Tapping the Power of Social Media for Event Promotion


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The slides from the Eventbrite Webinar, "Tapping the Power of Social Media for Event Promotion."

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  • Here's our blog, there are a number of posts that highlight event organizers talking about their success with social media.

    Unfortunately, we didn't record audio for this webinar -- next time we will!
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  • Really intersting and useful - thank you. It would be great to get more information on the behaviours observed in Facebook and Twitter - can post a link to a blog or add audio to this slide deck maybe?
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Tapping the Power of Social Media for Event Promotion

  1. Tapping the power of social media for event promotion
  2. Eventbrite Hashup Contest PodCamp Boston #pcb4 3600+ tweets in 8 days
  3. Agenda •  Why social media matters •  How to tap the power of: •  Facebook •  Twitter •  Becoming a social media marketing guru
  4. Social media matters •  Social media represents a fundamental shift in the way we communicate and make decisions •  It’s bigger than you think •  Facebook is the fourth largest site in the world •  The fastest growing segment on Facebook 35+ •  Ashton Kutcher and Ellen Degeneres have more Twitter followers than the entire populations of Ireland, Norway and Panama •  And it’s growing fast •  Years to Reach 50 millions Users:  •  Radio: 38 years, TV: 13 years, Internet: 4 years, iPod: 3 years •  Facebook added 100 million users in less than 9 months •  Twitter is growing its audience at 2,614%
  5. Social media matters for events •  Events are inherently social •  Events are inherently viral •  With the right tools, event-holders can reach the right audience •  More quickly •  More effectively
  6. Why we built SM tools into Eventbrite •  Our savviest users were doing interesting things with these tools •  We noticed a lot of traffic was coming from Social Media sites. Why? •  We realized these were important, new promotional methods that needed to be shared with all our customers.
  7. Behaviors we Observed: Facebook
  8. Behaviors we Observed: Twitter
  9. Social Media: What we did •  Made it much easier for people to do things they already wanted to do. •  Demystified the use of social media for event promotion. •  Created tools everyone could use to drive event success.
  10. Facebook: What •  Took advantage of Facebook Connect – for seamless integration. •  Facilitated event publishing to Facebook. •  Made event attendee registration a news feed item.
  11. Facebook: Why •  Publishing your event to Facebook lets you take advantage of your existing networks. •  People you are already connected to may be attendees or can help you promote your event to their networks. •  Events “come to life” on Facebook.
  12. Facebook: How •  Publish a doppelganger of your event on Facebook. •  Invite people you hope will come. •  Invite people who hope will extend visibility to their connections. •  Create a “nexus” where all sorts of content related to your event can be aggregated and shared.
  13. Twitter: Why •  It really works. •  The Twitter follow is an awesome proxy for the invitation. •  No social boundaries. •  Leverages human behavior.
  14. Twitter: How •  Create a Twitter page for your event. •  Follow unashamedly. •  Create a unique hashtag. •  Participate in relevant discussion. •  Foster virality •  Ask for the sale.
  15. Common Themes •  You have to socially “activate” your event. •  Expanding the effect of your event beyond the day/time/place to touch many more people than could ever attend. •  Enriching the experience for the people who do attend. •  Content is king.
  16. Obey the Tenets of Social Media Marking •  Be valuable and appealing •  Be sustainable and viral •  Inspire participation
  17. Thank you! •  Jack Mardack www.facebook.com/Eventbrite jack@eventbrite.com •  Tamara Mendelsohn @Eventbrite tamara@eventbrite.com