Mobile	  &	  Hotels	  The	  ulmate	  mobile	  customer	  journey	  2013	  
Hotel	  technology	  is	  ripe	  for	  disrup3on	  Property	  owners,	  hotel	  operators	  and	  franchisees	  are	  all	...
Mobile	  is	  every	  where	  	   1.82B	  smartphones	  expected	        worldwide	  in	  2013	                   	  	    ...
So9ware	  is	  driving	  the	  economy	  - 106       - 78        - 12                    - 38                -1           ...
Disruption is affecting every industry                   Proprietary	  &	  Confiden9al	                                    ...
Applica3ons	  are	  exploding	  across	  industries	                          250	                                        ...
And the Hotel Industry is being impacted                  Proprietary	  &	  Confiden9al	                                   ...
As	  is	  the	  Travel	  industry	  as	  a	  whole	                                      Proprietary	  &	  Confiden9al	    ...
Wi-Fi is King       “A	  free	  wireless	  connec9on	  is	  the	  most	                       important	  amenity	  for	  ...
The digital impact on hotelsIn	  2000,	  the	  internet	  accounted	  for	  1%	  of	  hotel	  bookings,	  A	  decade	  lat...
*That	  61%	  researching	  online	  we	  men3oned…	                             Proprietary	  &	  Confiden9al	            ...
Hotels	  &	  Mobile	  •  5,403,000	  use	  mobile	  for	  travel	  services	  (US)	  	  via	  ComScore	  •  By	   2015	   ...
A	  hotel	  appstore?	                                                      •  Own	  App	  Store	  	                      ...
Apps	  mean	  that	  everything	  can	  be	  connected…	  Some	   hotels	   have	   reported	   an	  18%	   increase	   fo...
Even	  your	  doors…	                               Proprietary	  &	  Confiden9al	                                         ...
It’s	  all	  about	  the	  App	  and	  all	  its	  ingredients	                                                          D...
And	  it	  only	  gets	  worse	  Complexity	               As	  complexity	  increases	  so	  does	  your	              ex...
So	  how	  do	  you	  start?	  1)         Define	  the	  Customer	  Journey	  2)         Iden9fy	  the	  biggest	  and	  fa...
Exicon	  –	  App	  LifeCycle	  Management	  Company	  Exicon	  is	  the	  core	  plalorm	  providing	  intelligence,	  too...
Define	  your	  mobility	  roadmap	                              Proprietary	  &	  Confiden9al	                             ...
And	  we	  have	  a	  SaaS	  PlaNorm	  to	  support	  your	  apps	                                  Proprietary	  &	  Confi...
Our	  plaNorm	  manages	  your	  complete	  App	  Lifecycle	  1	  Define	  your	  needs	  Know	  whats	  happening	  to	  m...
Our	  plaNorm	  manages	  your	  complete	  App	  Lifecycle	  2	  Engaging	  with	  your	  customers	  Get	  your	  so9war...
Customers	  60	      	  Markets1,500	  Connec9ons             	  Between	  Development	  Houses	  and	  OEM’s,	  Enterpris...
CHAIRMAN	  &	  CEO         	  	  Stefan	  Rust	  WEBSITE	                                Trans...
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Mobile & Hotels - The ultimate mobile customer journey


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What’s happening in the Hotel industry? Snapshot of the key metrics for going mobile and how industry players are now heading towards digitization. It's the appcessorizing era, everything is now being connected to an app!

