Embrace or die - How mobile can accelerate your business

Embrace or die - How mobile can accelerate your business



Learn about how mobile can accelerate your business in practical terms. ...

Learn about how mobile can accelerate your business in practical terms.

• The mobile landscape and example of companies making the most of it
• What to consider when you go mobile
• Practical tactics used in mobile marketing, tools and features, mobile ROI, and the core characteristics of successful mobile marketing campaigns
• Learn what some of those buzzwords mean to demystify mobile - Augmented Reality, GPS, SoLoMo, Gamification, QR codes etc

Find out what mobile could be doing for your business.



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Embrace or die - How mobile can accelerate your business Embrace or die - How mobile can accelerate your business Presentation Transcript

  • Embrace  or  Die  –  How  mobile  can  accelerate  your  business?    28th  March  2013  
  • There  are   6.8  billion  people  on  the  planet.     Only  3.5  billion  of   them  use  a   toothbrush.    4  billion  of  them  use  a  mobile  phone.     2   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   hGp://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/50-­‐mobilefactsdeck62812  
  • Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   3   hGp://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/50-­‐mobilefactsdeck62812  
  • 81%  of  smartphone  users  have  done  product  research  via  smartphone.     50%     have  made  a   purchase  with   one.     Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   4   hGp://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/50-­‐mobilefactsdeck62812  
  • 9  out  of  10   mobile  searches   lead  to  ac@on...    …  and   over  half  lead  to  purchase.   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   5   hGp://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/50-­‐mobilefactsdeck62812  
  • 70%  of  mobile  searches  lead  to  ac@on  within  one  hour.   It  takes  one  month  for  the   same  percentage  of   desktop  users  to  catch  up.   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   6   hGp://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/50-­‐mobilefactsdeck62812  
  • No  surprise  that  its  having  an  impact   1.  33%  of  ecommerce  traffic  is   mobile   2.  40x  ROI  for  every  $1  spent  on   mobile     3.  22%  of  hotel  reviews  are  on   mobile     4.  70%  of  same  day  bookings  are   via  mobile     Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   7  
  • 43%  of  marketers  currently  use  mobile  technology   Another  25%  plan  to  do  so   within  the  next  12  months,  and   16%  plan  to  do  so  in  more  than   12  months.   Only  15%  of  marketers  have  no   plans  to  use  mobile  technology.   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   8   hGp://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/50-­‐mobilefactsdeck62812  
  • Growing  mobile  ad  spending   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   9  
  • Mobile  ads  perform  4-­‐5  @mes  beSer  than  online  ads  in  key  metrics  such  as  brand  favorability  awareness,  and  purchase  intent.   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   10   hGp://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/50-­‐mobilefactsdeck62812  
  • 16%  of  smartphone  users  made  a  purchase  because  of  a  marke@ng  message  received  on  their  phone       Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   11   hGp://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/50-­‐mobilefactsdeck62812  
  • Mobile  coupons  receive    10  @mes  higher  redemp@on  rates    than  print  coupons.   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   12   hGp://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/50-­‐mobilefactsdeck62812  
  • New  payment  technologies  being  adopted     Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   13  
  • LBS   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   14  
  • Gamifica@on   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   15  
  • Trend  Example  “Video”:  why  it  maSers  Video  is  a  core  component  of  the  booking  and  travel  process     Online Video becomes key feature Videos along the whole planning process Video for Sharing 10M   Downloads   Sources:  Think  Travel.           Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   16  
  • Augmented  Reality   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   17  
  • Evolu@on  is  rapid  Augmented  Reality   Augmented  Reality   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   18  
  • Business  going  mobile  and  not  the  mobile  business   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   19  
  • Applica@ons  are  exploding  across  industries   250   Publicly  Available  Apps   (End  2012)     200  No.  of  Apps   150   100   50   0   AutomoCve   Industrial   Media   Hotels   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   20  
