M A R C H 7 - 8 , 2 0 1 1 | L O E W S P H I L A D E L P H I A | P H I L A D E L P H I A | PAFeatured SessionsROCHE DIAGNOS...
WHO SHOULD ATTEND?Dear Colleague,                                                    Professionals from Pharmaceutical,   ...
TO REGISTER CALL           212 4OO 624O                OR VISIT    www.exlpharma.com/patientadherence                     ...
DAY TWO                                                              12:30 luNCHEON fOR CONfERENCE                        ...
FIVE WAYS TO REGISTER                                                                 PHONE: 866-207-6528                 ...
REGISTER TODAY . . .                           www.exlpharma.com/adherence                                                ...
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Patient Adherence Summit, March 2011, Philadelphia


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Developing Targeted Programs, Robust Marketing Campaigns and Lasting Stakeholder Partnerships to Improve Product Compliance and Persistency

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Patient Adherence Summit, March 2011, Philadelphia

  1. 1. M A R C H 7 - 8 , 2 0 1 1 | L O E W S P H I L A D E L P H I A | P H I L A D E L P H I A | PAFeatured SessionsROCHE DIAGNOSTICS CASE STUDY:PATIENT ENGAGEMENT AND RELATIONSHIP PHARMACY-BASEDPROVIDER COLLABORATION MARKETING ADHERENCE PROGRAMSImproving Product Retention Managing the Customer Experience Designing and Implementingthrough Personalized Patient to Drive Positive Patient Outcomes Partnerships with CommunityEducation and Enhanced Provider and Corporate Business Results Pharmacies to Foster PatientSupport Engagement at the Local Levell i s a h u s e J o h N v i e i r a l au r a c r a N s to NDirector of Strategic Initiatives Director, Marketing Operations Executive DirectorROCHE DIAGNOSTICS DAIICHI SANKYO PHARmACY quAlITY AllIANCEDISTINGUISHED SPEAKERS Pre-Conference WorkshopFROM THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES MULTICULTURAL ADHERENCE CONSIDERATIONS GENZYME Understanding the Needs, Attitudes, and Preferences of Patient Segments to Develop Tailored Messages for Improved Adherence BAYER ENDO J e F F r e y d i e r K s l i l i a N a g i l Senior Product Director Strategic Marketing & Cultural Intelligence Officer GLAXOSMITHKLINE ENDO PHARmACEuTICAlS Xl AllIANCE PHARMACY QUALITY ALLIANCE Former Global Marketing Services Director JOHNSON & JOHNSON ROCHE and Multicultural Marketing Strategy Leader UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA NOVO NORDISK DAIICHI SANKYO • NoN-PhysiciaN Providers MERCK • sPecialty Pharmaceuticals ARENT FOX • coNNectiNg with the caregiver NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON • geNeric comPetitioN MENTAL ILLNESS • Privacy coNcerNsTO REGISTER: 866-207-6528 OR www.exlpharma.com/adherence
  2. 2. WHO SHOULD ATTEND?Dear Colleague, Professionals from Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical DeviceMedication non-adherence is an enormous problem in health companies with responsibilities in thecare today, with an estimated half of all patients in the United following areas:States not taking their medications as prescribed. A lack • Product/Brand Managementof compliance and persistency contributes to preventable • Adherencenegative health outcomes, billions of dollars in wasted medical • Patient Compliancespending, and lost revenue for manufacturers. Many factors • Multi Channel Marketingcontribute to non-adherence, and ultimately, companies need • Relationship Marketingto address individual patient concerns and understanding in • CRMorder to influence adherent behavior. While there is no magic • Brand Strategybullet, pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, • Customer Relationsthrough effective disease state awareness campaigns, patient • Advocacysupport programs, and product marketing, are faced with a • Marketing and Salestremendous opportunity to inform and drive positive patient • Advertising and Promotionbehavior. • Medical AffairsExL Pharma’s Medication Adherence Summit is not the “same old This conference is also of interest to:adherence conference,” as it features exciting new topics and • Patient Education and Adherence speakers. This event is designed to give attendees cutting edge Companiesinformation for implementing innovative product adherence • Relationship Marketing Agenciesstrategies in a time of mounting competition with “me-too” • Digital Firmsproducts and generics. The expert speaking faculty provides • Market Research Companiesconcrete strategies for streamlining marketing spend, forming • CROseffective stakeholder partnerships, and ultimately overcoming • Pharmaciesbarriers to adherence for different consumer groups and disease • Medication Distributorsclasses. This is a must-attend event for commercial teams andindividuals in patient advocacy and support.We look forward to greeting you in Philadelphia in March! VENUE INFORMATIONSincerely, loews PhiladelPhia 12oo marKet street PhiladelPhia, Pa 191o7 PhoNe: 215-627-12ooLindsay Slater Loews Philadelphia Hotel offers guests aSenior Conference Director premier luxury hotel designed to provide both comfort and value. Boasting a long list of convenient amenities, our Philadelphia PA lodging is the most accommodating of all hotels in Philadelphia. Please contact the hotel directly at 215-627- 1200 to book your room. Please mention ExL Pharma and the Patient Adherence Summit to take advantage of this discount. You must book your room by February 20, 2011 to be eligible for the discounted rate. Please book your room early as the rooms available at this rate are limited and review your hotel confirmation to ensure that you received the ExL group rate.
