Why You Need To Check Out The Galapagos Islands


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Why You Need To Check Out The Galapagos Islands

  1. 1. Named after giant tortoises, The Galapagos are a collection of volcanic islands that are located near the equator. They offer visitors a look at some of the mostincredible and unique wildlife anywhere in the world. If you are going to be traveling to the amazing GalapagosIslands you will first need to obtain a valid United Statespassport. If your passport has expired, you can go onlineand find a reputable passport agency that can assist you with a passport renewal. Once you have your new passport, you can begin to plan your Galapagos Island vacation.
  2. 2. Passport Needs
  3. 3. Unlike in the past, today it is required that all Americanswho are traveling internationally have their own individualpassports. If you do not have your own individual passportyou will not be allowed to travel outside of the country. It is vital that you keep your United States passport up todate with all the correct information and keep it stored ina safe location. Unlike years ago, even infants and children now need their own American passport if they wish to accompany their parents on an overseas vacation.
  4. 4. Darwin And Natural Selection
  5. 5. When Darwin traveled aboard the HMS Beagle to The Galapagos Islands he was intent on learning about theunique habitat and what it could teach us about species. It turned out that his studies on the islands were some ofthe most important scientific observations of all time. His book, Origin Of Species, was and continues to be one ofthe most highly regarded scientific works of all time. In it, Darwin explains how species adapt and evolve throughnatural selection. Anyone who is interested in this subject must read this incredible book by Charles Darwin.
  6. 6. History Of The Islands
  7. 7. The Galapagos Islands although geographically young, have an extensive history. Many explorers, pirates, and misguided ships have ventured to the Galapagos. There is evidence that people settled in the Galapagos before the Spanish took it, however, it does not appear that theystayed long. The population of the island was estimated tobe around 25,000 in 2006. The Charles Darwin Foundation founded in 1959 has been heavily involved in the ongoing research and conservation of The Galapagos Islands. In 1986 the ocean surrounding the islands was declared a marine reserve, making it the second largest in comparison with The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The archipelago is also a whale sanctuary and ta UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as a biosphere reserve.
  8. 8. What To Do In The Galapagos
  9. 9. These Islands are not your typical Spring Break destinations. There are not any night clubs or expensive hotels that you can stay in while in town. However, the best part about traveling to the Galapagos are all of theamazing things that can be seen in its natural settings. The animals are used to humans so you can get up close and personal with species. You may even cross paths with a Giant Tortoise who also met Charles Darwin when he made his famous voyage. The true experience of theGalapagos Islands is getting to view the incredible wildlife and the scenic natural surroundings of the islands.
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