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Irish daily mirror


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  • 1. Date 18 August 2010 Page 8 YOU’VE FAILED MARYHealth Minister ‘would flunk’ if she was tested 3 PRESSURE The Health Minister has been hit with criticism BY PAT FLANAGAN “Her biggest project – to A&E. Despite a 10-point plan in IF there was a Leaving Cert ‘enable the health 2004 and a “national emergency” services t provide i to id in 2006, 300 people were on for Health Ministers Mary more effectively and trolleys each day in the first half of Harney would flunk and get efficiently for the 2010 seven straight Fs, it was needs of patients’ – is HOSPITAL beds – just 10 new also her worst flop. in-patient beds were created claimed yesterday. “Her flawed design between 2005 and 2007 while HSE Fine Gael’s health spokesman and lax oversight spending increased by €3billion Dr James Reilly said Ms Harney has seen patient d CANCELLED operations – more would have much to be worried services worsen and than 50,000 ops postponed since about if she was awaiting the staff morale at an all- 2007 due to hospital gridlock results of her performance in the time low. Its primary J DELAYED discharges – more post this morning. than 273,000 bed days lost in 2009 He accused the minister of due to the delayed discharge of being a “dodger” who always function as far as the minister is patients who need to blames someone else for her own concerned is to deflect move failures. responsibility from herself.” Dr Reilly added: “Mary Harney’s For this she would get the lowest grade possible, he said. from acute beds to more appro- performance on her key subjects priate care but have nowhere to go is just not good enough, attracting Other areas where Ms Harney deserves an “F” include: – a 65% increase since 2007 a failing grade on each one. PATIENT safety – a poll shows Copyright material. This may only be copied under the terms of a Newspaper Licensing Agency agreement ( or with written publisher permission. For external republishing rights see
  • 2. Date 18 August 2010 Page 8 84% of people say it is difficult to know who to complain to and two- REPORT CARD thirds who were unhappy with their care didn’t complain, and CO-location – announced in 2005 amid claims it would free up 1,000 beds, five years on not a single sod NAME Mary Harney DATE August 18, 2010 has been turned on the proposed new hospitals. AWARENESS GRADE SUBJECT F Dr Reilly added: “On a more basic level, the minister has let herself down. “Geography – she demonstrates Patients’ needs F a poor awareness of any area of the country north of a Dublin-Galway line, e.g. the Cancer Strategy. “Maths – She has serious prob- A&E F lems adding but is very keen to subtract – especially from front- line services. “Science – is strong on theory Hospital beds F but fails the practical every time, e.g.... cancer vaccine. “The minister’s results are a Cancelled ops F real disappointment but unfortunately she’s not just letting herself down, she’s failing t h e p at i e n t s w h o a r e Delayed discharges F depending on the services she oversees.” Patient safety Co-location F The minister’s results are a real disappointment FINE GAEL’S DR JAMES REILLY Copyright material. This may only be copied under the terms of a Newspaper Licensing Agency agreement ( or with written publisher permission. For external republishing rights see