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Industry Changers: From Olympic Swimmer to a Career at LinkedIn
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Industry Changers: From Olympic Swimmer to a Career at LinkedIn


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business

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  • For us, fundamentally changing the way the world works begins with our mission statement: To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. And by far and away the most important word in this mission is professional. This is our exclusive area of focus. There are only a handful of companies that can connect 100s of millions if not billions of people around the world in milliseconds and LinkedIn is the only one of those companies with an exclusive focus on professionals. And that continues to serve our members and customers well.
  • This mission statement manifests in our member value proposition and is the core focus for LinkedIn And the value we deliver to our members is 3 fold Identity: Maintaining their professional profile of record and networking with other professionalsInsights: finding insights to be better at what you doEverywhere: Working where ever you workAnd this is what keeps our members coming back every day.
  • LinkedIn is the best global talent pool, with a rapidly growing member base[RMs may remove this slide if context has already been set]
  • So with all these individuals updating their information and connecting and collaborating on these social platforms what does this mean for businesses?This activity on LinkedIn not only helps make professionals more productive and successful; it also creates the building blocks of a massive data set, data that can be used by companies to revolutionize the way they work. Specifically the way they Hire, Market and Sell.
  • These three functions are absolutely central to the success of any enterprise, large or small. Traditionally, they’ve been viewed as separate functions with unique requirements. But fundamentally, these functions have more similarities than differences.  Whether it’s finding the right talent; engaging the right professional with the right brand message; or making the sale, the needs are the same. You have to be able to 1) identify the right person b) engage them with content that is compelling; and 3) spur them to an action. This is what LinkedIn enables, better than anyone else.  LinkedIn has already fundamentally revolutionized how companies find talent. As the three core business functions of Hire, Market, and Sell converge, LinkedIn’s core data assets of millions of professional profiles and the graph of how they are connected to each other will be a critical tool to help companies succeed at all of them.
  • Talent is the most critical asset in an organization and LinkedIn is changing the game.Talent is the DNA of an organization.Professional networks and these digital professional profiles hold the key to helping organizations find and engage the world’s best passive talent. Or the golden needle in the haystack.Many organizations and talent professionals believe that the best quality candidates for their jobs are already working and are not proactively looking for their next opportunity. We call these people passive talent. LinkedIn helps organizations find and engage the best talent by matching the right talent with the right opportunity.
  • Top quality talent and happy candidates are productive employees.Primary messageLinkedIn helps organizations find and retain the best talent by matching the right talent with the right opportunity. LinkedIn empowers organizations to do more with less by unlocking the world’s largest professional network and developing a trusted employment brand, ultimately delivering better quality candidates quickly and more cost effectively. LinkedIn's flagship Recruiter product enables companies to do passive recruiting at scale, and thus focus recruiters’ valuable time on finding the ideal candidate from among LinkedIn's 187 million members, regardless of whether or not they are actively looking for a new role.  The better the company’s talent, the more effective the organization will be in building, marketing, and selling its products and services. Secondary messageLinkedIn can also help companies develop their talent brand, i.e. establishing why their company is the best place to work, a key advantage given the intensifying competition for the best and brightest on a global basis.  Interestingly, in this era of increasing transparency, the talent brand is no longer just about recruiting.  Consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on more than the quality of a company's products and services, and are now also interested in the company behind the product, e.g. the mission and vision, culture and values, the way the company sources product, how it gives back to the community, etc.  These qualities, while historically falling under the purview of the recruiter to communicate to potential prospects, is now a key part of the company's overall brand equity, bringing the CMO into the talent branding fold, while also putting the recruiter at the center of building a company’s brand. 
