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The Social Inbox Kenya

The Social Inbox Kenya



The Social Inbox presentation covers social media and email marketing and how they can be used to complement each other, instead of compete. This version of the original presentation includes ...

The Social Inbox presentation covers social media and email marketing and how they can be used to complement each other, instead of compete. This version of the original presentation includes statistics and context that's relevant to Kenya.



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  • Explore how email is evolving in a social media environment
  • Everlytic is anintegrated email, mobile and social communications softwareStarted out in a garage 8 years ago, now over 50 staff membersCater for corporates and mom & pop shopsWe really love what we do
  • Focus on emerging markets
  • How has it changed the way your company communicates?10 years ago there was no Facebook, Twitter etc:News from the social mediaOpinions for purchase decisions
  • Funny, but interesting video that highlights how Social Media has become an integral part of our lives.
  • Slide shows 2012 Stats Kenya has experienced 27.5 % growth between 2000 - 2012 for internet usage Figures are higher in 2013 - according to iHub stats 16 M internet users as of 2013
  • These are the largest FB markets in Africa Almost 2 million Kenyans sharing brand stories and purchase decisions on FBIf you are a brand and you are not interacting with potential clients on FB, you are missing out.
  • Inherently built for sharing and engagement, perfect place to cultivate valuable business relationships.Move from a company-to-buyer marketing model to a peer-to-peer influence model – incentivize people to share
  • Each year people predict the death of email, research proves otherwiseEmail second only to organic SEO for ROI [eConsultancy survey 2013]The average return on each pound spent on email was £21.48Salesforce Acquires ExactTarget for $2.5B
  • We asked people what is the first thing that they do when going online. (Everlytic research)Results where overwhelmingly emailThat’s because email is a productivity tool
  • People still prefer email for sharing important contentThat’s because of the privacy and trust in email
  • Need you email to create any account onlineFabric of online interaction
  • Social sharing can increase click-through rates as much as 30% [Email Marketing and Social Sharing Media Integration Report“]85% of the retailers surveyed included a Facebook link in their email campaigns
  • Not just about adding icons to a mailerUsing social media as research for topical contentSharing online versions of mailer on social mediaTesting subject lines by posting on twitter
  • Let people know what you want the to doClear call to actionBeautiful, simple and elegant design
  • Again, simple email designMailer was created with single purpose of promoting social media channels
  • Fan to customer model to measure ROI from SM spend by moving fans trough funnel to be subscribers
  • FacebookiFrame for growing subscriber base.
  • iFrame creation example in facebook
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bXjgx4J0C4Video on how Mobile is transforming AfricaMobile has revolutionized how Africa communicates, shops and plays
  • Mobile is a transformative force in AfricaBiggest challenge in mobile is usabilitySecond challenge is feature phones. SMS addresses this challenge
  • More than half of S. Africans prefer to read emails on the go
  • Fixed lines vs mobile – 70% more people use mobile phones than fixed lines Mobile opens up a whole new market, especially for lower LSMsSource: iHub Research published on blog
  • SMS and email make a great combination.
  • Don’t send SMS at night or too early in the morningSend something that is valuable and has a clear call to actions
  • SMS has an insane read rate
  • Case StudyKFC ran an sms campaign with coupons on free extra when buying a mealThe results were very good.13% of coupons were redeemed
  • Funnel

The Social Inbox Kenya The Social Inbox Kenya Presentation Transcript

  • Website www.everlytic.co.ke @lombees | @everlytic | WiFi U/name:iHub 1 &2 Pass: ihubnairobi #SocialInboxKE Address Comworld Business Centre, Alfaways Centre 1st Floor, Opp Yaya Centre, Off Ring @TwitterAds | Confidential 1
  • www.everlytic.co.ke The social inbox: Commercial email in a multi-channel environment www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke Has social media fundamentally changed the way we communicate? www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • Internet Usage for Kenya 16M+ The number of Kenyans going online on a daily basis Internet Users Source: CCK, iHub Research, July 2013 41.6% Internet Penetration The portion of the Kenyan population that have access to the internet Source: CCK, iHub Research, July 2013 1.8M+ Facebook Users Kenya ranks 7th in Africa for Facebook usage. @TwitterAds | Confidential 7 Source: SocialBakers
  • @TwitterAds | Confidential 8
  • Successful social marketing www.everlytic.co.ke  Lay down the groundwork  Get content shared from peer to peer.    Refer a Friend Social Sweepstakes Flash Deal  Find the right tools www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke What’s the first thing you do when going online? 70.00% 60.00% 50.00% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% 10.00% 0.00% Email Facebook News www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE Other Social Network Search Engine Twitter
  • www.everlytic.co.ke 93% Use email to share information online 56% Share information via Facebook 40% Share information via SMS www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke Social needs Email www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke Let your “digital paperboy” hail in unison with your other broadcasters www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke Email + Social = Digital Kung Fu www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke Implement a social strategy in your email campaigns www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • Fan to Customer model www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE www.everlytic.co.ke
  • www.everlytic.co.ke www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke Now let’s see in it action! www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • Email and Mobile: Match made for ROI www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE www.everlytic.co.ke
  • Mobile stats in Africa. www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE www.everlytic.co.ke
  • “Mobile users will do everything desktop users will do, provided it’s presented in a usable way” www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE www.everlytic.co.ke
  • www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke http://www.ihub.co.ke/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Mobile-use-infographic-edited1.png www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke The One-two punch effect www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke Short, time sensitive communications www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke 90% of SMS Text Messages Are Read Within Minutes of Delivery. www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • http://www.cellit.com/wp-content/themes/hyperion_bg/style/pdf/kfc_case_study.pd www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke • Social Media is an excellent magnet and amplifier for email. • Let them compliment rather than compete. • Leverage social channels to enhance list building efforts • SMS has excellent open rate. Use it! • Mobile is time sensitive, but effective www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE
  • www.everlytic.co.ke #Questions / #Comments / #ThatWasAwesome / #SeriouslyThatWasPrettyDarnAmazing / #Couldn’tKeepMyEyesOpen / #SomeoneTell… www.everlytic.co.ke | @everlytic | #SocialInboxKE