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Developing direct reports coaching program

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1 on 1 Executive Coaching Program for CXO's on how to develop their direct reports

1 on 1 Executive Coaching Program for CXO's on how to develop their direct reports

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  • 1. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt LtdDevelopingDirect Reports© WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd 2012WhiteLight Consulting
  • 2. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt LtdAboutUsDevelopingDirectReportsCoachingSessionsTheTeamAgenda2• About Us• Signature Coaching Program – Developing Direct Reports• Overview of Coaching Sessions• The Team
  • 3. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt LtdAbout WhiteLight Consulting• White Light is what the human eye sees when all the colors of the visible lightspectrum are combined. It is this light that makes it possible to view onessurroundings.• Shedding light on the combined relationships of people, processes, and businessstrategy in everything we do, WhiteLight Consulting helps organizations use Learningand Development as an effective business strategic tool.• At WhiteLight Consulting, we are passionately driven by our mission of ensuring thatour interventions impact business objectives.• Our motto is “Consult. Inspire. Result." and we are committed to ensuring that as aresult of our interventions, there are shifts and changes in behavior and in skill levels.3
  • 4. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd 4Signature Program – Developing Direct ReportsUnskilled• Not a people developer orbuilder.• Very results driven and tactical.• Doesn’t see long termdevelopment as his job.• May not know the aspirationsof people, may not hold careerdiscussion.• May prefer to select for talentrather than develop it.Skilled• Provides challenging tasksand assignments.• Aware of eachperson’s career goals.• Constructs compellingdevelopment plans andexecutes them.• Pushes people to acceptdevelopmental moves.• Will take on those who needhelp and further development.Overused Skill• Concentrates on thedevelopment of a few at theexpense of many.• Creates work inequities aschallenging assignments areparceled out.• May endorse the latestdevelopmental fad within theorganisation and cooperatewith the system even when itdoesn’t make sense for anindividual.4Ideal Categorybut most peopleare in other twocategoriesYour managers can be segmented on basis of :
  • 5. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd 5Developing Direct Reports – Where Do We Start ?5If the Manager is in Unskilled category, then focus will be on :1. Caring about direct reports , compassion , confronting direct reports, delegation,directing others, Informing, listening, managing and measuring work, motivating others,sizing up people, building effective teams or understanding others.2. Project and Coaching will be done around one or all of the above competencies that the person may need todevelop.3. Time investment per person – 90 minutes per coaching session + work related assignments.4. Duration - 3 months..If the Manager is in Overused skilled category, then focus will be on :1. Caring about direct reports, conflict management, delegation, directing others, managingdiversity, fairness to direct reports, hiring and staffing, managing and measuring work,motivating others, Planning and Sizing up people.2. Project and Coaching will be done around one or all of the above competencies that the person may need todevelop3. Time investment per person – 90 minutes per coaching session+ work related assignments.4. Duration - 3 months..
  • 6. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt LtdToo Busy ? Where do we Start ?Want to develop people ?Delegate for developmentDo you know the current state ?Start with an appraisal• Are you optimising stress ?Problems giving feedback ?Learn the guidelines for giving effective feedbackDo you help your people learn by looking forrepeating patterns ?Creating a developmental planCan you influence people to take a challenge ?Sell developmentDeveloping Direct Reports – How of the Project ?Want to open their minds ? Build perspective
  • 7. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd 77Session 1 – Developing the Direct ReportsToo Busy ? Where Do We Start ?1. Annual appraisal of the person in terms of current strengthsand weaknesses and of the competencies he/she needs todevelop to move on to the next step.2. Career discussion with each person. What does he/shewant? What will he/she sacrifice to get there ?3. Creating a 3-5 year development plan and sharing it with theperson4. Present your findings and recommendations of the directreports to the Organisation (Succession planning/developmental plan etc)You have to invest some time. For most managers, time is what they have the least of to give.For the purposes of developing others beyond todays job, you need to allocate about 8 hours peryear per direct report.
  • 8. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd 88Session 2 – Developing the Direct ReportsDo you know the current state ? Start with an appraisalFocus areas1. How to hire and staff in line with your objectives.2. Sizing up people.Problems giving feedback ?Learn the guidelines for giving effective feedbackFocus areas1. How to give accurate, balanced and real time feedback to yourdirect reports.2. Confronting direct reports - If there are negatives, they needto know the negatives as soon as possible.3. How you can mentor your direct reports.
