#NexusCafe - Customer Lifecycle Engagement


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#NexusCafe - Customer Lifecycle Engagement

  1. 1. Marketing to the Power of ONE How Top Brands Use Cross‐Channel Marketing to Attract, Engage and Retain Customers
  2. 2. Join the Conversation! Joel Book: @JoelBook ExactTarget:  #ExactTargetIm learning how all the "cool kids" usedigital media for lifecycle customer Event:  #NexusCafeengagement! #NexusCafe #ExactTarget
  3. 3. Marketing to The Power of ONEFrom:one-waybroadcastTo:one-to-oneengagement
  4. 4. Life Cycle Engagement Drives Acquisition & Retention The Customer Life Cycle Business Getting Business Keeping Product Product Product Product Repurchase/ Brand Inquiry Evaluation Purchase Usage Renewal Advocate Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain Engaging with customers throughout the life cycle . . . • Drives initial and repeat purchase.• Keeps customers informed. Serves customers better.• Improves retention. Fuels brand advocacy.
  5. 5. Life Cycle Customer Engagement Strategy The Customer Life CycleLife Cycle Stage Product Product Product Product Repurchase/ Brand Inquiry Evaluation Purchase Usage Renewal AdvocateMarketing Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain Goal • Thank customer • Deliver relevant • Thank customer for • Send personalized • Send renewal- • Ask for referral to for inquiry information purchase product news and triggered cross- friend or colleague • Invite email • Provide links to • Promote related service updates sell /upsell offer • Invite customer to subscription website content products/services • Send triggered • Provide incentive contribute content • Send Welcome to aid purchase • Reinforce the value offers and service to renew or for blog or Customer Email; Link to decision they will receive alerts repurchase newsletterInteraction Preference • Send invitations from product or • Provide links to • Reward customer Center to webinars and service product-related for loyalty. • Invite customer live events • Invite customer to resources on to identify • Invite product opt-in for product website product needs, trial updates & service interests reminders • SEO • Email • Email • Email • Email • Email • PPC • Website(s) • Direct Mail • Mobile (SMS) • Direct Mail • Website(s) • Print / Broadcast • Webinar / Seminar • Field Sales / Agent • CSR • Website(s) • Social MediaChannels • Social Media • CSR • Direct Mail • Field Sales / Agent • Field Sales / Agent • Mobile (SMS) • Field Sales / Agent • Social Media • Website(s) • Website(s)
  6. 6. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain Ally Bank Uses Print Ads to   Invite Consumers to Text for  Latest Money Market Rates
  7. 7. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain“Serving” has become the new “Selling” at Ally Bank  Why this Works:• Ally uses “My Ally Update” to deliver  personalized information and offers  based on  customer accounts and  predicted interests• Enables customer to read and respond  to email via PC or mobile device• Questions answered through 24/7 toll‐ free phone, live chat, or email
  8. 8. Acquire Engage Convert Serve Grow Retain Ally Bank created “Ally Idea Share”  so consumers can share ideas on  how Ally can create a better banking  experience "We put our customers at the center of everything we do -- whether it is product development, the services we offer or the ways we engage with consumers, like Twitter, Facebook and our blog." Sanjay Gupta Chief Marketing Officer Ally Financial
  9. 9. Top Marketing Priorities Revolve Around Data 1. Improving data‐centric  segmentation and targeting  practices.  2. Integrating and leveraging  data acquired through social  media. 3. Using customer data to drive  more relevant offers via  dynamic content. “The Connected Marketing Campaign  Management Imperative,” July 28, 2011
  10. 10. Successful Marketers Use Data More Extensively  CMOs in outperforming  organizations invest more  effort in capturing and using  data to foster customer  relationships. Recommendation: • Connect continuously. • Engage with your customers at  every stage in the customer  lifecycle. • Build online and offline  communities to strengthen your  brand. From Stretched to Strengthened IBM Institute for Business Value Global CMO Study Ibm.com/cmostudy2011 
  11. 11. Data Centric Campaign Management ModelSource: Forrester Research ‐ April 2009 “Campaign Management Needs A Reboot”
  12. 12. Volvo Construction Equipment eMarketing Technology Solution www.volvoce.com Landing Pages, Registration Pages Product Microsites,  Webcasts / Podcasts Campaign Tracking & Lead Scoring  Total Integration  of Customer Data Email Communications Marketing Database
  13. 13. Lead Management Workflow Data cleansing Information Request Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables Volvo sales reps to manage leads Auto-generated report for Volvo sales rep Auto-generated email for customer
  14. 14. Marketing Data Integration CustomerVolvo CE  Informationcentralizes  Analytics Sales (New/Used)customer data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Lead Score Warranty Data Enables “one  Microsoft Dynamicsview” of the  CRMcustomer. Social Credit Media Status Allows faster communication with customers MarCom Provides better  Surveys Historymeasurement of  eCommercecampaign ROI
  15. 15. Customers Engage through Multiple Channels The Days of the Single‐Channel Consumer  are Gone and they’re not coming back.