  • LinkedIn is the most effective place to engage with professionalsLinkedIn enhances a company’s brand presence and helps to build trusted consumer relationships with high quality audiences at scale. LinkedIn enables companies to engage with professionals in unprecedented ways, e.g. seniority, functional area, type of company, size of company, geography, etc. When combined with highly effective tools -- such as the company follower model, i.e. the ability to target a company's followers with status updates, white papers, headlines, new product announcements, etc.; custom groups; and special editions of LinkedIn Today, -- LinkedIn enables companies to deeply engage with one of the most influential, affluent, and highly-educated audiences on the Web.  LinkedIn’s audience enables marketers to target at scale the highest composition of influential, affluent and educated decision makersMembers have 2X more buying power than average, more than other top 5 social media sites$83k HHI average for members in US3.9MM CXOs and VPs among our members55% of members are college grads or have post-grad degrees
  • Brands that engage on LinkedIn drive relationships and superior resultsLinkedIn company followers are 2X more likely to purchase & recommend than non-followersLinkedIn is 4x better for B2B conversions vs. Twitter and FB, and generates 3x more leads than FB Members are nearly 50% more likely to purchase from a company they engage on LIOur clients have seen success with the formula Audience + Context = ResultsSecondaryAdditionally, LinkedIn provides companies an easy way to activate their most valuable influencers and evangelists -- their employees -- who are increasingly using LinkedIn.  By distributing relevant and valuable news and information to these employees, companies can reduce the friction inherent in traditional communication channels and can subsequently increase the likelihood that the right messages enjoy viral distribution to the right audiences.  
  • Let’s look at how Cathay Pacific leveraged LinkedIn to promote their newly designed business class cabin. They wanted to specifically target business travelers in the US who fly to Asia frequently and often travel business class. They wanted to raise awareness of the new cabin and generate engagement and recommendations among these travelers.                                                          We worked with them to help them leverage the sophisticated data on LinkedIn to segment and target business travelers who regularly fly between Asia Pacific and the West Coast. First, we used demographic targeting such as seniority and function to identify professionals who are likely to travel frequently are would be more likely to travel in business class. In order to isolate members who would be likely to travel to Asia, we overlayed the demographic targeting with participation of groups such as the China Network Groups and the connection of members in the US to people in Asia to find those with a high propensity to travel between the two markets.  The campaign was highly successful in reaching the right audience with an engaging message in the right context. 70% of campaign audience planned to take 1+ business class flights in next 12 months1300 poll responsesThey currently have over 675 recommendations, which are extremely valuable because of the relevance of the people who are recommending Cathay such as this example here.Challenge • Increase brand awareness among target market segment – people who y business class between the U.S. and AsiaSolution• Identify members who belong to LinkedIn groups related to business travel in Asia, such as Global Workers, China Networking Group, Hong Kong Connection• Target these members with Display Ads and Sponsored Polls• Establish Cathay Pacific Company Page on LinkedIn and use Status Updates and Recommendations to build awareness and drive engagementWhy LinkedIn? • Uniquely precise targeting by industry, group, job title, company• Engage with time-strapped business travelers in an environment where they’re already comfortable, engaged and spending timeResults • Three Sponsored Polls generated a total of 1,324 responses from business travelers • Recommendation Ads generated 97 recommendations on company Product Page• LinkedIn Research Network provides ongoing insight to ad effectiveness and provides useful data for future campaigns
  • LinkedIn advances relationships at the right time with the right individual and the right information.
  • Our LinkedIn founder – Reid Hoffman talks about I To the power of we in his book, co authored with Ben Casnocha, The Start Up of You.And this notion of I to the power of we is about leveraging your network and the relationships that you already have.And social selling empowers sales professionals to do just that.Social selling enables an organization’s salespeople to eliminate cold calls in favor of warm prospects by leveraging the power of their networks.  Now, rather than invest material cycles and investment in identifying cold call prospects and trying to reach them, employees can look up the prospect on LinkedIn, and via the prospects profile page, check for mutual connections up to three degrees and subsequently be introduced in the right context, materially increasing the chance to close deals faster because people buy more from people with whom they have relationships and trust. “People buy from People,(1) who understand their business,(2) understand them,(3) and trust to solve their problems.”Changing the game from serendipity…To science … as your network grows your ability to find, relate and engage is amplified and more accurate.Your network increases by 324xThe opportunity is for 324x leverage on the collective relationships across your firm
  • Through LinkedIn's Sales Navigator product, an organization’s salespeople can eliminate cold calls in favor of warm introductions by leveraging the power of not only their own, but their entire company’s LinkedIn networks.  Now, rather than invest cycles in the inefficient and fruitless effort of cold calling prospects, sales professionals can gain insight and find a warm introduction via the intelligence in LinkedIn:  the prospects profile page, mutual connections up to three degrees.   An introduction provides context and  materially increasing the chance to close deals faster because people buy more from people with whom they have relationships and trust. 
