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Branded Apps and FMCG Brands


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The “Branded Apps and FMCG” report from Exicon highlights what key Fast Moving Consumer Goods brands are doing on mobile across multiple mobile platforms, with related features and success metrics …

The “Branded Apps and FMCG” report from Exicon highlights what key Fast Moving Consumer Goods brands are doing on mobile across multiple mobile platforms, with related features and success metrics included. Opportunities galore from games, to online shopping, mobile barcode campaigns and more. See what Kraft, Pampers, Tide, Red Bull and Godiva are up to.

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  • 1.
  • 2. Part of a series of updates based on our research for our Branded Apps Directory, BrandAD.
    As part of BrandAD, we have reviewed over 1200 mobile apps created by brands and have identified insights on how brands across major industry sectors are embracing mobile as part of their digital, marketing or product strategy.
    We have summarized the key findings and trends of the FMCG Industry’s mobile apps for this update.
    Other updates for brands will be available for the following industries:
    To download your copy of Exicon’sBranded App Updates, subscribe at:
    • Automotive (available now)
    • 3. Airline (available now)
    • 4. Luxury Fashion (available now)
    • 5. Sportswear (available now)
    • 6. Finance (available now)
    • 7. Alcohol (available now)
    • 8. FMCG (available now)
    • 9. Hospitality
    • 10. Retail
    • 11. Cosmetics
    • 12. Food & Beverage
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  • 14.
  • 15. More Paid Apps
    Compared to other brand industries, FMCG brands are more likely to have users pay for branded apps. Yet there are still more free apps than paid apps.
    App success is defined differently by brands and consumers. Brands care about number of downloads or revenue generated, yet consumers care about good content, and are willing to pay for excellent branded utility apps.
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  • 35. The promise of mobile app marketing is that it’s a utility or piece of entertainment which is with consumers at all times. However, FMCG branded apps walk a precarious line between push marketing and usefulness.
    • Locally relevant apps significantly increases your chance of success.
    • 36. Bad apps harm your reputation
    • 37. Focus on solving consumer needs with utility and entertainment not your brand needs
    • 38. Integrate your app within your marketing strategy and products
    • 39. Leverage social media and User Generated Content (UGC) as much as possible.
  • All these apps and more are featured in our global online directory, BrandAD.
    Get the details on what's happening with brands and apps globally across twenty one industry verticals. Over a thousand branded apps thoroughly reviewed and evaluated with regular updates. Apps are searchable by industry vertical, functionality, market, brand, estimated budget, etc.
    Subscribe now to gain access to competitor research and case studies.
    Download a copy of this report and other industry updates here:
  • 40. This report was brought to you by Exicon Digital. Exicon Digital is a hub for brand marketers & agencies to get everything they need to build successful integrated mobile campaigns. Find out what we can do for you and how we can help you build successful mobile campaigns on our website at
    Exicon ltd.