Grow Your Festival Audience with New Technologies


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On March 27th 2013, we hosted a webinar entitled Grow Your Festival Audience with New Technologies. We were joined by Steve Jenner (UK Festival Awards), Ian Forshew (Beach Break Live) and Katie McPhee (Eventbrite UK Community Manager) to discuss how new technologies and social media are changing the festival industry forever. This presentation is the one we discussed during the webinar, and a video will be available shortly

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Grow Your Festival Audience with New Technologies

  1. 1. Katie McPhee Steve Jenner Ian ForshewGrow Your Festival With New Technologies Starting at 4pm GMT (12pm EDT)
  2. 2. UK festival scene
  3. 3. UK Festival Scene 400 300 In 1998 there were 20 UK music festivals. 200 There are now 400+ (Festival Awards) 100 0 1998 2013 3000000 2250000 Attendance has risen from 1500000 30,000 to 3,000,000 (Mintel) 750000 0 1990’s 2013
  4. 4. UK Festival Scene The UK festival market is valued at £500m (PRS) Income to festivals has increased 20% over the past 2 years (PRS) Ticket to Glastonbury cost £98 in 1999, £205 in 2013 (Festival Awards) 300 225 150 75 0 1999 2013
  5. 5. Growing your festival using new technology Photo -
  6. 6. In this webinar we will discuss Getting to know Growing your your audience audience Technology Increasing profit
  7. 7. Getting to know your audience
  8. 8. Getting to know your audience - Past • No organiser/customer contact • Customers’ needs weren’t met • Lineup took priority over experience • No chance for customers to express their views • Growth curves were flatter Festivals rarely sold out
  9. 9. Getting to know your audience - Eventbrite In order to help you get to know your audience, Eventbrite offers Survey Monkey integration, giving you real time insights into how your customers feel
  10. 10. Getting to know your audience(CGA Strategy, Festival Awards,UK Festival Awards Market Report 2012) Full infographic available on request
  11. 11. Getting to know your audience - The present Some of the new tools available:
  12. 12. Getting to know your audience - The present • Ticket prices have risen above inflation, and expectations have grown with them • Customers are in touch with organisers, and can express their desires/frustration • Festival organisers can be reactive, creating a better experience and driving brand loyalty • Understanding audiences better increases relevancy of sponsorship/branding
  13. 13. Getting to know your audience - Future Festival marketing in future will target one person above all; The Alpha Consumer The Alpha Consumer: • Chooses festival • Buys tickets • Influences friends(CGA Strategy, Festival Awards)
  14. 14. Growing your audience Photo - Reuters/Cathal McNaughton
  15. 15. Growing your audience - Past (Pre-Internet) Print ads Flyers Word of mouth Media Partnerships Diverse Lineups
  16. 16. Growing your audience - Pre Social Media (1999-2004) Message Boards Community Portals Desktop Alerts
  17. 17. Growing your audience - Present Targeted advertising and social sharing has taken us from: TO Net fishing - casting a wide net, Spearfishing - using what you hoping potential customers see know about your audience andyour advertising and are interested social tools to target people with a in what you offer specific interest in what you offer Images: The Painted One & Is This Cool
  18. 18. Growing your audience - Present 70% of Facebook’s 67% of UK Facebook users 60 biggest are between 18 and 44 advertisers get an ROI on ads of 300% (Source: 89% of the UK festival-going (Source: population regularly uses Facebook 51% of the UK population is on 70% of 16 and 17 year old Facebook festival-goers use Twitter (Source: (UK Festival Awards Market Report 2012)
  19. 19. Growing your audience - PresentFestivals are a shared experience, making social networking a natural ally.Opportunites for organisers to use social include: Targeted online advertising to an Thinking audience you know beyond the is engaged event - connect to the Viral content, networks of either made your artists in-house or and partners crowdsourced Social Networks Social apps, like Bestival’s personalised lineup web app
  20. 20. Growing your audience - PresentFestivals are a shared experience, making social networking a natural ally.Opportunites for organisers to use social include: E-Team systems, Mobile - Stay incentivising your connected to your audience to audience no promote your matter where event in their area they are
  21. 21. Growing your audience - Social Sharing
  22. 22. Growing your audience - Social SharingHow many shares to sell ONE incremental ticket? 3.5 5.3 ONE TICKET SALE 5.4 (Eventbrite)
  23. 23. Case Studies Photo - Independent
  24. 24. 1. RFID and the contactless festival Photo - IdeasByNet,com
  25. 25. Case Study - Intelligent Venue Solutions The festival of the future will be wireless. Intelligent Venue Solutions worked with the Barclaycard Wireless Festival 2012 to make it the first large scale outdoor European festival to integrate RFID cashless payments, access control and socially connected experiences. Activations included: This high tech festival experience sped up processes, enhanced security, increased efficiency, gave Barclaycard data on attendees and made social sharing far simpler
  26. 26. 2. Firetext SMS Photo -
  27. 27. Case Study - Firetext How do you remind attendees that your event is taking place, alert them to when their favourite band is taking the main stage and provide them with helpful tips and advice for during their time with you? The answer is SMS. SMS is: •Cheap •Immediate •Not dependent on 3G Firetext offer their clients to communicate with their customers cost effectively and simply. You can use the code EVENTBRITE to receive 20% off Firetext products for the first 3 months
  28. 28. Increasing profits Photo -
  29. 29. Decreased costs More effective, targeted marketing allows you to save money on conventional advertising and know what works in real time, redirecting funds to other parts of your business
  30. 30. Increasing profits - new revenue streams • A bigger, more loyal audience means more F&B and merchandise sales on-site • A connected audience will buy merchandise and generate digital advertising revenue all year round • Live video streaming is becoming a lucrative new income stream from Bloodstock to Bestival • A festival with a well-profiled audience will be much more valuable to sponsor brands
  31. 31. Thank you!
  32. 32. For more info Eventbrite UK /EventbriteUK @BriteUK UK Festival Awards /FestivalAwardsLTD @Festival_Awards Beach Break Live /BeachBreakLive @BeachBreakLive