  • Even  handset  manufactures  bet  on  apps   •  Nielsen  claims  there  are  41   apps  per  device  on  average       •  BlackBerry’s  App  World  now   touts  100,000  BB10   applicaCons   •  BlackBerry  claims  30,000   applicaCons  were  added  in   the  last  couple  of  weeks.   Each  day  BB10  early  adopters   are  waking  up  to  new  apps   with  just  20%  Android  apps.   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   21  
  • >100,000  Windows  Phone  Apps   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   22  
  • 10,000 Windows 8 RTM Apps? Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   23  
  • Appcessorizing  Everything!  Everything  is  going  to  be  connected  to  an  app!       Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   24  
  • Connected  Home,  Connected    Devices   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   25  
  • It’s  real  –  Philips  Hue   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   26  
  • Connected  Cars   SpoCfy  integrated  into  Ford  Car  System   Volvo  -­‐  Sensus  connected  touch  system   Audi  can  make  your  car  a  Wi-­‐Fi  hotspot   Tesla’s  huge  touchscreen  wows  the  crowd   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   27  
  • You  can  either  appcessorize  it   Or  Api-­‐fy  at  the  core   You  s@ll  need  to  manage  Partners,  Apps  and  API’s   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   28  
  • MGM  Resorts  Interna@onal   •  Own  App  Store     •  18  apps     •  Templated  apps  to  maximize   economies  of  scale   •  Book  rooms,  buy  Cckets,   order  room  service,  etc.   800,000  downloads     •  Casinos  track  and  interact   with  guests  via  smartphone   apps.     Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   29  
  • Who’s  doing  well?   Nike+  App   Tesco’s  Home  Plus   RedBull  Apps  -­‐  Wrapp  –  hot  new  Facebook/ Entertain 30  voucher  app  service   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal  
  • Exicon  –  App  LifeCycle  Management  Company  •  To  simplify  and   accelerate  the  creaCon,   deployment,   management  of  mobile   apps      •  Using  our  mobile   applicaCon  management   tools  around  the  App   Lifecycle  to  manage    -­‐  ApplicaCons  -­‐  Developers  -­‐  APIs   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   31  
  • Plalorm   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   32  
  • Our  Customers   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   33  
  • Exicon’s  App  LifeCycle  Process   Your software evolution Your strategy Your ROI Your software DEFINE   What  do  you  need?   Mobility  strategy   Finding  you  the  best   BUILD   developers  &  project   Get  your  somware   EXICON App LifeCycle managers  for  your  sogware   Method ENGAGE   Get  it  in  the  right  place  and  drive   users  to  download  your  app.   Downloads  &  Engagement   How  did  you  do?   MEASURE   Control  &  monitor  assets   How  could  you  do  beGer?   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   34  
  • Define   DEFINE   What  do  you  need?   Mobility  strategy  •  What  are  your  company’s  main   objecCves?    •  Can  mobile  support  it?    •  If  so  what  do  you  want  to  achieve?    •  Who  are  you  trying  to  reach?    •  Where  are  they?    •  What  devices  do  they  use?    •  What  could  you  do?    •  What  are  your  compeCtors  doing?    •  What  does  success  look  like  to   you?     Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   35  
  • Build   Finding  you  the  best   BUILD   developers  &  project   Get  your  somware   managers  for  your  sogware     •  Who  should  be  building  the  app   for  you?   •  Do  they  have  the  right  skills  and   experience?   •  Are  they  able  to  evolve  with  you?   •  Are  you  able  to  store  your  criCcal   project  needs?     •  Who  will  project  manage  it?   •  Are  you  up  to  date  with  news   about  your  developers?     •  Where  are  you  going  to  securely   store  all  the  assets?   Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   36  
  • Engage   ENGAGE   Get  it  in  the  right  place  and  drive   users  to  download  your  app.   Downloads  &  Engagement    •  Are  you  in  the  relevant  app   stores?    •  Is  your  social  media  driving   downloads?    •  Are  you  geing  real  engagement?    •  Are  you  using  in-­‐app  promoCons?    •  Do  you  have  all  your  digital   content  under  your  control?    •  Are  you  engaging  your  end-­‐users   through  your  apps?     Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   37  
  • Measure   How  did  you  do?   MEASURE   Control  &  monitor  assets   How  could  you  do  beGer?  •  Are  you  measuring  the  right   things?    •  Are  you  really  geing  the  ROI  you   planned?    •  Are  you  reaching  the  right  people?    •  Are  you  achieving  your  business   objecCves?    •  How  could  you  improve?    •  Is  your  app  where  it  should  be?  •  Are  the  services  you  are  using   providing  what  your  app  needs?       Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   38  
  • Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   39  
  • What  you  can  do  now:   Subscribe  to  our  newsleGer   &  get  email  updates   Comment  on  this  presentaCon   Follow  Exicon     Proprietary  &  ConfidenCal   40