Sponsorship Secrets: What Every Event Organizer Needs to Know with Mike Ponticelli


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Landing sponsors for an event can be difficult, especially when trying to win over big-name brands. Mike Ponticelli of Bisnow Media will present strategies and tactics on how to deliver more value to your event sponsors and ultimately generate more revenue from your events. Explore all aspects of sponsorships including negotiations, B2B v B2C sponsorships, how event talent affects sponsorships, new sponsorship technologies, category exclusivity, and much more.

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Sponsorship Secrets: What Every Event Organizer Needs to Know with Mike Ponticelli

  1. 1. Mike Ponticelli Sponsorship Secrets: What Every Event Organizer Needs to Know This a place holder for an awesome photo of you that our Eventbrite designers will insert. No need to do anything here speakers  
  2. 2. #ElevateDCMike Ponticelli Agenda !   Pitching the Event •  Collateral •  Approach •  Process !   Generating Excitement Leading up to the Event/ Hold Hands !   Sponsor Experience/Generating Value/Product Onsite •  Facilitating Introductions with Attendees !   Competitors on the Same Event/Overcoming Sponsor Ineducation/Troubleshooting !   Sponsor Retention/Post Event Experience !   Dos and Don’ts !   Warning! ACBJ, Accenture, Skyfold, Playlist Gen, Fun, Vulgarity
  3. 3. #ElevateDCMike Ponticelli Pitching the Event !   Collateral – Keep it Simple Stupid !   Custom Events, Custom Concepts !?! •  Car in Lobby •  The 10 x 10 !   Create a product, create a concept, then sell •  Accenture and the Cyber Conference from the Future !   Prospecting 101 •  Book of Lists...thank you AC#%!!! •  Never pitch just one, pitch everyone •  “Do you guys know anyone who would sponsor?!?” •  Ask your sponsors for other sponsors !   Attendee Trap – don’t nail yourself to a past year list !   Don’t have a good answer? Don’t hum, haw, or duck. Just answer. !   Create urgency
  4. 4. bisnow event sponsorship flavors !   one scoop $2,000 -$3,000* two scoops $3,000 -$5,000* ice cream sundae $5,000 -$8,000* Promotion Leading Up to the Event •  Logo included in all event promotions emailed to Bisnow subscribers and on Bisnow’s event web site Promotion at the Event •  Tabletop exhibit space •  Prominent recognition on all events signage and slide presentations •  Distribution of your company’s marketing materials •  4 complimentary registrations Promotion Following the Event •  Coverage in post event Bisnow newsletter •  Copy of conference attendee list (name and company) upgrade the one scoop with these additional elements •  A 1-2 minute interview with Bisnow’s emcee in front of the audience describing who you are, what your firm does, and why the audience should work with you •  2 additional registrations (total 6) •  Participation as a moderator or panelist on one panel •  An interview profile on your firm prior to the event published in Bisnow •  Your speaker’s headshot and bio in Bisnow marketing materials in addition to logo •  Introduction as a top level sponsor prior to the start of the panel •  4 additional registrations (total 8) *Total price. The price range depends on # of event commitments
  5. 5. then add mix ins: one scoop $2,000 -$3,000* two scoops $3,000 -$5,000* ice cream sundae $5,000 -$8,000* choose your flavor … sponsor editorial piece to be published leading up to event $1,500 An interview profile on your firm prior to the event published in Bisnow advertise in post event coverage issue $500 Reserve a skyscraper ad in Bisnow’s post event publication dedicated to covering the event additional sponsor editorial piece to be published any time following event $1,500 Take advantage of having your and Bisnow’s teams on site at the event to knock out an in-person interview to be published in Bisnow *Total price. The price range depends on # of event commitments
  6. 6. Elements of Sponsorship Dates & Destinations Event Formats & Topics Sales Contacts 2014
  7. 7. National Events In a Nutshell What You Can Expect From Your Event Sponsorship: 2014 National Events Calendar EVENT DATE VENUE BMAC West May 22nd JW Marriott, Los Angeles, CA BASH May 6-7 The Rittenhouse Hotel | Philadelphia, PA BLIS May 13-14 The Marriott Marquis | Washington, DC DICE July 16-17 McLean, VA Healthcare RE Summit Sept TBD Philadelphia, PA BMAC Nov 24-25 JW Marriott | Washington, DC A captive audience of over 300 investors, developers, owners, managers, lenders, and professional service providers from the Commercial Real Estate industry. An excellent staff committed to helping your company meet YOUR marketing needs. An opportunity to leverage Bisnow’s brand. We utilize a unique business model based on the idea of infotainment*, and as result of your sponsorship you will be able to tap into our carefully crafted markets. *infotainment: fun, personality-oriented, informative, mercifully short.
