The fitness experience


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Exergame Room at the Chicago Bulls / Chicago White Sox Training Academy.

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The fitness experience

  1. 1. The Bulls/Sox Academy has joined forces with a leader in the new exergaming fitness community to create a radical and hi-techapproach to tackling the obesity epidemic. We invite you to partner with us in this powerfulattack on the most serious health issue facing our nation’s youth.
  2. 2. Mission:To use the power of the Chicago Bulls and ChicagoWhite Sox brands to introduce children topositive role models and encourage healthy,active lifestyles.To inspire physical activity through the mostcutting-edge exergaming experiences in theworld.To provide fun, sustainable solutions to fightchildhood obesity.
  3. 3. Vision:To make a positive difference in the lives oftoday’s generation AND generations to come.
  4. 4. The Question: How Can We Do Nothing? “We have an epidemic of childhood obesity.” - U.S. Surgeon General, 2006 “For the first time in our country’s history, a child born today has a shorter life expectancy than his or her parents.” - New England Journal of Medicine, 2005 The U.S. obesity rate may hit 42% by 2050 - Harvard University/MIT Study, 2010
  5. 5. The Answer: We Can’t.The attraction of our two professional teams is powerful. Using the lightning rod of our brands, we hope to jump-start a lifetime of healthier living in every child who comes through our doors! The Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox invite you to join us in the movement to offer children a unique way to stay fit – in their language: social, hi-tech and … Very “Chill”! Chill”
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  7. 7. The Fitness Experience at the Bulls Sox Academy is acomprehensive fitness education field trip for children in 1st through8th grades.Customized to each grade level, our programming meets Illinois StateLearning Standard Goals:Goal 19: Movement SkillsGoal 20: Physical FitnessGoal 21: Team BuildingGoal 22: Health Promotion/Prevention/TreatmentGoal 23: Human Body SystemsGoal 24: Communication & Decision Making
  8. 8. A fitness education field trip destination like noneother in America! Designed to educate ANDengage…it’ cool…it’ fun…it’it’s cool…it’s fun…it’s unique.Take a look inside the Fitness Experience atthe Bulls/Sox Academy and see how we aretackling this epidemic by combining fun, fitness,and education…
  9. 9. The “cool” factor starts with an amazing canvas…The Chicago Bulls and White Sox championshiptraditions are branded throughout this impressive60,000 square feet state-of-the-art facility.
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  11. 11. Station #1: Health and NutritionOur media center is where we deliver a number ofhealthy living messages through staff presenters alongwith video components including tips from pro athletes.This area will focus on: Fitness Nutrition Portion Control Proper Amount of Sleep Stress Management
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  13. 13. Station #2: Railyard FitnessThis is the only “low-tech” element of the entire day, butit’s still high on the fun and learning scale. Students willclimb, crawl, jump, slide and balance their way to a greattime. Our staff will be creative in designing ageappropriate activities for each group.Our goal: Make each station fun, engaging, and keepthe focus on the joy of movement and education ofhealthy lifestyles!
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  15. 15. Station #3: HopSports Featuring EnergizaBullsThis hi-tech video driven exercise station will get the young bodiesmoving to one of the 100 unique programs meant to stimulatefundamental athletic movement in very unconventional ways.HOPSports is an LA-based, award-winning educational medianetwork with an emphasis on accelerated learning. Merging mediawith digital technology and celebrity role models, HOPSports offersa variety of professional, high-graphic and engaging programsincluding martial arts, hip-hop, sword fighting, and core drills. Thepossibilities are endless and amazingly fun. Programs can betailored to the class’ curriculum and students’ ages.
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  17. 17. Station #4: The Vault Welcome to the Vault! The most unique exercise + gaming experience in America! Featuring: Trazer Freedom Climber Expresso Bikes Makoto Neuroactive Brain Bikes iDance Lightspace T-Wall 64 3-Kick Never heard of these games? These are the most current games in the exergaming world. Anyone can play and everyone has fun by turning the player into the “joystick.” Kids don’t notice how much exercise they are getting because they are playing video games! The biggest problem? ... Getting kids to leave the Vault!
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  19. 19. Take HomeBulls/Sox Academy’s goal for students is totake what they have learned at the FitnessExperience and apply it to their everydaylife. To reinforce topics discussed at theAcademy, each student will walk awaywith two useful pieces of information:1. MYPlate Food Guideline2. Rate of Perceived Exertion ChartTeachers will receive a FitnessExperience quiz to take back theclassroom. What a wonderful way toenhance the understanding of materialtaught at the Academy! Question topicscover exercise, nutrition, and properamount of sleep.
  20. 20. Testimonials“We had the great opportunity to visit the Bulls/Sox Academy. Fromthe response of our children and teachers, it certainly is a place wewill be visiting again!” –Hope Durkin, Principal of Graves ElementarySchool“We had a fantastic time at the Fitness Experience! The staff wasfriendly and really related to the students. This is a high quality field-trip at an inexpensive price.” -Nicholas Ratajczak , P.E. Teacher at UnionSchool“Last year we brought our 5th grade classes to the FitnessExperience. We cannot wait to visit again this year!” -Greg Burnette,P.E. Teacher at Bridgeview School“Our students cannot stop talking about their experience at theBulls/Sox Academy! We all had a wonderful time!” –Jana Maric of SkillsFor Life: Area Career Center
  21. 21. Hours: September – May Monday - Friday 9:00 am – 11:45 am 12:00 pm – 2:45 pmCapacity: 160 studentsAge: 1st - 8th gradesCost: $7 per student
  22. 22. We believe we can make a difference. The stakes are high;much higher than winning a baseball or basketball game.The health of our kids is at stake!Help us make that difference! Book your next field trip atthe Bulls/Sox Academy in Lisle… For more information aboutThe Fitness Experience at the Bulls/Sox Academy and to reserve a field trip, please contact: Sara Connolly Marketing and Sales Coordinator 630-324-8251