CSL Biotherapies report (See: EX- Kissinger, is also a highly influential mem- HIBIT 10.) proves this firm operates one of the ber of the CFR. His Kissinger Associates, world’s largest influenza vaccine manufactur- Inc. is Merck & Co.’s leading management ing facilities for supply to Australia and global consulting firm. markets. This facility is based in Parkville, Victo- ria. This document explains the vaccine manu- Merck & Co. is the world’s largest vaccine facturing process and the exclusive supply of and drug maker. The company not only viruses for vaccine research and manufacture profits from flu frights and pandemics by from the WHO or the CDC, thusly: AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES CAUSED BY VACCINES “The first step in making the influenza vac- The Associate Director of Clinical Devel- These associations and revelations indict these cine is preparing a ‘seed’ virus. This is a safe opment for vaccines at CSL is Dr. Michael persons in the most heinous genocide the world form of the influenza virus, which can be Greenberg, who directed the vaccine has ever seen. Lying to pregnant women, making grown in hens’ eggs to produce the vaccine. studies on babies at the MCRI, according them first recipients of these vaccines that deliver Preparation of the seed takes around 3-4 to their website. (See: EXHIBIT 10.) Dr. deadly and disease-inducing agents, is despicable weeks following receipt of a potential candi- Greenberg joined GlaxoSmithKline in 2005, beyond words. date virus from international health bodies and CSL in 2009, further evidencing Rupert such as the World Health Organization Murdoch’s conflicting media interests with, The greatest vaccine damage is caused by (WHO) or the U.S. Centers for Disease Control besides CSL and Merck & Co., SmithKline. “auto-immune” diseases.” These are caused by and Prevention (CDC).” foreign proteins and genetic materials injected Historically, vaccinations have been discour- into human bodies. This intoxication reaction This means the CDC’s Dr. Donis shipped aged as “elective procedures” for pregnant is criminally neglected by organized medicine. Novavax’s former CDC asset, Dr. Rick women. Research proving a causal link The poisoning creates “antigenic complexes” to Bright, his H1N1 viruses that implicate between mercury added to vaccines and form in your body causing white blood cells to this “pipeline” in a conspiracy to commit neuro-developmental illnesses in children attack your body where these antigenic com- humanicide. has been grossly suppressed by governing plexes occur. Immune cells are hyper-activated officials and the media wielded by these to attack these sites instead of simply the virus Besides Murdoch’s mother’s hospital— “players.” Developing fetuses are even more or bacterial antigen. The medical community CSL’s primary H1N1 swine flu vaccine test- hypersensitive to mercury in these vaccines. calls this “auto-immune dysfunction.” ing site—is the Rupert Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) of Victoria, Aus- Sponsored by OxySilver—covalently-bonded hydrosol tralia, controlled by his daughter-in-law, Sarah Murdock. Here children and babies The Most Powerful Silver Hydrosol in the World Today! are experimented upon. Making all vaccinations and antibiotics unnecessary. 3 1-888-KO-GERMS www.OxySilver.com
  4. 4. POPULATION REDUCTION VIA VACCINATIONS In September 2009, babies and children It must be understood that New York’s were being recruited by the MCRI, for “a United Nations (UN) building was con- pandemic H1N1 swine flu vaccine trial” in structed using Rockefeller money. The UN’s Melbourne wherein “about 100 Victorian WHO was established by the Rockefeller children aged 6 months to eight years” family’s foundation in 1948 -- the year after were selected for study in collaboration the same Rockefeller cohort established with the University of Melbourne and Fed- the CIA. Two years later the Rockefeller eral Government of Australia. Foundation established the U.S. Govern- ment’s National Science Foundation, the This historic record evidencing fraud and National Institute of Health (NIH), and ear- ongoing genocide within the medical and lier, the nation’s Public Health Service (PHS). public health sectors of the WHO-directed US, UK, and Australian governments is best It must be further understood that Eng- Science is censored by the mainstream reconciled by medical sociologist Stephen land’s colonialism has transitioned into media moguls advancing the new plagues. Kunitz’s 2000 report in the Journal of the neocolonialism, commonly called global- In 1968, James V. Neel et al., conducted American Public Health Association (Vol. ism. British influence has evolved most genetic studies using the deadly 90, 10:1531-39) wherein