LinkedIn Checklist for Advancement


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With over 230M members, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network.

This LinkedIn Checklist for Advancement is specifically geared to advancement, alumni relations and development professionals looking for ways to be better informed and to keep a professional fundraising presence.

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LinkedIn Checklist for Advancement

  1. 1. updated! Checklist for Advancement
  2. 2. Imagine walking into a donor cocktail reception. On average, the crowd is over 35, nearly 50% earn over $100,000 and many work in Finance and Technology. Every second, two more potential donors join the party. Not a bad reception to walk into...and there are already 225 million attendees.* Welcome to LinkedIn: the world’s professional network. In this checklist learn how to make LinkedIn a core component of your fundraising strategy. *Credit: LinkedIn Press 2
  3. 3. LinkedIn Checklist for Advancement LinkedIn by the Numbers (page 4) Optimizing your Profile for Stewardship (page 8) 3 Tips for LinkedIn Groups (page 12) Social Donor Intelligence: Prospect Research (page 17) Harness LinkedIn’s New Features (page 20) 3
  4. 4. LinkedIn’s user base of 225M represents 200 countries. *Credit: LinkedIn Press 4
  5. 5. Who do they Look Like? 4 in 5 LinkedIn users drive business decisions. 42% of members make over $100,000 a year in salary. 39% are Managers, Directors, Owners, Chief Officers or VPs. Members include executives from all 2012 Fortune 500 Companies. 93% more likely to be college graduates than the average adult online. *Credit: LinkedIn Marketing 5
  6. 6. Activity on LinkedIn In 2012, LinkedIn users conducted 5.7 billion professional searches. More than 2.9 million companies have LinkedIn company pages. In the last year LinkedIn experienced a 170% inc. in mobile use. *Credit: LinkedIn Press 6
  7. 7. LinkedIn Checklist for Advancement ✓ LinkedIn by the Numbers (page 4) Optimizing your Profile for Stewardship 3 Tips for LinkedIn Groups Social Donor Intelligence: Prospect Research Harness LinkedIn’s New Features 7
  8. 8. Profile Photo: It’s Time to Smile! Donors, potential board members and colleagues are much more apt to trust a profile with a face than with a blank headshot. Avoid nonprofessional photos from a night on the town, but don’t be shy to show your personality. Bad If your institution takes head shots that’s a good bet -- either copy the photo from the website or contact your public affairs office to see if you can get a new picture with a recognizable school landmark. Bad Good 8
  9. 9. Be Fun to Talk to. Create a Captivating Headline & Summary LinkedIn gives you a 120 characters to describe yourself in your headline – make them count. In your summary, seize the open format to give readers the full view of who you are and what drives you. While writing your copy ask yourself the question: “Why am I on LinkedIn” and think of the keywords that one would search in relation to your answer. Do not write in first person. Include those keywords, but also make sure to not sound like a robot! Make it a Custom Fit LinkedIn allows you to create a custom url to your name, and to label your “company sites” with your own copy. Customizing this information makes your profile easier to find when donors are searching for you. Give and Get: Endorsements Recently, LinkedIn has made it easier than ever to give endorsements and to be endorsed. Just remember to add plenty of skills to your profile (you can add up to 50!) and your next supportive nod is just a click away. Longer written recommendations still pull in more credibility. The best way to get started on collecting the praise? Write one for a colleague, or for your favorite donors! 9
  10. 10. Pssst...Here’s a Few Extras. Power Up with LinkedIn Applications LinkedIn permits third parties to submit apps for an extra profile punch. Use popular apps like Amazon’s Reader’s List to display your favorite book titles, or Trip It to show what your upcoming schedule on the road looks like. You never know, the next time you travel to NYC a major donor might spot you’re coming to town and also be a big fan of Malcom Gladwell! Reach More Donors, Board Members & Colleagues Groups provide a way for you to connect with members outside your reach. Think about what groups are most relevant to your industry, and the people you are reaching out to, so that you can participate. Follow alumni who actively participate in your alumni groups. In the groups that you are a member of go to settings and adjust to let others message you. Double Check Your Profile Settings Link your Twitter account to make sharing easy and to increase your following in the Twittersphere. Turn on your activity broadcasts, let others see your connections and manage your visibility. Make your settings easy for your to be contacted and that your profile is visible -as fundraisers we’re in the business of getting found! 10
  11. 11. LinkedIn Checklist for Advancement ✓ LinkedIn by the Numbers ✓ Optimizing your Profile for Stewardship 3 Tips for LinkedIn Groups Social Donor Intelligence: Prospect Research Harness LinkedIn’s New Features 11
  12. 12. Rule #1: Have One Group As much as you can, try to focus your alumni into one group. This will allow for improved control and a more unified experience for your community. While an alum’s enthusiasm to start a group of there own is an encouraging sign, contact them to see if they would be willing to point their members into the school’s sponsored group so that they can access all of the resources available to them. 12
  13. 13. Rule #2: Keep it Locked Up Although there is some debate on this issue, we believe that managing a private alumni group is most beneficial for your community. Keeping your group closed keeps out spammers. It allows you to personally welcome members into the community. Lastly, a more exclusive group piques interest. Pro Tip: require alumni to list your institution on their profile before accepting them into the group. 13
  14. 14. Rule #3: Utilize Group Manager Whether setting up an auto-message, posting group rules or setting up subgroups (as recommended for after reaching over 5,000 members), spend time exploring your group manager. We suggest not using your RSS Feed and instead manually posting as to ensure more LinkedIn/career-specific messaging. Pro Tip: One of the unique features of LinkedIn groups is the avatar’s flexibility to a rectangular shape. This provides a way to stick out with more visual real estate. Grow Your LinkedIn Group by 5PM! Send a mass invite to alumni contacts to join your group in the “send invitations” option. Learn more here. 14