  3. 3. TO REGISTER CALL 212 4OO 624O OR VISIT www.exlpharma.com/patientadherence • Empowering patients to participate in their own care and PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP | DAY ONE ensure that they feel respected and play an active role inm O N DAY, m A R C H 7 their treatment and care • Exploring the obstacles and benefits of loyalty programs 8:00 REGISTRATION AND CONTINENTAl for achieving stronger disease understanding, product BREAKfAST fOR WORKSHOP retention, and long-term corporate business goals PARTICIPANTS • Helping providers help patients through enhanced 9:00 mulTICulTuRAl ADHERENCE strategies for counseling and communicating with patients CONSIDERATIONS lisa Huse, Director of Strategic InitiativesUnderstanding the Needs, Attitudes and Preferences ROCHE DIAGNOSTICSof Patient Segments to Develop Tailored Messages for 3:00 NETWORKING AND REfRESHmENT BREAKImproved Adherence• Going beyond simply speaking the language of 3:30 GENZYmE CASE STuDY: SEPRAfIlm multicultural patients and designing adherence programs EDuCATION AND AWARENESS and brand campaigns that truly resonate with different Identifying and Selecting Multiple Channels to Educate ethnic, racial, gender and age groups Patients and Support Business Objectives• Realizing the business opportunity in multicultural The C-section surgery rate is over 30% nationally and marketing and the need for companies to make it a priority climbing. Post op adhesion related complications are real but across business units and functions often not discussed by OB/GYN’s. Learn about Genzyme’s • Establishing an emotional connection to build customer successes and obstacles in selecting and integrating multiple loyalty with multicultural consumers channels, including DTC, patient awareness programs and• Broadening channel selection to increase brand awareness others to get the word about this important issue and how and engage patients to reduce its prevalence. Hear best practices for planning• Creating authentic, relevant campaigns based on a deep an outreach strategy to help ensure smooth and effective understanding of the clinical, emotional, cultural and implementation. practical drivers of patient behavior across different Devin C. Hughes, Area Director customer segments GENZYME BIOSURGERYJeffrey Dierks, Senior Product DirectorENDO PHARMACEUTICALS 4:15 ADVOCACY GROuP PARTNERSHIPSliliana Gil, Strategic marketing & Cultural Intelligence Officer Enhancing Collaboration between Industry and Patient XL ALLIANCE Groups for Maximum Impact on Treatment Goals and former Global marketing Services Director Patient Health OutcomesJOHNSON & JOHNSON • Setting goals and objectives upfrontand multicultural marketing Strategy leader • Discussing best practices to enhance communication 10:30 30-mINuTE NETWORKING & between companies and advocacy groups for mutual REfRESHmENT BREAK accountability • Exploring techniques to implement for effectively educating 12:00 WORKSHOP CONCluDES; luNCHEON fOR patients on disease states and treatments WORKSHOP PARTICIPANTS • Reviewing case studies of successful adherence programs developed and maintained by industry-advocacyMAIN CONFERENCE BEGINS partnerships 1:00 CHAIRPERSON’S WElCOmE AND Charles R. Harman, Director, External Relations OPENING REmARKS NAMI - NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS 1:15 DRIVERS Of NON-ADHERENCE 5:00 INTERACTIVE ROuNDTABlE DISCuSSIONSAnalyzing Barriers to Compliance for Engaging Patients Choose your preferred topic to discuss in an intimate on their Terms setting. Attendance per table is limited.• Determining how an individual’s knowledge, motivation and 1 NON-PHYSICIAN PRACTITIONERS: What strategies can attitudes shape intentional and unintentional medication companies use to target and collaborate with NPs, PAs and compliance other key stakeholders for improving compliance?• Identifying financial and cultural barriers to formulate tailored programs for different patient groups 2 SPECIALTY PHARMACEUTICALS: What are successful• Outlining the expected behavioral responses to solutions for managing the unique adherence challenges interventions based on the characteristics of the patient and posed by this fastest growing component of today’s pharma associated disease state industry?melissa Hunt, PhD, Associate Director of Clinical Training 3 CONNECTING WITH THE CAREGIVER: How can we bestUNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA support caregiver needs to strengthen brand loyalty and compliance? 2:15 ROCHE DIAGNOSTICS CASE STuDY: PATIENT ENGAGEmENT AND PROVIDER 4 GENERIC COMPETITION: What do patients and COllABORATION healthcare providers deem important for continuing brand usage instead of switching to generics?Improving Product Retention through Personalized 5 PRIVACY CONCERNS: How can patient privacy bePatient Education and Enhanced Provider Support safeguarded with increased information sharing that often• Creating a tailored experience that recognizes the accompanies patient adherence programs? individual patient’s concerns, barriers to adherence, and attitudes 6:00 ClOSE Of DAY ONE