  • Loren Alhadeff didn’t know what to expect when his senior sales reps at Docusign tried out LinkedIn’s new sales lead generation product earlier last year. But they took to it right away and began using it every day to research prospects. Within 3 weeks, he rolled it out to the whole sales organization at the San Francisco- based online digital signature company.“Right now it’s our second more important sales tool, after Saleforce,” Alhadeff said of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator product. “Over 90% of our sales staff is using it now every day.”
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    • 1. Visit to browse all 2,000+ career mentors who you can connect with for career conversations, resume critiques and mock interviews. Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    • 2. featuring: Liliana Guiscardo Social Media and Talent Acquisition Specialist Hosted by: LeeAnn Mutchler Director of International Business Development Real Life Industry Changers: “How I went from Olympic athlete to finding a career at LinkedIn...(and how you can too)” Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    • 3. Presenting Liliana Guiscardo Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    • 4. Agenda 1. From Olympics to LinkedIn 2. LinkedIn Landscape 3. Social Media Trends 4. LinkedIn Defined 5. Careers at LinkedIn 6. Q&A Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    • 5. Our Mission. Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    • 6. Everywhere Work wherever our members work Insights Be great at what you do Identity Connect, find, and be found Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    • 7. LinkedIn: A global pool of Professionals 7 Europe, Middle East and Africa: 44M+ North America: 65M+ Asia Pacific: 40M+Latin America and Caribbean: 14M+ 225M+ Members worldwide 107 M+ Monthly unique visitors +2 new Members per second Monthly uniques source: Comscore Australia: 4M+ 95% Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn to hire Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    • 8. What does this mean for businesses? Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    • 9. Hire Engage the world’s best passive talent Sell Engage the world’s decision makers Market Engage most effectively with professionals Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    • 10. Hire Engage the world’s best passive talent Hosted by: Career Advisors on
    • 11. Talent powers everything you do.
    • 12. The very best candidates are often happily employed
    • 13. Linkedin Recruiter 14 ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. • Search 225+ million Members on Linkedin (over 4 million in Australia alone) to find the right candidates for your roles. • Get full access to names & full profiles. • Send communication at scale to multiple members. • Advanced filters to allow you to quickly identify the right profiles. • Build a talent pipeline for immediate and future vacancies. • Manage all recruitment in one place with CRM functionality Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 14. Recruiter: Build your shortlist of candidates 15 TIME SAVER: Using LinkedIn Recruiter effectively requires less than 15 minutes a day, giving valuable time back to busy Senior level managers. Quickly zero-in on the right candidates with search filters Get Their Full Profile ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
    • 15. Recruiter: Send a message to these members Make your communications ultra efficient 1616 ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 16. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 17. Market Engage most effectively with professionals Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 18. The most effective place to engage with professionals 55% 2 College grad or post grad $83K 2 Average household income Business Decision Makers 7.9M 1 Sources: 1. Internal LinkedIn data, October 2012; 2. The Nielsen Company @ Plan Rel 4 2011; 3. comScore US Media Metrix Data, September 2012 3 2xMore buying power than average Internet sites Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 19. Brands are driving superior results 2x more likely to purchase and recommend1 Company Followers 4x better vs. Twitter and Facebook2 B2B conversions 50% more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn3 Company Presence Sources: 1. Client Follower research study in the U.S., 2012; 2. Hubspot study of 3,128 B2B companies in 2011; 3. LinkedIn Follower Research, 2012 Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 20. Engaging the right audience with the right message at the right time Media + data = results Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 21. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 22. Sell Engage the world’s decision makers Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 23. Relationships matter
    • 24. Advancing relationships with Sales Navigator LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved
    • 25. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. “Over 90% of our sales staff is using LinkedIn Sales Navigator every day.” Loren Alhadeff Vice President – Corporate Sales at DocuSign, Inc
    • 26. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 27. Some Legends I met along the way… Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 28. Connect Book your one-on-one session with Liliana at Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 29. Questions & Answers Hosted by:See the rest at
    • 30. Questions & Answers Question 1: What sort of roles and careers are available at LinkedIn? Hosted by:See the answer at
    • 31. Questions & Answers Question 2: How do I best tailor my resume or CV to look like a LinkedIn candidate? Hosted by:See the answer at
    • 32. Questions & Answers Question 3: Are there opportunities for upward mobility into a management position? How long does it take to reach a management role? Hosted by:See the answer at
    • 33. Questions & Answers Question 4: Could you expound upon the details in leveraging your leadership ability within an MBA context? Hosted by:See the answer at
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