Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrations


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Take full advantage of your CRM data and build 1:1 customer relationships with the powerful combination of ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Learn how to leverage your tracking data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to target and automate future communications and develop real relationships with your customers, though every step of their customer journey. We be highlighted new features and shared some fun and useful Tips & Tricks for using ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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  • Before we dive in, let’s start out with a Poll question. You should see the polling questions on the right side of your screen, we’d like to know, assuming the majority of our callers here today are also microsoft
  • Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrations

    1. 1. Getting the Most Out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration August 14, 2014 #ETWEBINARS
    2. 2. Your active participation is encouraged Please use the chat function and send to ‘All Panelist’ to ask questions
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    5. 5. Speakers Karalee Slayton Senior Product Marketing Manager @cablemaven #ETWEBINARS
    6. 6. Speakers Hilary Schwartzbach Associate Product Manager, CRM Integration #ETWEBINARS
    7. 7. 1. Learn how to personalized, targeted emails. 2. Best practices and simple use cases for success 3. New features available now in the integration Key Takeaways
    8. 8. • What version of Microsoft Dynamics are you are using today? Poll Question #1
    9. 9. Two Apps, One Solution
    10. 10. A Decade of Integration Experience 600+ Integrated customers since 2005 2014 Many new Features 2005 2007 2011 20152009 2013
    11. 11. Understanding your Customers
    12. 12. A real-time, event-driven lifecycle marketing solution The Single View in Microsoft Dynamics
    13. 13. EVENT ATTENDEE EVENT INVITE LAST COMMUNICATION:RESPONDS TO: TODAY Microsoft Dynamics CONTACT Brian Ford 1 week ago2 weeks ago Drive the Customer Journey
    14. 14. Relevance is Revenue • Right Message • Right Person • Right Time
    15. 15. Execute your email campaigns without data synchronization  Send emails to individual Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Marketing Lists, Campaigns, and custom entities  See individual and aggregate tracking results in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrate – Sending from Microsoft Dynamics
    16. 16. Plan OptimizePersonalize Planning the Customer Journey
    17. 17. Four Questions to Ask Yourself Do you know who your customers are? Do you know where they are in their journey? Are you driving engagement to move them along that journey? Are you able to measure the impact on your business goals?
    18. 18. • Are you taking advantage of Microsoft Dynamics Workflow to send ExactTarget Emails to automate your customer journeys? Poll Question #2
    19. 19. Marketing Automation Possible Use Cases  Lead Nurturing  Subscription / Membership Management  New Account Activation  Password Resets  Transaction Confirmations Create automated marketing interactions with your customers and prospects
    20. 20. Build Individualized Relationship with each Prospect Customer Journey Send a three-part welcome series: • Confirm their subscription and set expectations • Gather preferences • Provide an incentive • Drive Engagement Acquire Onboard Engage Retain
    21. 21. Work smarter and focus efforts on the right subscribers Engagement Based on Interactions
    22. 22. A/B Testing  Send to a Microsoft Dynamics Report or Campaign and use ExactTarget A/B Testing to automatically randomize segments, measure and select the best option, and send the winning email to the remaining subscribers
    23. 23. A/B Testing: Test Everything Create an A/B Test email from the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud Select a marketing list or Campaign; then run the test ExactTarget randomly selects Contacts from your report to receive sample A and sample B Automatically monitor the performance of each sample The system will determine a winner based on the selected metric–Open Rate or Click-through Rate The winning email is sent to the remaining Contacts from the marketing list
    24. 24. Manage the Enterprise
    25. 25. • Approval process Ensures each email send is correct before sending Send Approval Approve/deny email sendsDesignate approver View sends awaiting approval
    26. 26. Letterhead Sends • Send to a single person using a branded template • Quickly and easily send professional custom emails Create template in ETMC Create email in Microsoft Dynamics Client receives branded email
    27. 27. Event Management • Increase attendance with sophisticated marketing campaigns • One click RSVP option • Dashboard to view metrics and trends across all your events • Easily export RSVP lists
    28. 28. Performance Tracking & Interactions • Customers can drill down for detailed subscriber data and easily add/create a marketing list for those subscribers • Your team now has one place to measure, analyze, and optimize campaign performance • Easily view click through rates by campaign, email send, and open rates—all the way down to links that were clicked
    29. 29. Interactions organized by where customers are in their journey with your brand Marketing Lifecycle Stages
    30. 30. Live Demonstration Hilary Schwartzbach Associate Product Manager, CRM Integration
    31. 31. 2015 Q3-4 Roadmap Timeline: Microsoft Dynamics Integration 2 0 1 4 Q1-2  Event Registration & Tracking  UI improvements  Dynamic send preview  AB Testing  Letterhead Sends  Send SMS  Cloud Pages integration with CRM  Enhanced Analytics and Reporting  Journey Builder integration  SMS Tracking data in CRM 2014 Q1-2 2 0 1 5
    32. 32. • Tell us what you think about the material presented in the session today? Poll Question #3
    33. 33. Questions? Please type questions in the chat panel to ‘All Panelist' #ETWEBINARS
    34. 34. Upcoming Webinars: August 19th @ 2:00 pm EDT Connecting the Clouds to Drive the Customer Journey August 21st @ 12:00 pm EDT Love at First Site: Charm Customers into Loving your Brand August 26th @ 12:00 pm EDT 5Trends for Designing an Effective Customer Onboarding Strategy August 28th @ 12:00 pm EDT Refresh your Approach to 1:1 Marketing: Elevate the Discussion with Personalization Learn more:
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