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Community Engagement Evolve 2009

Community Engagement Evolve 2009



Evolve's Engaged Community Model

Evolve's Engaged Community Model



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    Community Engagement Evolve 2009 Community Engagement Evolve 2009 Presentation Transcript

    • Page 'Innovations in Community Engagement - 7 Simple Ways to get it right' exploring the EVOLVE Engaged Community Model ™   A workshop hosted by Carla Rogers, Principal of Evolve Facilitation and Coaching with guest Dr Ann Murphy.   Copyright © 2009 EVOLVE Facilitation and Coaching   As a registered workshop participant, you may print one copy of this document.   Beyond printing one copy, no part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise, or may be included in training or presentation materials without the prior written permission of EVOLVE Facilitation & Coaching.   For more information about the ideas in this presentation, please contact EVOLVE Facilitation & Coaching at +61 (2) 4476 5460 or visit our website at http://www.evolves.com.au/   This material is copyright ©2009 by EVOLVE. All rights reserved. An Evolve Virtual Workshop
    • Page   This material is copyright ©2009 by EVOLVE. All rights reserved. 7 Simple Ways? – An Overview
      • Idna – If I Don’t kNow – ask
      • The Naked Truth
      • The 5C Pathway
      • Informing? Come on!
      • Roles..the wally, birdbrain
      • A Crazy Smorgasbord
      • Flip it!
    • Page   This material is copyright ©2009 by EVOLVE. All rights reserved. This Session – Why?
      • We have 4 aims for this session:
      • To share with you our insights from 40 years of combined experience in working with communities
      • To ‘demystify’ community engagement and public participation jargon
      • To stimulate discussion on critical questions or concerns (that we have) about current practice
      • To hear your ideas, thoughts and suggestions
      • All in less than 1 hour 
    • The Golden Rule – Our No. 1 Ask Idna!! Page
    • Idna – What does she have to do with it???
      • Idna – If I Don’t kNow – ask
      • Creating and partnering with your design team
    • No.2 The Naked Truth! Be Proud of it! Page Truth Section
    • Truth – What do we mean?
      • Negotiable and Non-Negotiables
      • Defining the level of consultation and communicating it (see Evolve’s levels of engagement)
    • Evolve Engaged Community ™ Page SUPPORT The host organisation helps the community do what they want - perhaps within a framework of grants, advice and support provided by them. PARTNER The host organisation and the community partner to implement and deliver a solution. CO-DESIGN The host organisation and its community develop options and solutions together. ASSESSS The host organisation helps the community assess a proposal. The host organisation may also encourage and seek additional ideas and options. FEEDBACK There is opportunity for the community to provide feedback and comment on a proposal.
    • No 3. The 5 C’s you will never get lost! Page I am sorry, I’m a stranger here myself
    • Evolve Engaged Community Model ™ Page This material is copyright ©2009 by EVOLVE. All rights reserved.
    • Page Evolve’s 5 C’s CONTRIBUTION: People need varied and meaningful ways to contribute and are supported with the necessary capability (resources and information) to do so. CHOICE People are naturally curious and enjoy acquiring and exploring new ideas and information. They like to have a CHOICE about when, how and where they do this. CONNECTION: People enjoy having genuine opportunities to CONNECT with others, exchange thoughts, grow, evolve and improve. CLARITY Participants derive CLARITY from clear communication of the meeting objectives, process and intended outcomes. CONTINTUITY Meetings are part of a process, which, through continuing communication, can lead to the development, maintenance and strengthening of authentic long-term relationships between participants. It is critical to celebrate events and milestones in that relationship.
    • Page Evolve Engaged Community Model ™
    • No. 4 - Informing alone is informing, not engagement Page
    • Informing – what do we mean? Communicate throughout, as for informing – have a ball! Most Public Participation Models include notice/informing as a level of community engagement. At EVOLVE, as notice is a one way street, we maintain that is an essential part of community engagement. INFORMING alone however is NOT community engagement . Page
    • No.5 – Everyone has a part to play – what is yours? Page
    • Roles – What do we mean? Define them! There are a multitude of meaningful roles in any community engagement program. Help people to choose appropriate roles that work for them. Page
    • No.6 – A crazy smorgasbord Mix it Up!!!!!! Page
    • A smorgasbord - What do we mean? Select the right tool for the job – no square pegs in the round holes! (That is try different approaches) Page
    • No.7 Flip it!!!!!!!! Page
    • Flip it – What do we mean? Want to engage young people, busy people, parents, regional or remote people – you name it!! Well let’s get over our obsession with face to face techniques, especially public meetings! Page
    • Interesting Discussion
      • ‘ Terms’ of Engagement (is this a battle?)
      • Is old fashioned Public Relations good community engagement?
    • Next Steps...Want to get it right? Join an Evolve Community Engagement Training workshop (face to face and virtual) – we will ask you want you want and need and then partner with you to design a solution that works! Next public workshop, Gold Coast, Queensland, July 2009 – details released soon. www.evolves.com.au Page
    • What do you get from Evolve Training – No ‘Teflon’ here – it sticks!
      • A training solution that is for YOU and what you need!
      • Access to a world leading training resource 
      • Access to world leading practitioners
      • Learn how to identify the best methods for engaging with communities based on your organisation’s priorities, needs and capabilities and those of the communities
      • Core community engagement skills and tools to take back to your workplace, which will enable you to analyse and trouble-shoot your community engagement water management challenges
      • The development of high quality in-house community engagement resources
      • The resources to make it STICK and to give it (what you learnt) life!
      • Course notes and CD-ROM
    • So what have participants learnt? Their words....
      • This course can help us build stronger links across our organisation. This is needed for the overall strategic planning and delivery of our organisations services.
      • That we have fabulous resources to help us, especially making it clear to us the importance of pinning down the negotiables
      • It is amazing the large number of methods we have learned about and practiced.
      • I am relieved that I don’t have to facilitate meetings… there are better options out there that I now know about and I can still have a valuable role to play!
      • I think the 5 C’s are incredibly valuable.
      • It is great that we went through the actual processes of running consultations and didn’t just talk about them.
      • That we can draw on all these people ... there are great networking opportunities we can take advantage of. We learned to work as a team.
      • I learned the importance of pacing a meeting, as you did with the training course. I liked how you provided topic breaks and asked interesting questions so we stayed focused and involved – you walked your talk!
    • Ready for Action?? It is not that hard or even that risky  Call us (+61) 02 4476 5460 [email_address] www.evolves.com.au Page