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Cannes Lions 2014 conversations continued to rise as Tuesday saw a further 26,000 mentions around the festival – the highest number yet. This was in no small part down to the presence of superstar Kanye West, whose 3,500+ mentions saw him rise to easily become the most mentioned celebrity of the entire festival, overtaking Patrick Stewart’s 1,300 mentions on Sunday.
Kanye took to the stage to discuss a whole host of topics, including the role that technology plays in cultural evolution, highlighting the likes of Instagram, Apple and Beats. Aside from Mr. West, Tuesday saw Marissa Mayer spark a conversation around creativity in digital advertising that propelled the buzz word to over 1,600 mentions. Storytelling, which has been a major Cannes Lions theme so far, actually dropped in the ratings yesterday with 626 mentions. However, its draw and relevance was still made apparent through the ‘Storytelling with Story creators’ panel, which generated the biggest buzz word peak of the day with 204 mentions, with TV producer Rebecca Eaton driving the conversation.

Meanwhile, Google made a significant play in the brand stakes as activity at its Creative Sandbox really took off, helping the tech giant to hit over 1,055 mentions. First off, its Chief Business Officer, Nikesh Arora, spoke of how technology can help to achieve the ‘impossible’, while later sessions with TED and Lego sparked further discussion around creativity and how to inspire an audience with a universally appealing advertising campaign.

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Social Media Engagement Report for Tuesday at #CannesLions

  1. 1. The Latest Social Media Trends from Cannes Lions 2014 – Tuesday 17th June Tuesday 17th June (1am CET) – Tuesday 17th June 2014 (between 1.00am and 11.59pm CET)
  2. 2. Tuesday buzz: Key findings • Cannes Lions conversations rose again on Tuesday, generating over 27,500 mentions online (a 9% increase on Monday) • Kanye West was the main reason for this – his presence generated over 3,500 mentions, even sparking its own #Cannes-Ye hashtag • While Ogilvy continued to dominate in the brand stakes, Tuesday saw Google make a play and achieve over 1,000 mentions. This was due in part to increased activity at its Creative Sandbox, where brands including Lego and TED took part in sessions exploring creativity and the ingredients behind a universally appealing ad • ‘Creativity’ continued to dominate the most used buzz words with over 1,600 uses. Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer presented on the importance of creativity within digital and mobile advertising, helping to spark much discussion on the topic
  3. 3. Cannes Lions 2014: Volume 17.06.14 (1am CET) – 17.06.14 (11.59pm CET) Cannes Lions conversations rose again on Tuesday, generating just under 26,000 mentions online (a 9% increase on Monday). This included 7,505 posts between 1pm and 3pm local time as rap star Kanye West took to the stage to discuss technology brands and their cultural impact. There were also considerable conversations earlier in the day as Google and Ogilvy released research looking at how to engage consumers overloaded with information and technology.
  4. 4. Top Brands (by mentions) at Cannes Lions 2014: 17.06.14 (1am CET) – 17.06.14 (11.59pm CET) Google was the big winner on Tuesday as it broke 1,000 mentions, because of a host of activity taking place yesterday. Much conversation focused around its Creative Sandbox, where Nikesh Arora’s presentation on achieving the impossible through technology proved popular. Google also released research in partnership with Ogilvy, which helped drive conversations around both. Ogilvy continued to lead the way with almost 4,800 mentions, with its joint research looking at purchase decisions playing a key part in this achievement. 1,056 817 273 4779 360 397 327 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 Google Instagram TED Ogilvy Twitter Coca-Cola Yahoo Google Instagram TED Ogilvy Twitter Coca-Cola Yahoo
  5. 5. Top buzz words (by mention) at Cannes Lions 2014: 17.06.14 (1am CET) – 17.06.14 (11.59pm CET) ‘Creativity’ was by far and away the most popular buzz word with over 1,609 mentions. Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, spoke about the value of creativity in digital advertising, while Ogilvy’s ongoing social strategy also helped boost the buzz word. Mobile’ was the second most mentioned buzz word with 799 mentions, but still trailed ‘creativity’ by over 800 mentions. Meanwhile, ‘storytelling’ saw the biggest spike in the day, generating 204 mentions around the panel ‘Storytelling with Story creators’, which included TV producer Rebecca Eaton as a participant. 14% 15% 37% 18% 8% 8% Buzz words Storytelling Advertising Creativity Mobile Design TV
  6. 6. Most Mentioned Celebrities at Cannes Lions 2014: 17.06.14 (1am CET) – 17.06.14 (11.59pm CET) Unsurprisingly, Kanye West’s last minute addition to the Cannes Lions schedule dominated the day. Mentions of the rapper rose by over 500% as he accounted for 3,503 online conversations. This peaked at 589 conversations around 1pm local time, as Kanye shared his brand ideas for the likes of Beats and Instagram. Patrick Stewart’s #dronie appearance continued to generate traction as he stole second place despite presenting over two days ago. Meanwhile, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was the subject of 236 conversations as she discussed why digital advertising and the creativity involved should be considered an art form. 3,503 306 236 176 103 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 Kanye West Patrick Stewart Marissa Mayer Annie Leibovitz Sarah Jessica Parker
  7. 7. Top Hashtags at Cannes Lions 2014: 17.06.14 (1am CET) – 17.06.14 (11.59pm CET) The official #CannesLions tag benefitted from a small increase of 6% to over 23,041 uses. Once again, #OgilvyCannes continued to dominate in the unofficial stakes with 4,344 uses. Ogilvy’s awards success continued and helped to drive further conversation alongside well-executed content on Twitter. #Google also drew considerable buzz following the tech giant’s busiest day at the festival so far. Kanye West’s presence was also felt via Twitter, with #KanyeWest being used over 200 times and the innovative and spontaneous #Cannes-Ye drawing an additional 33 mentions. 3% 4% 5% 77% 7% 1% 3% Unofficial hashtags #Google #KanyeWest #freshcuts #OgilvyCannes #HavasCafe #Cannes-Ye #anygiventuesday