  4. 4. DAY TWO 12:30 luNCHEON fOR CONfERENCE PARTICIPANTS T u E S D AY, m A R C H 8 1:30 measuremeNt aNd evaluatioN 8:00 CONTINENTAl BREAKfAST fOR CONfERENCE PARTICIPANTS Determining the Success of Patient adherence Programs for Ongoing Improvement of Outreach Efforts and 9:00 CHAIRPERSON’S RECAP Of DAY ONE AND allocation of Spend mODERATORS’ KEY POINTS fROm • Assessing the accuracy of patient self-reports vs. family ROuNDTABlE DISCuSSIONS reports vs. clinician reports 9:30 PHARmACY-BASED • Exploring best practices for monitoring refills through ADHERENCE PROGRAmS prescription claims dataDesigning and Implementing Partnerships with • Determining whether the message resonated with the Community Pharmacies to Foster Patient Engagement relevant patient groups and influenced behaviorat the Local Level • Measuring ROI and determining why there are variances between expected and actual results• Leveraging insights of pharmacists /pharmacies to guide • Making the decision to modify a program, increase or ongoing adherence efforts decrease investment, or to abandon it in favor of a new• Working with pharmacists to encourage point-of-care strategy interventions that will improve patient-pharmacist interactions surrounding medication management 2:15 healthcare reForm• Exploring ways to incentivize pharmacies to commit Identifying Provisions in the Healthcare reform Legislation to improving patient understanding, compliance and Intended to Strengthen Medication Therapy Management persistency and the associated Implications for key Stakeholders• Effectively designing, implementing, and measuring the results of pharmacy-based adherence initiatives • Outlining the series of grant and pilot programs related to medication therapy management contained in thelaura Cranston, Executive Director legislationPHARMACY QUALITY ALLIANCE • Analyzing how payment to pharmacies will change as a 10:15 RElATIONSHIP mARKETING result of the law • Discussing the reasons for, and benefits of, highlighting and Managing the Customer Experience to Drive Positive encouraging adherence on a policy levelPatient Outcomes and Corporate Business Results • How will the legislation impact existing and future industry-• Balancing the goals of the franchise with the needs of the sponsored adherence programs? customer larri Short, Partner, Health law Group• Listening to patients and creating an ongoing dialogue for ARENT FOX LLP meaningful and enduring relationships• Meeting stakeholder needs through innovative 3:00 value-Based BeNeFit desigN communication strategies and customized programs• Knowing your customer and accordingly tailoring outreach analyzing and Implementing Value-Based Benefit Design efforts to Motivate Health Behavior Change, Improve Medication adherence and Encourage Proactive Health ManagementJohn Vieira, Director, marketing OperationsDAIICHI SANKYO and Monitoring • Exploring how increased adherence may result in higher 11:00 NETWORKING AND REfRESHmENT BREAK medication costs but ultimately decreased medical costs • Selecting disease classes and conditions to target with this 11:30 PANEl DISCuSSION modelLeveraging Social Media and Mobile Apps to • Analyzing the impact of reducing copays in the context Communicate with Patients for Strengthened of broader disease management and careful pharmacyBrand Loyalty management• Discussing regulatory and compliance considerations when • Examining the benefits of VBBD in terms of positive health engaging patients in the digital space outcomes and reduced total healthcare costs• Which Web 2.0 tools are worth utilizing and which ones aren’t? michael C. Sokol, mD, mS, Corporate medical Director• Providing education to providers, advocacy groups, payers, MERCK & CO. (tentative) employees and other key stakeholders through digital communications 3:45 CONfERENCE CONCluDES• Exploring changes in compliance behavior as a result of mobile technology reminders and communication “This was a very valuable experience for me. I look forward toPa N e l i s t s : participating next year.” - VICE PrESIDEnT, ManaGED MarkETS | Daiichi SankyoNatalie quilici, Associate Director, Women’s HealthcareBAYER HEALTHCARE PHARMACEUTICALS “Great event, quality speakers and wonderful interactions.” – aSSOCIaTE DIrECTOr, COrPOraTE COMMunICaTIOnS | GenzymeDeanna Whalen, Brand manager IIGLAXOSMITHKLINE “Great program; very informative. The topics and speakers areAmbre morley, Associate Director, Product Communications dead on.”NOVO NORDISK – SEnIOr DIrECTOr, uS COrPOraTE COMPLIanCE | Sanofi-aventiSInterested in joining this panel discussion? Please “Excellent conference. The sessions were very informative andcontact lindsay Slater at lslater@exlpharma.com for this is such an important event.”more information. – SEnIOr ManaGEr | BriStol-myerS SquiBB
