Social Media Engagement Report for Thursday at #CannesLions


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Thursday saw awards become a major talking point for the first time – being mentioned over 1,000 times online. Chipotle took advantage of this as it won the Cannes PR Award for its anti-Big-Food ad, promoting sustainable food. The restaurant exploited this success effectively on social media, generating over 500 online conversations around the brand which helped to promote it’s the positive news further. The other major talking point in terms of awards was that of the Future Lions. The #brightfuture hashtag rose to become the fifth most popular as buzz increased around the creativity and advertising stars of the future.

On stage, Unilever’s CMO Keith Weed delivered a presentation exploring the changing nature of marketing that resonated with the online audience, enabling the brand to create significant noise via social channels. Weed spoke about the importance of finding creative talent, as well as the increasing threat of the fragmented customer experience. The insight shared clearly struck a chord with the creative audience, as Unilever became the first brand to generate this level of conversation without a celebrity presenting alongside them.

While celebrities didn’t quite have the same on stage presence as Wednesday, Kim Kardashian’s attendance at the MailOnline’s boat party not only saw her rise to second place on the social charts, but also prove great value to the UK news outlet as it closed in on 1,000 mentions. Jared Leto also continued to top the charts in the celebrity stakes after tweeting a photo of himself with a monk. Despite the lack of a celebrity keynote on Thursday, the influence A-listers hold on conversation was proven through their continued, significant contribution. Celebrities were featured in 25% of all Cannes Lions related chatter on Thursday.

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Social Media Engagement Report for Thursday at #CannesLions

  1. 1. The Latest Social Media Trends from Cannes Lions 2014 – Thursday 19th June Thursday 19th June (1am CET) – Thursday 19th June 2014 (between 1.00am and 11.59pm CET)
  2. 2. Thursday buzz: Key findings • As Cannes Lions began to wind down, Thursday saw a decrease in chatter for the first time this week. A decline of 28% resulted in just under 21,400 discussions, compared to almost 30,000 the previous day • Chipotle became the first brand to really gain social traction off the back of an award win. The restaurant chain scored 510 mentions after winning the Cannes PR award win for its anti-Big-Food ad promoting sustainable food • The emphasis on awards also came through strongly in overall conversation, with the term used over 1,030 times yesterday. The Future Lions Awards played a big part in this success, with ‘future’ itself generating 770 mentions and #brightfuture featuring as the fifth most popular hashtag • While Wednesday was the day of celebrity, Thursday’s on stage schedule was more about awards and brands. Despite this, Tweets from Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto ensured that the Cannes A-list also still played its part in over 25% of total conversations – once again demonstrating the value of power of celebrity at the Festival
  3. 3. Cannes Lions 2014: Volume 19.06.14 (1am CET) – 19.06.14 (11.59pm CET) For the first time this year, online conversations around Cannes Lions decreased. As people began to travel home, chatter lessened by 28%. Just over 21,380 discussions took place, in comparison to almost 30,000 on Wednesday. Another first for the festival was a brand sparking the most prominent talking points without a celebrity presence, with Unilever’s CMO Keith Weed driving conversation through his presentation on how the industry has changed over the past 30 years, and the biggest challenges faced today. His presentation caused a spike of over 1,650 conversations at around midday local time.
  4. 4. Top Brands (by mentions) at Cannes Lions 2014: 19.06.14 (1am CET) – 19.06.14 (11.59pm CET) On a quieter day at the festival, Ogilvy still dominated brand conversation, with over 4,200 mentions. Elsewhere, Kim Kardashian’s attendance at the MailOnline’s boat party demonstrated once again the influence of celebrities, with her Tweet generating over 600 Retweets to fire the brand into second place. Chipotle also rose to third as it made the most of its Cannes PR award win on social, scooping an accolade for its anti-Big-Food ad. Meanwhile, Unilever’s on stage presence, which discussed the threat of fragmentation, fired the brand up to over 450 mentions. 317 255 453 4247 915 510 227 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 3,500 4,000 4,500 Google Facebook Unilever Ogilvy MailOnline Chipotle Microsoft Google Facebook Unilever Ogilvy MailOnline Chipotle Microsoft
  5. 5. Top buzz words (by mention) at Cannes Lions 2014: 19.06.14 (1am CET) – 19.06.14 (11.59pm CET) Looking at Thursday’s buzz words, we can see that awards took centre stage yesterday. ‘Awards’ was mentioned over 1,000 times, while ‘future’ rose to 770 as excitement around the Future Lions Awards increased. ‘Creativity’ and ‘advertising’ continued to lead the way, driving 27% and 20% of chatter respectively, aided by Unilever’s on stage talk that covered creative talent amongst other industry themes. 8% 20% 27% 20% 15% 10% Buzz words Mobile Advertising Creativity Awards Future Design
  6. 6. Most Mentioned Celebrities at Cannes Lions 2014: 19.06.14 (1am CET) – 19.06.14 (11.59pm CET) Thursday was a more relaxed day for celebrities at Cannes Lions, but they still accounted for over 5,400 (25%) of all chatter, with Kim Kardashian following her husband’s example from earlier in the week in leading the celebrity charge. Despite not officially presenting at the festival, Kardashian attended the MailOnline’s boat party which sparked significant Twitter buzz and helped to generate over 1,500 conversations. This also enabled the UK national news outlet to create substantial brand cut-through. Noise around yesterday’s top celeb, Jared Leto, was boosted as the filmstar posted a photo of himself with a Monk, which even initiated a #monks hashtag. This enabled Leto to just about remain in top spot, 32 conversations ahead of Kardashian. 693 384 1,563 330 1,531 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 1,600 1,800 Kanye West Courtney Love Jared Leto Sheryl Sandberg Kim Kardashian
  7. 7. Top Hashtags at Cannes Lions 2014: 19.06.14 (1am CET) – 19.06.14 (11.59pm CET) The decrease in chatter around Cannes Lions was replicated by use of the official #CannesLions hashtag, which dropped by 29% to be included in just under 17,700 conversations. As social activity quietened, so did the use of this week’s top hashtags. This is shown by the fact the three of the top five hashtags were generated by Jared Leto’s monk-related Tweet (#France, #monks and #backineurope). Meanwhile, #brightfuture rose to 206 uses as the Future Lions Awards took a central role during the day. #OgilvyCannes continued to lead the way overall, featuring in over 3,600 conversations. 4% 8% 7% 73% 8% Hashtags #brightfuture #france #monks #OgilvyCannes #backineurope