he concluded apparently and consistently with financial Edmonson B measles vaccine. This was wherever Anglo-American multi-national support by the European banking commu- funded by the Rockefeller Foundation corporations travel, so goes genocidal nity led by the Rothchild family that has, and U.S. Atomic Energy Commission that depopulation of native people. Could this according to geopolitical and economic maintains obvious ties to British commis- targeting of native people now extend to historians, heavily financed Rockefeller sioners. This vaccine caused the death of populations in general? Obviously so. family interests since the late 1800s. Vac- several thousand Yanomami natives in cination campaigns have been part of this Brazil. Lesser-known examples of vaccine- Barack Obama’s Environmental Advisor, global conquest agenda. induced genocides involve the Lyme Van Jones, resigned for signing a petition in vaccine, the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine, the 2004 asking for an investigation into those It should be noted that Barack Obama’s polio vaccines that spread cancers, and implicated by foreknowledge in the Sep- current “Science Czar,” John Holdren, en- the hepatitis B vaccines that triggered tember 11, 2001, World Trade Center “ter- dorsed sterilization through vaccinations in AIDS as published by this author in 2000 rorist” attacks, including PFNYC “partner” is co-authored book, EcoScience in 1977. in the journal Medical Hypotheses. The Tu- and property manager Larry Silverstein. berculosis skin testing genocide ongoing Population reduction via vaccinations for in Hawaii, as published in Medical Veritas This infamous place is now home to the eugenics and genocide has many earlier in 2007 (4:1505–1509), is another example. PFNYC. examples: EUGENICS, GENETICS & BLOOD BANKING IN NYC Before Hilter called it “racial hygiene” it “population management” extended their This is not “conspiracy theory,” but a certifi- was called “eugenics.” This program began institutional control over Nazi Germany by able “conspiracy reality” sustained by a at Rockefeller and Carnegie funded Cold advancing “showers” with IG Farben and “conspiracy of silence” afflicting the media Spring Harbor Labs in New York. Eugen- through the Bayer Corporation. Holocaust and thereafter the American people. It is a ics investors in genetic engineering and victims believed they were taking showers sociopolitical psychopathology prevent- for “public health” and “disinfection,” much able only by the free exercise of our First like we are told vaccines provide today. Amendment right to a free press. Given Later eugenics “experiments” included the the manner in which these devil-doers Tuskeegee Syphilis Study administered on control the media, however, including the behalf of Rockefeller interests by the U.S. medical scientific media, America’s found- Public Health Service (PHS). ing fathers’ objective to secure civil rights and happiness by way of a free press has The man that directed Tuskeegee from been criminally subverted. the CDC was Dr. David Sencer, who also directed the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccination In the United States, the NIH, PHS, and campaign. Later he administered the the American Academy of Pediatrics transmission of HIV/AIDS through contami- (AAP) that sets the vaccine schedule, Rupert Murdock’s family-directed flu vaccine nated blood supplies from New York City have incestuous relationships with “Big trials are used to approve the new injections on behalf of the Rockefeller blood banking Pharma” and its ring of organized PFNYC for infants, children, and pregnant women. industry. criminals. These agencies and officials 9-11 RELATED TO SWINE FLU SCARE TACTICS minimize vaccination risks, deny vaccine “The announcement of the China Center is a A. Silverstein, the infamous real estate ingredient toxicities (e.g., mercury and the step toward economic recovery for New York. tycoon, who cashed in on his timely $3.2 vaccine additive MF59 [Novartis/CHIRON] The Vantone Group’s commitment to helping billion lease of the World Trade Center or ASO2-4 [Glaxo-SmithKlein] contain- New York become the western headquarters property seven weeks before “9-11” hap- ing squalene and IL-2); and promote location for the increasing number of global pened in 2001. vaccination policies ignoring reason and businesses coming out of China is extremely legitimate precautions based on science. important to our city’s future as a global The subsidiary of GE Capitol, Industrial capital of business and finance.” Risk Insurers company, paid some of The reach and impact of the PFNYC Silverstein’s alleged loss of $7 billion obviously taints geopolitics, economics, The “China Center” lease is administered by needed to reconstruct the new World and vaccine science globally. According Silverstein Properties, Inc. a “partner com- Trade Center. to Kathryn S. Wylde, the President and pany” in the PFNYC. It is owned by Larry CEO of the PFNYC since 1982, who was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Few people realize that the CIA oversees AIDS Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 2009, the PNYC encourages foreign investment, science and the American NIAID infectious dis- particularly from China, thusly: eases agency allegedly for “National Security.” 4
