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Social Engagement Report for Day 6 of #Sochi2014


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We're tracking the social media conversation around the 2014 Winter Olympics using Radian6, our leading social analytics application.

We're tracking the social media conversation around the 2014 Winter Olympics using Radian6, our leading social analytics application.

Published in: Social Media
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  • 1. Tracking the Social Winter Olympics 2014 Day 6 - Tuesday, February 11, 2014
  • 2. Total Number of Olympic Mentions on 2/11/2014: 1,096,093 Data gathered on 2/12/2014 using Radian6 social listening
  • 3. That’s 761 mentions a minute! Data gathered on 2/12/2014 using Radian6 social listening
  • 4. Day 6 Timeline (Turns in Conversation) US athlete Shaun White falters in his men’s halfpipe run and fails to medal. First time ever an American has failed to medal in the event. Erin Hamlin is the first US athlete ever to medal in women’s singles luge. 140,000 Women’s singles luge and men’s snowboard halfpipe events begin 120,000 100,000 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 0 12 AM 2 AM 4 AM 6 AM 8 AM 10 AM 12 PM 2 PM 4 PM 6 PM 8 PM 10 PM
  • 5. Top & Trending Hashtags • The top hashtags remained largely unchanged from the previous day with 8 of the top 10 decreasing in usage. • #SochiProblems continued its steady decline in volume. It was noted that use of the hashtag has expanded to include more than just inadequate accommodations. Viewers missing events due to time differences, warmer than normal temperatures, and medal favorites finishing outside the top three were all included in such posts. • Use of #halfpipe increased significantly as Switzerland’s Iouri Podladtchikov took home the gold and 2-time gold medalist Shaun White placed 4th in the men’s halfpipe. No American athlete finished in the top three, which marked the first time ever that an American has not medaled in the event. #sochi2014 246,076 #olympics 38,816 #sochi 36,913 #olympics2014 33,087 #teamusa 22,918 #wearewinter 17,840 #halfpipe 15,011 #teamcanada 13,461 #sochiproblems 9,547 #olympic 9,357 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 300,000
  • 6. Most Popular Sports & Events • Curling remained the top sporting event as the round-robin continued. As interest in the sport increased, numerous sports and news-related social accounts shared information on the rules and guidelines of how to play the sport. Great Britain’s women’s team also set an Olympic record in defeating the US 12-3. 70,000 • It comes as no surprise that the men’s halfpipe event increased exponentially. Iouri Podladtchikov dethroned Shaun White to become the first non-American gold medalist since 1998. 15-year-old Ayumu Hirano (Japan) grabbed silver and was declared the youngest Olympian ever to medal in the event. 40,000 • Luge came in at #5 based on Erin Hamlin’s historic run to become USA’s first ever medalist in the women’s singles event. 10,000 62,927 59,029 60,000 50,000 38,209 33,290 30,000 26,279 20,000 0 Luge Slopestyle Figure Skating Halfpipe Curling
  • 7. Are These The Summer or Winter Olympics? • Unseasonably warm temperatures are being recorded in Sochi, leading to increased buzz on the affects this is having on athletes and event conditions. From February 6-11, 30,863 posts were mentioned. • In terms of specific events, it was noted that the potential for injuries increases considerably due to decreased snow and ice conditions regarding alpine skiing, ski jumping, slopestyle, luge, and skeleton. • Athletes were also affected as training runs were canceled and medal favorites were forced to take time off. Some spectators believed that poor conditions affected Shaun White’s halfpipe run. Warm Weather 30,863 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 0 Feb 6 Feb 7 Feb 8 Feb 9 Feb 10 Feb 11
  • 8. Most Popular Countries Top 5 Team Hashtags • The top 5 ranked team hashtags remained unchanged. #TeamGB was the only one to increase as both men’s and women’s curling teams won their matches. Similarly, posts originating from the UK increased by more than 10K. • Japan vaulted into the top 5 on the backs of snowboarding medals from Ayumu Hirano and Taku Hiraoka. Posts coming from Japan grew by almost 20K. • Be sure to keep an eye on these rankings as they will continued to fluctuate as the Olympics press on. #teamusa 22,918 #teamcanada 13,461 #teamgb 3,016 #teamrussia 384 #teamfrance 290 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 Top 5 Countries Talking United States Canada United Kingdom Japan Netherlands 759,202 97,508 40,178 33,874 23,727 0 200,000 400,000 600,000 800,000
  • 9. Top 10 Most Mentioned Athletes Shaun White (USA) 160,078 Mark McMorris (Canada) 30,661 Dara Howell (Canada) 28,638 Kim Lamarre (Canada) 14,011 Alex Bilodeau (Canada) 13,763 Erin Hamlin (USA) 11,629 Iouri Podladtchikov (Switzerland) 11,609 Sarah Hendrickson (USA) Shaun White @Shaun_White 106,078 Mentions 9,150 Julia Mancuso (USA) 7,363 Devin Logan (USA) 7,119 0 35,000 70,000 105,000 140,000 175,000
  • 10. Top 5 Most Mentioned Athletes Non-North American • With the USA and Canada dominating social conversations, it comes as no surprise that athletes from these countries are the most talked about… But who are the most mentioned athletes outside of these borders? Iouri Podladtchikov Switzerland @iourimazing 11,609 Mentions Carina Vogt Germany 6,851 Mentions Natalie Geisenberger Germany 3,571 Mentions Coline Mattel France 3,049 Mentions Anton Gafarov Russia 3,087 Mentions
  • 11. Top 5 Most Mentioned Users (excluding athletes) @CDNOlympicTeam 13,241 Mentions @Sportscenter 13,118 Mentions @Sochi2014 11,308 Mentions @USOlympic 10,046 Mentions @NBCOlympics 9,396 Mentions
  • 12.