  16. 16. Cross‐Channel Marketing is a Must Managing the Customer Conversation Requires Integration of Outbound & Inbound Channels
  17. 17. Interactive Marketing Hub™ from ExactTarget
  18. 18. Cross‐Channel Marketing Workflow Database Segmentation Campaign Program Customer / Prospect Management Campaign Planning Development and Execution Interaction Prospective SegmentOffline A Identify Customers Customers & Prospects • Offer/ Message • Channel Customer Data Acquisition Customers with Content Personalization Landing Page / Microsite Customer Specific Needs • Timing Program Development DemographicsProduct /Service Segment BNeeds, Interests Offer Select • Offer/ Message • Channel Products Information • Timing Online Purchased Offline Analytics Segment Cand Lead Score Determine Timing • Offer/ Message Campaign • ChannelResponse History • Timing Channels Campaign Response Tracking Database Updating / Lead Scoring
  19. 19. Belk Uses Email, Mobile,Social Media and Print toEngage Consumers Belk Facebook Page Belk Newspaper Insert Belk Customer Email
  20. 20. • Aids the Buying Process• Improves Service• Maximizes Retention
  21. 21. Email: #1 for Business Getting. #1 for Business Keeping. The Customer Life Cycle Product Product Product Product Repurchase/ Brand Inquiry Evaluation Purchase Usage Renewal Loyalty Business Getting Business Keeping “56% of US consumers say the message that  caused them to purchase was delivered by  email.”  Source: ExactTarget Research Report: Subscribers, Fans & Followers,  Report #9 2011
  22. 22. • Increases Brand Awareness• Fuels the Conversation• Attracts New Customers
  23. 23. Social Media Facts 46% of consumers combine 24 hours of video are uploaded to YouTubesocial media and search engines in their buying process (GroupM) each minute. There will be nearly 21 million Twitter (YouTube) users in the U.S. by the end of 2011 (eMarketer) Thirty-four percent of marketers have generated 83% of US Online Adults participate in  leads using Twitter, and 20% social media (Forrester) have closed deals using 77% of consumers  Twitter (AllTwitter) Approximately said they interact  US marketers will spend 55% of Twitter with brands on  Facebook primarily  $3.08 billion to advertise on users are through reading  social networking sites in mobile users posts and updates  2011. from the brands   Source: eMarketer, Jan. 2011 (Mashable)
  24. 24. 75%To monetize social media, convert the of social media users say email is best way for companies to communicate “Fans and Followers” to email subscribers! with them. (MarketingSherpa, 2010)© 2009 Online Marketing Connect
  25. 25. • Delivers Exclusive Offers• Drives Traffic• Extends Customer Service
  27. 27. Smartphones and iPads Have Accelerated Interaction 65.8 million people in  the U.S. now own  smartphones. Of these, 35.3%  use apps. Source: comScore MobiLens 2011 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share March , 2011 24 million tablet  computers  will be sold in the  U.S. in 2011. More than 19 million will be  iPads  Source: eMarketer December, 2010
  28. 28. Thanks!Joel BookExactTarget, Inc. jbook@exacttarget.com EmailMarketingbytheBook.com @JoelBook http://www.linkedin.com/in/joelbook