  8. 8. National Event Sponsorship Opportunities Extend Your Brand’s Reach! Moderating/ Panel Sponsor $6,500 Breakfast/Lunch/ Break Sponsor $7,000 Title Sponsorship $15,000 • One moderating or panel opportunity for your • Your executive will play a leading role in the panel you choose, including introducing topics, infusing thought leadership, engaging the other panelist through pre- event conference calls and meetings • Sponsorship of a breakfast or networking break • Special thank you from the microphone before the break • Your logo projected and lit up all over the space during the break • in all event spaces • Sponsorship of cocktail reception • Your logo projected throughout the duration of the event • “Presented By” billing on the top of event invitation and event overheads • Brand placement on event lanyards and any other mutually aggreable creative mediums • A 6’ table in the exposition hall for event duration with your signage & the ability to distribute your literature and promo materials • 4 tickets for your team to attend the event • Your company logo on the event website and email blasts • such as: company logo on overheads, company branding on mobile event app • Mention as a sponsor from the emcee on the microphone Expo Sponsor Expo Sponsor Expo Sponsor Breakfast/Lunch/ Break Sponsor Moderating/ Panel Sponsor Expo Sponsor $4,000
  9. 9. How to Sponsor call us: 202.293.0370 email us: advertising@bisnow.com learn more about the event: www.bisnow.com/events
  10. 10. #ElevateDCMike Ponticelli Pre-Event Promotion !   Generating excitement leading up to the event – we use publication, you use what you what !   Hold hands – ANSWER THE PHONE !   Say No, and Answer Quickly •  Can I get a list? Can I get emails? Can I bring my dog? !   Sweat the Small Shit – PPT connector, electrical outlet, fliers on seats, how big is my booth? •  Sales rep + Coordinator + Producer = Compartmentalization of roles and redundancy !   Sponsor signup links and discount codes/ outsource the work !   “Social media? Sure, why not, but I’m busy checking insta so let’s set a call for next year?” •  #1 = Dedicated Email •  #2 = Advertising •  #3 = Phone Calls •  #287 = Link on your website, Facebook page, Social Media, etc.
  11. 11. #ElevateDCMike Ponticelli Sponsor Experience/ Product !   Productize, productize, productize •  The 10 x 10, $5k, The car in the lobby?? In the roundabout? Pictures? !   Pay extreme attention to details •  Where is the coffee? Is the coffee full? WTF IS GOING ON WITH THE COFFEE? •  Choke points and collision frequency •  Meals and everything – Use your staff and be extremely, extremely pushy !   Onsite staff – ecigarettes? !   Introductions onsite/strength of reps/SPEED NETWORKING !   Can I get a copy of the RSVP list? Does it have emails?
  12. 12. #ElevateDCMike Ponticelli Sponsor Experience/ Product (cont.) !   CONTENT PARTICIPATION – Moderator, Panelist, Equal Positioning •  Keynote Interview with Richard Branson/Peter Thiel •  You? You don’t do anything. Emcee. Everything else is paid. •  Timing – Key. Feature Length Film = length of panel | 1:15 magic !   Pre-event invite only dinner or reception, use RSVP list, make it easy/ Skyfold !   Raw Space !   Good Stuff – Coffee Sleeves, Above Toilet, Elevator Wraps, The Greatest Piece of Swag Ever = Mophie/Bad Stuff? !   Sign up for next year...NOW!
  13. 13. #ElevateDCMike Ponticelli Troubleshooting !   Ask me! !   Competitors on the same event – manage expectations !   Overcoming sponsor ineducation – ask many questions !   Invoice before the event every single time – never, ever don’t !   Can I get a copy of the RSVP list? – Yes! Emails? No! !   Number of attendees – manage expectations !   Sponsor was late – good staff
  14. 14. #ElevateDCMike Ponticelli Post-Event Experience !   Sponsor retention •  Sign them up for next year onsite immediately !   Post-Event Experience – tons of contact afterward •  Facebook + Insta from your last birthday party !   Publishing – Post Event Coverage/The Media Angle !   Thank You’s
  15. 15. #ElevateDCMike Ponticelli Dos and Don’ts !   Dos •  Put signage above toilets •  Invoice before the event •  Prodcutive everything •  Spend way more time thinking about name tags than you did last time •  Obsesses over line of sight •  Play really loud music •  Pay for the GDMF breakfast sandwiches •  Have your most truculent child pick the music/We Are You=No You’re Not/The Playlist Generation/W Hotel •  Golf and Toys •  The Best Piece of Swag Ever Invented = The Mophie •  Say No to Sponsors •  Speed Networking •  Share attendee lists freely, and emails never •  People > Excellent Directional Signage > Crappy Directional Signage > Hotel •  Create intimate gatherings •  Sign up everyone for next year, this year
  16. 16. #ElevateDCMike Ponticelli Dos and Don’ts (cont.) !   Don’ts •  Sell Gobos...spend $3 on a sharpie and hit the bathroom stalls •  Trust the hotel staff (unless it’s a cruise ship) •  Use those USB linking things
  17. 17. #ElevateDCMike Ponticelli @BISNOW BISNOW.COM MIKE@BISNOW.COM