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Social Engagement Report for #Sochi2014 - Final Analysis


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We're tracking the social media conversation around the 2014 Winter Olympics using Radian6, our leading social analytics application.

We're tracking the social media conversation around the 2014 Winter Olympics using Radian6, our leading social analytics application.

Published in: Social Media

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  • 1. Tracking the Social Winter Olympics 2014 February 7 – 23
  • 2. Total Number of Olympic Mentions from Feb 7 – 23: 17,614,557 Data gathered on 2/24/2014 using Radian6 social listening
  • 3. That’s 720 mentions a minute! Data gathered on 2/24/2014 using Radian6 social listening
  • 4. Event Timeline (Turns in Conversation) Volume of conversation dipped as events concluded but spiked again on the final day, which saw the gold medal game for Men’s Hockey and the Closing Ceremonies The opening weekend of the Games saw the most posts about them with volume dipping until the last weekend approached 1,400,000 1,200,000 1,000,000 800,000 600,000 400,000 200,000 0 7-Feb 9-Feb 11-Feb 13-Feb 15-Feb 17-Feb 19-Feb 21-Feb 23-Feb
  • 5. Top & Trending Hashtags • General Olympics-related hashtags were the most popular with #Sochi2014 earning over 4.5 million mentions. • Fans of the United States proved to be the most loyal hashtaggers, with #TeamUSA earning the number two spot. However, Canadian-related hashtags such as #WeAreWinter, #TeamCanada, and #GoCanadaGo combined to give the country a total of 1,001,697 hashtag mentions. #sochi2014 4,571,368 #teamusa 741,721 #olympics 685,304 #olympics2014 600,665 #sochi 570,102 423,013 #teamcanada • Enthusiasm for the games ended up outweighing sentiment that resulted in the use of #SochiProblems. The hashtag was popular at the beginning of the Olympics but quieted down as the weeks progressed. #wearewinter 412,074 #gocanadago 166,610 #sochiproblems 154,541 #hockey 130,178 0 1,000,000 2,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000 5,000,000
  • 6. Most Popular Sports & Events • Hockey started slow but finished strong. Once the men’s tournament got underway, exciting matches and intense rivalries drove conversation around the sport over the onemillion mark. • Curling surprised some by finishing second overall in total mentions, beating out figure skating -- despite that sport’s popularity and controversy relating to judging. • High adrenaline sports skiing and bobsled rounded out our top five, showing that people love talking about sports that involve people travelling down hills at high speeds! 1,200,000 1,057,355 1,000,000 928,023 767,417 800,000 600,000 400,000 250,037 261,622 Skiing Bobsled 200,000 0 Figure Skating Curling Hockey
  • 7. Most Popular Countries • The United States was both the subject of the most country-related hashtags as well as the country responsible for the most posts with Canada following second in both categories. • Japan was responsible for over 600,000 posts, but did not place a Japanese-related hashtag in the top five. • Russia’s dominance in the games and Sweden’s place in the Gold Medal Game for Men’s Hockey saw them place in the top five for team hashtags despite not placing in the top five for posts. Top 5 Team Hashtags #teamusa #teamcanada #teamgb #teamrussia #teamsweden 741,721 412,072 58,242 13,617 7,710 0 200,000 400,000 600,000 800,000 Top 5 Countries Talking United States Canada Japan United Kingdom Netherlands 11,686,719 1,707,123 655,087 601,253 444,342 0 5,000,000 10,000,000 15,000,000
  • 8. Top 10 Most Mentioned Athletes Shaun White (USA) 431,627 Mark McMorris (Canada) 260,177 Bode Miller (USA) 159,671 Nick Goepper (USA) 131,078 Sage Kotsenburg (USA) 107,580 Ashley Wagner (USA) Alex Bilodeau (Canada) 85,660 Jamie Anderson (USA) Shaun White @Shaun_White 431,627 Mentions 87,990 85,558 Johnny Quinn (USA) 79,007 Patrick Chan (Canada) 77,425 0 75,000 150,000 225,000 300,000 375,000 450,000
  • 9. Top 5 Most Mentioned Athletes Non-North American • With the USA and Canada dominating social conversations, it comes as no surprise that athletes from these countries are the most talked about… but who are the most mentioned athletes outside of these borders? Martin Fourcade France @martinfkde 65,571 Mentions Tina Maze Slovenia @TinaMaze 41,391 Mentions Yulia Lipnitskaya Russia 36,569 Mentions Sven Kramer Netherlands @SvenKramer86 33,979 Mentions Torah Bright Australia @TorahBright 33,171 Mentions
  • 10. Top 5 Most Mentioned Users (excluding athletes) @CBCOlympics 130,953 Mentions @USOlympic 177,547 Mentions @Sochi2014 219,130 Mentions @ NBCOlympics 208,755 Mentions @CDNOlympicTeam 242,764 Mentions
  • 11.