Reports Project


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Reports Project

  1. 1. SPII project team presents REPORTS PROJECT
  2. 2. Project summaryThe main purpose of the project was to make your life easier and happier. To do that we provide:• comfortable interface which allows to create, edit, and view existing reports• support of work with excel reports• multirole access to the project’s functionality• just fantastic design which makes you joyful
  3. 3. Report page
  4. 4. The page provides following features:• viewing, editing and searching for reports by specified date and branch• export of displayed reports to excel file• links to the pages ▫ Import Page ▫ Create Report Page ▫ User Search Page
  5. 5. Import page
  6. 6. The page provides user:• ability to import excel reports to database• ability to upload more than one report at once• ability to upload only acceptable reports from report list
  7. 7. Create Report Page
  8. 8. The page provides user ability to:• fill summary for new report• add and remove report details for new report• fill description, action, date and status of report details
  9. 9. Search User Page
  10. 10. Main mission of the page is to search for user. And it does it by:• user login• user branch• user name• user email• user roleThe page also provides an ability to edit found users by selecting one and hitting “Edit” button.
  11. 11. Edit User Page
  12. 12. The page allows us to:• edit data of selected user• add new branch• go to Add New User Page
  13. 13. Add New User page
  14. 14. The page allows us to:• add new user profile to the system• add new branch• send notification on user email address• open Search User Page
  15. 15. Add New Administrative Unit popup• the popup allows us to add new administrative unit (branch) in application• the popup is available while “add new user” and “edit user info” operations
  16. 16. Login page
  17. 17. Nearly last, but not the least important. Login page provides us such functionality and features:• logging users to the system• saving session of current user• restoring of user’s password
  18. 18. Forgot password
  19. 19. This functionality allows user to reset hispassword in case if he forgot it. To reset passworduser needs to follow next steps:• click Forgot Password link on login page• enter login• check email for message with link for reset password page• input and confirm new password
  20. 20. Levels of access in application:• Executor• Supervisor• Administrator
  21. 21. Executor• has the most limited access• can search, watch and edit reports of his branch• can export reports• can create new reports• can import existing reports from Excel files
  22. 22. Supervisor• has same possibilities as Executor• can search, watch and edit reports of any branch• can export any report
  23. 23. Administrator• has unlimited permissions• has a possibility to create new users in system• has a possibility to search users• has a possibility to edit existing user
  24. 24. Import example
  25. 25. Export example