Sponsorship Secrets: What Every Event Organizer Needs to Know


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Andrew Reid, co-founder and C.T.O., SponsorHub

Landing sponsors for an event can be difficult, especially when trying to win over big-name brands. In this session, Andrew Reid of SponsorHub will present strategies and tactics on how to deliver more value to your event sponsors and ultimately generate more revenue from your events. Explore all aspects of sponsorships including negotiations, B2B vs. B2C sponsorships, how event talent affects sponsorships, new sponsorship technologies, category exclusivity, and much more.

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  • Advertising and particularly ad-tech has sought to commoditize and trade impressions but marketing is about driving sales and impressions are not the only way to do that. Experiential marketing can and should be measured.
  • Sponsorship Secrets: What Every Event Organizer Needs to Know

    1. 1. Get Sponsored! Andrew Reid #ELEVATENYC
    2. 2. Agenda @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC • SponsorHub Background • Sponsorship process for event organizers • What is sponsorship? • How does it fit with companies’ overall marketing • Why will a brand sponsor you? • B2B vs. B2C sponsorships • Importance of measurement
    3. 3. SponsorHub Background @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC • #1 sponsorship aggregator globally • 20% of the world’s sponsors use SponsorHub • Over 75,000 sponsorship opportunities aggregated, scored • Created dozens of industry-leading scoring and valuation algorithms • First sponsorship buying and management platform • Robust RFP tools
    4. 4. Get Sponsored! @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC Create packages / pricing Sell sponsorships to the right buyers Track/Report through SponsorHub
    5. 5. Problem: Consumers are Tuning Out 5 How can marketers cut through the clutter? Sponsorship + New Media enable brands to measurably engage at scale.
    6. 6. @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC “Sponsorship has a growth rate that surpasses all other forms of media except for Internet and mobile.” -Veronis Suhlet 2011 Industry Forecast
    7. 7. @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC Sponsorship industry growth is outpacing both advertising and sales promotion.
    8. 8. Negotiating: Who Has the Power? @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC SXSW, LeWeb, sports franchises also have significant pricing power Local events with a small but often devoted group of attendees have little pricing power SponsorHub helps to find the opportunities where prices align best with potential outcomes Major leagues like the NFL, NBA or organizations like FIFA, the Academy Awards or the IOC set monopoly prices
    9. 9. Sponsorship Market @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC We divide B2B vs. B2C sponsorship based on the sponsor’s intent with a given sponsorship. Is the sponsor trying to reach consumers or reaching business clients? B2B B2C
    10. 10. Why Sponsor? @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC Sales Lead Generation Hospitality Social Media Buzz Branding / PR Speaking Opportunity Product Placement Product Sampling Awareness Naming Rights
    11. 11. Benefits That Sponsors Seek @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC B2B B2CSocial Media Buzz Product Placement Sampling Media Value Naming Speaking Opportunities Hospitality Branding / PR Awareness Anchor content for major media-buy
    12. 12. Benefits B2B Sponsors Seek @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC Brands pay to have executives “speak” at events because they want to establish thought leadership. • Deliver the audience • Not necessarily keynote address: • Panels • Fireside chats • Pitches, launches etc. Brands often look for ways to “carve-out” unique VIP spaces and experiences for client entertainment. • Be creative with carve-outs for VIP’s • Be as extravagent as possible • Create one-on-one interactions
    13. 13. Benefits B2C Sponsors Seek @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC • Naming Rights: Offer them if you can because you can get a premium • Try to incorporate sponsor branding deeply into your programming • Offer hospitality to key B2C clients to draw them onsite • Measure Awareness efforts, even if approximate • Don’t fudge the demographics
    14. 14. Social Media & Sponsorship @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC Social Media Buzz Receive credit, not just visibility Brand amplification SponsorHub ScoreTM
    15. 15. @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC Sponsorship ROI analysis Media Value Audience Analysis KPI Lift 3 Types of Measurement
    16. 16. Media Value @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC In advertising, there are a number of accepted metrics… that equate directly to $$!!
    17. 17. Audience Analysis @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC
    18. 18. KPI Lift @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC
    19. 19. 19 Does this image really have NO VALUE for Nike? Most ad-tech says: no logo, no impression, NO VALUE 80% of those polled said they thought of Nike positively when they saw this image.
    20. 20. Product Placement & Sampling Subtitle @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC Observations: • Often first interaction with a product • Nerve-wracking experience for brands Nail Product Placement/Sampling: • Location, location, location • Staff carefully • Track everything: • Engagements • Samples distributed • Qualitative comments
    21. 21. Sponsorship has evolved… @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC “Sponsor prospects have more partnership options and than ever before and are choosing more wisely.” - IEG 2011, Growing Up: The Evolution of Association Sponsorships
    22. 22. How To Make Sponsors Smile @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC Predicted Outcomes and Value SponsorHub ScoreTM Post-Event Reporting Audience Verification Track and Report Metrics!
    23. 23. @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC Case: Auto Manufacturer Challenges: • The Client needed to determine the value of their hundreds of new and existing sponsorships. • The Client also wanted a centralized digital system to align the sponsorship group with the best practices of social and mobile teams Solution: SponsorHub supports this auto client through a comprehensive relationship that we call– Sponsorship Platform of Record. In a SPoR engagement, we provide automated and human-enabled sponsorship discovery and analytics services. Ultimately, all sponsorships that the Client engages in are passed through the system and tracked by global and regional managers.
    24. 24. @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC Case: Local Singles Events + Alcoholic Bev Challenges: • Seller needed to determine the value of their series of national singles events. • Buyer engaged us to utilize our SponsorHub scoring, comparison/tracking tools and expertise to identify sponsorships that have: • Trackable / High-ROI • Social potential with a certain demo • Local/Regional/National reach Solution: SponsorHub aggregated and scored seller’s inventory, while assisting on a retainer basis with evaluation services and data science. Our algorithms matched buyer with the seller’s opportunity and our strategy team helped to create a set of trackable, high- ROI activations to support the partnership. Both parties agreed to extend the engagement and the seller noted the higher ROI that resulted from smaller, local events.
    25. 25. Sponsorship Cheatsheet @sponsorhub #ELEVATENYC Key Take-Aways: • Passion is becoming fragmented. Sponsors are thinking outside the stadium • Calculate media values and intangibles to negotiate in a data-driven way • Plan your measurement before your events begin • Allocate budget for research, data and measurement • Report metrics to sponsors proactively
    26. 26. Thank You! Andrew Reid #ELEVATENYC @freereid andrew@sponsorhub.com www.sponsorhub.com.com Contact me: