Best Practices for Obtaining a Better Customer Experience through Guided Selling


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As a retailer or brand, you desire every online customer experience to match the experience in-store or over the phone with your subject matter experts. You know that when engaged by knowledgeable salespeople or customer service representatives, consumers are more likely to find products or services that best meet their needs and desires.
Predictive Intelligence capabilities from ExactTarget Marketing Cloud can take these in-person interactions with your customer and create the same experience in the digital world. After reviewing the best practices discussed on this webinar, your brand will be ready to create Guided Selling tools across your digital channels that lead to more engaged and satisfied customers.

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  • Where did Guided Selling Originate from? The Retail World

    Guided Selling is Asking your customers questions in order to help them select the best product to fit their needs.

    Ex: TV Finder, Camera Lens Finder, Helps you find the best face care regiment

  • The most famous of these in-store Sales Associates are the Best Buy Blue Shirts.
    knowledgeable sales associates were able to help you make the most difficult purchase decisions and there was a trust value there as well.

    Guided Selling takes these experience someone might experience in-store and bring it to the digital world. Guided Selling is Personalizing the customer experience is as easy as having a conversation.

    Have that conversation not only in-store with your sales associates but also in the digital world as well


  • We’ve Brought this type of conversation to the online world platform to the online world
  • Talk about how its built from a cost standpoint then show how its built in the back end – talk about the easy drag and drop software…

  • Traditional Benefits Include:

    Benefits include:

    Additional Sales Conversion: On average, retail customers have seen category conversion rates increase between 25 to 125 percent. The varying rage is largely dependent on the placement of the tool.
    Increased Customer Education: Customers leave Guided Selling tools knowing more about your products and how your products work together to meet their needs.
    Deeper Product Discovery: Recommending products based on need and preference will take customers deeper into your product lines and also into related products such as product bundles or accessories. Guided selling tools designed to promote “bundles” of products such as computer accessories, or beauty regiments have increased average order values by 22 to 46 percent.
    Collect real-time customer insights: Answers to Guided Selling give brands a great insight into customer preferences in trends which can be used to influence strategic marketing and product development decisions. Leverage the explicit data points you are collecting from your customers as they engage with your tool and do something with the data points you collect.

  • Flexibility

    Trust our expertise. The Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud has built 500+ tools for clients from retail to healthcare. Our Client Success team and proven process is there every step of the way to ensure your tool is a success.
    Be in control. Our intuitive UI puts the marketer in the driver’s seat, allowing you to visualize the customer path, monitor and plan changes, and even track performance with rich reporting—all without having to wait on IT.
    Forget rigid, complicated decision trees. Our Guided Selling platform uses a proprietary method that allows changes to be made on the fly without breaking the tool.


    Localize. Globalize the success of a tool quickly and easily by launching localized versions in international markets at a fraction of the original cost.
    Syndicate. Monetize your tool across partner selling platforms (i.e. Amazon) and other key channels like mobile and social to broaden the conversation.
    Reuse. Ready to start the conversation in other categories? Leverage what you have already built to create multiple tools and grow your ROI exponentially.

    Powerful Results & Customer Insights

    Influence key KPIs:
    • Shorten sales cycle
    • Mine additional data • Reduce reliance on call centers and support • Raise brand engagement and satisfaction
    • Increase revenue across channels
    Learn more about your customers than ever before. Use the Guided Selling solution to collect direct customer feedback in real-time, and use the insights to influence marketing campaigns, merchandising, and go-to-market strategy.
    Convert more customers by engaging them in an interactive experience—when they’re actively researching your products or services.
  • Talk about each category

    Then transition into – now that you know the basics of Guided Selling lets move onto the best practices
  • Best Practices for Obtaining a Better Customer Experience through Guided Selling