  • 9. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd 99Session 3 – Developing the Direct ReportsCreating a Developmental PlanFocus Area1. Help you create a development plan that, if followed,actually would work.2. A good plan would have 70% job and task content; 20%people to study, listen to, and work with: and 10% coursesand readings.Want to Develop People ? Delegate for developmentFocus Area1. Help you delegate for development; by coaching you in how you canuse parts of your own job to develop others. Take tasks which are nolonger development for you, but would be for others.2. How to assign out-of-comfort zone task that meets the followingcriteria : The task needs to be done, the person hasnt done it orisnt good at it, and the task calls for a skill the person needs todevelop.The focus will be on varied assignments - more of the same isnt developmental.
  • 10. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd 1010Session 4 – Developing the Direct ReportsAre you optimising stress ?Focus Area :1. Delegating real, challenging work to your direct reports.2. Your coaching of the direct reports to ensure successfulexecution of the tasks.Do you help your people learn by looking for repeating patternsFocus Areas :1. Encourage reflections.2. Help them reduce insights to principles or rules of thumbthat might be repeatable.
  • 11. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd 1111Session 5 – Developing the Direct ReportsCan you influence people to take on a challenge ?Sell developmentFocus Area :1. Part of developing others is convincing people that tough,new , challenging and different assignments are good forthem.Want to open their minds ? Build perspectiveFocus Area :1. Give the people under you, who have the potential forbigger and better things assignments that take themoutside your function, unit or business.2. Help them expand their perspectives.
  • 12. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt LtdWhiteLight Consulting : Our Coaching Approach12
  • 13. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt LtdWhiteLight Consulting13
  • 14. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt LtdWhiteLight Consulting : The Team14Sandeep Kaul• MDI, Gurgaon Alumnus.• 15 years work exp. with TopCorporates• Strength -UnderstandingBusiness Strategy InsightsShreyanka Basu Ekka• National expert in MarketResearch and ConsumerInsight• Visiting Faculty at IIM- L, IIFTand MDIPriyanka Kaul• NIFT, Delhi Alumnus.• Design Exp – 9 years• Theatre Exp – 6 years• National Award Winner inTheatre ExcellenceHow to reach us :WhiteLight Consulting Pvt LtdRegus,Level 1, Trade Centre, Bandra Kurla ComplexBandra (East), Mumbai 400051Phone +91 22 61623250 | Mobile +91 9820077876 ; +91 9820436799Email sandeep.kaul@everythingtraining.inwww.everythingtraining.inTranslating Training into Business Results !We have a team of 9 accredited Executive Coaches / Facilitators with us.
  • 15. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt LtdWhiteLight Consulting : Our Complete Solution Suite15Sales TrainingTieup with Sales Momentum, USALeader in Consultative Sales TrainingYou have a Sales Challenge, We have the Answer !Employee WorkshopsEmployee workshops focusing on business communication, driving change, developingdirect reports, team work & collaboration and leadership.Executive coaching by accredited coach.Using Arts Media for Workplace TrainingLeading firm in India for Arts based Training Programs for CorporatesWe can use Arts media to address 6 training competencies at workplace – leadership, teamdevelopment, self awareness, communication, creativity & innovation and collaboration.Can be used in in-house workshops and business offsites.Customised Theatre Plays for CorporatesHave done customised plays for large Indian Corporates (FMCG, BFSI, Technology) aroundorganisational values, product launches and employee engagement.ConsultingHigh Performance Teams – How to sustain their performance ?Fixing Dysfunctional teams to give results
  • 16. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt LtdTerms of ConfidentialityOur client’s industries are extremely competitive. Theconfidentiality of client’s plans and data is obviously critical.WhiteLight Consulting will protect the confidentiality ofall such client information.Similarly, consulting is a competitive business. We view ourapproaches and insights as proprietary and therefore look toour clients to protect WhiteLight Consulting interests in ourpresentations, methodologies and analytical techniques. Thismaterial should not be shared with any third party without thewritten consent of WhiteLight Consulting.Copyright © 2013 WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd16Consult. Inspire. Result.
  • 17. WhiteLight Consulting Pvt LtdThank you for your attention!17© WhiteLight Consulting Pvt Ltd 2012 All rights reserved. Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publicationmay be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a database and retrieval system or transmitted in any form or any means (electronic, mechanical,photocopying, recording or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the owner of copyrightLet Our World become Your World !