Maximizing your PayTV Investments.

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  • 1. This document is offered compliments of BSP Media Group. All rights reserved.
  • 2. Abstract Maximising your PayTV investment Service deployment and enhancement represents a considerable investment and risk to operators as they look to encourage their subscribers to stay longer and watch more TV. Using case studies, Pace will describe how payTV operators can expand their linear TV services with PVR and OTT functionality, deliver and enhance their subscribers’ user experience and finally assure they get the best quality of service. • Key ingredients for a scalable and future proof payTV service - UX, Content Protection, QX • Adding Value with incremental service enhancements - UI, PVR, P-VOD, VOD, OTT, Search & Recommendations, TV Apps, TV Anywhere • Case studies 1 Private & Confidential
  • 3. Maximizing your PayTV Investment !
  • 4. Peter Simpson, VP Product Marketing, Pace Movember ! • Charity for MensHealth / Prostrate Cancer • Sponsorship for growing Moustache every November Pace ‘Growers’ team • • Donations warmly received ! 3 Private & Confidential
  • 5. CONNECTED Apps BROADCAST Catch-UP HYBRID MultiSCREEN 2nd Room Start-over OTT VOD PVR LinearTV 5 U-HD HEVC Private & Confidential P-VOD LivePause
  • 6. What can we learn from the rest of the world ?
  • 7. TV Experience Essentials
  • 9. Convergence … (everything in one place) TV Catch-Up PayTV Content Apps and Games Subscription OTT Movies VOD AnyScreen
  • 10. … and Convenience (easy to get too!) Personalised Recommendations Search & Browse Rich Metadata Apps to extend the TV experience Editorial & Collections
  • 11. Metadata = the TV Everywhere magic sauce !
  • 12. Search, Recommendations and Social - Making it Personal
  • 13. Apps – Encouraging Active Engagement or…
  • 14. Delivering your TV experience
  • 15. Flexible, modular hardware WiFi Adapter PVR HDD tray 16 Private & Confidential
  • 16. Flexible, modular hardware 17
  • 17. TR-069 and XMPP Remote management Application Layer SDK Application Management Webkit Services Layer Resource Management Broadcast Services Media Services Device Porting Layer 18 HTML5 Conditional Access Service Delivery Platform (Meta-data ingestion) Open, modular, extensible Software
  • 18. Protecting and securely distributing your content • Universal Rights Management Connected TV • CAS and DRM bound into a single policy for every screen • Software implementation • Reduces deployment costs • Dynamic renewability STB / Gateway
  • 19. Pay TV Experience Recap ...
  • 20. Delivering OTT
  • 21. Case Study Igloo – Sky New Zealand DTT OTT
  • 22. Sky NZ: meeting OTT head-on and delivering flexible services Challenges • Competition from FreeView and OTT • Cost of platform change • Business Solution • FreeView + Light PayTV package + OTT VOD • Re-use existing PC VOD contentmanagement Widening service availability • Offer promos & ads via one-way network • Deliver a “Good Enough” userinterface Delivery/Results • Pace managed a complex integration with Irdeto, thePlatform, Microsoft, and Pace Elements • Elements: Tungsten, Cobalt, and Oxygen
  • 23. Igloo/SkyNZ: Meeting OTT head-on and delivering flexible services 24 Private & Confidential
  • 24. Private & 26 Confidential
  • 25. reminders Channel icons DVB + IP Data 27 Show cards Private & Confidential
  • 26. On Demand via IP favourites search promotions browse categories recommendations 28 Private & Confidential
  • 27. search Extended metadata 29 Private & Confidential
  • 28. OTT in Africa ?
  • 29. OTT in Africa ?
  • 30. OTT in Africa ?
  • 31. Summary
  • 32. Recap • Don’t compromise User Experience ! Thank you for listening ! SDK Application Management Resource Management Broadcast Services Webkit HTML5 Media Services Conditional Access Services Layer Device Porting Layer Service Delivery Platform (Meta-data ingestion) • Metadata is the magic sauce for OTT and creating that TV Everywhere service Application Layer Remote management • Maximise your PayTV investment by investing in scalable hardware and a flexible software toolkit
  • 33. Pace Products and Services PACE Elements : Delivering the Experience PACE ECO : Assuring Quality of Experience PACE Products Oxygen User interface Framework User’s Hardware Remote device management software Cobalt Service Delivery Platform Tungsten Device Software Helium Gateway Software Media Server Content security Set-top box Titanium Content Security (CAS and DRM) PACE Solutions PACE Services Services management software PACE Hardware Broadcast Gateway Broadband Consulting Come and see us at stand AC16 Call centre Hybrid Solutions Delivery