  5. 5. FIVE WAYS TO REGISTER PHONE: 866-207-6528 EmAIl: register@exlpharma.com ONlINE: www.exlpharma.com fAX: 888-221-6750 mAIl: ExL Events, Inc. 555 8th Ave, Ste 310 New York, NY 10018SPONSORSHIP & EXHIBITING OPPORTUNITIES Do you want to spread the word about your grouP discouNt Program: • Save 25% per person when registering four organization’s solutions and services to potential For every three simultaneous registrations from your clients who will be attending this event? Take company, you will receive a fourth complimentary registration to the program (must register 4 at one time). advantage of the opportunity to exhibit, present This is a savings of 25% per person. an educational session, host a networking event, • Save 15% per person when registering three or distribute promotional items to attendees. Exl You can only send three? You can still save 15% off each registration. To find out more on how you can take Pharma will work closely with you to customize a advantage of these group discounts, please call 866-207- package that will suit all of your needs. To learn 6528. more about these opportunities, please contact: • Make checks payable to ExL Events, Inc. and write code P1125 on your check. l u c a s c a r r a s co • You may also use Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Payments must be received in full prior to the Business Development Manager commencement of the conference. 212-400-6231, lcarrasco@exlpharma.com • Cancellations: If you need to cancel your registration for an upcoming ExL conference, please note the following policies derived from the Start Date of the event:media PartNers: • Four weeks or more: A full refund (minus a $95 processing fee), or a voucher to another ExL event valid for two years from the voucher issue date. • Four weeks or Less: A voucher to another ExL event valid registratioN Fees For atteNdiNg for two years from the voucher issue date.exl’s PatieNt adhereNce summit • To receive a refund or voucher, please fax your request to 888-221-6750.EARLY BIRD PRICINGREGISTER BY fRIDAY, JANuARY 21, 2011 fOR EARlY-BIRD PRICING: PLEASE NOTE: Conference registrations may be transferred to other colleagues in the event you are unable to attend.CONfERENCE + WORKSHOP | $1995 There will be an administrative charge of $300 to substitute, CONfERENCE ONlY | $1695 exchange and/or replace attendance badges with a colleague occurring within five business days of any ExL conference.staNdard PriciNg Please notify ExL Pharma, info@exlpharma.com, priorREGISTER AfTER fRIDAY, JANuARY 21, 2011: to the event with the name and contact information of theCONfERENCE + WORKSHOP | $2195 replacement attendee. CONfERENCE ONlY | $1895 PLEASE NOTE: Speakers and agenda are subject to change oNsite PriciNg without notice. In the event of a speaker cancellation, everyCONfERENCE + WORKSHOP | $2295 effort to find a suitable replacement will be made. *The opinions of this faculty do not necessarily reflect those of CONfERENCE ONlY | $1995 the companies they represent or ExL Events, Inc.*
  6. 6. REGISTER TODAY . . . www.exlpharma.com/adherence MENTION PRIORITY CODE P1125TO REGISTER: NAmE TITlEMAIL: COmPANY DEPARTmENTExL Events, Inc.555 8th Avenue, Suite 310 ADDRESSNew York, NY 10018 CITY STATE ZIPPHONE: EmAIl866-207-6528FAX: PHONE fAX888-221-6750 mETHOD Of PAYmENT: CHECK CREDIT CARD: VISA mASTERCARD DISCOVER AmEXONLINE: CARD Nº.EXPIRESwww.exlpharma.com NAmE ON CARDEMAIL:register@exlpharma.com SIGNATuREYES! REGISTER ME FOR THECONFERENCE: 555 8th Avenue, Suite 310 Register Me for the New York, NY Conference and 10018 Workshop Register Me for the Conference OnlyPLEASE CONTACT ME: I’m interested in marketing opportunities at this event I wish to receive email updated on ExL Pharma’s upcoming eventsM A R C H 7 - 8 , 2 0 1 1 | L O E W S P H I L A D E L P H I A | P H I L A D E L P H I A | PADISTINGUISHED SPEAKERSFROM THE FOLLOWINGCOMPANIESGENZYMEBAYERENDOGLAXOSMITHKLINEPHARMACY QUALITY ALLIANCEROCHEUNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIANOVO NORDISKDAIICHI SANKYOMERCKARENT FOXNATIONAL ALLIANCE ONMENTAL ILLNESS