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Facebook Ads for Fundraising 101
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Facebook Ads for Fundraising 101


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We live in a social centric world. Give your alumni a better shot to hear about events, pages and giving campaigns with a boost from Facebook Ads. …

We live in a social centric world. Give your alumni a better shot to hear about events, pages and giving campaigns with a boost from Facebook Ads.

Learn the latest trends of the world's largest social network, the in-and-outs of Facebook Ads and how Advancement Offices, from schools such as Brown University and Bowdoin College, have been able to successfully launch and measure ads on Facebook.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Making Your Community’s News Feed: Facebook Ads for Advancement #FBADvance
  • 2. Goals for Today 1) Describe primary types of Facebook ads 2) Break down how to run FB ad campaign 3) Provide examples and recommendations 4) Lastly, get feedback and stories about the campaigns you run in the coming weeks #FBADvance
  • 3. Spring 2010 #FBADvance
  • 4. Since then... #FBADvance
  • 5. Facebook’s Ad Network #FBADvance
  • 6. Today, there are over 1 billion users on Facebook.* #FBADvance *USA TODAY
  • 7. If Facebook Was a Country...* China #FBADvance India Facebook USA *Wikipedia Country Populations
  • 8. 23% of Facebook Users Check Their Account at Least 5x a Day* #FBADvance *Inbound Marketing Agents
  • 9. > $1B in Ad Revenue Last Quarter
  • 10. 2 Primary Facebook Ad Types #FBADvance
  • 11. 1. External Ads • An Ad to an external link Annual Giving Page #FBADvance Alumni App Download
  • 12. 2. Engagement Ads • An Ad for a Page, Facebook App or Event Alumni Association Page Promotion #FBADvance
  • 13. Engagement Ads: Sponsored Stories • Ads through engagement: likes & comments Chapter Page Promotion #FBADvance
  • 14. Engagement Ads: Promoted Posts #FBADvance
  • 15. Three Steps in a Facebook Ad Design > Targeting > Launch #FBADvance
  • 16. Ask these questions: •What are my goals? Donations? Reach? Attendance? •How long will my campaign be? End of Fiscal Year? Reunion? •How much am I willing to spend? Overall/Daily Budget •How am I going to measure my success? Click-Through Rates? Conversions? #FBADvance we’ll get to more of this with details later on
  • 17. Design > Targeting > Launch • External Ad v. Engagement Ad • Good Grammar and Nice Manners • Insert Your Message in Your Image • Admin = Sponsored Stories for Likes, Advanced Features #FBADvance
  • 18. Design > Targeting > Launch to whom is my ad designed? • Location, Age, Sex • Interests (Extracurriculars) • Friends of Fans (Associated Pages) • Education - Field of Study - Class Year by Age #FBADvance
  • 19. Design > Targeting > Launch • Terminology: Campaigns contain Ads • Do not run an ad longer than 7 days • CPC: Cost Per Click, CPM: Cost Per Impression • High Bids ≠ Higher Spend #FBADvance
  • 20. Measuring Success: Facebook Ad Manager #FBADvance
  • 21. Measuring Success: Campaigns & Ads #FBADvance
  • 22. Measuring Success: Page Insights (For Engagement Ads) #FBADvance
  • 23. Measuring Success: Advanced - Reports #FBADvance
  • 24. Brown University (Engagement Ad) Power of Social Proof
  • 25. Bowdoin College (External Ad) $1.12 avg. CPC .03% CTR 10% Conversion Rate “Added Campaign Layer” *Measuring LTV > Donations*
  • 26. Amherst College (External Ad)
  • 27. There’s always something new.
  • 28. Recommendations 1) Focus on Life Time Value (LTV) Importance of Facebook Likes Not Always $1 In and $2 Out 2) Leverage Facebook’s Uniqueness Sponsored Stories Advanced Targeting 3) Run A/B Tests Run Two Campaigns, Test Ad Variables One at a Time Cost Per Action Relative to Other Marketing Costs
  • 29. Q&A
  • 30. Additional Resources
  • 31. Learn More at