  5. 5. ZUCKERMAN PROMOTED DISASTROUS LYMERIX VACCINE Mr. Silverstein stated during an interview directed by honorary PFNYC chairman, Best Leaders” award on November 24, 2008. that he ordered Buidling-7 be “pulled” David Rockefeller. His estimated net At this same meeting Mr. Zuckerman provided before it came down, a reference associ- worth is $2.8 billion. Mr. Zuckerman, a the same award to David Baltimore, the senior ated with demolition jobs. Thus, these candidate for U.S. Ambassador to Israel, pioneer of retroviral research associated with HIV/ PFNYC partners may have murdered and a leading financier of the American AIDS bioengineering. This occurred during the 3,000 people in 8 seconds during “9-11.” Lyme Disease Foundation that heav- Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) 1962-78. If so, imagine how many people they ily promoted SmithKline company’s might kill during flu season this year? disastrous Lymerix vaccine. This vaccine was pulled from the market following The Mortimer B. Zuckerman Research hundreds-of-thousands of reported Center is the namesake created by the cases of recipients suffering post-vacci- PFNYC partner who is the chairman nation symptoms of Lyme disease. and co-founder of the publicly traded Boston Properties. The Center is associ- Another major promoter and endorser ated with the Memorial Sloan-Kettering of SmithKlein’s toxic and terminated Cancer Center and Rockefeller University. Lyme disease vaccine is the U.S. Federal Zuckerman is also Editor-in-Chief of U.S. Government’s National Institute for Al- News and World Report and publisher lergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) of the Daily News. He is also member of Director, Anthony S. Fauci, upon whom What does 9-11 and the H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic the Council on Foreign Relations largely Mr. Zuckerman bestowed an “America’s have in common: Larry Silverstein--partner in PNYC CONFLICTING INTERESTS - GOVERNMENT AND INDUSTRY The SVCP was speciously investigated fraudulent study on June 17, 2002. The Before his death, Dr. Hilleman, Merck & Co’s vac- in 2002 by the United States General investigation was forced by persecuted, cine chief, stated that he brought the AIDS virus Accounting Office (GAO-02-809R Ori- and later incarcerated, Ohio Congress- into North America in contaminated monkeys gin of AIDS Virus), that concluded its man, James A. Traficant, Jr. destined for vaccine research at Merck & Co. I posted this suppressed interview on You Tube The SVCP is undoubtedly linked to the where it is currently viewable. (See: YouTube’s origin of HIV/AIDS as evidenced by its “Merck Vaccine Chief Brings HIV/AIDS to documentation. This incriminates HIV America.”) co-discoverer, Dr. Robert Gallo, and his employment with the National Cancer Litton Bionetics also exclusively administered make Institute overseeing Litton Bionetics’s the NCI’s facilities at Fort Detrick, MD, at the Note: Please copies of th is news- contract (71-2025) titled, “Investigation time Litton supplied chimpanzees were used ulate of Viral Carcinogenesis in Primates.” by the CDC, FDA, NIAID, and the Merck & Co. to letter and circ This indicting document relates to the produce four subtypes, one each, of hepatitis them widely to help Merck company SVCP contract (71-2059) B virus vaccines for testing on: 1. homosexual up people wake “Oncogenic Virus Research and Vaccine men in New York City, 2. African villagers in to what is “going Development,” directed by Dr. Maurice Zaire/Congo and Uganda, and 3. Willowbrook Hilleman. (See: EXHIBITS 12 and 13.pdf ) State School mentally retarded children on down!” Staten Island in New York. The latter studies SUPPRESSED ORIGIN OF AIDS THESIS were conducted under a U.S Army vaccines just like he did with Mortimer contract with the New York University Zuckerman’s favorite Lyme vaccine. Medical Center’s Dr. Saul Krugman. (See: EXHIBIT 14.) Dr. Fauci was featured by ABC’s Dr. Oz in September, 2009, promoting the deadly Thus, the leading HIV/AIDS institute in H1N1 flu vaccine. During this show, Dr. the US, the NIAID, directed by the lead- Oz allegedly took the H1N1 flu shot, ing American infectious disease official, and he