    1. 1. Best Practices for Obtaining a Better Customer Experience Through Guided Selling Personalizing the customer experience is as easy as having a conversation.
    2. 2. Agenda • Guided Selling 101 • Background of Guided Selling • How Guided Selling Solves Business Challenges o Customer Experience o Data Gathering o Preferences • More than just a conversion tool – Unique uses for Guided Selling • Best Practices for Guided Selling: • Section 1: Setup and Traffic Drivers • Section 2: Tool Mechanics • Section 3: The Questions • Section 4:The Results • Q&A
    3. 3. Guided Selling 101
    4. 4. How Guided Selling From ExactTarget Marketing Cloud is Built
    5. 5. Overall Goals of Guided Selling • Engage your customers and lead them to the right products and content. Ask key questions to understand their needs and interests, and make recommendations based on their answers. • Educate your customers by providing them with relevant information at each step of their research process, so they can make informed decisions. • Enrich the experience for your customers by gathering explicit customer data. Combine this data with behavioral insights and build holistic profiles of your customers’ preferences to influence cross-channel personalization.
    6. 6. How Guided Selling Solves Business Challenges Flexibility Scalability Powerful Results and Customer Insights
    7. 7. More than just a Traditional Conversion Tool • Real-time Market Research • Brand Push to Retail Partners - where to buy or store locator • Educate Consumers • In-Store Sales Staff Tool • Customer Service Tool • Lead Generator • Brand Awareness - new product or line launch
    8. 8. Best Practices
    9. 9. Best Practices for Guided Selling – Broken Into Four Sections:
    10. 10. Best Practices Section 1: Setup and Traffic Drivers
    11. 11. Setup and Traffic Drivers • Think about the finish line FIRST • Start with the results page in mind when setting up your tool. • Ask yourself, what products or services do you want to showcase? • Work backwards to create a tool that best describes the reasons why your customer should purchase and the products and features that differentiates your brand. • Knowing what information is most important will help you to pick questions that directly relate and guide your users to the results they want to see most.
    12. 12. Setup and Traffic Drivers • Location, Location, Location • Once your tool is set up and live, you will need to put it in a noticeable location on your website so users can find it and use it. The global navigation of your site The category landing page or the product detail page.Or, within your product recommendations
    13. 13. Setup and Traffic Drivers • Promote your Guided Selling tool on social media outlets and in email campaigns. Tell your customers and potential customers all about your awesome Guided Selling tool and how they could benefit from it by sharing the tool on your company Facebook or Twitter page, email campaign, or on a company blog. • The sky’s the limit, but without any doubt, get chatty with it! Get Chatty with it
    14. 14. Best Practices Section 2: Tool Mechanics
    15. 15. Tool Mechanics • Report on the Progress • Tell users where they are in the tool by including a simple and easy-to-follow progress bar in the design. • You can also make the progress bar function as tool navigation by allowing the user to click on different points on the progress bar within it to move back and forth through the questions.
    16. 16. Tool Mechanics • Offer Tips and Tricks • Tips can range from product details and definitions to question clarifications. • Include social media share buttons allowing users to share their results from their experience with the tool as well as promote your website to their followers. • Allow users to email or print their results to take it to the store (if applicable) or to shop later online.
    17. 17. Limit the Number of Questions • Less is more • The fewer number of clicks (and questions), the better. • Create an experience that is two and a half minutes or less • Three and seven questions
    18. 18. Best Practices Section 3: The Questions
    19. 19. Concise, Clear Question Writing • Make it cut and dry. • Don’t allow users to answer questions with “I don’t know” or “I am unsure.” This won’t help you gather insight about their buying habits and could waste their time. • Only ask questions that allow you to optimize the user’s end recommendations. • Ask standalone questions and not those with conditionals (i.e. if this, then show this).
    20. 20. Think Consultative • Instead of asking a directly what they are looking for, ask lifestyle or usage based question. • Think of your guided selling tool as your own digital consultant - ask the types of questions that an experienced sales person would ask instead of information a user could find using advanced filtration. • When trying to help a user determine the size of TV she might need ask her: • “How far away are you going to sit from the TV?” • “Can you control the lighting in the room?” • Instead of asking a user if they are looking for a 32” or 50” TV.
    21. 21. Best Practices Section 4: The Results
    22. 22. Give them Options • Make sure your tool results page has clear calls to action like “buy now,” “find a store,” or “sign up today.” Let your users take action from their results. Likewise, offer a print option, email function, or share.
    23. 23. Layout to Encourage Call-to-Action • The layout and content of your results page should always reflect how your products are merchandized. • If you market a product with a three step-process or with a kit, make sure the results page is designed with that in mind. • You likely won’t just offer one part of the process—you would offer all three. So be sure to design it that way.
    24. 24. Give them a little something extra • If you partner with a ratings and review provider, you can also include the review stars with each product recommended to help drive conversion. • Integrate with your Buy Now or Add-to- Cart functions • Integrate with your Product Detail Pop- Ups or Quick View pages
    25. 25. Resources: Guided Selling Best Practices Guide White Paper Link to Download: selling-best-practices Guided Selling Data Sheet Link to Download: wnload?asset-id=95b3a4ea-7a17-41aa-a380- 9e7710804abc
    26. 26. Get Social in June Webinars June 12th @ 2:00 pm EDT Bringing You Closer to Your Social Customers June 26th @ 2:00 pm EDT Social in Action: Streamline Your Social Content Marketing
    27. 27.