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EventKloud Demo


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EventKloud is an event marketing platform for businesses. We help organizations that host events frequently (music venues, comedy clubs, sporting events) streamline their event marketing process and …

EventKloud is an event marketing platform for businesses. We help organizations that host events frequently (music venues, comedy clubs, sporting events) streamline their event marketing process and increase event registration. Our software saves them time and lets them promote on every channel (facebook, twitter, email, etc) from one place. And since you’re promoting everything from one place, you can track all your customer and marketing data from one place. EventKloud is a plug-and-play, one stop shop for event marketing.

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  • Working with a 3 person team, we soon discovered pattern of repetitive task & extremely task
  • Working with a 3 person team, we soon discovered pattern of repetitive task & extremely task

    put some thought into which parts of your product you really need to highlight and how. IMO, you need to put the emphasis for "promote" into something like "Promote bigger... with less effort" like I said earlier. I also think that you need to put more emphasis on the personalization of strategy, and how it can develop for the individual client through tracking.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Copyright © 2014 Complete Event Marketing Solution
    • 2. So what is EventKloud? We are an Event Marketing Company with a Platform that helps you market better & bring more people to your events: Trivia Nights Happy Hours Live Music Comedy Shows Arts Performances Speaker Series Seminars & Conferences Sports Viewings Poetry & Open Mics Concerts Plays & Musicals Networking Events Festivals Wine & Beer Tastings Parties & DJ’s
    • 3.   What makes someone attend your event? Stranger Visitor Attendee Grab ATTENTION using: • Your website • Your social media • Email marketing • Blogs, radio, print media • EventKloud’s network of event-seekers Create strong DESIRE to attend events with: • Event information • Fun event photos • Video content • Social media posts about your event Inspire ACTION that boosts attendance: • Easy signup • Integrated Tickets • Add to calendar • Simple sharing Attention Desire Action
    • 4. Grab their attention! Don’t ignore your website. Make your events look more fun & bring more people. NEW Interface Outdoor BBQ Band Trivia Night Redskin… Band OLD Website Boring list or calendar of events. Website with pictures make events more appealing. (This is just a sample. Customers can show events in any format)
    • 5. You have their attention, Now spark their desire! Allow users to sign up & grow your email list Social media posts & interactions show visitors what to expect Photos + Videos draw people in and get them excited about your event Event pic + info inform quickly Map + directions help bring people out to the event Upcoming events bring people back for more Make your events super easy to share Event highlights (e.g. last week’s trivia winners) Details like drink specials
    • 6. Inspire Action  Before the Event  Find more info  Buy tickets  Join email list  After the Event  Event surveys  Photo galleries  Upcoming events  During the Event  Get directions  Share with friends on social media
    • 7. PLUS EventKloud helps you: Save Time promoting events Track what works & Reach beyond your network Post to your website, social media & email, all from one place Improve your marketing over time Access our network of 45 Million event-seekers nationwide 2-3 Million in DC Metro area
    • 8. Spend less time promoting. Create your event in one place. Let attendees: - view event info - share with friends - register for the event from any platform Promote it everywhere.
    • 9. Add An Event In Minutes Create a personal marketing plan that is optimized for best- practices. Just select your social distribution channels to get your customized plan. Easy process to create a new event.
    • 10. Improve your marketing with tracking. Learn: - Where your customers are coming from - And what gets them to attend an event Do more of what works, and spend less on what doesn’t.
    • 11. Track everything from one dashboard Know the trends – understand 10 day metrics on an event’s: Network Growth: How many new users are signing up? Engagement Rate: Are people clicking and scrolling? Loyalty Growth: How many are repeat customers? Data Points: See numbers on how many people are engaging with your event.
    • 12. Promote better, with less effort. PROMOTE ENGAGE TRACK Engage your fans on every platform. Track everything & increase attendance. In Summary, EventKloud Helps:
    • 13. Benefits of using EventKloud: Value delivered: 1) Show off your events in a more fun and exciting way • Get people excited and sharing events • Get more people to show up 2) Access to our huge network • Bring more people to your events • Grow your audience list 3) Dashboard to measure your marketing • Know what’s working: before, during and after your events 4) Tool to quickly publish your events everywhere & every way you promote • Save time marketing to your audience 5) Interfaces for every screen size • Users can see events on every phone Note: 68% of users browse the web on phone 6) PLUS: OPPORTUNITY FOR MORE REVENUE Example Monthly Breakdown: Extra people we bring on average: 100 per month Assuming each person spends: $25 Estimated Increase in Monthly Revenue: $2,500 EventKloud starts at $200