and Fauci recommended it for and HIV/AIDS czar, Dr. Anthony Fauci, everyone. ABC television is owned by has grossly and criminally neglected the Disney group that was financed by compelling documents and solid sci- Goldman Sach’s PFNYC Co-Chairman ence that indicts Merck, the FDA, CDC, Lloyd Blankfein. Dr. Oz states in his and his own NIAID. The suppressed book he urges people to always read and neglected evidence proves the the ingredients of any product before origin of the world’s deadliest plague, consuming it, and avoid all chemical AIDS, was triggered by hepatitis B additives. Hypocritically, he promoted vaccinations advanced by this alliance the flu vaccine that is packaged without between these “partners” and the and ingredients list to keep all its toxic public and corporate enterprises they chemicals hidden. direct. (See: EXHIBIT 15.) This American bestselling book has been Dr Fauci was the senior author on the credited by many activists and religious leaders Today, this cartel’s chief Federal pro- New England Journal of Medicine’s article worldwide because of its stunning contracts and moter of pandemic flu vaccines is the detailing a suspiciously incomplete de- explanations documenting where the world’s NIAID director, Dr. Fauci. The PFNYC’s velopmental history of this novel H1N1 most deadly viruses came from, and the labs that media “partners” control Dr. Fauci, and flu virus. (See: NEJM Vol. 361;3:225-229, have loosed them. Call: 1-888-508-4787 to order, give him air time to promote swine flu July 16, 2009.) or purchase on line @ HealthyWorldStorec.om 5
  6. 6. DR. FAUCI, NIAID DIRECTOR IMPLICATED IN GENOCIDE Dr. Fauci is also co-patent holder (No. future of “geneto-pharmaceuticals.” The Government, through its Department of 5,696,079; Dec. 9, 1997) on a vaccine Assignee on this patent is: The United Health, at the expense of taxpayers, in ingredient, an adjuvant, called IL-2, short States of America as represented by the this valuable biotechnology now licensed for Interleukin-2. This is described as Department of Health (Washington, to CHIRON Corporation, makers of the being central to gene therapies and the D.C.), but the Associated Press reported swine flu vaccine adjuvant additive MF59 that the inventors share in licensing with squalene., that additionally contains deals struck with private manufacturers. “proprietary” ingredients that probably Fauci received at least $45,072.82 in roy- includes IL-2. (See: EXHIBIT18.) alties since 1997 when the government licensed IL-2 to chemical company giant, There is substantial scientific evidence, CHIRON Corp. Fauci allegedly donated some of which was addressed by the his royalties to charity to avoid conflict- United States Congress during its inves- ing interest charges. But he admitted it tigation into Gulf War Syndrome, that was his decision to withhold disclosures squalene adjuvant, with IL-2 or not, is im- to test subjects during drug trials using plicated in poisoning masses of military IL-2 under his supervision. personnel who received the anthrax vac- Weapons of mass destruction, including cine. This additive in the majority of H1N1 Thus, Dr. Fauci’s co-patent filing evidenc- flu vaccines is expected to cause horrific biological and chemical weapons, are es entrepreneurship of the U.S. Federal side effects in people worldwide. controlled by the same people. DEADLY INGREDIENTS, DEADLY VACCINES Moreover, regarding the history of recommended for increasing numbers Regarding squalene, according to Dr. IL-2, on Monday, Oct. 6, 2008, Dr. John of vaccine adjuvants. (See: EXHIBITS 19 Andrus Laursen, the amount of squalene Niederhuber, the director of the NCI, told and 20.) in the swine flu vaccine made by Glaxo- Lawrence K. Altman of the New York Times SmithKlein is far more concentrated than that Dr. Robert Gallo “was instrumental New research on Dr. Fauci’s IL-2, ap- in the anthrax vaccine implicated in pro- in every major aspect of the discovery parently in the “proprietary” formula of ducing Gulf War Syndrome in hundreds- of the AIDS virus.” He added: “Dr. Gallo swine flu vaccine adjuvants, shows IL-2 of-thousands of military personnel. discovered interleukein-2 (IL-2), an im- caused no benefit whatsoever stimu- mune system signaling molecule, which lating the immune systems of 5,800 In essence, even though the US Congress was necessary for the discovery of the subjects at a cost of $85 million. CHIRON investigated and condemned squalene’s AIDS virus, serving as a co-culture factor and taxpayers paid the tab. use in vaccines as being deadly, and that allowed the virus to grow.” Dr. Fauci harshly criticized the vaccine developers added to this, “There’s no doubt that Bob CHIRON’s MF59 adjuvant used in the that used it, today it is still being used by Gallo