12 Lessons to Create in the New Energy


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The 12 Lessons on how to create in the New Energy by Tobias have been channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe by the Crimson Circle. Anyone who is on their awakening journey and is ready to let go of the old ways of creating and manifesting, will find these tools beneficial.

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12 Lessons to Create in the New Energy

  1. 1. Creating in the New Energy
  2. 2. Accept All Things As They AreTo understand the process of becoming a creator, a true creator in this Earth energy, it isimportant for you to remove yourself from situations as they occur in your life. It is no longerabout an external pushing to create. It is about a total allowing. It is about a total acceptance ofall things that are in your life and the lives of other people around you and the world.It is a total accepting that we are asking you to do at this point.
  3. 3. Accept Your Human SelfRelease the grip of all your beliefs, guilt and pain. Accept everything that you have ever doneunconditionally in the form of total forgiveness of self, this way you begin to understand yourown divinity.
  4. 4. Live in the Divine MomentYou have lived in your thoughts of what tomorrow will be like. This has been appropriate.And it is still appropriate for many who walk the Earth. But as you become creators in the newenergy, you will learn the importance of living in the divine moment, the moment that is now!You will be tempted many times to want to live in the future, to want to project what yourtomorrow will be. You will be tempted to have fears of tomorrow, to create scenarios in yourmind. But as a new creator in this new energy, you will find much power of "living in the divinemoment," which is now.
  5. 5. Create in GraceWalk into your New House, Your New Safe Space. In the Kitchen of Your New House you find theOven of Grace. Think of a challenging situation that you have (an abundance issue, self worthissue, relationship issue, health issue...) and find a symbol for your issue. Then take this symboland put it into the oven of grace. Leave it there for 24 hours and then take it out of the oven.Only put in one issue at a time and make sure the issue doesn’t involve other people. Then hitthe start button. Do not state an intent, say a prayer or have an agenda for this issue. Trust thatthis issue will be resolved in a balanced way.
  6. 6. Expect Changes and Bless ThemYou are the ones who have asked to move into your next lifetime on this Earth. You are the oneswho said you would move past duality into the newest of the new energies. Would it not bereasonable that there would be changes in your life, and in some of your cases, for all things toseemingly be ripped from your being? You are making way for a new energy.
  7. 7. Within You is Divine BalanceWhen you placed your issues in the Oven of Grace you took them out and let them cool off. As anext step we ask you to take your symbol and throw this symbol into the air for it will transforminto bright shining stars. It transforms a difficult, heavy human issue into light. All of thesetwinkling lights, that were once issues, are now finding their own balance. Take your formerissues, the twinkling lights and weave them into a beautiful necklace. This necklace is areminder for all your experiences. There is a natural order that takes place, a natural resolutionthat takes place when you do not limit the results, when you let things come into balance.
  8. 8. Create With Broad StrokesYou are no longer being a victim, and no longer simply reacting to things that happen in yourlife. You will actually create. We ask you to sit in your house, to feel the vibration of yourhouse, and when you are ready, take this large brush, dip it in the paint, and create a broadstroke. Just one, no more. Then put the paintbrush down, sit upon the floor, and watch whathappens with that broad stroke that you have created. Observe it. It will change. It will morph. Itwill find its own balance. You are in your New House, and within this energy is a divine balance.Your first creation – your first broad stroke – will find its divine balance. Take an issue ofrelationships. You do not have to explain to Spirit or yourself what the issue is. You do not haveto go into the detail. Take this one issue. Hold it in your heart. Create with a broad stroke, andknow, dear friends, that divine balance, your own divinity, will handle the rest.
  9. 9. Receive the Fruit of the RoseReceive the Fruit of the Rose. It is the passion that you left behind when you came to Earth. Yourpassion, your divine passion was replaced with something you call the human ego. You builtyour life upon that. Your passions became things of human nature. Your passions were for otherpeople. Your passions were for food. Your passions were for certain types of work and creativeexpression that you did on Earth. But your passions were based on your human condition, noton your birthright as a spiritual being!When you receive the fruit of the rose, you bring back your divine passion. You will feel a newglow from the inside and it will emanate out from you. It will not be like anything you haveexperienced before. It cannot be created out of the human mind. It cannot be manufacturedfrom the ego. For those who say they can try to control it on the human level – this will notwork. It resides in this place of ALL. It is available to each of you.
  10. 10. Dance With What Comes To Your DoorDance with what comes to your front door. As you move into this new energy, many of you hearthese thuds and bangs and even rings of the doorbell at your new house. But you hide, and youdo not answer the door! There are others who open the front door and do not see what theythink they should see, and totally ignore what appears at their door. They slam the door, waitingfor Spirit to deliver what they think should be the appropriate package. No matter who or whatcomes to your front door, dance with it. It IS appropriate. It is time to interact. It is time to takeall that you know about yourself, all that you have learned and begin to apply it. It is time tomeld with what comes to your front door, whether it is a person or an object or a thought.
  11. 11. Step Into Your Divine WillWhen something comes knocking at your door now and you are now dancing with it – many ofyou have asked Spirit, "Okay, Im dancing, but what do I do? When does the song end? Whoshould lead? What steps should we take?" While you are dancing, take that step into Divine Will.Let’s you are in one of your everyday situations, a challenging situation perhaps, with a co-worker. The co-worker has come knocking at your door and you have agreed that it is time todance. You are now dancing and your co-worker is looking at you in amazement and now youwonder, "Spirit, what should I do next, now that Im dancing, where do we go from here?"Take your step into Divine Will.What happens then we cannot so much to describe to you. You will move into a new place. Youwill move beyond duality. You will come to realizations that even we cannot define. You willcome to new understandings and new levels of vibration and energy that will make the oldenergy way of Free Will seem flat. Your olds ways will seem unexciting, undynamic and lacking inpassion. When you step into Divine Will things expand quickly!
  12. 12. Give Thanks To YourselfIf you do not acknowledge your creations, if you give the credit to Spirit or to angels or to anyothers, this Divinity that is like a seed growing from within will begin to wither like a plant on ahot summer day. It needs your love. Your divinity is your true self. It has been in a cocoon for along, long time. It is who you truly are, and it is coming back to you as a child. It needs your love.Give Thanks to YOURSELF. Honour yourself and love yourself.
  13. 13. Your New Relationship With SpiritNow specifically, how do you bring this new relationship into your life? How do you manifest itinto your being? It is quite simple. It is really quite simple. It is done through breathing. It isdone through breathing. As you breathe in, consciously breathe in, become aware of your newrelationship with Spirit. Breathe deeply now. Breathe in your new relationship with Spirit. Thiswill feed and nurture the divinity that is within.Breathe in deeply. When it is abundance you choose to create in your life, do not be so specificwith it, but rather breathe in abundance, and understand that it is not coming from the outside.It is coming from within you. When you breathe it in you are allowing this awakeningdivinity, this Christ consciousness within, to now come from the outer realms of who you areinto your very being. You allow it to manifest in your life. When you are paying yourbills, breathe in abundance. Breathe in abundance. When your body aches and hurts and is indisease, dear friends, breathe in, breathe deeply, breathe in biological balance.
  14. 14. Content by Crimson CircleCrimsoncircle.comArtwork by Papaya ArtArt.paypaya-store.comCreative Idea by DanielaExistentiallovedetective.com