Executive SummaryTroopZilla is a marketing company that works with m...
Management Team – Five co-founders working for sweat equity. Sales, CIO, COO, Legal, CEO     • All 28- 33 years old, worke...
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TroopZilla Business Plan Summary


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TroopZilla Business Plan Summary

  1. 1. Executive SummaryTroopZilla is a marketing company that works with merchants and utilizes collective purchasingpower to both provide incredible local deals (Zillas) to customers (Troopz) and drive quality foottraffic to participating merchantsLeveraging Social Influence – Our goal is to create a community of invested “grass-roots brandadvocates” that push(distribute) our deals to their “circle of influence” via social media . • Two 4-year major universities are in discussions about a partnership • 2 organizations have affiliated. 35% conversion rate. 4x greater than baselineWhy we are different – We want to leverage the effects of “grass-roots brand advocates” with a“word of mouth” customer referral rewards based program, combined with social media this willcreate a viral coefficient and create a true “differentiator”. • Higher registrations, better conversion ratios, positive feedback loop • Engaged user base, positive feedback loop, solves problem of “no customer loyalty” • Allows general public to monetize their influence (bloggers, celebs, charities, etc…)Daily Deal Sites – Conversion based advertising is a unique way for small business to get the wordout. It solves many of the problems “cash-crunched” entities have. • Need foot traffic to drive sales • Can’t afford “old media” approaches that require up-front cash • Need traffic that results in conversions not impressionsOur Approach– We wanted to create a true win/win for businesses and consumers. We take aconsultative approach with small businesses in order to provide better quality leads that createslong term-value for small businesses. Resulting in: • Higher quality “foot-traffic” • Advertising with a guarantee. Offers an alternative to “spray & pray” • Relevant deals to relevant peopleMarket Opportunity – Groupon has produced 100 million in sales in Chicago in 2010(1 millionsubscribers) realistically , we can reach 100k users this year resulting in 10 million in sales. Withappropriate leverage we can triple this number in three markets: • Chicago, Phoenix, Denver • Web platform is built for scalability to multiple profit centers • Already have a proven “beta” phase.Business Model – Multiple profit centers, distributed around one “virtual” distribution channelthat drives down UPC and a fully scalable web platform that allows unlimited opportunities withinthe USA and around the world. • Combines advertising with distribution. No other advertising channel does this. • Significant utility for businesses and consumers • Low cash burn relative to ability to scale. • Dynamic Arbitrage opportunity Visit us at
  2. 2. Management Team – Five co-founders working for sweat equity. Sales, CIO, COO, Legal, CEO • All 28- 33 years old, worked for 6 months with limited capital for Phase 1 Delivery • Each willing to leave 6 figure salaries, provided it makes sense for the business • CEO, already left trading career to push team and business. (self-financed) • Raised 262k from friends and family during initial capital raise efforts • Working class professionals focused on being lean, bootstrapping the vision • 50 years work experience • Diverse team, thought leaders, different experiences, humble, focusedTroopZilla Subscribers – Subscribers drive the entire business model • Subscribers are what drives a company’s success in this industry • Main goal is to acquire each subscriber for less than $10 (we’ve met this goal thus far) • Based on industry evaluations, each subscriber’s lifetime value is $25 to $75 • Based on the largest competitor in this space, valued at between $6B and $15B, the lifetime value of each of their subscribers is $120 - $300Request – Now that you’ve seen a brief overview of the business we’d love the opportunity to sitdown with you and share our detailed business deck including our implementation strategies topropel TroopZilla to the next level.Please email our CEO, Rupert Williams, at or call at 312.515.3348 to setup a meeting so we can share our exciting opportunity with you in much more detail. Visit us at