made enormous contributions to 2009 swine flu vaccines by GlaxoSmith- most of the H1N1 flu vaccine manufacturers. AIDS research.” Kline and Novartis, and Merck’s Lymerix vaccines, contains squalene along with Besides IL-2 and squalene, nonoxynol-9— The world of science is aware that IL-2 Dr. Fauci’s IL-2, preferred by the drug a spermicide determined to cause spon- is the “common denominator” among trade due to its toxic side effects as this taneous abortions and birth defects—is immune system functions, and can cause makes money for shareholders in Big an additional ingredient in some H1N1 flu severe side effects. Yet, IL-2 has been Pharma. vaccines. VACCINATION DOES NOT EQUAL IMMUNIZATION! Words can be used to deceive. tions and others philosophically-inclined The aforementioned evidences how the to refuse vaccines since America has American people are being psychologi- For instance, “Immunization” does not traditionally provided equal protection cally “brain-washed” and chemically in- mean “vaccination.” “Immunization” tra- under the law. toxicated. The agents and agencies of the ditionally refers to a natural exposure to PFNYC sensitizes and traumatizes citizens antigens, followed by a natural immune These intentional obfuscations by the with their media, then physically assaults response, building lasting natural immu- media and institutionalized medicine, even pregnant women and babies using nity. The word “vaccination,” alternatively, manipulated and misdirected by the PF- poisonous injections delivering blood refers to a medical procedure that typical- NYC trust, illustrate the social engineer- contaminations. ly triggers hyper-sensitization reactions ing and suppression of natural healing, within the lymphatic system. Humanicide is being administered by religious convictions, immuno-compe- the WHO, CDC, FDA, AAP, NIAID, PHS, NCI tence, and spiritual metaphysics, taking and other organizations and institutions Another fraudulent myth is that the FDA place to advance mass murder. on behalf of David Rockefeller and his tests vaccines and/or assures their safety friends. Their properties include Novartis, and efficacy. This myth persists due to Rather than reinforcing the sacred dictim Novavax, SmithKlein, Merck, CSL, and continuous reinforcement by the news written on every US dollar bill, “In God Baxter Corporation. These companies pro- media, controlled by the PFNYC trust, and We Trust,” the PFNYC’s partners condition duce the H1N1 flu vaccines that will harm advanced by brainwashed health officials people to place faith in poisonous vac- every person seduced to take them. that repeat this seductive mantra— cines administered ”vaccines are safe and effective.” by medical deities Protect your loved ones. Avoid vaccines. (MDs) to advance an More deception accompanies the myth obviously genocidal Research OxySilver.com for the best, all natural, that vaccinations are “mandatory” when, agenda —the 2009 alternative to risky vaccinations and toxic antibiotics. by Constitutional law, they shall be volun- Swine Flu vaccination 1-888-KO-GERMS www.OxySilver.com 6 tary for all who honor religious prohibi- campaign.
  7. 7. NATURAL HEALING ALTERNATIVES HEAVILY SUPPRESSED And unless “We the People” diagnose and immunity through electrogenetic and Pfizer Inc., and America’s leading vaccine test- treat the root causes of this genocidal hydrosonic processes, can set humanity ing organization Kaiser Permanente. imposition -- a psychosocial, geopolitical, free from pharmaceutical slavery. This is economically debilitating, physically-en- key to the long-awaited paradigm shift. Beyond this criminal seduction that imprisons slaving pathology, humanity may literally natural healing and complementary care, the go extinct from genetic mutations and Instead, supermarkets peddle vaccines obvious intent of Federal officials to commit chemical intoxications. as if medical markets are insufficient. “Safeway” stores seduce shoppers offer- Alternatively, as spiritual beings, humans ing 10% discounts to anyone impulsive- deserve spiritual solutions NOT chemical ly inoculated. Who saves? The company intoxications. The demonized and sup- owner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, that pressed fields of holistic medicine dem- is partnered with several members of onstrate conclusively anti-trust violations. Rockefeller’s PFNYC. Americans prefer natural remedies to doc- tors’ visits, and spend more out-of-pocket Talk about needed “Health Care Re- for them, yet we see no homeopaths in form?” Safeway’s CEO, Steven H. Burd, hospitals and no mention of this prefer- is Founder of the Coalition to Advance ence by “Health Care Reformers.” Healthcare Reform (CAHR), the move- ment’s most outspoken salesman. Allied Vaccines ingredients