Sales Training Essentials

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  • 1. Sales Training Essentials
  • 2. Sales Training: 4 Essential SkillsSales training is a vital activity if you really want to increase your companies’ bottom line as having asales force that can increase your business is a must. It can be tempting to think from a sales manager’spoint of view of equating more sales to more salespeople. However a more comprehensive strategywould be to increase sales from within the existing sales workforce by using effective sales training toimprove the technical selling skills of your current sales teams. Here are four skills that everysuccessful sales person has. The good news is that any of your sales people can develop them.1. Perseverance and ReflectionThrough the course of every salespersons career they will encounter numerous setbacks, as prospectsreject their product or service. Rejections are part of the nature of sales and can be a consequence of awhole number of different factors. Poor selling skills being just one of them.The difference between the great salespeople and the average is their ability to analyse ‘knock back’sand the underlying cause. Knockbacks can dent confidence and self esteem quickly it is the greatsalespeople who can quickly accept rejection and quickly move on. Poor sales people will typicallyquestion themselves wondering what went wrong, great sales people move instead ask.What will it take next time to get a result.2. ResponsibilityThe mark of the best salespeople is their take on being responsible for their actions. Salespeople thattake on difficult requests and hold themselves to account for the result will inherently make bettersalespeople and more sales. They won’t shirk responsibility, make excuses for failure or look to shiftblame onto others for their mistakes. Selling is a process.When great sales people get results they have usually followed a specific process. A reflection post thesales call can often identify where the issue has happened.3. Adaptability- Tell Sell is DeadThe world is changing at an incredible rate and consumers actions continually change. With the adventof the internet came access to a lot of information. So often now the sales person’s , pitch or ‘story’ ischecked out online before the purchase happens. What separates the best sales people from the rest willbe their ability to adapt to new and changing situations. There is always something new to learn andthose that are set in their ways will not be as successful as those that move and change with the times.
  • 3. 4. Relationship Building and Closing the SaleYour marketing creates the perceived demand for your product or service. Your sales team must usetheir selling skills to engage customers to then take the next action.Salespeople must be able to connect with their clients and prospects on many different levels includinga personal level. It starts with basic rapport building skills, body language and connection verbally.Over time providing value to the client will allow the salesperson to earn their clients respect and trust.Turning a cold prospect into a buyer is the ultimate goal for a salesperson and that can only be achievedthrough salespeople who master these 4 key skills.Learn more about outcome selling.
  • 4. Sales Training Companies: Why They Will Always Be In DemandSales training companies, to a growing organisation are worth their weight in Gold. For anyorganisation to grow it needs to sell more of its ‘Stuff ‘to the target market it has identified.The stuff we are refereeing to might be a product, service or even an idea. There are common skills thatwill deliver this to any customer however a good sales training company will be able to tailor this to thespecific market and style of customer.With buying cycles changing and the final purchase decision involving many individuals, a range ofskills are often needed. The truth for many sales people is they can lose their effectiveness. This can bedue to a number of factors. It might be lack of latest product knowledge on their product to fend off aproduct attack with a current customer. It might be the lack of penetrating questions delivered in such away as that they identify what the customer actually wants and needs.It can also be because of familiarity with the client. This can often happen in key account situationswhere the sales representative knows the customer well and their relationship changes. Don’t believethe saying it is easy to sell to friends. It isn’t for most sales people.The real reason to use a sales training company on a regular basis is to up skill your sales team. Nomatter if you have one or a thousand everyone needs to constantly improve. A certain thought leaderonce said if you are not growing you are slipping backwards because everyone else will be putting theirefforts here. That may or may not be the case in your industry and yet just look around.The good to excellent sales professionals are always looking for ways to improve. That might beimproving their selling skills to engage customers or learning how selling to groups can leverage all oftheir prospecting activities.Top sales training companies are well aware of this and structure their training programmesaccordingly.In the current economy and the way we are developing as a race, human interaction and relationshipsare becoming key. The traditional tell sell style needs a face lift. Prospects now needto, know like and trust us before they buy anything from us. This is especially true when the unit priceincreases. A tin of tomatoes is a tin of tomatoes. However if someone is selling me a market researchservice that will cost five figures I will need to know more. A first step should always be to found out ifyour designated provide of sales training does. If a sales training company does not include this in theirprogramme ask them why not?Some key questions to ask?5. What selling skills model do you use6. Do you carry out a diagnostic evaluation7. What are the latest skills my sales team need8. How have you developed your approach in the last few years?
  • 5. Nic Hallett is the MD of Excel Enterprise one Europes most successful Sales Training Companies. To Find out more about the Excel Enterprise Outcome Selling System visit