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PhoTouris Your Special Guide to Easy and Enjoyable Travel
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PhoTouris Your Special Guide to Easy and Enjoyable Travel


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PhoTouris offers highly functional travel planning experience coupled with inspiring guided tours developed by expert travelers.

PhoTouris offers highly functional travel planning experience coupled with inspiring guided tours developed by expert travelers.

Published in: Travel

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  • 1. Your Guide to the World of Visually Rich Exploration Travel Shaped and Endorsed by Expert Travelers’ Community By Evgeny Torkanovskiy Tel. +7 (985) 210 68 28
  • 2. Global Problems of Discretionary Travelers •  Where to go? •  How to obtain best possible experience and be sure that it’s really the best? •  Where to find knowledgeable guides? •  How not to lose your track if offline? •  How to make money on my knowledge of particular places? !People need guides and solutions to lead them both online and offline and people are ready to become guides for others 2
  • 3. Solution PhoTouris It combines: •  high-quality visual and informational content; •  exceptional trip planning, navigation and management tools; •  social community and peer-to-peer community approval services.
  • 4. Present Stage •  Service engine ready with integrated functionalities (trip navigation, lodging, transport and other POI booking, sharing, joining and editing modes etc.) •  Web-site in alpha mode •  >40 guided tours in Tour Library •  PhoTouris Navigator for iOS ready •  Core professional development team working on the project •  >$850K invested to date •  Concept tested 4
  • 5. Solution – Web Site
  • 6. Solution – Mobile App Planner Router Navigator
  • 7. Executive Team Dmitry Arhipov, 47, founder, CEO Founded in 1993 Akella, leading computer games developer, publisher and distributor (> 250 games, > 2 mln. copies of Pirates of the Carribean sold worldwide). Brought Intel and Quadriga as shareholders in 2004. World-renowned photographer, >1 mln. visitors to personal exhibitions Dmitry Rogatin, 41, CTO Head of development team in Akella Co-founder of major online tour operator for destinations in Latin America Igor Isaev, 23, Head of development Python Developer in Bars Group, python, django, flask, js, backbonejs, spinejs, redis Karen Grigoryan, 24, Head of mobile Isida head programmer – social network and mobile app for National Badminton Federation Mobile apps and games developer 7
  • 8. Market size and dynamics Target Audience •  > 1 bln international travelers!in 2013!with 6% annual growth ! •  Of which 15-20% of discretionary travelers whose share grows with market maturity to 20-25% Market size 1.  Online travel market -$525 bln in 2013 – 25% of total travel market volume 2.  Discretionary travelers spend "$100 bln!p.a. 3.  Of which 50% is airline travel purchases. ! Our market segment is worth $50 bln p.a. 8
  • 9. Competitors High Quality Content Airlines Sites Google Maps Booking PhoTouris Expedia Specialist Service Trip Advisor Integrated Services Trip planning sites Low Quality Content 9
  • 10. Business Model Revenue •  40% - Hotel Room Booking Revenue Subscriber Activity/ Ent‘t Provider PhoTouris Advertiser Lodging Provider (OTA) •  25% - Guided Tours Sales •  20% - Online Advertising Revenue •  10% - Activity GDS Revenue •  5% - Other 10
  • 11. Key milestones 2014-2018 2014 2015 Product Local Launch Global Launch Scale Up Active Users 50,000 0.6 mln 50 mln* Revenue $100,000 $2.3 mln $277 mln* Investments $800,000 $15 mln $15mln** 2016-2018 *2018F **2016 11
  • 12. Requests We seek for Round A: 1.  $800k (Seed/Round A) 2.  Silicon Valley and world travel industry connections Investment Uses 1% 17% Development 14% Marketing and PR 68% Maintenance G&A 3.  Investor’s Online Travel focus and expertise 12