include mercury, formal- The recognition of spiritual immunity, bio- PFNYC members include: Merck & Co., dehyde, deadly oils and chemicals, and genetic energetically commanding natural physical Glaxo-SmithKlein, Eli Lily and Company, materials that can create new pandemics. DEADLY INGREDIENTS CONCENTRATED IN THE FLU VACCINES humanicide, in partnerships with pharma- lengths of time to secure certainty that 4) Gross criminal malfeasance in co-creating ceutical and media industrialists is proven vaccines are safe, and will not cause persuasive deadly propaganda that gener- by the following facts: diseases, or premature deaths, months ates fears and phobias in people everywhere and years after inoculations. adding to the psychosocial and economic 1) Gross chronic criminal irresponsibility burdens of anxiety and depression to promote for safety testing vaccines for adequate 2) Federal reliance on safety studies the use of antidepressant drugs with deadly and data exclusively provided by drug side effects. companies -- vaccine makers who have consistently manipulated data for profit. 5) Gross criminal failure of Federal officials to establish legitimate vaccine “adverse event” 3) Gross criminal neglect of readily avail- reporting, data collection, injury analysis, and evidence able, lower cost, risk reducing, highly compensation protocols. Today, certifiable re- Examine the reliable natural alternatives to risky porting of vaccination injuries and illnesses are the entire and see that vaccinations and chemotherapies for grossly/criminally neglected, often intention- ht is a 2009 FLU Frig AM the flu, such as mega-doses of Vitamins ally hidden; and compensation is non-existent Royal-R ockefeller SC C and D, or the new silver hydrosols for the vast majority of people injured. tion (e.g., OxySilver). Health officials neglect for popula educating the public appropriately how For example, the censorship of the “Thimerosal poisoning. to avoid or recover most naturally and VSD Study, Phase I, Update 2/29/00” produced cost-effectively from the flu. for the CDC, then classified and later altered H1N1 VACCINES “FAST-TRACKED” FOR MASS MURDER before publication, gives officials fraudu- 8) Gross criminal breach of obtaining 11) Fraudulent inducements of people of all lent information and license to claim mer- adequate informed consent for medical ages to accept “mandatory” vaccinations for cury in vaccines is safe at concentrations experimentation using inadequately access to schools and workplaces, to avoid fines far exceeding Environmental Protection tested vaccines. Risky H1N1 swine flu and quarantines, and/or to avoid persecution Agency toxic dose limits. (See EXHIBIT 23.) vaccines contain “live” “mock” viruses, by social service agents and agencies involving “fast-tracked” with only a few weeks of child custody battles with officials trained and 6) Deliberate obfuscation of the meanings safety testing. paid to condemn vaccine objectors. of the words “vaccination” and “immuniza- tion.” The former reflects an administrative 9) It is scientifically established, widely 12) Gross criminal neglect of human rights and process imposing man-made intoxication; known, and criminally neglected that U.S. Constitutional freedoms of: religion, the the later a natural defense process that autoimmune reactions to vaccinations press, adequate compensation for personal develops following natural exposures to and even cancers caused by recombina- property taken, in this case natural immunity, germs. tion of unstable viruses commonly take and the right to life, liberty, and personal place months or even years to develop pursuits because Federal officials overstep their 7) Gross criminal neglect of reasoned following vaccinations. statutory authorities when “mandating” vaccina- analysis regarding the epidemiological tions, even during “declared” epidemics. tracking of the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak’s 10) The criminal risk of deploying new origin; purposefully evading substantial H1N1 vaccines containing “live” “mock” evidence that the current pandemic virus viruses containing genetic material that appeared suddenly, suspiciously, unnatu- can recombine rally, and immediately following companies with circulating vi- Visit FLUscam.com for the LATEST FLU NEWS. in the PFNYC trust issuing vaccine sales ruses yielding new propaganda. strains that pose Watch FLUscam.TV for the best reporting. additional risks Read Dr. Horowitz’s books Death in the Air of more deadly 7 pandemics. and Emerging Viruses to get what is really happening.
