10 New Energy Commitments


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The 10 New Energy Commitments by Tobias have been channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe from the Crimson Circle. They are the New Energy Version of the Old 10 Commandments from the Bible. It's about realising that you're God also and that you have all the tools within you.

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10 New Energy Commitments

  1. 1. 10 New Energy Commitments
  2. 2. You Are God AlsoYou’re it. There is not some father in heaven or anything else. You are the creator.You are God also. It’s that simple, and that is the commitment, the commitment that Spirit isalready here and already within you.
  3. 3. You Do Have All The Tools Within YouYou don’t need to look anywhere else for them – all of the tools.You don’t need to worship crystals and you don’t need to carve out statues of God.You can admire the beauty of things on Earth but you already have all the tools within you.Don’t look on the outside, because they are already within.
  4. 4. Love and Respect YourselfLove yourself. Don’t feel guilty about loving who you are.It has been put into consciousness that there is something wrong with loving you.So humans tend to curse themselves.It is about loving thyself without judgment, openly and freely.
  5. 5. Take Time For YourselfTake time to breathe, take time to rebalance.There are so many demands upon your time and your energies that you get pulled in everydirection. You fall into bed at night exhausted, but then unable to sleep because you’re stillworrying about everyone and everything else. Take time for yourself.
  6. 6. Honour The Masculine and FeminineIn the New Energy it is about honouring the masculine and the feminine.Honouring the child and the parent. Honouring every part of you, every aspect, allowing themto come back home to you in this Now moment, in this reality. Honour everything about you.
  7. 7. Enjoy Life. It is That SimpleYou’re here on Earth.You’ve taken on difficult tasks and assignments of being consciousness leaders – enjoy life.You have so many rules that have been created by people about what you can and can’t do, soyou feel that it’s a sin to actually enjoy life and this concept has been perpetuated by nearlyeverything and everyone. But what greater, greater joy than actually to enjoy life.It’s not a punishment to be here. This isn’t a prison sentence.It’s not a bad karma that you’re working through. Please enjoy life.
  8. 8. You Have All The Energy Within YouYou don’t need to take it from anyone and you don’t need to give it to anyone.For so long people have been stealing your energy and you’ve been stealing theirs.But you come to a point of sovereignty and you realize that you have it all within you.You have it all within you anyway. Understand you don’t need to steal it and don’t let anybodysteal it from you. Go within every time for every answer, for every resolution, for everything inyour life. You don’t need to steal it, and don’t let them steal it from you.
  9. 9. Be True To Yourself, To Who You AreYou don’t have to go anywhere else for the answers, it’s about being true to yourself.You don’t need to cheat on you. You don’t need to lie about your life. It is about accepting everypart of you. It is about, once again, loving yourself. That is the way of the New Energy.
  10. 10. Trust Everything About YouWhat a great thing to trust who you are.Trust who you are so much, once again, you don’t have to lie, you don’t have to cheat, you don’thave to steal. You are who are you, and you’re proud to pronounce that. You know that you areGod manifest on Earth. You know that you are capable of balancing yourself at any time. You’recapable of creating new consciousness.
  11. 11. Honour and Respect Your PastTake a look again at your life right now.You don’t need to be envious of anyone else. You don’t need to be wishing you had done it adifferent way. It is about honouring and respecting yourself for the way that you chose to do it inthe past. It is about taking what you would consider a mistake in your life and going into thatenergy and realizing it was just an experience. It was a choice that you made that has gotten youto this place. It wasn’t anything that was a mistake, it was actually something that broughtgreater experience into the spirit of your life.
  12. 12. Content by Crimson CircleCrimsoncircle.comArtwork by Papaya ArtArt.paypaya-store.comCreative Idea by DanielaExistentiallovedetective.com