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Mobile & Hotels - The ultimate mobile customer journey

  1. 1. Mobile  &  Hotels  The  ulmate  mobile  customer  journey  2013  
  2. 2. Hotel  technology  is  ripe  for  disrup3on  Property  owners,  hotel  operators  and  franchisees  are  all  trying  to  maximize  profits  but  they  aren’t  always  in  agreement  about  investment  in  technology  and  its  returns.      Therefore,  technology  hasn’t  kept  pace.      The  good  news  is  that  this  will  allow  the  industry  to  leap  frog  the  interim  steps,  to  everyone’s  benefit   “Through  invesng  in  the  right  technology  at  the  right   me,  savvy  hoteliers  will  be  ensuring  that  their  facility(s)   are  able  to  effecvely  maximize  their  ongoing  revenue   capability  now  and  into  the  future.”      Klaus  Kohlmayr,  Senior  Director  –  IDeaS  Consulng,     IDeaS  Revenue  Soluons     Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   2  
  3. 3. Mobile  is  every  where     1.82B  smartphones  expected   worldwide  in  2013       More  than  1.5  million   Time  spent  on  mobile:   apps  are  available  in  the   -­‐  70mins  web  browsing   Apple  app  store  and   -­‐  127mins  mobile  apps   Google  play  store   -­‐  168mins  television   Each  smartphone  user   runs  41  Apps   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   3   hIp://­‐appeal/  
  4. 4. So9ware  is  driving  the  economy  - 106 - 78 - 12 - 38 -1 -7 1.5+ 427 + 132 + 73 + 4 + 71 +1 2.5 Market  Cap  Change  in  5  Years  in  US$  B     Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   4  
  5. 5. Disruption is affecting every industry Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   5  
  6. 6. Applica3ons  are  exploding  across  industries   250   Publicly  Available  Apps   (End  2012)     200   150  No.  of  Apps   100   50   0   Automo9ve   Industrial   Media   Hotels   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   6  
  7. 7. And the Hotel Industry is being impacted Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   7  
  8. 8. As  is  the  Travel  industry  as  a  whole   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   8  
  9. 9. Wi-Fi is King “A  free  wireless  connec9on  is  the  most   important  amenity  for  hotel  goers,   followed  by  free  breakfast.  Browsing   the  internet  over  a  plate  of  waffles  is  a   guest’s  real  idea  of  luxury”   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   9   hIp://­‐not-­‐the-­‐spa-­‐its-­‐the-­‐hotel-­‐wi-­‐fi-­‐thats-­‐key/  
  10. 10. The digital impact on hotelsIn  2000,  the  internet  accounted  for  1%  of  hotel  bookings,  A  decade  later,  bookings  across  digital  channels  breached  50%.     Distribuon  Channel  Analysis:  A  guide  for  Hotels,  Green,  Cindy  Essis  and  momanno,  Mark  2012      61%  or  US  internet  users  research  travel  online  prior  to  booking*   How  Travel  Brands  manage  their  online  reputaon  making  the  most  of  owned,  earned  and  Paid  media   (Emarketeer,  November  2011)      Cost  of  booking  on  their  own  sites  ($2-­‐$6)  vs.  OTA  ($40-­‐$120)     Internaonal  Hotel  Industry  Mintel,  September  2011   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   10  
  11. 11. *That  61%  researching  online  we  men3oned…   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   11   hIp://­‐10-­‐hotel-­‐review-­‐sites/  
  12. 12. Hotels  &  Mobile  •  5,403,000  use  mobile  for  travel  services  (US)    via  ComScore  •  By   2015   IDC   predicts   that   smartphone   sales   will   nearly   double   to   982M   globally  •  34%  of  travellers  used  mobile  pre-­‐purchase  -­‐  via  EyeForTravel  •  Travelzoos  local  daily  deals  are  valued  at  $400  million  •  Africa  is  leading  the  world  in  m-­‐commerce  with  489  million  mobile  phone   users  (60%  of  mobile  web  users  use  phones  to  purchase  goods)       via  Hotel   Industry   70% of bookings via the phone are for same-day reservations, likely equating to high price/margin bookings. Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   12   hIp://­‐state-­‐of-­‐online-­‐travel-­‐market-­‐revenue-­‐growth-­‐and-­‐trends/  