  8. 8. Healthy World Distributing 217 Cedar Street Ste #326, Sandpoint, ID 83864 888-508-4787 GENOCIDE UNDER THE GUISE OF “PUBLIC HEALTH” 13) Official malfeasance and neglect of 4th 15) Gross criminal neglect of the US Amendment rights of people to be secure Genocide Accountability Act of 2007, in their persons and houses, without threat TITLE 18, PART I, CHAPTER 50A, 1091 of unwanted invasions of their bodies and wherein “We The People of the United properties. States of America,” by way of forced, fraudulently coerced, or extortionately 14) Official malfeasance and neglect of compelled vaccinations, are: people’s 5th Amendment rights to secure life, liberty, or personal property, including their (a) being killed in sufficient numbers body sovereigns, and due process of law; to initiate this complaint and charge of genocide; Vaccine ingredients make them a virtual You need to realize that “manditory” vac- “witch’s brew.” cinations violate the two greatest gifts God (b) submitting to serious bodily injury; ever gave humanity: 1) free will, and 2) aggravating several forms of dementia; natural immunity. The right to choose intel- (c) being permanently impaired in ligently and responsibly your destiny, and mental faculties through mercury and (d) subject to conditions of life or work have your natural immunity protect you aluminum toxicity, drugs, and vaccines under forced vaccination rules requiring as Divinely designed, is being grossly and linked to neuro-developmental and be- consumption of human sterilizers, toxic criminally endangered by these partners havioral disorders in children and adults chemicals, and foreign genetic materials actions. with vaccines potentially triggering or that cause the physical degeneration, VACCINES ARE NOT “SAFE AND “EFFECTIVE!” destruction, infertility, and compromised or risky medical interventions yielding National Institute of Child Health and immunity in violation of natural human further intoxications depopulating the Human Development, the All India capacities; and group in whole or in part; Institute of Medical Sciences, and Uppsala, Helsinki, and Ohio State (e) subject to common side effects requir- (f ) imposing measures intended to universities.” ing detoxification, natural remediation, prevent births within the group as has been documented in Vaccine Weekly (Again, it should be noted that Barack (1995 May 29 - Jun 5:9-10) wherein it Obama’s science czar, John Holdren, states: co-authored the book Ecoscience in 1977 calling for population reduction “[T]etanus vaccines laced with hCG through the use of sterilizing vaccina- have been uncovered in the Philip- tions.) pines and in Nicaragua. In addition to the World Health Organization (WHO), (g) transfers by force of children of other organizations involved in the one social group to another group is development of an anti-fertility vaccine prohibited under the anti-genocide using hCG include the UN Population act—precisely what happened to my Fund, the UN Development Programme, daughter in Hawaii forced to leave Health Care Reform, based on this knowl- the World Bank, the Population Council, high school for failing to become edge, is a deadly demonic scam. the Rockefeller Foundation, the U.S. intoxicated by a TB skin test. CAREFULLY EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE This is happening throughout America trust are grossly genocidal and frankly Take these and the additional freely when unvaccinated children are forced to criminal. This cartel of drug/media downloadable materials on this website take the injection or else suffer the stigma industrialists are killing far more than 1 to your local legislators, attorneys, school of allegedly presenting greater risk to the million Americans annually according boards and sheriffs’ offices. Advance community of vaccinated children. This to highly conservative calculations by injunctions on the FDA’s licensing and policy is psychologically and emotionally experts in this field. health agencies’ administration of the abusive; whereas the vaccination alterna- flu and other vaccines (e.g., HPV) until tive is physically intoxicating, generally For reasons written above, I pray you this urgent evidence of genocide and traumatizing, and chronically debilitating. will carefully examine the evidence anti-trust violations can be sufficiently referenced herein, and avoid getting studied and our safety assured. In conclusion, compelling evidence in this vaccinated from now on. document, including EXHIBITS 1 thru 23 on Copyright © 2009, Leonard G. Horowitz line at FLUscam.com (See: “The AFFIDA- For political action, VIT”) are sufficient to persuade most rea- download the Contact your newspapers and talk show hosts. sonable people that dangerous conflicts RESOLUTION and of interest between U.S. federal health AFFIDAVIT from Get them to call Sherri Kane and Dr. Horowitz for officials and this Rockefeller-established FLUscam.com. interviews. Have them call: 1-310-877-3002. 8