Event water beyond plastic comp.


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Pitch Deck for the Think Beyond Plastic competition

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Event water beyond plastic comp.

  1. 1. Event Water Solutions (EWS) 296 Memorial Ave Orillia, Ontario, Canada L3V 5X6 Cha Shennett - Director of Operations chad@eventwatersolutions.com 705.321.761We partner with festivals and events tohelp reduce and eliminate the need for plastic water bottles by providing mobile water stations
  2. 2. The Problem of Single-use Plastic Water Bottles Problem: 500ml single-use water bottles & keeping large crowds hydrated and safe Festivals and events have determined the way to provide drinking water and hydration is through the usage of millions of plastic water bottles - Dasani, Nestle, Aquafina, etc. Furthermore, festivals charge upwards to $5.00/bottle for water, which ultimately leads to many patrons passing out and even dying from heat stroke and dehydration.
  3. 3. Solution - Water Refill StationsWith 36 water stations built, we can service any size event across North America - ensuring access to water for all attendees of a festival or event. The water stations are a free service for patrons, further guaranteeing festival goers will stay hydrated and safe throughout their time at the event. Example: At Electric Daisy Carnival Los Angeles in 2010 there was over 300medical trips caused by dehydration. In 2011, in a hotter Las Vegas climate with our water stations present, there was only 7 - thats a 97.8% improvement. The problem of single-use plastic water gets reduced & eliminated as festivalsallow into the ground empty reusable water bottles & Camelbaks to refill at the water stations. If the festival does sell plastic bottles, they can now be refilled rather than being thrown in the garbage before having to buy an additional plastic bottle. Example, at Lollapalooza 2012 in Chicago, we poured enough water to refillover 250,000 single-use plastic water bottles. Lollapalooza Camelbaks sold out by the morning of the second day.
  4. 4. MoneyMaking It: We lease the water stations to festivals and events as well as pick up additional income through the sales of reusable water canteens. Finding It: Our customers are event producers/organizers and reusable bottle companies. The reusable bottle companies often sponsor variousfestivals and we fit perfectly as an activation they wish to pursue. Our clientele has grown through word-of-mouth, online searches & first hand witness accounts.
  5. 5. Technology Each water station is equipped three filters and a UV Light. We use onesediment and two carbon filters - eachwith a micron rating of 5 or less. Lastly,before being dispensed to the festival attendees, the water goes through ultraviolet sterilization killing any bacteria that could be present in the water.
  6. 6. Sales and Marketing Our entire sales and marketing strategy is focused on getting our product in front of the industry leaders. We attend conferences and trade shows (Event Live, FEO, andTED Conferences) to ensure the water stations are visible to the movers and shakers in the event planning business. Despite the popularity of the water stations at events, we are specifically focused on event planner demographic forour marketing budget. We want the planners from large andsmall festivals to know who we are as a company before the general public - largely because at many events we are sponsored and referred to as the "Camelbak Water Stations" or "Bell Water Stations". Costs: In order to attend all the trade shows and conferences we deem as priorities - we spend upwards to $25,000.00 in that type of marketing.
  7. 7. Competitors Water-on-Wheels - Cobourg, Ontario Quench Buggy - Meaford, Ontario Water Fillz - Vancouver, BC Water Monster - Austin, TX Any single-use bottle company - Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, etc. Differences 1. We can service any size event - we have 36 water refill stations built 2. We are North America wide, while our competitors can generally only service a small area 3. Our team has been in the water treatment industry for over 20 years4. We are high-volume, maximum pressure water stations - which ensures slow wait times and fast refills
  8. 8. Our Team Paul Baker (President): has 25 years of business experience and over 10 years owning a water treatment store before building Event Water Solutions. Pauls business savvy and willingness to listen to and accept advice from his employees has served him well in maintaining and keeping a dedicated and loyal staff Patrick Lane (Director of Business Development): Has over 20years of executive sales and managerial experience before taking over the lead for business development with Event Water Solutions. Patrick is a wonderful people person with a knack for meeting new people and making them for comfortable and at ease. Chad Shennett (Director of Operations & Training): Recently graduated with a Masters in Education, Chad has taken over thetraining and operations aspect of the business. He has over 6 yearsof water treatment experience before beginning with Event Water Solutions
  9. 9. Financials 3 Years: $2,500,000 (175 customers) 5 Years: $4,000,000 (250 customers) All debts and start up money has been paid. Weve built 36 water stations at over $12,000 each, all ofwhich, has been paid. We are using current profits to build more water stations and hire additional staffwithout outside investment. Paul Baker and his wife, Marilyn, are the sole owners and investors in the company. Next year we plan on building an additional 10 water stations - and will need $150,000 to do so - becausewe already have weekends during the summer monthswere we could book over 40 water stations at a variety of events
  10. 10. Sustainability EWS mission is to eliminate plastic bottles, that being said, we actually meter all water that passes through the water stationsallowing us to get an accurate count of how many bottles we filled over the course of a hour, day and/or festival. At conferences and indoor events that would prefer cups - we supply biodegradable and Green Shift recycled cupsOur water stations are locally manufactured saving fuel and energy costs if built overseas We only use shipping companies that have environmental and green reputations in the industryIn our travels we avoid renting cars and use public transit as often as possibleAll business cards and company letterhead are made from recycled materials
  11. 11. Accomplishments & Future Green Energy Award - Orillia District Chamber of Commerce Appeared on Season 6 episode 1 of Dragons Den The $50,000.00 investment will go towards building more water stations and marketing. We want to attend more conferences and build our audience ofevent planners/organizers. Depending on that cost we also would use some money to plan our expansion overseas. We just did a stop over in Australia for 4 large festivals and would like to set up a permanent operation down under.