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BMCW Company Profile 2009


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Introduction to Brightmen and Coolwords, a Nijmegen, Netherlands-based strategic communication consultancy.

Introduction to Brightmen and Coolwords, a Nijmegen, Netherlands-based strategic communication consultancy.

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  • 1. BMCW Company Profile Introduction to Brightmen and Coolwords By Ewold de Bruijne
  • 2. Who is …? 2 • Ewold de Bruijne, 42, Dutch, married, no kids • Corporate communications professional with 20 years of international experience in the PR trade • Boardroom adviser, media relations expert, ghost-writer, professional warrior (active lieutenant commander Royal Netherlands Navy) • Been there, done that - M&A, international expansion, strategic alliances, product introductions, investor relations, restructuring, crisis management, repositioning, reputation management Company Profile September 2009
  • 3. Ewold’s Service Record 3 officer press officer consultant financial comms officer head comms dep corporate comms director 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 Company Profile September 2009
  • 4. My job 4  Build from scratch and launch  Fix-up and boost  Re-design and exceed  Take barriers down and bridge the divide  Claim new ground and hold it  Spoil the enemy's game  Paint a new mental picture Company Profile September 2009
  • 5. Products and Services 5 • Press releases • Perception studies • Speeches • Benchmarking • Presentations • Issues management • Media relations • Q&A training • Fact sheets • Interview training • Briefing sheets • Conference calls • Position papers • Analysts presentations • Corporate brochures • Press conferences • Annual reports • Road shows • Web design • Site visits Company Profile September 2009
  • 6. Achievements 6 Annual reports Brought Buhrmann report into top-200 of the world’s best annual reports and subsequently achieved higher ranking every year (source: – “ Annual Report on Annual Reports”) Announcements Successful “messaging” in quarterly earnings releases has helped clients to gain substantial free publicity for its proprietary brands and has helped AEGON to win various IR Awards. Free publicity Successful pitches resulted in CEO and CFO interviews with The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The Economist, De Telegraaf, Het Financieele Dagblad, NRC, etc. Issue management Successfully stopped adverse publicity about profit warnings. Shielded companies from reputational damage related to boycott threat, insider trading, fraud, product quality issues. Company Profile September 2009
  • 7. BMCW offers you… 7 • Sparring partner: awareness of PR opportunities, testing your ideas, ask the obvious questions and the annoying ones (which you will have to answer sometime anyway) • Editorial services: interviewing, writing, editing • Media access: initiating contacts on a project-by-project basis, pitching the story, give you a solid introduction, provide you with useful information about the (media) people you're dealing with, act as your spokesman • Media monitoring: 'post-mortem' analyses of media coverage, keep an eye on what's out there, give you an early warning in case of trouble, rapid and professional response whenever appropriate • Project management: planning, coordination and taking control of your PR activities in order to make sure that activities take place on time, in accordance with the briefing, within budget Company Profile September 2009
  • 8. BMCW values 8 Professionalism Quality based on experience Expertise as our benchmark Best practice Creativity Proven effective solutions Execution into action Putting words Independence Well-known and trusted liaison Company Profile September 2009
  • 9. Adding value to your project 9 • Providing you with really good advice and good copy • Getting you mentally ready to enter the arena and achieve the results you want • Preparing you for a successful landing of your corporate stories • Enabling you to stay in the loop and in control of your reputation • Making sure the your PR plan gets executed, flawlessly Company Profile September 2009
  • 10. Looking forward! 10 Company Profile September 2009