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Shodhana laboratories is considered to be one of the most dynamic pharma intermediates, pharmaceutical chemicals, pharma chemicals manufacturing companies. we offer a wide range of active ingredients, intermediates and other products for pharmaceutical application.

Today, we have the technically most advanced production facilities and our entire manufacturing process is as per ich & cgmp guidelines. we also have a world class r&d lab manned by a dynamic team of highly qualified and experienced scientists.

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Shodhana laboratories

  1. 1. Shodhana LaboratoriesAbout Us:Shodhana laboratories is considered to be one of the most dynamic pharmaintermediates, pharmaceutical chemicals, pharma chemicals manufacturingcompanies. we offer a wide range of active ingredients, intermediates andother products for pharmaceutical application.Today, we have the technically most advanced production facilities andour entire manufacturing process is as per ich & cgmp guidelines. we alsohave a world class r&d lab manned by a dynamic team of highly qualifiedand experienced scientists.Our motto is to achieve total customer satisfaction. our endeavor is tocontinuously offer effective and reliable products at most competitiveprices within scheduled time frame. support the manufacturers (pre sale &post sale) with necessary documentation.Our Mentors & Team:The company is established and headed by a technocrat who has more than20 years of rich experience in pharmaceutical industry. he has workedwith blue chip companies like warner hindustan, standard organics etc.besides these companies, he had also held the position of senior vp -technical and bulk operations in cheminor drugs, a dr reddys groupcompany. in his present endeavor he has been accompanied by a doctoratewho has 17 to 20 years experience in r& d and also other professional whohave 20-25 years of experience in production.Our Products RangeWe offer various types of pharma intermediates and pharma chemicals forpharmaceutical drugs. these products are manufactured strictly as per gmpq7a guidelines.Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and its Intermediatesboc-prolinamidecarvedilolcarvedilol phosphatecitalopram hydrobromideduloxetine hydrochlorideescitalopram oxalatel-prolinamideondansetronondansetron hydrochloride dihydrateoxatomideoxatomide monohydraterivastigminerivastigmine hydrogen tartraterosiglitazonesertraline hydrochloridetopiramateOther Products:
  2. 2. 1,3- CyclohexanedioneL-Valine methyl ester hydrochloride (Valsatran Intermediate)N-Methyl-1-Naphthyl methylamine hydrochloride (Terbinafine Intermediate)Products under development / consideration:carteolol hydroclorideclonixin lysineibuprofen piconolnebivololpramipexole dihydrochloride monohydrateraloxifene hydrochloriderepaglinider-ondansetronrosiglitazone maleatetolterodine tartratetopiramatevoriconazoleprosugrelOur Services:With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we even undertake customsynthesis and contract manufacturing. we are already dealing with numberof mnc companies. having a team of core technical experts to handle toughchemistry, we welcome our customers for custom synthesis and contractmanufacturing.Our StrengthCapabilities to carry out various chemical reactions to name few :good knowledge of cgmp requirements, regulatory requirements, systemsdevelopment and implementationcompetent in dmf preparations and filingawareness to us fda and other regulatory inspections.good knowledge of polymorphism, which includes preparation of differentpolymorphs in manufacturing scale, analysis by powder xrd, dsc & ir aswell as their interpretationgood knowledge in patent evaluation, implications and patenting processesseveral patents in the name of ceo and vp - technicalbeing filed 5-10 process patentsresolutions & racemizationsreductionsoxidations (kmno4,oppenaeur, periodate)dieckmann reaction · darzens glycidic ester synthesisalkylationsgrignard reactionsexperienced in handling chemicals like phosphorous oxychloride, thionylchloride, bromine etc.cyclisationsamidationsfischer indole synthesisaromatisations
  3. 3. Vision:"To achieve and establish a reputation for our technical capabilities,cGMP commitments and deliveries."Mission:Our mission is to achieve a turnover of Rs 1500 million by 2010 and wehave been working hard by - * Introducing One bulk active to the existing product range everyyear * Take the existing molecules to regulated markets * Establish tie-ups with reputed organizations for their bulk productrequirements * Custom synthesis / Contract ManufacturingAchievements & Accreditions:Since our establishment, we have achieved several milestones as themanufacturer of active pharma intermediates, pharma chemicals andintgredient for pharmaceutical applications. some of our achievementsare:who gmp certification and iso 9001-2000 certificationdecent turn over from exportsavailability of dmf for all productsfiled and accessed dmf for carvedilol, present in europe marketfiled and accessed citalopram dmf in uk and supplying the productInfrastructure:Pharmaceutical in indialocated in hyderabad (30 to 45 minutes from airport), we have a state-of-the-art infrastructural set-up with the mostadvanced equipments and machineries. being at hyderabad, we have an edgein terms of material sourcing, exporting, business networking, etc.further, at our unit, there are integrated sections for production having35 reaction vessels, quality testing, product packaging and storagefacilities.Facilities:Pharma intermediates manufacturersin addition to our moderninfrastructure set-up, we also have the following facilities:2 acre land in jeedimetla, hyderabad for future production expansion4.5 acre land in vizag pharma city for future expansionQuality:We are committed towards furnishing superior quality products. for that ateam of pharmaceutical quality control experts minutely scan each andevery stage of production. we have integrated quality control lab which
  4. 4. is well-equipped with requisite equipment such as gc (head space andnormal), hplc systems, uv, ftir spectrophotometers and autopolpolarimeter. these machines are used to carry out impurity profiles andregular analysis of products.Our Products:active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug intermediates, pharmaceuticalchemicals, carvedilol, citalopram hydrobromide, l-valine methyl esterhydrochloride and methyl amine hydrochloride, active pharmaceuticalingredients, carvedilol, carvedilol phosphate, citalopram hydrobromide,duloxetine hydrochloride, escitalopram oxalate, ondansetron, ondansetronhydrochloride dihydrate, oxatomide, oxatomide monohydrate, rivastigminehydrogen tartrate, sertraline hydrochloride.for more details please visit at: Us:Shodhana Laboratories LimitedMr. Giridhar Thota +(91)-9392593927Phone: +(91)-(40)-66844664/66844665Flat No. 705, Aditya Trade Center AmeerpetHyderabad, Andhra Pradesh - 500 038, India