  13. 13. A  hotel  appstore?   •  Own  App  Store     •  18  apps     •  Templated  apps  to  maximize   economies  of  scale   •  Book  rooms,  buy  9ckets,   order  room  service,  etc.   800,000  downloads     •  Casinos  track  and  interact   with  guests  via  smartphone   apps.     Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   13  
  14. 14. Apps  mean  that  everything  can  be  connected…  Some   hotels   have   reported   an  18%   increase   for   in-­‐room   dining  orders   since   offering   mobile  features.      More  hotels  distribute  iPads  to  guests  for  ordering   room  service,  amenies,  USA  today,  Roger  Yu,   14   June  2011   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   hIp://  
  15. 15. Even  your  doors…   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   15   hIp://­‐mobile-­‐acces1/  
  16. 16. It’s  all  about  the  App  and  all  its  ingredients   Developers   Licenses   Distribu3on   Fonts   Updates   User  Interface   Services   PlaNorm   Code   Images   Languages   Security   Geography   Versions   APIs   Marke3ng   Documenta3on   Appstores   Specifica3ons   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   Analy3cs   16  
  17. 17. And  it  only  gets  worse  Complexity   As  complexity  increases  so  does  your   exposure  in  the  areas  of  brand  damage,   increased  cost,  longer  9me  to  market  and   IP  leakage.   s   nguage r  of  La Numbe   f  PlaNorms Nu mber  o sity   A pplica3on  diver Number  of  Apps   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   17  
  18. 18. So  how  do  you  start?  1)  Define  the  Customer  Journey  2)  Iden9fy  the  biggest  and  fastest  wins  3)  Then  aggressively  tackle   •  Wireless  requirement   •  Social  media     •  Owned  sites   •  External  social  media    4)  What  technology  can  you  leverage?   •  Exis9ng  Internally   •  Exis9ng  Externally      5)  Mone9za9on  Models  6)  What  do  you  need  to  build?   •  Apps?   •  APIs?   •  External  Partnerships?   hp://­‐going-­‐mobile-­‐ infographic.html   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   18  
  19. 19. Exicon  –  App  LifeCycle  Management  Company  Exicon  is  the  core  plalorm  providing  intelligence,  tools  and  connec9ons  to  unlock  the  full  poten9al  of  mobile  technology  to  support  business  growth.     Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   19  
  20. 20. Define  your  mobility  roadmap   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   20  
  21. 21. And  we  have  a  SaaS  PlaNorm  to  support  your  apps   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   21  
  22. 22. Our  plaNorm  manages  your  complete  App  Lifecycle  1  Define  your  needs  Know  whats  happening  to  make  smart  decisions    •  App  +  API  directories  •  Compe9tor  benchmarking  for  Apps  +  APIs  •  Relevant  news  for  Apps  +  APIs  •  Brief  crea9on  for  your  projects  •  Trend  reports   Building  your  so9ware   Manage  assets  and  partners  securely     •  3  best  of  class  qualified  developers   •  Partner  Network  Management   •  Project  documenta9on  aggrega9on   •  Tracking  for  your  project  workflow   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   22  
  23. 23. Our  plaNorm  manages  your  complete  App  Lifecycle  2  Engaging  with  your  customers  Get  your  so9ware  downloaded    •  Appstore  distribu9on  &  discovery  •  Social  media  outreach  to  drive  downloads  •  In-­‐app  and  mobile  promo9on  for  downloads  •  Drive  API  calls   Measuring  your  performance   Analyze  the  ups  and  downs  of  your  applica3ons     •  Appstore  distribu9on  &  discovery   •  Social  media  outreach  to  drive  downloads   •  In-­‐app  and  mobile  promo9on  for  downloads   •  Drive  API  calls   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   23  
  24. 24. Customers  60    Markets1,500  Connec9ons  Between  Development  Houses  and  OEM’s,  Enterprises,  Brands  globally  4,000  Development  partners  On  every  con9nents  for  a  beIer  worldwide  integra9on  10,000  Successful  Applica9ons  for  your  benchmarking  and   80%  of  our  work  with  our  customers  is  repeat  business  compe99ve  analysis   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   24  
  25. 25. CHAIRMAN  &  CEO    Stefan  Rust  WEBSITE   Transforming business by   Proprietary  &  Confiden9al   25