Introduction to Everblue's LEED Training Courses


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Everblue is an award-winning sustainability education provider. We have been specializing in LEED exam prep and LEED training since 2008. This presentation outlines the LEED training options available at Everblue.

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  • There are multiple BPI certifications available. This class is dedicated to Building Analyst Certification (top left). There are additional single family certifications as well as multifamily certifications (second row). Although credentials can be earned in any order, Building Analyst is the beginner credential, so that’s where most students start.Envelope/Shell Professional Certification (second from left) is very closely related to Building Analyst Certification. Many students who want to earn a second credential go after the Envelope Professional certification because of the 80% overlap between the two. The biggest benefit to someone with two credentials is that their firm can become a BPI Accredited contractor, which makes them eligible to participate in a number of federal and state programs, including the Homestar program’s Gold Level.
  • Introduction to Everblue's LEED Training Courses

    1. 1. The LEED Family
    2. 2. Path to LEED Accreditation This LEED PE logo is not actually from GBCI. We have included this “logo” for the purpose of Product Training to show where LEED PE falls in the process.
    3. 3. Everblue’s LEED Courses Entry Level LEED Green Associate LEED Version 4 LEED Project Experience Advanced LEED AP Building Design and Construction LEED AP Operations and Maintenance Continuing Education 6 LEED-Specific CMP Hours LEED Credential Maintenance for Green Associates LEED Credential Maintenance for Accredited Professionals
    4. 4. Entry Level LEED Courses LEED Green Associate • New to LEED? Start Here! • Overview of LEED Rating Systems • Overview of LEED Credit Categories • Test Format, Exam Interface, Study Tips LEED Version 4 • Why LEED is Upgrading to v4 • Identifying the Big Changes • How v4 will Affect the Credit Categories • Outlining the LEED v4 Approval Process LEED Project Experience • LEED Online • Project Registration • Submissions by Credit Category Only available as on-demand webinar!
    5. 5. Advanced LEED Courses LEED AP Building Design and Construction – aka LEED AP BD+C • Understand LEED Credits & Intents and How They Support Sustainable Design • Describe How LEED Uses Standards & Metrics to Measure Environmental Impacts • Explain the Team Dynamics of Designing, Building, and Operating a LEED Building • Apply LEED Process to Sustainable Design Projects • Perform Technical Analyses Required for LEED Credits LEED AP Operations and Maintenance – aka LEED AP O+M • Measure Operations, Improvements, and Maintenance on a Consistent Scale • Understand LEED Credits & Intents • Perform Technical Analyses Required for LEED Credits • Understand the Documentation Required for a Project During Its Performance Period
    6. 6. LEED Credential Maintenance 6 LEED-Specific CMP Hours • FREE for LEED Green Associates and LEED APs LEED Credential Maintenance for Green Associates • 10 General Hours Available as on-demand webinars! LEED Credential Maintenance for Accredited Professionals • 24 General Hours Now, LEED Green Associates need 15 CMP hours every two years. Enroll in: 6 LEED-Specific CMP Hours + LEED CMP for Green Associates (6+10=16) LEED Aps need 30 CMP hours every two years. Enroll in: 6 LEED-Specific CMP Hours + LEED CMP for Aps (6+24 = 30)
    7. 7. LEED Selling Points – Why LEED? Individual Benefits • Employers and clients view LEED Accredited individuals as more qualified than nonaccredited candidates • LEED Accreditation provides a solid foundation of knowledge that allows for a viable new career path, even if you’ve had no prior experience in the industry • LEED Accredited individuals are listed on GBCI’s website directory of LEED Professionals • Add this marketable credential to your business card, resume, and LinkedIn profile Employer Benefits • Employers may become eligible for projects on which owners are mandating the participation of a LEED Accredited individual • Accreditation strengthens a company’s chance of winning an RFP that requires the participation of a LEED Accredited individual. • Hiring LEED Accredited individuals encourages the growth and understanding of the LEED certification process
    8. 8. Why Everblue? Everblue can Now Submit Student CMP Hours Directly to GBCI on Behalf of the Student • Convenience – student simply completes a form (available in their LMS course), and we will submit their hours. May take 15 business days to be reflected in their GBCI account. Award-Winning Instructors and Company • Everblue won Fearless Leader at 2013 USGBC-NC Green Gala Sustainable Business Awards • Everblue won a Bronze Stevie Award for Best Brand Experience in 2013 • Joan Mahon was a finalist for CEC’s Educator of the Year award in 2013 • Greg Hamra won Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce “Green Visionary” Award in 2011 International Credibility • Everblue has provided LEED training in Hong Kong, France, UK, Costa Rica, etc. Courses Approved by ACICS and GBCI • Students can earn CMP hours for LEED and non-LEED classes from Everblue
    9. 9. LEED’s Adopted Cousin
    10. 10. Who is LEED’s Adopted Cousin? For the purposes of this presentation, you may consider Certified Sustainability Manager – aka CSM to be the adopted cousin of LEED. The learning objectives for LEED and CSM are similar, and we often see crossover in students taking both courses.
    11. 11. About CSM Certified Sustainability Manager • Define “Sustainability” • Understand the Factors Driving Sustainability • Learn the History of Sustainability • Discuss Reporting Metrics and Organizations * Students will complete an Everblue exam at the conclusion of this course. Upon passage of this exam, students will receive a certificate – not a certification.