  15. 15. Bonus: Use Group Analytics LinkedIn’s Group Analytics serves as an excellent report card for group managers and a place to discover areas for improvement. Although many first look at a group’s size, the most important number is the level of activity. Look for peak days to learn what type of content to foster. Lastly, note top locations when considering regional alumni focus. 15
  16. 16. #INDay for Seniors Collaborate with your career or counseling office, to introduce your soon-to-be grads on the basics on using LinkedIn with a dedicated day or afternoon. From teaching students how to conduct searches, to giving them a step up with a professional photo for their profile, an InDay will also ensure that you can stay in touch with students after they pick up their diploma. LinkedIn Photo Booth at Wake Forest University 16
  17. 17. LinkedIn Checklist for Advancement ✓ LinkedIn by the Numbers ✓ Optimizing your Profile for Stewardship ✓ 3 Tips for LinkedIn Groups Social Donor Intelligence: Prospect Research Harness LinkedIn’s New Features 17
  18. 18. Advancing with Advanced Search Go beyond just searching a donors name, and start digging with advanced search. Start by clicking on advanced. From there identify the fields that you would like to narrow your search by. To get a look at your alumni community in its entirety select location “anywhere” and the school’s name. Quotation marks around the school name will eliminate similarly named schools from appearing in results. 18
  19. 19. Saving Your Search Once you’ve narrowed down a specific search, say of alums who work at Google in Boston, sort your results and easily retrieve an updated list again by clicking “save search.” These “saved searches” can be sent to your inbox weekly or monthly. LinkedIn provides up to 3 saved searches for free. LinkedIn Premium Alert With a LinkedIn premium account, you can set up real-time alerts for when alumni have acquired a new job, skill or have moved to a new region. 19
  20. 20. LinkedIn Checklist for Advancement ✓ LinkedIn by the Numbers ✓ Optimizing your Profile for Stewardship ✓ 3 Tips for LinkedIn Groups ✓ Social Donor Intelligence: Prospect Research Harness LinkedIn’s New Features 20
  21. 21. LinkedIn for Alumni LinkedIn’s “Alumni” product, originally called “Classmates,” gives a snapshot of a school’s alumni community. To access the feature you must first view your own alma mater, by clicking on “Contacts”, and then your school’s name, or go to From there in order run an effective search on another institution, click on “Change school” and change attended dates from 1900 to present. You can search further by specific keywords on the upper right portion of the results. LinkedIn for Alumni provides an excellent overview of an alumni community from location, company to occupation. 21
  22. 22. InMaps InMap is a visual representation of your professional universe, based on the relationships between your connections. InMaps uses color-coded clusters to break down your network into different groups, such as colleagues, alumni and friends. Beyond serving as eye candy for the viewer, InMaps helps you visually understand how to better leverage your professional network. From the map view you can customize your labels, zoom in to read all the names, click to highlight a connection and share your map on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Create your personal InMap at: 22
  23. 23. InMail InMail gets a 30x higher response that cold call inquiries* InMail from LinkedIn allows you to send a private message to any LinkedIn user, regardless of whether they are a 2nd, 3rd degree connection or not in your network at all. While using InMail, LinkedIn suggests to be brief, make it about the recipient, develop a clear call to action and to select recipients carefully. LinkedIn Premium Alert LinkedIn Premium accounts include up to 3 InMails a month, and all users to see full profiles of everyone in their network. *Credit: LinkedIn Press 23
  24. 24. Finding the Perfect Board Match In an effort to help non-profits identify board members, funding and volunteers, LinkedIn recently announced “Board Connect”, a service that will offer non-profits free access to Talent Finder, LinkedIn Educational Webcasts and membership to the Board Connect group. With Talent Finder, non-profits will have access to 25 messages to people they are not connected to (referred to as “InMail), premium filters for advanced search, a profile organizer, and many other features to help them expand their network. Learn more and sign up at: boardconnect.html 24
  25. 25. Profile Updates In a recent update LinkedIn has done an overhaul of their profile view. For advancement leaders, this view allows an better way to visualize a member’s influence and what connections, skills and interests they may have in common. As part of the redesign there has also been a stronger call for users to include volunteer experience. This information can serve as a gold mine for creating affinity with another member and to determine where their experiences could best serve your institution. 25
  26. 26. University Pages University Pages allow for LinkedIn members to gain access to alumni career information, university information, notable alumni and featured LinkedIn Groups. It can be accessed under “Interests” > “Education.” To request a page, you must first: • have a .edu email address added and confirmed on your LinkedIn account. • be a current employee of the school and your position is listed in the Experience section on your profile. your school page does not already exist and is not represented under a different name • Then, contact LinkedIn with: • the URL for your school’s official website. • • the country where your school is located. if you will NOT be the administrator of the page, list the email address for the correct administrator. • if applicable, list the existing Company Page associated with your school. if the school is part of a larger university system, please note any other existing University Pages. •
  27. 27. LinkedIn Checklist for Advancement ✓ LinkedIn by the Numbers ✓ Optimizing your Profile for Stewardship ✓ 3 Tips for LinkedIn Groups ✓ Social Donor Intelligence: Prospect Research ✓ Harness LinkedIn’s New Features 26
  28. 28. About EverTrue EverTrue has partnered with LinkedIn to improve donor data and to provide a mobile platform to keep alumni better connected with each other and to their alma mater. Powered by SEE IT IN ACTION 27
  29. 29. Want to give this ebook? Share it, it’s like a party invite (except it’s LinkedIn): Still craving for more advancement insights? Read our blog. 28